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Swati Verma
Swati Verma

Jan 06, 2020 02:58:52


An MBBS from a Chinese University is not a new trend. China is India’s neighbor. Many students who intend to do their MBBS from a foreign university do their MBBS from China. Getting admission in Indian private medical colleges is presently difficult. Doing an MBBS course from abroad comes by as the natural option in such circumstances. A large number of medical students correspondingly decide to do their MBBS from abroad.

China is among the preferred choices for MBBS for Indian students. Each of the medical universities in China is a government-owned university. This ensures that the infrastructure in Chinese medical universities and the facilities available are top grade.

Medical education from China is less expensive as compared to medical education provided by several foreign universities. With each passing year, more and more students travel to China to pursue their medical education at budget fees. Even while medical education is provided by Chinese medical universities at subsidized costs, the quality stays matchless. Medical education in China is advanced. It incorporates research topics as well.

China: Creating excellence in medical education

With each passing year, budgets for research, education, and scholarships are boosted in China. Their academic centers are well-equipped. Being well funded reflects the quality of education imparted. Among the top 1000 medical universities across the world, 20 are Chinese.

Fees for an MBBS course in China

Several factors make China a prime destination for students from overseas countries for medical education. The fees are comparatively lower and China also grants scholarships for meritorious foreign students. 

The fees start at INR 2 lakhs for a 5-year course. This makes China a relatively affordable place for many students to complete their overseas education.

Eligibility for admission to a Chinese Medical University:

  • One must score at least 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 12th.
  • The student must be 17 years of age by 31st December of the year when he takes admission into a Chinese medical university.

Documents to have when taking admission into a Chinese Medical University for an MBBS course:

  1. Copies of high school and intermediate pass certificates

  2. Official transcripts acquired from the student’s school

  3. A copy of the passport
  4. A copy of physical examination record form, duly filled

Syllabus for an MBBS from China

In Chinese medical universities, education is characterized by quality medical practices and discipline. A year of internship follows the nine semesters. Following this, the students are empowered to work upon complex medical cases. 

It is in two sections that the degree course is divided. In the initial four semesters, the student develops the knowledge of basic integrated learning, of medical subjects.

The five semesters that follow, the focus is more on clinical subjects. Let us take a look at a few of the most important subjects involved with part 1 and part 2 of medical education imparted by Chinese universities.

Part 1 involves studies cover subjects such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, pathology, community medicine, and biochemistry. Part 2 characteristically involve subjects such as medicine, surgery, orthopedics, and pediatrics.

Another advantage that comes into the picture with pursuing medical education in China is the fine opportunities available for internships. The Chinese government makes sure that an even larger number of medical students participate in internships.

MCI approved medical universities in China

It was back in the year 2003-04 that a large number of Indian students started taking admission in Chinese medical universities. It was in the year 2007-08 that MCI set up guidelines for Indian students to pursue their MBBS from guidelines. At this time, 30 Chinese Medical universities were authorized by the MCI.

The eligibility guidelines also changed at this time. They were officially put over the MCI website, starting 2007-08. 

Before this, to study MBBS from China, an Indian student was required to score at least 50% aggregate in physics, chemistry, and biology in class 12. Similarly, the students were required to apply for an eligibility certificate from MCI. This would act as proof that the medical university is recognized.

In the phase 2008 to 2016-17, Chinese Medical universities changed the eligibility criteria for Indian students to 60% in PCB, from 50% in PCB, as the criteria had earlier prevailed. They raised the bar for eligibility for the betterment of international students.

It was in the year 2017-18 that MCI started the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) for all of India’s aspirants of medical studies. In 2018-19, NEET was made mandatory for each of the students who intended to pursue medical education.

NEET eligibility marks will now be valid for 3 years following their date of declaration, as per the latest notice by MCI. 

Universities in China that offer an MBBS course in English medium:

Across China, MBBS degree courses have traditionally been taught in Chinese. It was first in the year 2004 that the Ministry of Education of China (MoE) and the Chinese Government permitted some of the Universities to impart a course in medicine in the English medium. This was a way to welcome even more international students to complete do their MBBS degrees from China.

By 2014-15, MoE had officially approved 45 Chinese medical universities to grant medical education in English, for international students. 

If a student aspires to do his/her MBBS course in English from a Chinese university, he/she must make sure that he/she takes admission in these 45 universities only. 

In China, an MBBS course is either English medium or Chinese medium. There is another course in English, which is known as Clinical Integrative Medicine.

Clinical Integrative Medicine teaches medical students regarding Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine.

As of present, this course is taught in English in two universities. Both are MCI approved.

  • Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Fees for an MBBS course from China

An MBBS course from China is economical, with several top medical colleges offering scholarships to meritorious international students. The fees start at INR 2 lakhs a year. For a 5 year course, this comes down to INR 10 lakh an MBBS course. When one takes hostel fee and food expenses into consideration, the net payable expenses would be in the line of INR 13, 50,000 in total.

This makes an MBBS in China more affordable as compared to an MBBS from a host of other countries.

Another advantage that comes with doing MBBS from China is that their degrees are recognized by each of the developed countries. One can practice medicine from just about anywhere after getting one’s MBBS degree from China.

Climate conditions in China are comfortable as well. International students are unlikely to face any issues with adjusting in. Similarly, if one completes one’s internship from China, one is not required to do it over again in India. 

Fees are characteristically variable based upon where the medical university is located in China. For the universities in larger cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, the fees are likely to be on the higher side. The cost of living varies as well.

Similarly, the universities that offer MBBS courses in English characteristically charge more than the ones that don’t.

Remarkable points about doing an MBBS course from a Chinese medical University:

  1. The fees of medical education in Chinese universities are on a downswing. For the year 2019, the fees were the lowest ever since MCI recognized over 250 Chinese Medical Universities for completing MBBS or an equivalent course.
  2. Each of the Chinese medical universities has a dedicated website.
  3. A no donation policy and no hidden charges make them a preferred destination for students from overseas to come and pursue their medical education.
  4. Each of the Chinese medical universities is run by the government. There are no private medical universities. This is done to ensure that a common man can become a doctor based upon his qualifications and merit.

Studying medicine in China is worth it

When a student chooses to study medicine in China, it is the most important investment towards his career at both, a financial and a personal level.

A few of the factors that may be bogging a student down are being the first one from his family to go study MBBS abroad or the financial expenditure involved. But a student must overcome such apprehensions and put them aside.

Why studying medicine in China is an excellent choice for Indian students:

  • China is among the fastest-growing economies in the world.
  • This enables a great infrastructure for medical education.
  • The fee structure is low.
  • Medical universities across China are recognized by the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This empowers a student to practice medicine from any place in the world.
  • When the students do their internship from China, it is valid across India. This option is not granted by the MCI to any of the study abroad destinations.
  • 5000 students come for their medical studies to China each year. The number is growing with each following year.
  • Unlike a few of the overseas medical universities, Chinese universities do not have their entrance examinations for overseas students. Clearing NEET is nevertheless a must.
  • When a student does his MBBS from China, he gets to learn the Chinese language in the process. This will help the student throughout his life. He can then practice medicine in a range of countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and China with a greater degree of ease. More options open up for the student, and the earning potential too is going to be higher.
  • It is not just the educational fee, but the cost of living in China as well which is towards the lower side. The students learn their courses in the English medium.

Overall, an MBBS from a Chinese University offers financial stability for a student for life. It is coupled with affordable fees and a range of nice options at hand.

For a medical professional, money is not everything. But studying at a Chinese medical university gives one a great chance at having a comfortable salary for life. It is one of the finest options available and brings in financial security.

Paying fees for medical universities in China

Parents of the Indian medical students must understand that they must pay the fees directly to the university only, either through bank transfer or through cash. 

Certain Chinese medical fees accept fees only through cash in local currency or by money transfer through WeChat accounts.

The students going to Chinese universities for their medical studies are advised to carry USD 1000 in cash. They can submit the fees in their university by cash and their account will be opened in a Chinese bank. Following this, the student’s parents can transfer the remainder of the fees to the student’s account. The students can pay directly to the bank.

Student’s fees need to pay the university within five days of joining. 

Preparing for the MCI Screening Test / FMGE

The journey towards preparing for the MCI Screening Test / FMGE starts after one comes to China to start his medical education in English. 

A student would invariably want to make sure that he clears the FMGE in the first attempt to start practicing medicine in India. Some students do not begin preparation for FMGE unless they finish their MBBS. But it is better to keep an eye on FMGE as well, while one goes ahead with one’s MBBS studies.

When a student prepares for the FMGE test, he, in turn, is in a better position to appear for USMLE as well, because either of the tests is a license test to practice medicine in India and the USA. Hence preparation for FMGE empowers a student to practice medicine from different places in the world. Otherwise, a student can practice medicine in China as well.

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