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Hetal Kabra
Hetal Kabra

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Studying and completing the MBBS course in London is a great thing to do. At the present moment, many international students seek to get admission into the MBBS colleges of London. When you have a great passion for getting an internationally approved Medical degree, you can study the MBBS course in London. Due to the quality education in London, one can only get admission, thereby securing high grades. By following the eligibility criteria and terms, you can quickly get admissions in the desired colleges of London.


If you study MBBS in London, there can be a lot of benefits that you will get. First of all, you will get high standards of education to complete the MBA course. You can make a successful career in the medical industry by acquiring an internationally approved Medical degree. To collect the rest of the information about studying MBBS in London, you can explain the following paragraph right now

MBBS in Abroad

Top Universities

At the moment you have received some necessary details about studying MBBS in London. Consequently, you have to become familiar with the university is that you can shortlist for doing the same course. 

It doesn’t matter how much money or time you can spend on doing MBBS, but you should take it as a lifetime opportunity. The selection of the MBBS institution in London is a daunting task. Due to the same reason, you will have to take a glimpse at the top universities you can join in London to do the MBBS course:

  • Bristol University MBBS

Bristol University is one of the most successful universities in the UK, and it is ranked on the 50th number in top world rankings. The students are equipped with the best skills and knowledge so that they can succeed in the global medical field. There are several Nobel Laureates from this university, and that’s why it can be quite amazing for you to get admission here.

  • Queen Mary University of London

The Queen Mary University of London was founded in the year 1785, and it is one of the famous medical universities in the UK. The students from different countries get admission to this University, and everyone gets a comfortable and competitive environment. If a student wants to focus on learning, then that student can get admission in this University.

  • University of Glasgow

This university was founded in the year 1451 and one fo the most famous universities in Scotland. If you are interested in getting admission in one of the best medical schools, then this university is the perfect place. This University has several buildings, and there are seven Nobel prize winners from the staff of this University. You can check the fee structure of the university on its official website.

  • University of Edinburgh

It is one of the oldest universities in England as it was established in the year 1582. The tuition fee might be a little bit high, but the students can also appear for scholarship exams to get fee concession. If you want to get admission in a university with better research fields and job opportunities, then this is the perfect one for you.

  • Kings College of London

The King’s College in London is ranked amongst the top colleges in the world. It is located in the heart of the city and has amazing facilities. The students who want to get admission in this college have to clear IELTS and interview.

  • Imperial College London

This college has been ranked on top in London and 3rd rank in Europe. The quality education provided to the students, and you will get the chance to do an internship in the best medical hospitals which are connected with this University. It is vital that you look forward to choosing a choice that is built on research and innovation ideas, and Imperial College London satisfies this criterion.

  • University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is a famous Public Research University which is located in Leeds, and it was founded in the year 1874. With 1230 acres of land, this university has its made campus in 98 acres. There are five libraries in this University which holds more than 2.7 million books. The medicine and healthcare students are provided a different building as their library.

  • University of St. Andrews

The University of St. Andrews is quite famous amongst the medical universities. The amenities and facilities of the University are quite amazing, and these make the students work hard towards the healthcare field.

Regardless of these mentioned above universities, you can consider other top-level universities in London to study MBBS. You always need to prefer your requirements and designers in terms of choosing a university.

Fee structure

After collecting details about the top universities to do MBBS in London now, you should know what would be the fee structure you have to follow. Keep in mind that it is difficult to determine the exact fee structure. Different MBBS Universities and colleges in London can have a different fee structure. Therefore, you should visit the official websites of the mentioned above University is to get genuine details about the fee structure. There is a separate fee structure for hostel and accommodation facilities. Some universities might not provide accommodation facilities, and thus you will only have to pay the tuition fee. In such a case, you shouldn’t take the wrong decision of choosing the wrong university for yourself. Make sure that you choose to look for a University with better services and healthcare management. Don’t fall for a University just because of its cheap fee structure because the education facilities matter the most.

Admission process

Before you make the final call on studying MBBS in London, you have to know the actual admission process. Without knowing the admission process, you can get messed up with many questions and things that are difficult to be solved.  Let’s take a quick look at the admission procedure that you have to follow to get admissions into the MBBS programs in London:

  • In the beginning, you will have to check all the mentioned eligibility requirements asked by the University you will pick. You need to determine whether you are eligible to get admission into the MBBS programs availed by foreign universities.

  • Once you pick University, you will have to visit its official website.

  • You need to submit all the ask details one by one, along with uploading the documents.

  • By submitting the required fees, you can complete the admission procedure and wait for the admission letter.

Eligibility criteria

The medical colleges and universities in London have a strong connection with the best hospitals and healthcare centers. The students can either opt for two years of undergraduate study, or they can also get admission to the foundation training. Moreover, you need to become familiar with the eligibility criteria established by the authorities in London to give admissions into the MBBS courses to the desired aspirants. Once you know the eligibility criteria, you might not have any particular doubts about your eligibility. Here are the things that you need to know about the eligibility criteria:

  • You should have at least 18 years of age to get qualified

  • The candidates should have cleared

  • Students need to register for BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) and UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test)

  • Besides, you should try to register for the IELTS exams, and it is necessary to have a score of 7 in IELTS if you want to study at the University of London.

  • You will have to collect the copies of your class 10th, 11th, and 12th mark sheets and any other diploma that you have completed

  • Proof of fund is yet another important thing

Now, you have successfully become familiar with the eligibility criteria you have to follow to get admissions in the MBA courses provided in the universities of London. Other than the academic requirements, it is will best if the student also participates in the non-academic activities of the school. If you have some experience with organizing an event or demonstration towards social problems, then there are higher chances of securing a seat in a good college. If you have got voluntary experience in the health and caring environment, then the university will be happy to welcome you for admission.

UCAS Admission test, application, and interview

The students from India can easily apply for medical courses from the UCAS website. Before 15th October, you can apply for medical courses in London. You have to appear for admission test in certain universities to get admission. The final result of the admission test will be sent to your UCAS application. If you clear the admission test, then you will get an invitation for an interview. Some universities will conduct the online interview while some might ask the eligible candidates to visit University in person.

Course duration

If you are concerned about the duration of MBBS degree in London, you should know that it lasts for six years. You will get more education and details on MBBS in 5 years, and one year will be of the internship. The students will get a chance to complete their clinical internship from the best hospitals and medical centers in London.

The validity of the degree

You have to keep in mind that an MBBS degree in London is fantastic to get because it will open the paths of success for a bright future. This degree will be valid in all the countries of the world because of the world-class education provided in London colleges. You can expect well-acknowledged faculty in the research and education field along with committed NHS teachers who will provide remarkable study experience to the students.

Benefits of studying in London

After knowing the required things about MBBS in London now, you can consider some benefits. You will get world-class infrastructure, better living facility, internationally approved Medical degree, and other benefits. As a student, you would like to find a university that can allow you to have a better clinical practice. There can’t be a substitute for contacting patients daily. In the medical schools of London, the trainee doctors get the chance to access numerous patients. Here are some more benefits of choosing a university in London for MBBS course:

Excellent teaching staff

The teaching staff of the university should be checked before you take admission in a college. The colleges and universities in London hire professional and well-educated staff. There are no chances that you will face difficulty in your education if you take admission in a college with an excellent teaching faculty. Therefore, you can take admission in any college in London if you want to have good teachers who can guide you through your education period.

The research budget is high

If you are looking for a world-class place for medical courses, then London can be a perfect hub. There are one of the best medical researchers in London at the topmost colleges. The research budget of the universities is quite high due to which more researchers emerge from these universities. To fight from the world health threats, research budget is crucial, and ti helps the student to develop themselves in their particular medical field. As you know that London is one of the largest multicultural cities and that’s why getting admission in the medical college of London will be beneficial for you.

Amazing facilities

The students who are going to a foreign university to complete education always look for the best amenities and facilities. It can’t be possible to stay away from home without having proper facilities. Make sure that you look forward to choosing a university which can provide good accommodation facilities. Most of the universities in London provide the best hostel services to international students.

After knowing the necessary details of medical course facilities and education in London, you should look forward to studying there. Among the different universities, you can choose the best one for yourself by checking the fee structure and eligibility criteria as per your requirements.

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