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About University

About Ada Kent University, Cyprus


Ada Kent University is a relatively new and dynamic institution located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Established with the vision of providing high-quality education and fostering international cooperation, the university aims to prepare students for the global job market through innovative teaching methods and a diverse academic environment.


Ada Kent University was founded to meet the growing demand for higher education in Northern Cyprus. Although it is a new institution compared to some of the long-established universities in the region, Ada Kent has quickly gained a reputation for its modern approach to education and strong emphasis on international standards. The university's establishment aligns with the TRNC's efforts to become a hub for international students and academic excellence in the Mediterranean region.

Academic Structure:

The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various faculties, including:

  • Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Faculty of Engineering

  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The academic programs are designed to be multidisciplinary, integrating practical skills with theoretical knowledge to prepare students for the complexities of the global job market.

Research and Innovation:

Ada Kent University places a strong emphasis on research and innovation, recognizing the importance of these areas in advancing knowledge and contributing to societal development. Key focus areas include:

  1. Collaborative Research: The university encourages collaborative research projects both within the institution and with other universities and research centers globally. This includes partnerships with industry to address real-world challenges.

  2. Innovation Centers: The university has established innovation centers that serve as incubators for new ideas and technologies. These centers provide students and faculty with the resources and support needed to develop innovative solutions and start-up ventures.

  3. Research Funding: Ada Kent University actively seeks funding from national and international sources to support its research activities. This includes grants from the European Union and other international bodies.

  4. Publication and Dissemination: The university promotes the dissemination of research findings through academic journals, conferences, and seminars. It also encourages faculty and students to publish their work in reputable international journals.

  5. Interdisciplinary Approach: Research at Ada Kent often crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, encouraging innovative thinking and the integration of different perspectives.

Campus Life:

Ada Kent University offers a vibrant campus life with a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations. The university provides modern facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, and student housing. The multicultural environment on campus enriches the educational experience, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

International Collaboration:

The university has established numerous partnerships with institutions around the world to enhance its educational and research capabilities. These collaborations include student and faculty exchange programs, joint research projects, and participation in international conferences.

Universities in Cyprus

Course Programs At Ada Kent University, Cyprus

Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Business and Economics:

  1. Business Administration (BBA): Focuses on fundamental business principles, including management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.

  2. Economics (BA): Emphasizes economic theory, quantitative methods, and policy analysis.

Faculty of Engineering:

  1. Computer Engineering (BEng): Covers software development, computer systems, and network engineering.

  2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BEng): Focuses on electrical systems, electronics, and telecommunications.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:

  1. Psychology (BA): Provides a comprehensive understanding of psychological theories and practices.

  2. International Relations (BA): Examines global politics, international affairs, and diplomatic relations.

Faculty of Health Sciences:

  1. Nursing (BSc): Prepares students for professional nursing practice with a focus on patient care, healthcare systems, and clinical skills.

  2. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (BSc): Focuses on physical therapy techniques and rehabilitation practices.

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management:

  1. Tourism and Hospitality Management (BSc): Covers tourism industry fundamentals, hospitality management, and customer service.

Postgraduate Programs

Faculty of Business and Economics:

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA): Advanced business management skills, leadership, strategic thinking, and business analytics.

  2. MSc in Economics: Advanced study of economic theory, econometrics, and policy analysis.

Faculty of Engineering:

  1. MSc in Computer Engineering: In-depth study of computer systems, advanced software engineering, and information technology.

  2. MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Advanced topics in electrical engineering, electronics, and communication systems.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:

  1. MA in Psychology: Advanced psychological theories, research methods, and clinical practices.

  2. MA in International Relations: Detailed analysis of global issues, diplomatic strategies, and international policy.

Faculty of Health Sciences:

  1. MSc in Nursing: Specialized nursing practices, healthcare management, and advanced patient care techniques.

  2. MSc in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: Advanced rehabilitation techniques, research in physical therapy, and clinical practices.

Study in Cyprus

Bachelor Course Programs At Ada Kent University, Cyprus

Course Program Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees per Year (USD)

Business Administration (BBA)

4 years


Economics (BA)

4 years


Computer Engineering (BEng)

4 years


Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BEng)

4 years


Psychology (BA)

4 years


International Relations (BA)

4 years


Nursing (BSc)

4 years


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (BSc)

4 years


Tourism and Hospitality Management (BSc)

4 years



MA (Master of Arts) in Cyprus

Masters Course Programs At Ada Kent University, Cyprus

Course Program Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees per Year (USD)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

1-2 years


MSc in Economics

1-2 years


MSc in Computer Engineering

1-2 years


MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

1-2 years


MA in Psychology

1-2 years


MA in International Relations

1-2 years


MSc in Nursing

1-2 years


MSc in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

1-2 years


Phd/Doctorate Course Programs At Ada Kent University, Cyprus

Course Program Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees per Year (USD)

PhD in Business Administration

3-5 years


PhD in Economics

3-5 years


PhD in Computer Engineering

3-5 years


PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

3-5 years


PhD in Psychology

3-5 years


PhD in International Relations

3-5 years


PhD in Nursing

3-5 years


PhD in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

3-5 years


Ada Kent University, Cyprus For International Students

1. Academic Excellence

Ada Kent University in Cyprus is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence. The university offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education tailored to their academic interests and career aspirations. With a focus on research and innovation, the university employs experienced faculty members who are leaders in their fields. Small class sizes and a student-centered approach ensure personalized attention and support for every student.

2. International Environment

Ada Kent University prides itself on its vibrant international community. Students from all over the world come together, creating a rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives. This international environment not only enhances the educational experience but also prepares students for global careers. The university offers extensive support for international students, including orientation programs, language assistance, and visa guidance, ensuring a smooth transition and integration into the university community.

3. Student Life and Extracurricular Activities

Student life at Ada Kent University is dynamic and fulfilling. The university provides a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies catering to diverse interests, from sports and arts to technology and entrepreneurship. These activities offer students the opportunity to develop new skills, pursue their passions, and form lasting friendships. The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including sports complexes, libraries, and study areas, providing an ideal environment for both academic and personal growth.

4. Cultural Experience

Located in Cyprus, Ada Kent University offers a unique cultural experience. Cyprus is known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and welcoming community. Students have the opportunity to explore ancient ruins, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, and participate in local festivals and traditions. The university often organizes cultural trips and events, allowing students to immerse themselves in the local culture and gain a deeper understanding of Cyprus’s heritage. This cultural exposure enriches students' academic journey and broadens their global outlook.

Admission Process Of Ada Kent University, Cyprus

1. Application Submission

  • Online Application: Complete the online application form available on the university's official website.

  • Required Documents: Prepare and upload necessary documents, including:

    • Academic transcripts

    • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent)

    • Passport copy

    • Personal statement or letter of motivation

    • Recommendation letters (if applicable)

    • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume (for postgraduate applicants)

2. Application Review

  • The admissions committee reviews the submitted applications and documents.

  • Applicants may be invited for an interview, either in person or via video call.

3. Offer of Admission

  • Successful applicants will receive an official offer letter via email.

  • The offer letter will include details on the program, tuition fees, and next steps.

4. Acceptance and Deposit

  • Accept the offer by signing the acceptance form and paying the required deposit to secure your place.

5. Visa Application

  • Apply for a student visa with the necessary documents, including the acceptance letter and proof of financial means.

  • The university provides assistance and guidance throughout the visa application process.

6. Enrollment

  • Complete the enrollment process upon arrival, including registration and orientation sessions.

Intake And Eligibility Of Ada Kent University, Cyprus

1. Intakes:

  • Fall Intake: September

  • Spring Intake: February

2. Eligibility Criteria:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Academic Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent with a strong academic record.

  • English Proficiency: IELTS (minimum 5.5), TOEFL (minimum 72), or equivalent. Some programs might have higher requirements.

  • Additional Requirements: Some programs may require additional qualifications, such as specific subject prerequisites or a portfolio (for creative programs).

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Academic Qualifications: Bachelor's degree from a recognized institution with a strong academic record.

  • English Proficiency: IELTS (minimum 6.0), TOEFL (minimum 80), or equivalent. Some programs might have higher requirements.

  • Additional Requirements: Relevant work experience, CV, and possibly a research proposal (for research-based programs).

Doctoral Programs:

  • Academic Qualifications: Master’s degree from a recognized institution in a related field.

  • English Proficiency: Higher proficiency levels as required by the specific program.

  • Additional Requirements: Research proposal, CV, and relevant work experience. Letters of recommendation and a personal interview might be required.

Transfer Students:

  • Academic Qualifications: Previous university transcripts and course descriptions for credit evaluation.

  • English Proficiency: As per the undergraduate or postgraduate requirements.

Scholarship Available At Ada Kent University, Cyprus

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


Application Process

Merit-Based Scholarship

High academic achievement in previous studies

Partial or full tuition fee waiver

Automatically considered upon admission

Need-Based Scholarship

Demonstrated financial need

Partial tuition fee waiver

Submit financial documents with application

International Student Scholarship

Non-Cypriot students with outstanding academic records

Partial tuition fee waiver

Apply through the university’s scholarship portal

Sports Scholarship

Excellence in sports and representation at national/international level

Partial tuition fee waiver, sports gear

Apply with supporting documents and achievements

Research Scholarship

Graduate students with significant research proposals

Research funding, stipend

Submit research proposal and CV with application

Alumni Scholarship

Siblings or children of alumni

Partial tuition fee waiver

Indicate alumni relationship on application form

Ada Kent University, Cyprus Campus & Accommodation Facilities



Cost (per semester)

Campus Facilities



Lecture Halls

Modern, well-equipped lecture halls for class sizes

Included in tuition


Extensive collections of books, journals, and digital resources

Included in tuition


State-of-the-art labs for science, engineering, and technology

Included in tuition

Computer Labs

High-speed internet, latest software, and ample workspace

Included in tuition

Sports Facilities

Gym, sports fields, indoor courts, and swimming pool

Included in tuition

Student Center

Hub for student activities, lounges, and meeting rooms

Included in tuition

Cafeterias and Dining Halls

Multiple dining options with diverse cuisine



Accommodation Facilities


Cost (per semester)

On-Campus Dormitories



Single Room

Private room with shared facilities

€1,200 - €1,800

Double Room

Shared room with shared facilities

€800 - €1,200

Suite (Single)

Private room with private bathroom and kitchenette

€2,000 - €2,500

Suite (Shared)

Shared room with private bathroom and kitchenette

€1,500 - €2,000


Includes electricity, water, and internet

Included in accommodation fee

Cleaning Services

Weekly cleaning services for common areas

Included in accommodation fee


Off-Campus Housing


Cost (per semester)

Private Apartments

Variety of options available within proximity to campus

€2,500 - €4,000

Shared Apartments

Shared living spaces with other students

€1,500 - €2,500


Electricity, water, internet may be separate



Public transport or university shuttle service


Students Life At Ada Kent University, Cyprus

Clubs and Societies:

Ada Kent University offers a wide range of student-run clubs and societies that cater to various interests such as sports, arts, technology, culture, and more. These clubs provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions, develop new skills, and build lasting friendships.

Events and Festivals:

The university regularly hosts cultural festivals, international days, and other campus events to celebrate diversity and foster a strong sense of community. These events offer students a chance to engage with different cultures and traditions.

Sports and Recreation:

Students have access to state-of-the-art sports facilities, including a gym, sports fields, indoor courts, and a swimming pool. The university organizes regular fitness classes, intramural sports, and tournaments, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Student Services: 

Ada Kent University provides comprehensive support services to ensure student well-being and success. These include academic advising, counseling, career services, and health services, all designed to support students throughout their academic journey.

Dining Options:

Multiple cafeterias and dining halls on campus offer a variety of cuisines to accommodate diverse tastes and dietary needs. These facilities provide convenient and healthy dining options for students.


The university offers both on-campus dormitories and off-campus housing options. These accommodations provide safe, comfortable, and affordable living environments, with options ranging from shared rooms to private suites.


Ada Kent University offers convenient public transportation options and university shuttle services, making it easy for students to commute to and from campus.

Placements In Ada Kent University, Cyprus

Career Services:

The university has a dedicated career services center that provides resources and guidance for job searching, resume writing, and interview preparation. The center works closely with students to help them achieve their career goals.

Internship Programs:

Ada Kent University facilitates internship opportunities with local and international companies. These internships provide students with practical experience and enhance their employability.

Industry Connections:

The university has strong links with various industries and organizations, offering students networking opportunities and insights into different career paths. These connections often lead to job placements for graduates.

Career Fairs:

Regular career fairs and networking events are held on campus, connecting students with potential employers and industry professionals. These events are crucial for job placement and career development.

Workshops and Seminars:

The university organizes skill development workshops, guest lectures, and seminars on various career-related topics. These sessions help students stay updated with industry trends and improve their professional skills.

Alumni Network:

Ada Kent University boasts an active alumni network that provides mentorship, job opportunities, and professional connections for current students. Alumni often return to campus to share their experiences and offer guidance.

Placement Statistics:

Graduates of Ada Kent University have high placement rates and find employment in various sectors such as finance, technology, healthcare, and education. The university's strong academic programs and career support services contribute to successful job placements.

Entrepreneurship Support:

For students interested in starting their own businesses, the university offers resources and support, including access to incubators and funding opportunities. This support encourages innovation and entrepreneurship among students.

Campus Location Of Ada Kent University, Cyprus


  • City Overview: Ada Kent University is located in Famagusta, a historic city on the east coast of Cyprus. Known for its rich cultural heritage and picturesque beaches, Famagusta offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modern amenities.

  • Historical Significance: Famagusta is home to several historical landmarks, including ancient ruins, medieval buildings, and the famous walled city. The city's historical sites provide a fascinating backdrop for students and visitors alike.

  • Natural Beauty: The city boasts stunning beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, offering plenty of opportunities for water sports, relaxation, and outdoor activities.

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