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Ukraine is a good option, and extremely popular to study MBBS in MCI approved medical programs at low-cost colleges. MBBS in Ukraine is very economical for those students who want to study medicine in the cheapest medical universities in Asia. The total fees in any college in Ukraine for MBBS is meager.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is responsible for the education system in Ukraine. Medical studies in Ukraine have been very famous among students all around the globe since many globally acclaimed medical professionals have been produced from the medical colleges in Ukraine. Students from more than 70 countries take admission in various medical colleges in Ukraine which have high standard eligibility criteria to be par with other European countries.

The course of medicine taught in various prestigious colleges in Ukraine abide by high standards of education and have numerous high-quality facilities for the student who have reached there from all over the world to receive training. The reasonable fee structure helps the students from a middle-class background to pursue their dream of becoming doctors by studying at the internationally acclaimed Medical colleges in Ukraine. The qualified doctors from Ukraine are also eligible for almost all the International and National license exams held all over the world.




Ukraine is one of the most famous destinations for MBBS Education at a low cost. The education system of Ukraine is known for its excellent career and future opportunities. The duration of MBBS program in Ukraine is six years, and after completion, the candidate can work anywhere in the field of medicine since WHO recognizes the qualification. There is only one barrier that should be crossed, which is to satisfy the registration requirement of the Medical Council of the respective country. However, there is no need to clear an entrance examination to get admitted in any Medical University in Ukraine. Other than the entrance examination, there are several different criteria however requires to be fulfilled-

The student must be above the age of 17 years and below 25 years as of 31st December of the year of admission to the MBBS course.

The students also need to have a valid NEET scorecard and qualified the NEET examination with passing marks to pursue MBBS in Ukraine.

Any Indian citizen who is eager to join an undergraduate medical course in a foreign country on or after 15th March 2002 requires an Eligibility Certificate issued by the National Council of India, New Delhi. To receive the eligibility certificate, the student should pass 10+2 or an equivalent class with biology, physics, and chemistry scoring a minimum 50% marks from any recognized college.


Admission in the MBBS course in Ukraine is open to all international students who fulfill the eligibility criteria of the universities. The applicants do not need to clear an entrance exam but should have a valid NEET scorecard. The duly filled forms along with the attested copies of the required documents should be submitted via the concerned representative of the respective country to the universities. The admission is confirmed only once the screening of the papers and counseling of the students are complete along with the approval of the Authorized Representatives of the University.


The document has to be furnished along with the application form for the admission in MBBS in Ukraine are as follows-

  • Matriculation certificate (10th class) showing the correct date of birth.
  • Mark sheet and certificate of 10+2 or any equivalent class with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Medical certificate from any recognized government hospital.
  • Eligibility certificate from Medical Council of the concerned country.
  • NEET scorecard for verification whether the student has qualified or not.

All the documents need to be submitted via e-mail or any courier service along with payment of the application fee. Once the required material along with the price reaches the concerned University, the candidate receives a visa support letter along with an invitation letter.


Kharkiv National Medical University

One of the oldest medical University of Ukraine, Kharkiv National Medical University ranks number one in Ukraine. The prestigious University accepts students from all over the world with a science combination at the senior school level to apply for MBBS. Once the initial screening is completed, the international candidates receive an admission confirmation letter along with an invitation letter. Following this, the immigration process starts immediately. The tuition fee of the college is 4800 USD, excluding the hostel fee, which ranges from 800 USD to 1500 USD depending on the hostel. The students also need to pay 550 USD for medical insurance.

V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University

With a history of more than 200years, the V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University provides regular practicing in hospitals. The senior students get real training of the skills after studying the course. Students from all around the world such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Israel, India, and many more visit Ukraine for their MBBS degrees. The University offers the best option of international students to study medicine at low fees of only 4500 USD and hostel fees starting from 800 USD. The University is also recognized by WHO, UNESCO, Medical Council of India and General Medical Council.

Poltana State Medical University

A state ran medical and dental University in Ukraine- Poltana State Medical University offers six specialized faculties and a preparatory department. The facilities include Toxicology, Pediatries, Oral surgery, Pharmacology, Nursing, and Orthopedic dentistry. The duration of the course for general medicine is 6years. The University not only has the sixth highest level of accreditation but is also a member of UNESCO and the UN. The University has a strength of nearly 30000 trained students in the medical field. The students have to pay a tuition fee of 4000 USD for their first and second year, whereas 4000 USD for their third to final year. However, the hostel charge remains the same from the beginning to last year i.e., 1000 USD.

KYIV medical university

Founded in 1992, KYIV Medical University is situated in the KYIV capital city of Ukraine. The University offers MBBS courses to both local as well as international students in 4 faculties- Department of General Medicine, Department of Dentistry, Department of Pharmacy and lastly Preparatory course. The University has also received accreditations from various medical councils and regulatory bodies including the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Indian Medical Council, General Medical Council of United Kingdom and many more. The fees structure of the University is shallow and quite affordable by the students.

National University Shevchenko

It is one of the best options for international students to study MBBS in Ukraine since they have the best facilities and high technology equipment along with the facility of senior students to practice and grow in their field. The students get real training for the treatment of patients. The fees structure of the University is straightforward with only 4500 USD and hostel fee of 1500 USD. The students also need to pay 550 USD as an insurance fee, which is compulsory. The eligibility criteria of the University is similar to the other universities where the student needs to pass 10+2 or equivalent exam with an average of 50% in the three science subjects Viz Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


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Name of University/ College


Fee Structure

Bukovnian State Medical University


Year-1  6950 USD

Year-2 to Year-6 4500 USD



$4000 every year

LVIV National Medical Academy


$4900 every year

VINNITSA National Medical University


1st year- 4400 USD

2nd to 6th year- 4400 USD per year

Hostel per year- 1000 USD

The overhead expense to be paid once- 2800 USD

UZHHOROD National University


1st year to 6th year- 3500 USD per year

SUMY State University


1st year to 6th year- 7000 USD per year

BOGOMOLETS National Medical University


1st year to 6th year- 4300 USD per year

Hostel charge per year- 1200 USD

VN KARAZIN KHARKIV National University


1st year to 6th year- 4300 USD per year

Hostel charge per year- 1200 USD

Kharkiv National Medical University


1st year to 6th year- 4000 USD per year

Hostel charge per year- 1000 USD

LUGANSK State Medical University


3500 USD to 4500 USD per year

Black Sea National University


1st year to 6th year- 6900 USD per year

Kharkiv International Medical University


1st year to 6th year- 4000 USD per year

Hostel charge per year- 1000 USD

KVIV Medical University


1st year to 6th year- 3500 USD per year

Hostel charge per year- 1000 USD

TERNOPIL State Medical University


1st year to 6th year-  4000 USD per year

ODESSA National Medical University


1st year- 4370 USD

2nd year- 4550 USD

3rd year- 4770 USD

4th year- 5120 USD

5th year- 5460 USD

6th year- 5000 USD

Health insurance + visa extension-

1st year- 280 USD

2nd year to 6th year- 120 USD
Hostel fee 1st to 6th year- 1300 USD


ZAPOROZHYE State Medical University


1st to 6th year- 4300 USD per year

Hostel charge per year- 1000 USD



1st year- 5650 USD

2nd to 6th year- 4900 USD per year

DONESTK National Medical University


1st year to 6th year- 4000 USD per year

Hostel charge per year- 1300 USD per year

KIEV Medical University


1st year- 6000 USD

2nd to 6th year- 4500 USD

Ukraine Medical & Dental Academy


1st to 6th year- 3500-4000 USD per year





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