Part-time Job Options in Spain for Indian Students

Going to Spain for Higher education? Check out the Part-time Job Options in Spain for Indian Students....

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Salary in Part-time Job in Spain

General Wage Range

  • Average Hourly Wage: Part-time workers in Spain typically earn an average hourly wage ranging from €7 to €15. However, this can vary based on the job type and location.

  • Monthly Earnings: Based on the number of hours worked, part-time employees can expect to earn between €400 and €1,200 per month. The actual amount will depend on the hourly rate and the number of hours worked.

Factors Affecting Wages

1. Type of Job: Certain sectors like IT, language tutoring, or specialized services might offer higher wages compared to sectors like retail or hospitality.

2. Location: Cities like Madrid and Barcelona generally have higher wages due to the higher cost of living, but this is not a universal rule.

3. Experience and Skills: Jobs requiring specific skills or higher levels of experience typically pay more.

4. Working Hours: Part-time work in Spain is usually considered to be less than 30-35 hours per week.

Typical Part-time Jobs for Students

  • Hospitality Industry: Jobs in cafes, bars, and restaurants.

  • Retail: Working in shops or supermarkets.

  • Tutoring: Particularly language tutoring, including English teaching.

  • Internships: Related to the student’s field of study, though these may sometimes be unpaid.

  • Call Centers: Customer service and support roles.

  • Tourism Sector: Guiding, event management, or promotional activities.

Legal Considerations

  • Minimum Wage: Ensure that the wage offered is in line with the legal minimum wage in Spain.

  • Work Permit: Non-EU students are usually allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while their educational program is in session, and full-time during vacations, as long as their work doesn't interfere with their studies.

  • Contract: Always have a formal contract that outlines your salary, working hours, and other employment conditions.


  • Part-time workers are subject to income tax. However, if your annual income is below a certain threshold, you may be exempt from paying taxes. It's important to understand your tax obligations.

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Part-time Job Options in Spain

1. Hospitality and Tourism

  • Roles: Waiting staff, bartenders, kitchen assistants, hotel receptionists.

  • Opportunities: Spain's robust tourism industry offers numerous job opportunities, especially in tourist hotspots and major cities.

2. Retail

  • Roles: Sales assistants, cashiers, stock room assistants.

  • Opportunities: Part-time work in shopping malls, department stores, and boutiques.

3. Language Teaching/Tutoring

  • Roles: English language tutor for private lessons, language schools, or academies.

  • Opportunities: Particularly good for native English speakers or those proficient in other in-demand languages.

4. Internships

  • Roles: roles depending on your field of study.

  • Opportunities: Internships related to your course can provide valuable experience and sometimes earn you extra credit or income.

5. Call Centers

  • Roles: Customer service representatives, especially for international or English-speaking call centers.

  • Opportunities: Suitable for those with good communication skills.

6. Au Pair/Babysitting

  • Roles: Childcare, tutoring, and household chores.

  • Opportunities: Popular among students, especially in urban areas.

7. Campus Jobs

  • Roles: Library assistant, administrative roles, or research assistantships.

  • Opportunities: Universities often offer part-time positions that are compatible with students’ schedules.

8. Freelancing/Gig Economy

  • Roles: Graphic design, web development, content writing, translation services.

  • Opportunities: Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or local Spanish platforms.

9. Event Staffing

  • Roles: Hosting, promotional work, or logistical support at events and conferences.

  • Opportunities: Especially available in larger cities with many events and trade shows.

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Part-time Job Rules in Spain for International Students

Work Hours

1. Maximum Hours: International students on a student visa in Spain are typically allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic term. This is to ensure that work does not interfere with their studies.

2. Full-Time Work: During holidays or academic breaks, students may be permitted to work full-time (up to 40 hours per week).

Work Permit

1. Necessary Authorization: To work part-time, international students must obtain the necessary authorization from Spanish authorities. This is usually a formality and is tied to the job contract.

2. Compatibility with Studies: The work authorization is granted on the condition that the employment is compatible with the students’ academic responsibilities. The job contract should not overlap with their study schedule.

Type of Work

1. Field of Work: There are no specific restrictions on the fields in which students can work part-time. However, it’s recommended to find employment related to your field of study, as it can add value to your educational experience.

2. Internships: Internships related to your field of study, whether paid or unpaid, are also considered part of your academic training and usually fall under different regulations.

Contract and Social Security

1. Job Contract: A formal job contract is required to apply for a work permit. This contract should specify the terms and conditions of employment, including working hours and salary.

2. Social Security: Part-time workers, including students, are generally required to contribute to the Spanish social security system, which entitles them to healthcare and other benefits.

Duration of Work Permit

  • The work permit is usually granted for the duration of the job contract and cannot exceed the duration of the student visa.

Post-Graduation Work

  • After completing their studies, students can apply for a post-study work visa that allows them to stay and work in Spain for an additional year to seek employment or start a business.

Legal Considerations

  • It's essential to abide by the terms of your student visa and work authorization to avoid legal complications.

  • Ensure that your employer is aware of the restrictions and terms of your work permit.

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