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MBBS ( Medicine and Surgery )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Newcastle University

Newcastle upon Tyne , UK


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Course Duration: 6 Years
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Brief Description of MBBS in UK


MBBS is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular fields and hundreds of foreign students are admitted into the med school annually. Candidates are expected to learn the theoretical and practical understanding that is necessary towards becoming a medical practitioner.

It is necessary, though, that clinicians are critical thinkers who are focused on delivering adequate care to their patients based on the most recent modern medical advancements. Medical schools will, therefore, be searching at students who have displayed a dedication to self-improvement and a desire to become a doctor. They search for candidates who are genuinely interested to pursue medicine. To stay updated to increase the quality of care they provide to patients, physicians need to be able to focus sincerely on their personal practice to find areas that could be strengthened. Due to this new criterion medical schools are looking for candidates who have insight into their own strengths and are able to reflect critically on their personal progress throughout the course, such as any shortcomings.

MBBS in Abroad

Medicine is a difficult occupation, and a high level of operational ability is necessary to balance the need to keep up with a hectic workload. Medical schools are looking for the interpersonal potential of an individual.

Intake for India Students for MBBS in UK

The host country is a big concern for each Indian applicant when seeking higher study possibilities abroad. Not only would it measure the value of the degree you receive but it will also play a crucial role in determining future career decisions. UK is a popular place for higher education candidates from around the world and, according to the World University Rankings, is home to three of the top 10 universities in the world. The degrees you get from universities in the UK is not only recognized around the globe but also is respected too.

These standings of medical schools are formed using a various factors (for example, career prospects of the graduate or student contentment). These factors are added to establish an average which gives the school an overall ranking. The goal here is to aggregate these points in order to provide a list of the top medical schools throughout the UK and in 2019 globally. As per various factors, schools rate individually in UK medical school ranking, and these range from one year to the other.

MBBS in U.K for Indian Students fees

Top universities

Choosing the university which is right for your needs is essential. This could mean the best medical school for you to rank high in expenditure facilities, or graduation, or prospects for graduates-or all three! Here are the best UK institutions that we compiled by merging the Guardian's rankings with the rankings for 2019 from Complete University Guide. Please note that as these systems have not yet begun, this does not include the new medical schools (such as Sunderland or Edge Hill University).

Medical Colleges in U.K

  1. Oxford

  2. Cambridge

  3. Glasgow         

  4. Swansea

  5. Imperial          

  6. Dundee           

  7. Barts   

  8. UCL   

  9. Edinburgh      

  10. Newcastle       

  11. Keele

  12. Aberdeen        

  13. Bristol

  14. Exeter 

  15. Sheffield         

  16. Brighton & Sussex    

  17. Cardiff

  18. King's College London

  19. St Andrews    

  20. Leeds  

  21. Birmingham   

  22. Manchester     

  23. Nottingham

  24. UEA   

  25. Queen's, Belfast         

  26. Hull York       

  27. Southampton  

  28. Leicester         

  29. Warwick         

  30. Plymouth        

  31. Liverpool        

  32. St George's, University of London

  33. Lancaster        

Why do MBBS from UK?

Thanks to its long-standing history of delivering quality learning, the UK has preserved its spot as a desirable place for foreign students. Official organizations frequently examine and rank the teaching and research standards at UK universities and colleges to make sure that set benchmarks are met. Although UK colleges are responsible for ensuring the level and quality of the various programs themselves, the Quality control Agency for Higher Education (QAA) conducts independent audits. Also, regulatory bodies can guide the syllabus and conduct reviews of individual departments within an institute.

Undergraduate tuition fees charged by the leading Medical Colleges in UK, ranges from $13500 to $55000

Admission requirements for medical school studies in the UK

If your marks are of the best standard, and you can show that you've already set your heart to study and work in this area, then registering for perusing Medical in the UK is for you. 3 As for A-level, like chemistry or biology, the educational level needed for undergraduate medicine is an IB of 38 or an IELTS performance of 7.0. Powerful college education and a promising career track are necessary for a bachelor's degree in medicine, and one-day job experience per week for six months in a hospital, home care, hospice or other caring environment is the kind of proof of intent that medical schools will expect and look for. It is also important for foreign applicants to consider the National Health Service and how it functions. For any medical school, the entrance requirements are stringent and exacting. Acceptance interviewing can be difficult and applicants can anticipate incentive questions, past work, personal ambitions, as well as proof of all past successes, such as relevant work experience, to be provided.



Eligibility criteria for MBBS in UK for Indian students

Below we have mentioned some of the most important conditions for medical school applications in the UK. Be mindful that each med-school is free to implement its own standards, and we suggest you confirm the admission information on the study program's site.


Admissions tests

As one of their admission standards, almost any medical degree requires an entrance exam. There are 3 requirements for entry. Candidates can take different combinations of these exams depending on the medical schools they plan to apply.


Candidates will enroll for the UCAT between May and late September and between July and early October. Candidates may receive feedback on the day of their examination. Results shall be sent directly to the medical schools to which the candidate has applied after the UCAS due date. Thirty colleges of medicine use UCAT.


There are two annual BMAT test schedules. The first is in early September and candidates have to apply by early August for this. The second is in late October or at the start of November and candidates will plan to apply for this by the end of September, but late registering is likely until the deadlines of 15 October for the UCAS submission. In the second sitting the results of those are sent directly to the medical colleges to which they have registered. The BMAT is used in seven medical schools around the UK.


This exam is used for several of the programs in Graduate Entry Medicine. It is used to hold a significant number of Standard Entry Medicine courses for graduate candidates.

As with the UCAT, a candidate must enroll for and appear on the GAMSAT before registering for the UCAS. Remember that the enrollment date is shorter than that for UCAT. The GAMSAT is used in seven medical schools around the UK.


Working and studying

Alongside their study, many Indian pupils in the UK obtain working experience. Many opportunities to build useful skills that you can apply to your Resume are a part-time job, internship or employment during holidays and volunteer work. For some universities, a work placement is a part of the study program, so the university or college can help with the placement.

Fees Structure/ Expenses for MBBS in the UK

College fees charged by UK's leading medical institutes range from $13,000 to $50,000. It charges even for other degrees of medicine. At London's famous medical college, like Bristol University MBBS, pupils from the EU and UK pay about £ 9,000 a year, which is a standard rate for the local students. UK medical college fees for foreign and Indian students for the first two years are estimated at £ 17,250 per annum. This arrives on a salary of £ 35,500 for the following years. Living costs in the UK are comparatively low.

If you're an foreign student ready to study in any of the UK's medical colleges you want to make sure you've got at least over £ 10,000 in your wallet right from the start. In some MBBS programs offered to foreign students’ tuition fees may surpass £ 50,000 per year. Remembering that MBBS programs normally take 4 to 6 years to complete, well that ends up turning into a huge amount of money. To get a clearer understanding of how much it will cost a medical training in the UK, you will contact the university directly. Below are listed the most famous UK universities and their cost.

Medical Colleges in Uk and Fee Structure 

University Name

Tuition fee


Approx. Living Cost

University of Aberdeen


5 Years


University of Birmingham

1st & 2nd –  21,340£/Year

3rd to 5th –  36,830£/Year

5 Years


University of Bristol


5 Years


University of Manchester


5 Years


University of Dundee


5 Years


University of Glasgow


5 Years


University of London

1st & 2nd –  22,630£/Year

3rd to 5th –  33,680£/Year

5 Years


University college London

1st & 2nd –  22,630£/Year

3rd to 5th –  33,670£/Year

5 Years


Education Loan and Financial Advice to Parents

All medical schools and universities throughout the UK serve the pupils a number of scholarships to provide financial assistance during the study period. With the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, students receive financial assistance in the form of a grant for tuition fee Scholarships from Colleges and Maintenance loan to cover living costs.

Free health care

Indian students in the UK are eligible by the National Health Service (NHS) to obtain free medical care if they are registered in a complete-time course. You will also be excluded from payment if your spouse / partner and/or dependent children reside with you through the course of your study program. To students only, the college or university can have a special health care policy.

Reasons for Indian Students to Study in the UK

Cross-cultural experience

Last year there were 4.36.585 foreign students from 180 + states studying in the UK, of whom Indian students were the second largest group (18.320). Studying in the United Kingdom is a chance to experience a global community, meet new people and foreign students from all over the world and finding new locations. You gain from having a variety of skills required to become part of the global workforce of today.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in UK

Medical schools in the UK, associated with world-renowned institutions, have close links to local hospitals, medical centers, and medical practitioners. Indian students may apply through the UCAS website for medicine degrees. It is the British government's official website that governs the application process of all UK universities.

In the UK, MBBS is graded into two categories, in terms of a degree in medicine. Undergraduate study:

Indian students after 12 come up with some eligibility requirements to meet. Local students in science subjects will earn a minimum score of AAA. In the case of Indian and foreign students they must score at least 7 in the IELTS exam to study medicine. It includes four subcategories in which applicants are analyzed, including reading, writing, speaking and listening. IELTS is nothing more than a common English language test to determine the language skills of the applicants for MBBS.

Student may choose to study medicine with specialization after graduating from the four-year course. As soon as this basic four-year course program has been completed, the admission process for specialization in the healthcare field will begin. It's even more competitive than getting MBBS entry in UK. Here, good grades in higher secondary school and high level of language skills are obligatory to get admission to the high score course in IELTS.

UK Clinical Aptitude Test- everything you need to know!

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is a part of some UK medical and dental schools ' recruitment criteria. It is an online test aimed for evaluating cognitive skills, behavior, problem solving and logical reasoning. There are four tests of reasoning and one test of scenario assessment.

The exam is conducted at your local test center in a multiple-choice format with each subtest. Past year papers are not accessible but the UKCAT database has some specimen questions Applicants will be able to take UKCAT at the following colleges.

Recommendation letters matter!

When letters of recommendation form part of the criteria of entry, you may use them to your benefit. Converse among people who know you well. They might be teachers, previous employers or people you worked briefly for as a voluntary work. Request them to write you a letter of encouragement, and clarify why you need it.

You don't need to make things specific to them, as to what they need to include in the letter and what they don't have to. Demonstrate that your scores are not the highest, and with documents that show you are more than a degree or test, you want to help your college application.

If you choose these individuals carefully, you will obtain excellent letters of recommendation that will please the application committee and boost your chances of being accepted.

Write a convincing personal statement

Your chance to prove is personal statement. You may no longer be able to change your scores or what people have written about you in letters of recommendation, but this statement is a tremendous opportunity to fully describe yourself.

Don't make mistakes. It's not the kind of text you're supposed to write garbage, get apologized or regret your deficiencies. You don't want to make it look too sentimental or forget your objective: to try to persuade members of the admission committee that you are the right candidate for the college and that the study programs are the right next step in your professional and academic life.

Select your words carefully, be frank and simply communicate your thoughts. Ensure that each paragraph reflects only on one principal concept. Provide solid examples where possible and point out circumstances or successes that do not represent your skills and knowledge that display your lower grades.

The interview is your last shot

Not all colleges test their candidates through interviews. But if yours does, then consider it to be an opportunity you are not supposed to lose.

We know interviews can be frightening for many people. It is simple to see the committee as an opponent or someone who is there to make final judgments and determine your ultimate academic life. But the truth isn't precisely this.

The interview represents a great opportunity to convince and impress. Wear good clothes and dress appropriately but don't overdo it. Be punctual, maybe somewhat sooner than he exact time. Use the additional time to compose yourself and put your emotions into order. Several days, or perhaps a week before the interview, think about the questions that may be asked.

Write down the responses, and think how they might be able be better expressed. Remember, the idea is not to sugarcoat something or lie about it, exaggerating it. You should thoughtfully use your sentences and examples to bring out the best things about you, not previous mistakes. There's no need to deny them because every hurdle can become a valuable life lesson. But you also should not focus solely on the negatives.


Accommodation during MBBS in UK

- Hall of residence

Accommodation for foreign students in residence halls is basically guaranteed for first-year candidates owned, managed and maintained by the universities. In addition, a private room will be reserved, while areas such as the cafeteria and lounge area will be shared by 4-8 fellow students in an apartment of anything. Your rent includes all bills including wi-fi.

- Private halls of residence

While not managed by the colleges, private halls have many of the same characteristics as university-owned facilities, such as inclusive bills and common spaces. Individual halls are often much more costly, but this additional expense is mirrored in far more modern amenities.

- Private renting

A popular option of student accommodation once your first year of study is over. Privately renting is entirely independent and it is important to understand that you are responsible for all the building's bills and tidiness.

Education Pattern and Language Issue for MBBS in UK

Students had proper 10 + 2 schooling but lacked English and Science skills, could choose to do MBBS in the UK in a different way. The International Institute of Clinical, Biomedical, and Health Sciences at INTO St. George's University of London, one of London's prestigious medical schools, is a strong example of how it allows graduates to progress on. Many London and UK medical colleges provide a one-year program. Students who complete the course with a minimum of 75 percent and do well in the interview will go on to obtain an international medical degree in the UK. The length of this degree is 6 years, which is being provided by the country's best medical schools.

With Indian students going to places such as UK. Where English is used as the first tongue, it may be hard to overcome the language barrier. Students may find it difficult to speak English fluently, and find it difficult to understand clearly what the native students, professors, etc. are saying. Across various countries overseas the use of English words and expressions may also be limited. Although there are regular tests such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS, GRE, GMAT that an applicant has to clear before being accepted to a foreign university can be very difficult to match the pace, voice, and speech of the foreign counterparts.

Keep your calendars updated!

UCAS site allows all Indian students to apply for 4 types of healthcare courses. Annually, the due date for registering for the medicine course is October 15th, where the study course starts in September from the following year. Many UK universities require entrance exams to enroll with MBBS. Such exams are compulsory for entry to the course in question, which is part of the UCAS requirement. The findings of the admission test will be transferred to the UCAS submission automatically. Qualifying candidates will receive an invitation to the interview, followed by a test and online application. While some universities use video chat to perform the online interview, some universities require students to attend the university and take an interview individually.

The city life


Disadvantages of doing MBBS in UK

Our Process and Services 

•     Counseling by our Experts

We just hire efficient staff. With our recruitment standards, we are very selective. We only hire 1 out of 205 candidates and we cut out anybody who doesn't satisfy our incredibly high standards. When you meet your consultant, you will be confident that this individual has been thoroughly examined and tested. Unlike other programs, you won't get a random student at the class.

We research what fits and doesn't, and add it to your proposal to make it special with dozens of data sets from actual students and admissions outcomes. You are taking advantage of plenty of students' training before you.

We research what fits and doesn't, and add it to your proposal to make it special with dozens of data sets from actual students and admissions outcomes. You are taking advantage of plenty of students' training before you.

     You have to make sure that you do a lot of research before selecting the right college for you.

We are going to guide you, motivate you to work harder for achieving your goals.

Keeping the test procedure in mind, we will prepare you with the test.

Our professionals will edit, review and guide you with your application, to make your applications to stand out.

All the information about the scholarship has already been mentioned in the article, but we will further assist with your queries.

Interview Preparation

The interview is your ultimate key to impress them and to get admission, we are going to guide you with the dos and don’ts of the interview. We will enhance your communication skills to make you more proficient with conveying your ideas and perceptions in the interview.

The UK Government provides all Indian students a chance to study in the world, but as a requirement, you will have to receive a student visa first. If you are an IDP applicant with a letter of invitation from any of our UK member institutions we will guide you about how to go about the whole thing. We must ensure that you are sufficiently informed about the current immigration rules and requirements; and will also support you with obtaining the correct documentation for the application.

Our staff can refer you to respective websites and approved officials of immigration to ensure that you have the current application forms and advice. In addition, we can also assist in certification, interpreting, and shipping your documentation to reduce the inconvenience.

Independent tourists and intrepid families travel insurance. You would rather not imagine all the things that may go bad on your journey, but those things can surely happen. We got you covered here.

All that you need to hear just before you move to the UK.

How Right consultant can help in shaping your Career

Work consultants offer advice to individuals making career choices. It could support a client who wants to continue his career, a customer who wishes to change the direction of his career, or a customer who is not yet sure what they really want. The consultant will guide you from his experience, he will give you the right direction and will make your shifting a lot less chaotic.

Beware of Fraud Study Abroad Consultants

There is a surge in demand for good higher education in a country like ours, where average incomes are growing. Rising numbers of young Indians are looking to study overseas as enrollment to top institutions in India is extremely competitive.

However, the exposure that some of these young people may have acquired from overseas vacations, British-educated family members, and watching one's school or college seniors go through the procedure to study in another country is lacking. Most young Indians live in cities where attending university abroad does not have any Education USA, British Council, Campus France or other official government information channels. These aspirants may be inexperienced and not sufficiently informed with what foreign universities demand from candidates, and the procedure of applying for entry and a visa, and perhaps even daunted by it.

 Visa fraud and deportation shouldn't be taken lightly. These stay on your immigrant file, and might render you unavailable for any potential visa. If you apply with the help of an adviser or agent to study abroad, make sure that he or she is authentic and proficient. In any scenario, you have to do your own homework about what to do, where to learn and how to submit. Consult with others, but control your own registration process, and make your own choices. No agent is going to warn you he or she is a fake-you'll have to work it out yourself.

If your advisor expresses more than he hears, or if he feels the main goal is a' job' then he's extremely incompetent. If he doesn't understand what drives you and what your potential career aspirations are, he can't do a good job of helping you. He is not listening because he is interested in promoting his own motives. And invariably, anything that's' best' for you will unsurprisingly be the most profitable for him, though he'll never say that.

He does everything to prevent you from getting a clear idea of the application procedure. Either he talks at great length about insignificant and nonsensical details in an attempt to undermine your confidence and increase your heavy reliance on him, or he tells you to just leave all to him. Subtly, he prevents you from getting involved in the application process anyway. A sincere student counselor will help you understand and walk through that process.

These could involve citizenship, a student visa or a work permit in another country. This is a massive warning sign. Enrolments are handled by the school or university and not by officials, at least at reputable universities. In some countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, visa applications may be handled in the early phase by an officially designated department but the ultimate decision to approve or refuse a visa is taken by a consular officer.

   The official site of the high commission or embassy concerned must always be your starting point for authentic knowledge about the visas. You can apply online anyway. Just note that a visa does not ensure access to another country-if immigration officials have reason to suspect you of criminal activities or actions, you can be turned back upon arriving at an international airport. No student advisor would be able to influence them.

    The fact of the matter is that there's no choice in your own recruitment process but to take an active part. No one knows and understands your academic goals than you do. A good agent should listen to, and provide feedback, facts, recommendations, and tips based on his experience leading other students to productive professional careers. Yet, if you're not doing your own work, you'll profit less from even a good agent than you can. Most specifically, you're far less likely to be able to tell a good agent from a scam if you don't do your own homework.

This is all you need to know before moving to the United Kingdom to pursue your dreams. Hope the above article helped you.

The validity of MBBS degree in India

The degree that you’ve earned from the UK is definitely valid and is appreciated in India as are those studying in India. He or she is likely to get a license to practice in India. Foreign medical graduates may obtain employment opportunities in India same as those given to Indian graduates, although foreign medical graduates must apply for a test.

Medical Council of India (MCI) is India's regulatory body for medical education. This grants foreign medical graduates a certificate of service if they apply for the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination). International students are obligated to apply for this exam in order to begin their practice in India.

Roadmap to study MD/MS after MBBS in UK

First, you will have to obtain a degree from a WDOMS-recognized Medical School / College with MBBS or equivalent. Apply for IELTS after you have completed that, and score 7.5 overall with 7 in each. Create a GMC account with that sorted, and apply for PLAB 1 exams. Take at least 3–4 months to get ready for the examinations! With the PASS score, grab your computer and book instantly for a London / Manchester PLAB 2 exam spot. Prepare in your home country for at least 1–2 months, until you come to the UK to undergo academy preparation until you take the PLAB 2 test. Once you have passed that, kudos, you are a doctor licensed with GMC.

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