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Nilesh Patil
Nilesh Patil

Aug 19, 2020 01:14:06


Everyone says god is great and everything is in control of god. But is there anybody who thinks deeply about it? And you have to think about it because, if the god of almighty is the creator of this world, creator of the human body, then somebody is there who is the savior of the human body, human life. And that one person is known as a DOCTOR. First of all, I will introduce myself. Myself Nilesh Patil from Maharashtra. Today we all discuss the medical field and the Best medical colleges in the USA.

In our country, most of the students want to learn medical from a foreign country. And getting an education from a foreign country like the USA will reserve an awesome future for medical students. There are lots of students who have the potential, hard, and smart working capacity and want to do their medical studies in the USA, but some students are very new to this field. They don’t have any knowledge and information about the best colleges in the USA. The most common question is remains in their mind that, which collage should I prefer for medical studies? And the answer is here. Below I am going to put some most important information about Best medical colleges in the USA.  


According to my studies and research, the following top ten collages are best for medical studies in the USA. In this article I used somewhere college and somewhere school, don’t get confused both words have the same meaning in the USA.

1. Harvard Medical School (Harvard University):

Harvard medical school is coming to Harvard University. This is a graduate medical school, which is located in the Boston medical area in the USA. It is the oldest and most popular medical school in the USA, was established in 1782. This medical school is run with approximately 12,000 teaching faculty staff.

Now, we are coming on the topic that is graduate education. Harvard medical school offers you two most important programs, the first one is a master's degree program and the second one is a Ph.D. degree program. In a master’s degree, the medical school offers you two types of degree one are masters of academic discipline degree and another one is a master of medical science. Also, there are a total of 9 Ph.D. degrees are available. In Harvard University, the tuition fees of undergraduate course are nearly 60,000USD (45,00,000 INR) 

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2. New York Medical College:       

 New York medical college is a biomedical health science university which, located in Valhalla, New York City. This medical college is established in 1860 by William Cullen Bryant. This medical college is also tied-up with Touro College and University System. It is also the oldest college in the United State. In New York Medical College, approximately 3,000 teaching staff is working as faculty members.MS and Ph.D. programs are available in biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, cell biology, anatomy, immunology, physiology.

 The college campus spread in 243 hectares’ tuition fees of Medical college is nearly 55,000USD. Also, there are scholarships for smart students.

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3. Washington University School of Medicine:

 Washington University school of medicine is coming under Washington University. Life-Saving Researches in Area also conducted through this Medical school. The University of Washington School of Medicine was established in 1946. There are a total of 1800 academic staff for teaching purposes. It offers degrees and master’s degrees in clinical Health Sciences, Science in Medical Technology, Science in Prosthetics and orthotics, Master of Occupational Therapy, Doctor in Physical Therapy, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy.

The tuition fees of the University of Washington School of Medicine are nearly 44,000USD. With a large campus area, this medical school is located in Washington, which is a state in the US.

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4.The John Hopkins University School of Medicine:

In Maryland, The John Hopkins University is present in Baltimore city. This medical school having affidavits with the John Hopkins University, which is established in 1893. In the school campus, John Hopkin hospital is also present for local patients, which helps to students for practice. In this school, nearly 3,000 faculty members are available for full time and 1200 faculty members are available for part-time. The Degree, Master’s degree Are offered by this medical school for nearly6-7 years. The application deadline in medical school is in between 10 – 20th October.

The John Hopkins University School of Medicine is the topmost and oldest medical school in all US nation. For this Medical school, the tuition fees are nearly 54,000 to 56,000 USD

(nearly 40,00,000 INR,)

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5. Emory University school of medicine:

The Emory university school of medicine is in Emory University’s best medical school for graduation. The Emory university school of medicine was established in 1915. Before that this medication was begun as Atlanta medical school. As like above medical school, this is also an old medical school for medical students and coming in the top ranking of the survey of best medical colleges. One thing about this school will proud to every Indian that is, Dean of this school is an Indian DR. Vikas Sukhatne. In this school, it offers a degree program and master’s degree anaesthesiology and genetic counseling, degree in physical therapy.

The tuition fee for this medical school is less as compare to others that I, 45,000 USD. The entire campus has come under the suburban type of place in Georgia.

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6. Lewis Katz School of Medicine:

Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University is coming in under the University of Philadelphia, which located in Pennsylvania in the United State. This college is located on the Health Science campus of Temple University.  The hole campus of the college is in an urban area in Pennsylvania (the state in the US). In education, this college offers an M.S. degree. Degree in MA. and also Ph.D. in biomedical sciences.  The academic staff of this college is nearly 500, which is much lesser than the previous one. But still, it comes in the list of the best medical colleges in the US. This college also offers a Narrative Medicine Program which is the best field in medicine. Mainly, this college is famous for Urban bioethics.

If any student wants to get an education in this college, he/she must have to pay 55,000 USD (nearly 42,00,000 INR) as tuition fee. This college was established in 1901. Hence, this college is also the oldest and best college for medical students.

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7. Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians Surgeons:

Vagelos College of Physicians Surgeons is established in 1767 which is an affidavit by Columbia University. This college is located at Columbia University, New York. In this medical college, nearly 4,300 teaching staff is available for full-time format. This college is located in the Urban area of manhattan city. This college offers an M.D. degree, the program in genetic counseling, human nutrition, physical therapy, Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, and other master's degrees also. It is also the oldest and best medical college which, takes place in the top 10 medical colleges in the US list.

Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians Surgeons college having a tuition fee is up to 57,000 USD which is nearly 43,00,000 rupees. The average admission rate for the college is nearly 3.7% every year.

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8. Stanford Medical School:

Stanford medical school is at Stanford University which located at Stanford (the city in California). Firstly, this Medical school was established in 1856 in San Francisco. The admission acceptance rate per year is 2.7% which is very low as compare to other colleges. In Stanford Medical school there is around 900 teaching staff is working fulltime in this school. And the main point of the college campus is this college is belonging in a suburban area of California which creates a peaceful environment for study. This medical college offers students a master of science in PA studies program, which is a highly qualified Pas who can be the leader of medical education. The duration for this program is 30 months and each year college gives admission to only 28 students which is a 2.7% acceptance rate.

According to US News, this college considers at no. 4 positions in the list of best medical colleges in the US. Hence, the tuition fee for the college is 60,000 USD (46,00,000 INR).

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 9. Perelman School of Medicine:

Perelman School of Medicine has a tie-up with the University of Pennsylvania which is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This is also known as Pen. Med. Which is in the urban area of Philadelphia city. In this Medical college, nearly 2200 faculty members are available full-time ad nearly 1200 faculty members are available part-time. The University of Pennsylvania is the parent institution of this college. Comparing to other colleges in the list, in this college 34 departments are present for M.D., Ph.D., M. D-Ph.D., master’s, post-Doctoral are available. The admission rate in this college is 3.7% per year

In 1765, this medical school was established by DR. John Morgan. This is the oldest and best college in the US. The amount of tuition fee in this college is 60,000 USD which is nearly equal to 44,00,000 INR.

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10. UCSF School of Medicine:

UCSF School of Medicine is located in San Francisco, which is a city in California. The University of California is the parent institute of UCSF School of Medicine. According to the survey, there are a total of 2700 teaching faculties are available for full time. In this college Biomedical science graduation program and Neuroscience, graduation programs are very popular. Also, M.D, Ph.D., M.S., are available. In this college, the acceptance rate of students every year is very low as compare to others that are only 2% means around 155 students can get admission in college every year.

This college is a very old college is the US, which was established by Hugh H. Toland in 1864. Approximately 10,000 passes out students were becoming successful doctors in their life.

The tuition fee for the UCSF School of Medicine is nearly 20,000 USD which very low as compare to the above list.

According to my opinion, all of the above are the best medical colleges in the USA. These all colleges are in the USA, so if any Indian Student wants to take admission to any one of these colleges, he/she must be studied very hard and continuously. The pattern of study, syllabus, teaching Methods, and Education system is different from India. So, Students, who are interested in education abroad for medical they must qualify for the competitive exams. If you are a very intelligent and smart worker then their lots organizations like the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai fellowship, Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships are presented India which gives you a chance to study in the USA. If you want to take the admission in any one of the above colleges, click the link below every content. Always remember one thing, if you want to be a good doctor, you have to give your 100% effort to your studies.

A successful doctor is not defined by which college he/she does his degree, is defined by what he/she can do to save patient life in any condition.


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