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About University

About Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

The Islamic University of Madinah, located in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, was founded in 1961 by King Saud. The university is one of the most prominent institutions dedicated to Islamic studies. Its main objective is to promote Islamic learning, focusing on the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah (the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad).

Academic Offerings

The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees across fields of Islamic studies. These include Quranic studies, Hadith studies (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad), Sharia (Islamic law), Arabic language, and others. The curriculum is designed to combine traditional Islamic scholarship with modern academic inquiry, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education in both religious and worldly sciences.

International Reach

A distinctive feature of the Islamic University of Madinah is its international student body. The university provides scholarships to non-Saudi students, including free tuition, accommodation, medical insurance, and a monthly allowance. This makes it a significant hub for Islamic scholarship, attracting students from all over the Muslim world and beyond.

Facilities and Environment

The campus is equipped with modern educational facilities, including libraries, computer labs, research centers, and lecture halls. The university also provides student services aimed at fostering a conducive learning environment.

Influence and Recognition

The Islamic University of Madinah is recognized for its role in promoting a traditional yet comprehensive understanding of Islam. It has produced a significant number of scholars who have contributed to Islamic scholarship and its dissemination worldwide.

Universities in Saudi Arabia

Course Programs at Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

1. Faculty of Sharia (Islamic Law)

  • Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

  • Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence)

  • Comparative Jurisprudence

  • Islamic Economics

  • Family Law

2. Faculty of Quran

  • Tafsir (Exegesis of the Quran)

  • Qira'at (Study of the Quranic Recitations)

  • Ulum al-Quran (Sciences of the Quran)

3. Faculty of Hadith Sciences

  • Mustalah al-Hadith (Hadith Methodology)

  • Hadith Studies

  • History of Hadith Literature

4. Faculty of Islamic Theology (Aqidah)

  • Aqidah (Islamic Creed)

  • Contemporary Islamic Thought

  • Comparative Religions

5. Faculty of Arabic Language

  • Arabic Linguistics

  • Arabic Literature

  • Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers

6. Faculty of Islamic Economics and Finance

  • Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Islamic Insurance (Takaful)

  • Islamic Business Law

Study in Saudi Arabia

Bachelor Course Programs at Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Theology

4 years


Bachelor of Science in Islamic Law (Sharia)

4 years


Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language

4 years


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

4 years


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

4 years


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

4 years


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

4 years



BHTM (Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management) In Saudi Arabia

Masters Course Programs at Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Master of Arts in Islamic Theology

2 years


Master of Science in Islamic Law (Sharia)

2 years


Master of Arts in Arabic Language

2 years


Master of Science in Quran and Sunnah Studies

2 years


Master of Science in Hadith Studies

2 years



PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

PhD in Islamic Theology

3-5 years


PhD in Islamic Law (Sharia)

3-5 years


PhD in Quran and Sunnah Studies

3-5 years


PhD in Islamic Economics

3-5 years


PhD in Hadith Studies

3-5 years



Islamic University of Madinah , Saudi Arabia for International Students


  • Location: Located in the holy city of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, the university is situated in a city of great religious importance for Muslims.

  • Establishment: The university was founded in 1961 by the government of Saudi Arabia with the purpose of promoting Islamic scholarship.

  • Language of Instruction: The primary language of instruction is Arabic, though some courses related to Islamic studies are also taught in English to accommodate a diverse student body.

Programs Offered

  • Undergraduate Programs: Degrees in Islamic Theology, Islamic Law (Sharia), Arabic Language, Quran and Sunnah studies, and more recently, some science and engineering fields.

  • Master’s Programs: Advanced studies in Islamic Theology, Sharia, Quran and Sunnah, Hadith Studies, and Arabic Language.

  • PhD Programs: Specialized research in fields like Islamic Theology, Sharia, Quran and Sunnah studies, among others.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Scholarship Coverage: Scholarships typically cover tuition fees, accommodation, a monthly stipend, and sometimes airfare to and from the student’s home country.

  • Eligibility: Generally open to all international students who meet the university’s academic and religious criteria. Proficiency in Arabic is often required, particularly for programs in Islamic studies.

  • Application Process: Prospective students must apply for scholarships directly through the university’s website. The application process usually includes submission of academic records, proof of identity, and sometimes a written commitment to serve their community upon graduation.

Campus Facilities

  • Accommodation: The university provides well-equipped accommodation facilities for international students.

  • Library and Resources: Students have access to extensive libraries with a vast collection of Islamic texts and modern academic resources.

  • Healthcare: On-campus healthcare facilities are available to all students.

Cultural and Religious Life

  • Environment: Being in Madinah, students live in a city with a rich Islamic heritage, second only to Makkah in its religious significance.

  • Activities: The university organizes regular seminars, workshops, and lectures by prominent scholars. Cultural and religious activities are also a key part of student life.

Admission Process of Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

1. Check Eligibility

  • Academic Records: Applicants must have good academic standing in their previous studies. High school graduates are considered for undergraduate programs, whereas master's and PhD applicants need relevant degrees.

  • Religious Commitment: Since the university has a strong focus on Islamic education, a demonstration of religious commitment and understanding is important.

  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in Arabic is highly recommended, especially for programs in Islamic studies and Arabic language.

2. Prepare Required Documents

  • Academic Certificates: Certified copies of academic transcripts and certificates.

  • Identification Documents: A valid passport copy.

  • Recommendation Letters: Letters from academic or religious references.

  • Photographs: Recent passport-sized photographs.

  • Medical Report: A comprehensive medical fitness report.

  • Language Proficiency Certificate: If applicable, evidence of proficiency in Arabic.

3. Online Application

  • Application Form: Complete the online application form available on the Islamic University of Madinah’s website. Ensure all information is accurate and complete.

  • Upload Documents: Upload all required documents in the specified format and resolution.

  • Submission: Submit the application within the specified deadline. Late applications are usually not considered.

4. Application Review

  • Screening: The university reviews applications for eligibility, academic merit, and religious commitment.

  • Interview: Some candidates may be called for an interview, either in person or online, particularly for PhD and master’s applicants.

5. Admission Decision

  • Notification: Successful applicants will receive admission offers via email or through their online application portal.

  • Visa and Travel Arrangements: International students will need to apply for a student visa. The university typically assists with visa documentation.

6. Scholarship Application

  • Simultaneous Process: For those needing financial assistance, the scholarship application is usually part of the admission process. Scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, a monthly stipend, and sometimes airfare.

7. Enrollment and Orientation

  • Enrollment: Upon arrival, students must complete their enrollment formalities, including document verification and registration.

  • Orientation: The university conducts an orientation program to familiarize new students with campus facilities, academic policies, and life in Madinah.

Intake And Eligibility of Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Intake Periods

  • Fall Semester: The primary intake for new students is in the fall semester. The application window for this intake usually opens several months before the start of the semester.

Eligibility Criteria

For Undergraduate Programs:

  • Academic Records: Applicants must have completed their secondary education (high school) with good grades.

  • Age Limit: Candidates should be no older than 25 years at the time of application.

  • Religious Commitment: As the university emphasizes Islamic education, applicants must demonstrate good character and a commitment to Islam.

  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in Arabic is highly beneficial as most courses are taught in Arabic, although it is not always a mandatory requirement.

For Graduate Programs (Masters and PhD):

  • Academic Requirements: Applicants must hold a relevant bachelor’s degree with a good academic record for master's programs, and a master's degree for PhD programs.

  • Research Focus: PhD candidates typically need to submit a detailed research proposal that aligns with the university’s academic strengths.

  • Language Requirements: Higher proficiency in Arabic is generally required for graduate studies, particularly for fields related to Islamic studies.

Additional Requirements for All Programs:

  • Health Certificate: Applicants must be medically fit and provide a medical report as part of the application process.

  • Moral and Behavioral Standards: Strong ethical conduct and moral behavior are essential, often verified through interviews or references.

Scholarship Available at Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia



Tuition Fees

Fully covered by the scholarship


Free housing provided by the university

Monthly Stipend

Monthly stipend provided to cover living expenses

Health Care

Medical services provided free of charge at the university medical center


Subsidized meals available at the university cafeteria


A free air ticket upon admission, and a return ticket upon graduation (once for each)

Preparatory Year

Arabic language studies included for non-Arabic speakers to help them achieve the required proficiency to pursue their studies


Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia Campus & Accommodation Facilities








Multiple libraries with vast collections of Islamic literature and research materials.


Classrooms & Lecture Halls

Modern classrooms equipped with multimedia facilities.

Included in tuition fees


State-of-the-art labs for scientific disciplines.

Included in tuition fees

Computer Labs

Equipped with high-speed internet and up-to-date software.

Included in tuition fees


Large central mosque along with smaller prayer areas throughout the campus.


Sports Facilities

Sports fields, gyms, and recreational areas for sports activities.


Health Services

On-campus health clinic providing medical services to students.


Cafeterias & Dining

Multiple dining facilities offering a variety of cuisines.

Subsidized, variable prices

Student Union

A hub for student activities and support services.






Shared rooms with basic furnishings, internet access, and utilities included.

Free or minimal fee

Family Housing

Available for married students, includes basic furniture and utilities.

Subsidized, minimal cost

Guest Housing

Accommodation for visiting families and guests of students.

Nominal daily charges

Laundry Facilities

On-campus laundry services available for students.

Subsidized, minimal cost

Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance services provided for all accommodation facilities.


Security Services

24/7 security provided across the campus and residential areas.



Shuttle services within the campus and to key locations in Madinah.


Wi-Fi & Internet

High-speed internet access available in both academic and residential areas.



Students Life at Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Academic Life

  • Curriculum: The university offers a range of academic programs primarily focused on Islamic studies, but it also includes courses in the sciences, languages, and technology to provide a well-rounded education.

  • Faculty: Students have access to a distinguished faculty, many of whom are renowned scholars in their fields of Islamic jurisprudence, Quranic studies, and Hadith.

  • Language: Courses are typically taught in Arabic, and there is a strong emphasis on mastering this language as it is crucial for accessing primary Islamic texts.

Spiritual Life

  • Prayers and Religious Activities: Daily prayers, Jumu'ah (Friday prayers), and Tarawih prayers during Ramadan are central to campus life. The university has a large central mosque and several smaller ones scattered across the campus.

  • Religious Events and Lectures: Regular lectures, seminars, and workshops on Islamic topics are conducted by scholars, providing students with opportunities to learn and grow spiritually.

Social and Cultural Life

  • International Community: With students from over 100 countries, the university offers a vibrant multicultural environment. This diversity enriches students’ educational and cultural experiences as they interact with peers from backgrounds.

  • Student Organizations: clubs and societies allow students to engage in cultural, academic, and sports activities beyond their studies. These organizations are platforms for leadership and personal development.

Daily Life and Services

  • Accommodation: Students typically live in university-provided dormitories that are well-equipped with necessary amenities. Family housing is available for married students.

  • Dining: The campus offers multiple cafeterias serving a variety of foods, accommodating the dietary preferences and requirements of an international student body.

  • Transportation: The university provides shuttle services for students to navigate the campus and surrounding areas, including trips for shopping and recreational activities.

Health and Wellness

  • Healthcare: On-campus medical facilities are available to students, providing general healthcare services. There are also arrangements for more specialized medical needs in local hospitals.

  • Sports and Recreation: The university encourages maintaining physical fitness and offers facilities for a variety of sports. These facilities serve as venues for both informal play and organized sports events.

Placements in Islamic University of Madinah , Saudi Arabia

Placement Opportunities

  1. Religious and Academic Roles: Many graduates find placements as teachers, lecturers, and researchers in Islamic studies and related fields. These roles are typically in educational institutions, including universities, Islamic schools, and seminaries across the world.

  2. Imam and Religious Leadership Positions: Graduates who have studied Islamic theology and law often go on to serve as Imams, community leaders, or advisors in mosques and Islamic centers globally. They play pivotal roles in religious guidance, community building, and interfaith dialogue.

  3. Administrative Roles in Religious Organizations: There are opportunities in the administrative segments of religious and charitable organizations that work within the framework of Islamic principles.

  4. Islamic Banking and Finance: Some graduates enter the growing field of Islamic finance, working in institutions that adhere to Sharia-compliant financial principles. Positions might include roles as financial advisors, analysts, or managers.

  5. Diplomacy and International Relations: Given the university’s strong international links and the emphasis on diplomacy in Islamic tradition, some graduates engage in careers within international relations, particularly roles that involve the Islamic world.

Career Support Services

  • Career Counseling: The Islamic University of Madinah provides career counseling services to help students identify their career goals and the steps needed to achieve them. This includes guidance on career paths suitable to their studies and interests.

  • Workshops and Seminars: The university organizes workshops that prepare students for the workforce by teaching skills such as CV writing, interview techniques, and job search strategies.

  • Networking Opportunities: Events and seminars that bring together scholars, alumni, and professionals from fields provide students with networking opportunities. These events are beneficial for building relationships and gaining insights into different career paths.

  • Alumni Networks: Graduates become part of a global alumni network that can provide support and opportunities in industries and sectors. This network is particularly strong in countries with large Muslim communities.

Acceptance Rate of Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Recommendations for Applicants:

  • Strong Academic Record: Emphasize your academic achievements and credentials.

  • Arabic Proficiency: Since the medium of instruction is Arabic, proficiency in the language is highly advantageous.

  • Religious Commitment: Demonstrate a strong understanding and commitment to Islamic practices and values.

  • Preparation for Tests: Be prepared for any religious or language tests as part of the application process.

  • Early Application: Submitting your application early may provide an advantage in terms of preparation and review time.

Campus Location of Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Campus Details

  • Address: Islamic University of Madinah, King Faisal Road, Al Jamiah, Medina 42351, Saudi Arabia.

  • Accessibility: The university is easily accessible via the main roads and is connected to other parts of the city through public transport. The city’s Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport facilitates international and domestic travel.

  • Facilities: The campus includes state-of-the-art educational facilities, extensive libraries, student accommodation, a central mosque, and administrative buildings.

Importance of Location

  • Spiritual Environment: Being in Medina, students at the university live and study in a city that is central to Islamic history and scholarship. This environment fosters a deep connection with Islamic teachings and traditions.

  • Cultural Integration: The location allows students to immerse themselves in Saudi culture and the practices of Islam as observed in one of its most important cities.

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