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Ukraine is one of the most famous destinations in the world to pursue MBBS. There are so many students across the globe who are interested in pursuing their dream in Ukraine. It is a country where one can afford MBBS without the need of paying a fortune, and the best thing about doing MBBS in Ukraine is that there is no specific entrance test there. People are provided with a seat depending upon their 11th and 12th class marks, and they should fit the eligibility criteria too. In this article, you are going to see what is that eligibility criterion along with some of the essential things about Ukraine.

Why Prefer Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country present in Eastern Europe, and it shares its border with Russia. There are so many students who jump at the opportunity to pursue MBBS in Russia, and the same situation is with Ukraine too. There are many reasons for that and here are some of them

  • Affordable MBBS Education: MBBS being affordable is very rare. There are so many countries across the world that charge a fortune for MBBS courses, but we can exclude Ukraine from that list. It is one of those countries that offer MBBS at pretty affordable prices and people from middle-class families can afford it without any hassle.
  • Quality of Education: The quality of education in Ukraine is another reason why people have to go with it. Although the country offers affordable education, it ensures that the quality stays intact. There are so many universities in Ukraine that offer high-quality MBBS education along with practical experience for students. All the universities present in Ukraine are recognized by WHO, MCI, UNESCO and various other medical councils of other countries.
  • No Donation: Usually, students have to pay a hefty amount in the form of donations at the medical institutes in various countries. This is not the academic fee, and it is to secure the medical seat. These donations are pretty hefty and not every parent can afford that. But in Ukraine, the situation is different. There is no need to pay any kind of donation. The parents will be paying an only academic fee, which is also subsidized to a large extent by the government.
  • No Entrance Examinations: There are some instances where although the students have great knowledge academically, they won't be able to perform in the entrance examinations. For such students, MBBS training becomes a distant dream. This is where Ukraine comes into the picture. The students don't have to take an entrance test to get into the colleges in Ukraine. The country has a particular eligibility criterion, and if a student's quality the criteria, they will be offered the seat. But the one thing that students and parents have to remember here is that the seats will be allotted on the first come first serve basis and you should get admitted to your favorite university in advance.
  • Government Aid: The Government of Ukraine is pretty particular about the quality of education and makes sure that students won't suffer in any way. All the medical universities present in Ukraine are monitored by the government, and it always helps with the maintenance, research and provides financial aid when required. This assures that students won't have to suffer from any kind of academic issues when they are pursuing MBBS in Ukraine universities.
  • English Medium: The MBBS medium of instruction in Ukraine is English. This makes it easy for the students to understand classes and students from various parts of the world can get into Ukraine universities to pursue their dream career. International students can get themselves adapted to the university in a pretty simple way.
  • Low Cost of Living: Most people worry that the cost of living in European countries is very high and middle-class people cannot afford it. You can actually exclude Ukraine from this list of high cost living countries. Ukraine is one of the cheapest countries present in Europe and people can live there with a medium budget too. They can get a room in the university dormitories or can stay in any shared apartment or a paying guest house. It completely depends on the students' choice. However, staying in a dormitory is a safe and affordable option. Even transportation in Ukraine is pretty cheap, and students will get special discounts too.
  • International Exposure: The universities in Ukraine focuses on the all-round development of students and provide them with a lot of chances to excel in their career. There are various opportunities like international exchange, scientific programs, and conferences which will provide students with global reach. They will get to learn a lot of things and are provided with all the essential support too.
  • Extracurricular Activities: No matter which course students are pursuing; it is very important for them to participate in the extracurricular activities for all-around the development. Ukraine universities know this, and hence they made sure that students get involved in these extracurricular activities effectively. These activities will help in keeping students healthy and fit.

All the medical universities present in Ukraine are managed by the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine. These universities are bound to follow a certain set of rules, and they offer the best quality education along with great infrastructure and scope to grow.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Ukraine

Although there is no entrance test in Ukraine, there are certain limits for the eligibility of students. Students who don't fit in this criteria won't be granted a seat in the medical university under any circumstances.

  • Age: The students who are planning to pursue MBBS in Ukraine should be above 17 years and below 25 years before 31st December in the year when they are planning to pursue MBBS. For example, if you are planning to get an MBBS seat in Ukraine for the academic year of 2020, then you should be in between 17-25 years of age by December 31st, 2020. Less or more than that age period won’t be eligible for the seat.
  • NEET Score: Now, this is a bad thing for an Indian student. The Indian Government, along with MCI, has brought in a new rule that the students who are planning on pursuing their MBBS career in Ukraine have to qualify NEET in India. The qualifying percentile is 40% for reserved and 50% for unreserved candidates. This is going to be tough, but students won't get clearance certificate until and unless they get the required score in NEET. Students from other countries don't have to worry about these scores at all. They can just join the university of their choice without any hassle. Apart from that, the entire admission process is pretty simple for the candidates.
  • Higher Secondary Examination Subjects and Score: The subjects and percentile that you have got in the higher secondary examination are going to be the deciding factor in your eligibility. You should complete your secondary education in Biology, Chemistry and Physics stream only. The students should get at least 50 per cent of marks in the three subjects, and in the end, their score should be 50 per cent or more in 10+2. This is a cakewalk for the students.
  • IELTS/TOEFL:  Students who are going to pursue any course internationally should attend and qualify IELTS or TOEFL examination. But it is not required for the students who are going to Ukraine. There is no university in Ukraine that will ask for this requirement.
  • Eligibility Certificate: The eligibility certificate is issued by MCI and students have to get 50 percent or more in 10+2 along with clearing NEET with the required score. This eligibility certificate can be attained pretty easily for Ukraine. Students from other countries get it without any need for the NEET qualification score either.

This is the eligibility criteria for any student who wants to pursue their MBBS in Ukraine. If you observe them closely, not only one thing presented in this criterion is tough. Any average student can become eligible to study MBBS in Ukraine, and the best thing about this country is the fee that medical institutes in Ukraine charge. The starting fee can be 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum in most of the universities, and the average cost is 3.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs which is quite affordable when compared to the fee in India.

As the government monitors each and every university closely, there is no chance of corruption or any other kind of issue for the students.

Best Medical Universities in Ukraine

Some of the best universities in Ukraine that you can go for are

  • Zaporozhye State Medical University
  • Kharkiv International Medical University
  • O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Lugansk State Medical University
  • Kharkiv National Medical University
  • Sumy State University
  • Kyiv Medical University of UAFM
  • Donetsk National Medical University
  • Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy
  • Black Sea National University
  • Odessa National Medical University
  • VN Karazin Kharkiv National University
  • Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University
  • Ternopil State Medical University

These are some of the topmost universities in Ukraine that provides high-quality education and great infrastructure at an affordable fee.

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