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Brief Description of MBBS in USA

Every year, thousands of students all around the world, hope to attain the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of pursuing MBBS in the U.S. Several of those hopefuls have been nurturing this dream for a long time. It is not hard to understand why. Currently, the U.S. is home to over 10 globally ranked medical universities, offering cutting-edge knowledge and proficiency in the field of medicine. The medical courses being taught in the U.S. are a perfect amalgamation of theoretical understanding and practical expertise. The amount of tuition fee may range anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000 for the entire 4 year period of MBBS education in the U.S. Usually, the residency tenure lasts from 3 to 7 years for any student pursuing MBBS in U.S.A. The American universities are offering several incentives encouraging students to pursue medicine in the U.S. The biggest incentive is that an American medical degree is universally recognized. In particular, if you want to establish your medical practice in India, you can do so without having to clear the screening process of the Medical Council of India(MCI), which otherwise is mandatory for anyone who wants to become a medical practitioner in India.  Around 2 million U.S. dollars worth of scholarship programs are being offered alongside the MBBS admissions, by the premier 9 or 10 medical universities in the U.S. This is a golden opportunity for international students. They can make use of this scholarship fund to pursue MBBS from one of the premier U.S. medical institutions. An American medical degree brings with itself, a host of opportunities, to build an exceptional career in Medicine, both in the U.S. as well as back home in India, U.S. certified doctors are quite well-paid. The average income amounts to somewhere between $200,000 to $300,000 per annum. Students may also choose to enroll in a post-graduation course through scholarships.

Last Date of Application

March and September 2020

Basic Eligibility Criteria

50% in (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) for General at 10+2 Science

40% for SC/ ST or reserve categories

NEET(National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) Examination

Compulsory to clear with qualifying marks

MCAT Examination

Compulsory to clear for admissions in top U.S. Medical Schools

Minimum Tuition Fee

INR.3.60 Lakhs/Year ($ 5200/Year)

Maximum Tuition Fee

INR.47 Lakhs/Year ($ 67,200/Year)

Average Cost of Living in U.S.

INR.20-40 Thousand/Month ($ 600)

Total Duration of the Course

4.5 Year + 1 Year Internship

Medium of Education

English Language

University Accreditation

Approved by MCI and WHO


Why Do MBBS From USA

  • The primary goal of all premier medical institutions in the U.S. is to provide top-tier education, knowledge and practical expertise, to prepare world-class medical practitioners worth their salt.

  • All medical universities in the U.S. meet the quality standards set in place by UNESCO and WHO.

  • Medical universities in the U.S. enjoy universal recognition. This opens up, to a huge extent, the scope and scale of the professional career, a U.S. certified doctor can have, almost anywhere in the world.

  • The curriculum is a brilliant balance of theoretical as well as practical learning.

  • Comfortable hostel for accommodation and perfectly equipped labs to facilitate research.

  • International students get an opportunity to better their command over the English language, as they are required to prepare, appear and clear the  English proficiency exams like TOFEL and IELTS.

  • Highly qualified and extensively skilled professors and teachers become mentors and guide the students towards excellence. Not to mention, the usefulness of the phenomenal international exposure is beyond measurement.s

  • Deserving applicants can avail scholarships. Students can also choose to pay the tuition fee in installments. This availability of choice has made the dream of U.S. medical education quite accessible.

  • There is no burden of donations.

  • The admission process has been simplified a lot in comparison to the earlier procedures that were quite difficult to maneuver. It is specifically advantageous for international students. So that despite not being entirely well-versed with the ins and outs of the system, they will be able to navigate the procedure quite easily. 

  • Apart from the above-mentioned tests, there are no additional competitive examinations in the U.S., for admission in the MBBS program.

  • There is a high probability for visa approval for those applying to pursue higher education in the U.S.

  • In terms of safety and security, the crime rate is at an all-time low in the U.S. As a result, it is frequently named amongst the safest nations on earth.

  • In terms of standard of living, there are very few nations that can compete with the USA. It is undoubtedly remarkable in terms of living conditions and the harmonious flow of life.

  • Students have ample options available to them. Living on a budget in the U.S. does not necessarily means compromise on comfort. Students can maintain a decent way of living, even with a tight pocket.

  • The U.S.A. is a pretty diverse country with a multicultural society. People from various cultures and ethnicities are accepted in social discourse. This makes it a haven for international students, who not only find it easy to communicate and adopt but are also exposed to so many people from different nationalities and diverse socio-cultural backgrounds.

  • Many prominent educational institutions in the U.S. offer a variety of employment opportunities for foreign students who wants to work and permanently settle down in the U.S.

  • The U.S. is around 2 to 3 times less expensive in comparison to some of the other countries. For instance, the UK is not very budget-friendly. Not only college tuition but also just in terms of living, the UK is comparatively expensive than the U.S.

  • For Indian students, in particular, it is quite beneficial to pursue MBBS in the United States, as the curriculum includes MCI screening.

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS in USA For Indian Students

  • The first eligibility requirement is a minimum score of 50% in 12th class, where the major subjects are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

  • In the case of those students who belong to one of the three reserved categories, namely SC, ST, and OBC, they are required to obtain a minimum score of 40% in the same above mentioned subjects.

  • All students are compulsorily needed to pass the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test also known as NEET.

  • The minimum age limit is 17yrs. Students who are not 17 yet, are not eligible to apply.

  • The student must have completed his/her secondary school education as a regular student from a recognized educational board in India. It means that a student is not eligible if he or she has completed 10+2 privately or through homeschooling.

  • It is obligatory for students to a priori enroll in the 4-year bachelor degree program.

  • SAT is the standardized test that is conducted twice every year, once in June and then in October. This test is mandatory to clear for those seeking admission to any undergraduate course in the U.S. In addition to that, students are needed to clear TOEFL or an equivalent English proficiency test. These tests are specifically required from the international students, as it ensures that the student applying has a decent understanding of the English language and that it will not be an issue as a medium throughout the course.

  • Once the student has duly graduated in science, thereafter, he/she can appear for the MCAT and start their medical education.

  • Students who have a desire to permanently settle down in the U.S and start a  practice can appear for the USMLE(The United States Medical Licensing Examination). By clearing this exam, one becomes eligible to start a medical practice in the U.S.

  • Students must keep track of relevant dates for all examinations, to be completely prepared.

Name of the University

Course Fee (Per year)

Harvard University

$ 61,540

Tufts University

$ 61,464

Dartmouth College

$ 63, 600

Brown University

$ 62,950

University of California

$ 64,130

Washington University

$ 63,235

Columbia University

$ 66,256

Duke University

$ 61,031

Texas A&M School of Medicine


New Mexico School of Medicine


East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine


University of North Carolina - Chapel School of Medicine

$24, 850

University of Central Florida


David Geffen School of Medicine


Mayo Clinic School of Medicine



About MCAT Exam

  • USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) defines the system of medical education in USA.
  • MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is the main entrance exam for getting admission to top medical universities in USA.
  • AAMC (Association of American Medical colleges) conducts and monitors the exam and also publish the results for the same.
  • However, qualifying in MCAT is very difficult like any other medical entrance exam. The local students who wish to study medicine course in USA, take part in this exam.
  • Only after completing the pre-medical program, Indian students and students from other countries can give this MCAT exam.
  • Though MCAT exam helps for securing admission in best medical colleges in USA, it is the most difficult and even very expensive way to pursue MBBS degree.


MBBS in USA Intake and Course Details

  • Process of admission for American MBBS starts in September.
  • The MBBS program classes start in the last days of September.
  • A medical students must be aware of the fact that every medical university has a limited number of seats.
  • The session for every semester lasts for about more than 15 weeks.
  • Most of the medical colleges follow 2-semester system while some follow 3-semester system.
  • The tenure of the fall semester lasts from September to Christmas.
  • The tenure of spring semester lasts from mid-January to June.
  • In United States of America, every four years are termed differently as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior as each of the year progresses.


Beware of Fraud Study Abroad Consultants

  • In the past few years, there has been a rapid rise in the number of students pursuing foreign education in India. However, there has also been an unfortunate surge in all kinds of frauds and scams, enticing people and then extorting money from them under pretenses. There is a general lack of knowledge and awareness among both rural as well as urban youth, about the complicated procedures to be followed to pursue a foreign education. This makes them soft targets for scamsters who are looking to make a quick buck off their ignorance. It is important to be aware of these scams and frauds, to avoid being taken advantage of. You can read below, some of the practices undertaken by these scamsters to trap people.

  • They usually point you towards colleges that are not accredited or are not properly recognized as an institute providing standardized education.  You must thoroughly verify the accreditation and reliability of the specific university or undergraduate school you are applying to.

  • Carefully read any documentation that you are required to submit to the university. Similarly, diligently study the papers you are required to present to the embassy. Fraudsters often provide unfinished or false documentation to the embassy, for which can get you blacklisted.

  • Be extremely diligent to inquire about the course you are enrolling in. Verify how valid the course is and whether there are enough available seats, for you to apply. Also find out whether the degree is authentic and is capable of landing you a job, or not.

  • Fraudsters further exploit students by promising them a quick visa approval. However, students should keep in mind that a nation's embassy is an independent department of government. No private entity, either individual or organization, has any sway whatsoever in who gets or does not get a valid visa. Thus, any such assurance related to visa approval is bonkers.  

  • Another kind of promise, scamsters tend to make is about admissions. They try to obtain money by giving a guarantee of admission to premier universities, which students should know cannot be farther from the truth. Any recognized university or educational institution in the U.S. has a panel of officials that measure the caliber of applicants in multiple domains. They grant admission to only those who are found to be most deserving, across all domains. Again money does not work as leverage or influence.

  • Students should do thorough scrutiny to verify the tuition fees, living and boarding expenses, and other variables. Complete knowledge and information will guard you against frauds and scams. You will not be fooled by anyone or be taken advantage of.

  • There is a proper information channel or protocol that is followed by all prominent universities and colleges in the U.S. They duly inform students of their selection or rejection and provide further instructions in case of the former.

Courses, Syllabus of MBBS in USA and Course Duration of MBBS in USA

  • The admission process usually starts in September in the U.S.

  • Generally, in the U.S., medical schools commence classes for their MBBS courses around the end of September.

  • Applicants should remember that there is a finite number of seats in any particular college given on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, they should apply to multiple colleges. This will increase their chances of getting admission in at least one of them. 

  • 15 to 17 weeks is the usual duration of every semester.

  • September sees the start of the fall semester, which wraps around Christmas. On the other hand, the spring semester commences around the middle of January and ends in June.

  • There are a few institutes that follow a 3-semester system.

  • The American higher educational system categorizes the four academic years of an undergraduate program as follows:- 1st is known as the freshman year, 2nd is sophomore, 3rd is junior, and 4th is called the senior year.

MBBS in USA Fees


Education Pattern and Language Issue For MBBS in USA

For many international students seeking admission in a duly recognized American medical university, command over English is paramount. It is because the mode or medium of learning in an accredited U.S. college is English.

A majority of medical colleges in the USA have a low-cost fee structure in place for its MBBS courses. Students should seek the proper information about the primary language or mode of teaching, being used in the specific university or college, they are applying to.

Documents Required For MBBS in USA

  • Health and Travel Insurance

  • 10th and 12th mark sheet

  • Valid Passport and Visa

  • Birth Certificate (in English)

  • Six passport size photographs with white background

  • Six-month bank statement of parents/guardian

  • Letter of Authorization

  • No Objection Certificate

  • Sponsor Letter

Some other documents may also be asked along with those mentioned already. These additional documents could be asked by the specific university or college you are applying for admission in.

Admission Procedure For MBBS in USA

The entire process of enrollment in an MBBS course in the U.S has become a lot simpler. Here are some more important details about the American medical school admission procedures.

  • Students should also be aware of the fact that the intake rate of international students in American medical institutions has been quite low, historically.

  • To obtain admission to an American medical college, students are required to appear for the Medical college admission test, also known as MCAT. This test evaluates the level of knowledge in domains of science and reasoning. It also ascertains whether the student's writing skills are up-to-par. MCAT is a computer-based test that is usually 4 to 5 hours long.

  • After qualifying in the MCAT, you should fill out application forms of multiple universities, as that would elevate your chances of admission.

  • The majority of medical colleges in the U.S recommend that students should apply via the American Medical College Application Service(AMCAS).

  • Students must remember to attach their recommendation letters along with the application.

Accommodation During MBBS in USA

Once the admission procedure is finished, the next step is to look for proper accommodation. Several universities aid students to acquire accommodation. There are two kinds of accommodation available for international students. The first is option is On-campus accommodation, which includes hostels or dormitories. The second option is off-campus, such as Homestay or Apartments-flats, etc.

The On-campus option is preferred because of the proximity with amenities like food, laundry, etc. Also, living on-campus is better for interaction with other students, which helps international students to get socialize and mingle with people from other cultural backgrounds and ethnicities.

However, living off-campus comes with its perks. The accommodation is comparatively cheaper and there is a lot more freedom to explore on your own, without the usual restrictions of the campus. Colleges have an off-campus housing office that assists the students to finalize a place for accommodation and gives them all the relevant information such as- restaurants, parks, public transportation, supermarkets, etc.

Intake For Indian Students For MBBS in USA

There are around 1 million professionals in medicine right now. Approximately, 26% of those are medical practitioners who are international graduates, according to the data reported by the "American Medical Association". Students of Indian origin make-up a sizable 25% of all the international medical graduates in the US. But since, 2016 there has been a change in the policy of the Indian government. NORI(No Obligation to Return to India), will no longer be issued to Indian students who want to pursue Post-graduation in the US. This certificate was essential to keep working in the US.

Visa For USA

  1. For a person who is not a citizen of the US., has to acquire a student visa to pursue higher education in the US. However, it is an extended and complicated process. Therefore, it requires quite a bit of preparation. You must apply well before the commencement of your session. Usually, there are five steps to be undertaken by any student seeking visa approval for the US.

  • Give an application and get accepted in the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-approved medical college or institution in the US (six to twelve months prior to the start of your course);

  • Duly pay the fee required by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS);

  • Finish your visa application by attaching your recent photographs;

  • Duly submit the fee for visa application;

  • Once you receive the due date of your visa interview, make sure to not miss your appointment.

Below are some of the essential papers needed for acquiring a student visa for the US.

  • A passport is required.

  • Receipt for the Visa application fee is needed to be shown.

  • Keep the VFS appointment letter for the interview.

  • Fill out the DS 160 application form consisting of barcode, properly.

  • University of USA issues l-120 form at the time of the interview, don’t forget to carry it with you.

  • You must also keep passport size photographs with you because they will be needed.

The Validity of MBBS Degree in India

The medical profession is one of the most sought after professions among Indian youth. The US, in particular, is considered an educational haven by Indians to pursue higher medical education. But Indians should take into account that the American education system is quite distinct from other medical education systems in countries such as- the European-like Russia / Ukraine / Georgia / China or the Philippines. Once, you have finished your post-graduation from the  US, you do not have to appear for any exam to practice in India. There are several options available to you finish your MBBS degree from a university or college recognized by MCI.

Education Loan and Financial Advice to Parent

Students pursuing medical studies are already under substantial financial burden for admission. They have to cough up enough money to support the tuition fees of a recognized university or medical institution. It is very difficult to arrange a significant amount of money for parents and guardians. In such cases, paying through installments is a better alternative than down-payment.

Below mentioned are the common eligibility criteria to apply in Indian financial institutions for an education loan:-

  • The applicant should be a citizen of India.

  • The applicant should at least be 18 years old, or else the loan will be approved on the behalf of his or her parents.

  • A solid academic performance of the applicant is a must.

  • The applicant must obtain admission to a recognized college in the US.

  • The course being pursued by the application must be within the technical or professional domain. Banks and financial institutions are more open towards clearing loans that are given on courses that guarantee employment.

For parents, it is advised that they should make a proper estimate of the overall costs of sending their children to pursue higher education in a foreign country. Take into account every expense, big or small such as accommodation, food, health coverage, communication, travel and so on.

Disadvantages of Doing MBBS in USA

There are certain drawbacks to pursuing higher education in the US. One must decide to take this path by keeping in mind his interests and requirements. Some of the limitations of foreign education are discussed below :

  • Inflation has led to a gradual increase in the overall cost of education and living, pretty much everywhere. The tuition fees have risen considerably, making it quite expensive to pursue an education in the US, even with the financial assistance of education loans or scholarships.

  • The educational system in the US is very decentralized and therefore standard of education varies quite a bit from state-to-state. It is possible to not attain the same level of education everywhere in the US.

  • Students who have never spent time alone from home may feel homesickness. Also, they may find it difficult to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. If they fail to mingle with others, they may find themselves lonely and isolated in a foreign country which could be detrimental for their mental and emotional well-being.

  • It is quite competitive and challenging to pursue higher education abroad. Students may face a lot of performance pressure that is hard to handle.

National Exit Test (NEXT) Coaching in USA

An MBBS degree-holder must qualify the National Exit Exam. After clearing this test, they will be provided a license, that is essential to start a medical practice in India.

The NEXT/FMGE Coaching provided by the Moksh Study Abroad Consultants is unique. The 6 years old FMGE Coaching does in-depth coverage of all 19 subjects.

The National Exit Exam for MBBS is an important step in the career of a doctor. This exam also decides the options that are available to you going into post-graduation.

Roadmap to Study MD/MS After MBBS in USA

The U.S medical educational system is carefully calibrated to produce clinically trained medical practitioners and physicians to support the US health care system. Several Indian doctors want to pursue MD in the US, after completing their MBBS degree from India.

Several doctors who are unable to get their PG done through NEET PG or AIPGMEE in India, seek consulting support with MOKSH to pursue MD/MS in the USA. Right now, over 10,000 Indian doctors are working in the US. The following suggestions are given to doctors who are trying to establish a medical practice in the US.

To start a practice in the USA, an Indian student after finishing MBBS must pursue post-graduation, as it is mandatory.  USMLE has mentioned the medical courses, that are required to be pursued, to qualify for the Residency (Board certified PG while working in a Hospital under work permit). The requirement is to clear the exam with high marks (230+). During this time, the students can give USMLE-2 CK exam in India to qualify for the Residency in the USA. The doctors can then apply for a work visa in the USA once they get the confirmation of residency.

How Right consultant Can Help in Shaping Your Career

By getting proper assistance and advice from appropriate consultants, it will become quite an easy task to pursue a foreign education and settle into a great career. The consultants are responsible for providing you with comprehensive and accurate information about anything and everything that you must know. They give timely guidance so that you can act in time. The most crucial mistake an Indian student can make is to not be prepared in advance. Lack of preparation can lead to loss of opportunities and failure in securing a seat in a foreign university or institution.

Guidance at this crucial juncture may help students to prepare for coming events or opportunities. It is a very difficult task to secure admission, however, Consultants can play a vital role in making sure that you give your best shot to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You can trust them to give you proper guidance, which will help you kick-start your medical career, not just in India but in other countries as well. There are numerous consulting agencies in India, providing support to students pursuing foreign education. These agencies assist colleges and institutions around the globe, where students are struggling to decide the right career path for themselves. They guide them towards career options where the student has the interest as well as the caliber to succeed.  The consultants will hear about all your choices and preferences, answer your queries, provide you solutions to your problems, and direct you towards those career options and colleges that are most suitable for you to flourish.

Our Process and Services

If you are confused between the choices and features of different universities, then our consultants can help you in your decision-making process. With in-depth and all-inclusive knowledge of our team, you can select the best option for you and your requirements. Consultants will make you aware of all the facilities and services provided by the country and college. They will hear your preferences and demands and find the perfect college that fits your list. We provide a detailed account of your shortlisted medical institutions so that you can make the decision easily. We also focus on assisting you throughout your university application to the flight boarding process; along with a pre-departure induction. 

Acquiring medical education from foreign institutions can be an important step in any student’s life. However, selecting from a wide range of colleges, nations, and providers can be difficult and ambiguous. Our expert consultants can help you through this initial stage of selection by providing you with advice to make an apt decision. With our education counseling and protracted knowledge, you can rest assured about getting into a recognized institute without any hindrances.

There are various international universities, which require private entrance exam clearance before getting accepted in the college. Our professionals, having vast experience, will guide you through this written exam step with ease. We ensure that all doubts related to the exam and else are cleared so that the student can appear in the exam with reasonableness. Expert consultants can give special tricks and hacks to make this test simpler; like preparing an organized time table and study schedules.

Our proficient consultants can support you by proffering:


Effective counselor assistance can make your path of getting into your dream university easier. They are well acquainted with the colleges, courses, fee structures, and other application processes; their support in submitting your admission application can be helpful. You should take consultant assistance at the beginning of the selection phase, this way they can provide you complete solutions. Our consultants will go through your final paperwork for the University as well as Visa application, and make modifications where needed. This will make your application more presentable, and the chances of your selection will increase. As they know about you from the casual counseling sessions, you can rely on them to make correct choices and admission applications.

With the proper assistance of a counselor, you can get aware of various scholarship programs offered by the state or institute you are aiming at. With the sky-high fee structures, it gets difficult for most parents or guardians to send their children for abroad education opportunities. Keeping this into consideration, there are various scholarship and fellowship programs led by the US government or Medical Universities to aid the underprivileged, but skilled, students. Few of these are:


The scholarships provide funds for overall education; some even give expenses for accommodation, books, and other necessities. However, getting a scholarship requires extraordinary hold in the subject and intelligence. Few students, who cannot avail full-scholarships, can choose from the list of Universities that provide a waiver in fee structure. Our consultants can help you with getting into accredited colleges that offer fee renunciation; it would be the next best option for students with abilities and less finance.

Just like private entrance exams, some universities also require a personal interview with the shortlisted candidates to validate their selection or admission. Our consulting team can make your interview-ready in shorter time-span. We will equip you with answers to FAQs of the session and all related information, which will make your interview step easy for you.

Most frequently made mistakes during the foreign education acquisition process are during applying for Student Visa or Loans. With our experience, you can make sure that your applications for Visa or Loan do not get rejected. We will make you aware of all the necessary documents/ paperwork and essential steps while applying. We will ensure that your request is heard and accepted in time; by making a precise Visa application for you. Also, we get the best available options for students who wish to take education loans from the financers. Your financial problems will not affect your performance at your foreign educational institute.

Selecting international universities for getting your MBBS degree is a golden window of opportunity. But one must remember that, with traveling and living a foreign place, there are safety and medical concerns as well. Numerous events could affect your well-being, spoiling all your foreign education plans. Hence, we will provide you the best insurance policies, which will keep up your financial resources for the worst of cases.

Our consultants will provide you with an orientation ceremony, before your departure, to get you well-aware of the current scenario of the nation/ university you are visiting. This will make you mentally and physically ready to face the changes and adapt easily. This briefing program will cover the legal terms, dialect problems if any, and other necessary information. The briefing will make you prepared for the upcoming challenges.

Why Reserve Seats For MBBS in USA Before April

There are a great many medical institutes in the USA that lure in students from all over the world to try out their skills for MBBS seats. America is a nation that believes in making lots of expenses in making the education system better. The best in class infrastructure and technologies make the USA as one of the best countries to get your MBBS degree.

With the increasing acceptance, the MBBS courses in American Universities have received better reviews, increased student applications, and higher recognition. This limits the opportunities for international students to get seats in the MBBS course in either institution. Therefore, pre-planning and submitting the application on time is necessary if you don't want to miss this opportunity.

About USA

The home of Mount Rushmore and the birthplace of Pecan Pie, United States of America or the US is a Coming Together Federation of a federal district, 50 states, and 5 self-governing territories. With Washington, D.C. as its capital it has a population of 327.35 million, it ranks 3rd in the World’s Mostly Inhabited Country.

This nation has a distinctive culture, weather, physical features, and natural life. It has also got abundant natural recourses. It is found in the western hemisphere of the globe and runs 10 hours and 30 minutes behind Indian Standard Time.

The USA has lots of evolved versions of facilities and services, which result in their developed economy. The literacy rate of the USA is calculated at a strong 99%, it also spends a large part of its finance on the educational sector. Therefore, students who wish to pursue professional degrees like MBBS prefer the USA above any other nation.

Student Testimony

"I wanted to be a doctor since I have a special inclination towards the science subject. After finishing my 12th I made up my mind to get the best college for my MBBS degree. With the support of my parents, my education in top universities was not hindered until I had to make the decision. The decision of a perfect medical college. I was pulled out of my dilemma by education consultants. They made me see a better opportunity outside our nation and I ended up selecting a college in the USA. I chose the USA because the universities there offered many facilities to the students with the best learning opportunity. They also helped me in the whole application process for the institution and Visa. Everything was done smoothly and there was no scope of complaining. I am thrilled to be there and meet new people while studying in my favorite professional field.” -XYZ

“My parents are doctors; hence I had always preferred my career being a doctor than anything else. I was determined to get the best international institution, and with the help of consultants, I made my choices clear. I got in one of the top medical universities in USA and cleared my entrance exam as well. Their support during the Visa application and orientation before departure made me ready to make my move. It was a nerve-racking change but I settled in eventually and have made many friends in my hostel. We have spent a lot of time together and are connecting well. I am really happy that I could make it this far, with the help of consultants and my parents, and aim at going further." XYZ

Important Tips Before Packing Your Bags For Your Dream Destination - USA!

With scorching summers and chilly winters, visiting the US for any reason brings up another responsibility- Carefully pack your suitcases. Your bags should contain any and everything that you might need, while not increasing the overall weight or extra baggage charges.

Here we have a ready checklist for you for your education trip to the USA. Make sure you cross-check every item to make your journey easier.

Things to check before leaving for airport:

Things to pack before leaving for the USA:


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