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Why Study MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) in Portugal

1. Quality Education and Research

2. Practical and Clinical Exposure

3. International Environment

4. Regulatory Framework and Recognition

5. Quality of Life and Cultural Experience

6. Career Opportunities

7. Cost of Education

MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) specialization in Portugal


Course Duration

Fees per year (EUR)


University of Porto

5 years (Integrated Master)

€3,000 - €7,000

Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Services

University of Lisbon

5 years (Integrated Master)

€3,000 - €7,000

Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

University of Coimbra

5 years (Integrated Master)

€3,000 - €7,000

Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmacology

University of Minho

5 years (Integrated Master)

€3,000 - €7,000

Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy

Admission Intake for MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) in Portugal

Main Admission Intake

  1. Fall Intake (September/October):
    • This is the primary and often the only intake for MPharm programs in Portugal.
    • Most universities begin their academic year around September or October, and this is when the majority of students start their studies.

Top 10 Universities in Portugal for MPharm (Master of Pharmacy)


QS World Ranking (Recent Year)

MPharm Specializations


University of Lisbon

357 (2022)

Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences

One of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Portugal with a comprehensive pharmacy program.

University of Porto

295 (2022)

Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Known for its strong research output and innovative teaching methods.

University of Coimbra

431-440 (2022)

Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Technology

One of the oldest universities in the world, renowned for its historical significance and academic excellence.

University of Minho

601-650 (2022)

Public Health, Pharmacotherapy

Offers innovative and research-oriented pharmacy education.

NOVA University Lisbon

501-510 (2022)

Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Industrial Pharmacy

Known for its strong scientific research and international collaborations.

University of Algarve


Pharmaceutical Services, Clinical Analysis

Focuses on applied research and community services.

University of Beira Interior


Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology

Offers a range of health science programs, including pharmacy.

University of Aveiro

601-650 (2022)

Nanotechnology, Quality Control

Known for its modern approach and technological integration in teaching and research.

ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon

751-800 (2022)

Health Management, Social Pharmacy

While not a traditional provider of Pharmacy, it offers related fields in healthcare management and policy.

Lusófona University


Pharmaceutical Services, Clinical Pharmacy

Known for a diverse and practical approach to pharmacy education.

Tuition Fees for MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) in Portugal

Public Universities

Private Universities

Cost of Studying MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) in Portugal

Expense Category

Monthly Cost (EUR)



300 - 500

Shared apartments are cheaper, while private accommodation costs more. Prices in cities like Lisbon and Porto may be higher.


150 - 250

Cooking at home is cheaper; this range includes occasional dining out.


50 - 100

Includes gas, electricity, water, and internet. Might be higher during winter due to heating costs.


30 - 50

Public transport passes; varies by city.

Health Insurance

20 - 50

International students need health coverage; some universities offer special plans.

Books & Supplies

40 - 100

Depends on course requirements; includes lab materials and textbooks.

Personal Expenses

100 - 200

Entertainment, leisure, and other personal expenses.

Mobile Phone

10 - 30

Depending on usage and plan.


30 - 100

Unexpected expenses or specific needs that might arise.

Total Monthly Estimate: €680 - €1,280

Eligibility for doing MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) in Portugal

Academic Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's Degree: You need to have completed a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences, or a closely related area. Some universities offer an integrated MPharm program, which combines undergraduate and graduate studies, for which you would apply after high school.

  2. Grades: Good academic standing in previous studies, especially in relevant subjects like biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

Language Proficiency

  1. Portuguese: Since the primary language of instruction for pharmacy programs in Portugal is usually Portuguese, proficiency in the language is often required. This might be demonstrated through a language test, prior education in Portuguese, or another form of certification.

  2. English: If the program offers courses in English or if you are a non-Portuguese speaker, you may need to prove your proficiency in English through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

Entrance Exams

Letters of Recommendation

Statement of Purpose



Dcuments Required for MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) in Portugal

1. Application Form

2. Academic Qualifications

3. Proof of Language Proficiency

4. Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

5. Letters of Recommendation

6. Statement of Purpose or Motivational Letter

7. Passport Copy

8. Additional Documents (if applicable)

Scholarships for MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) in Portugal

1. University Scholarships

2. Government Scholarships

3. International Scholarships

4. Private and Non-Governmental Scholarships

Jobs and Salary after MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) in Portugal

Common Career Paths

1. Community Pharmacist: Working in a retail pharmacy setting, advising patients, and dispensing medications.

2. Hospital Pharmacist: Working within hospital settings, dealing with more complex medications, and working closely with other healthcare professionals.

3. Clinical Research Associate: Working in clinical trials, research settings, or for pharmaceutical companies.

4. Regulatory Affairs Officer: Ensuring the appropriate licensing, marketing, and legal compliance of pharmaceutical and medical products.

5. Quality Control Analyst: Working to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.

6. Medical Science Liaison: Serving as a scientific expert in a particular drug or therapeutic area, usually working for a pharmaceutical company.

Salary Expectations in Portugal

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