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Why Study LL.M (Master of Law) in Saint Lucia

1. Unique Legal System:

2. Focus on Specific Legal Areas:

3. Enhancing Career Prospects:

4. Quality of Life:

5. Potential for International Qualifications:

Admission Intake for LL.M (Master of Law) in Saint Lucia

General Admission Intake Periods:

  1. Fall Intake (Primary Intake):

    • When: Usually starts in August or September.
    • Application Period: Typically, applications open several months before the start date, around November to March.
  2. Spring Intake (Secondary Intake):

    • When: Usually starts in January or February.
    • Application Period: Generally, applications are accepted from late summer to early fall of the previous year, around July to October.

Cost of Studying LL.M (Master of Law) in Saint Lucia

Expense Category

Cost (USD)


Tuition Fees

$10,000 - $30,000 per year

significantly based on the institution and program specifics.


$300 - $800 per month

Costs vary based on the type of accommodation and location. Sharing can reduce expenses.

Food and Groceries

$200 - $400 per month

Eating out frequently will increase costs. Cooking at home is more economical.


$50 - $150 per month

Includes electricity, water, and gas. Costs can be split if living in shared accommodation.


$30 - $100 per month

Public transportation is generally affordable. Costs depend on distance and frequency of travel.

Books and Supplies

$300 - $600 per academic year

Costs can be reduced by buying second-hand or opting for digital versions.

Personal Expenses

$100 - $300 per month

Includes laundry, toiletries, and leisure activities.


$30 - $60 per month

Depends on the plan and usage.

Health Insurance

$300 - $600 per year

Mandatory for international students. The cost varies by coverage.

Visa/Permit Fees

One-time and renewal fees may apply

Check the current rates and conditions for your specific situation.

Total Estimated Annual Cost:

Eligibility for doing LL.M (Master of Law) in Saint Lucia

1. Academic Qualifications:

2. Professional Experience:

3. Language Proficiency:

4. Recommendations:

5. Statement of Purpose:

6. Research Proposal (for research-focused LL.Ms):

7. CV or Resume:

8. Interviews:

Documents Required for LL.M (Master of Law) in Saint Lucia

1. Academic Transcripts and Certificates

2. Proof of Legal Education

3. Resume/CV

4. Letters of Recommendation

5. Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose

6. Proof of English Proficiency

7. Law School Admission Test Scores

8. Writing Sample

9. Identification Documents

10. Application Fee

Scholarships for LL.M (Master of Law) in Saint Lucia

University Specific Scholarships

Government Scholarships

International Scholarships

Jobs and Salary after LL.M (Master of Law) in Saint Lucia

Job Prospects

  1. Legal Practice: Graduates may choose to practice law in Saint Lucia, subject to the necessary qualifications and bar admission requirements. Areas of practice might include civil law, criminal law, corporate law, or specialized areas that match the LL.M specialization.

  2. Government and Public Sector: Opportunities may exist within various government departments or agencies, particularly those related to legal affairs, justice, or regulatory bodies.

  3. International Organizations: For those with qualifications recognized beyond Saint Lucia, there may be opportunities in international organizations, NGOs, or other global entities, especially if the LL.M has an international or human rights focus.

  4. Academia: With an advanced degree like an LL.M, some graduates might pursue careers in teaching law, whether at universities in Saint Lucia or abroad.

  5. Corporate Sector: Corporations often require legal advisors or counsels to manage contracts, compliance, corporate governance, and other legal aspects of their operations.

Salary Expectations

Salaries after an LL.M can vary significantly based on the type of job, location, and the individual's level of experience. Here are some general guidelines:

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