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Are you thinking about studying MBBS in the Philippines? Your choice of medical school will affect your future career perspective so if you are thinking of applying in the Philippines you must know its pros as well as cons before making the decision. Here is an article about the Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Philippines that you must know. An MBBS degree is very important in India. Many students are interested in doing this degree because of which the competition for the seats in India is too much. Therefore many students are planning to do MBBS from abroad. Many students choose the Philippines to study MBBS. Studying abroad has its advantages and disadvantages, so studying MBBS in the Philippines too has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. The students who have done the MBBS degree in the Philippines have shared their experiences.

So here are some of the Disadvantages of studying MBBS in the Philippines which are mentioned by the experienced students who went there to study.

  • Food and Accommodation

  • Climatic Conditions

  • Exposure to Modern Culture

  • Internship training

  • MCI Screening Test

  • MCI Eligibility Certificate

  • Pre Medical Course (BS Degree)

  • Lesser Clinical Rotations

  • The higher cost of living

  • Visa process and cost

  • Language

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Here is detailed information about each disadvantage:

1. Food and Accommodation

The students after joining MBBS in the Philippines mostly stay as paying guests (PG's) or some rent rooms near to their College. The rent for Paying guests as well as rooms is much more than that of hostels. The students also have to pay separately for their food and other required things. This may result in bad health as well as financial conditions. The food they eat outside is not surely hygienic and healthy.

Some of the universities of the Philippines do not have hostel facilities. So in such cases, there is no option left than staying as a paying guest or renting a flat or room. So finding accommodation is a problem for the students who come to the Philippines to study MBBS or any other courses. Also finding good food is an issue for the students from outside countries. The food doesn't suit everyone and can cause health issues.

MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students 

2. Climatic Conditions

The Philippines is an island which makes the climatic conditions there similar to that of India. But the Philippines has longer rainy seasons which starts around June and is till November. So the frequent rainy days are an issue sometimes. Also, there are chances of heavy cyclones which affected so badly. The cyclones and the heavy rains are more often which makes a vast change in the lifestyle in Philippines.

3. Exposure to Modern Culture

The Philippines is majorly affected by the culture of Spain and the United States which makes their culture based on the culture of Spain and the United States. This brings exposure to the night clubs. This might become a distraction for the students and this can even affect the health of the students. These night clubs might have some illegal practices such as harmful drugs and alcohol and this can divert the student and affect the studies as well as their health.

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4. Internship training

The students learning MBBS in Philippines are not allowed to touch the patients during their internships. They just are allowed to observe. Their training is done on dummies and not the real body or patients. This creates a lack of real experience.

5. Medical Council of India (MCI) Screening Test

The Indian students who have completed their graduation from medical colleges outside India have to take a screening test called Foreign Medical Graduates Exam (FMGE) which is conducted by the Medical Council of India. The students who pass and qualify for this exam are the ones who are eligible to practice medicine in India but the students who don't pass this test can't practice until they pass this screening test. Each year this screening test is conducted twice.

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6. Medical Council of India (MCI) Eligibility Certificate

The Indian students who are aspiring to study MBBS in the Philippines have to apply for the Medical Council of India (MCI) eligibility certificate which is given by the government of India. Also indian Students can only apply to colleges of MBBS in the Philippines which are listed among the list of Medical Council of India.

MCI Approved Medical Universities in Philippines 

7. Pre Medical Course (BS Degree)

The Philippines ' education system is entirely different from that of our Indian education system and because of this the Indian students willing to apply for MBBS in the Philippines have to enroll in this pre medical course also called a BS degree. This course is mandatory for all the Indian students for taking admission in medical colleges of philippines.

Pre-medical degrees mostly include biology, psychology, pharmacy, medical technology, biochemistry, microbiology, nursing, and physical therapy. So after completing 12th and qualifying NEET the Indian students have to enroll in this Pre-Medical course (BS degree). This Pre Medical Course (BS Degree) is of 1-2 years. After successfully completing the BS course and clearing NMAT, you are eligible to do the actual MBBS course.

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8. Lesser Clinical Rotations

The students studying MBBS in The Philippines have their first three years of learning MBBS in the classroom and no lab sessions are done in the first three years. The students are allowed to perform in the clinics in their fourth year. Because of this, the students are less exposed to the patients and diseases in real life. This gives them less experience.

Also, not all states of the Philippines are much developed to provide clinical trials. So the practical experience of the students learning MBBS in the Philippines is much less.

9. NMIMS Management Aptitude Test (NMAT) the Philippines

NMIMS Management Aptitude Test is another entrance exam which is required to be passed by the students who are aspiring to do MBBS from the Philippines. The NMIMS Management Aptitude Test is not that tough and students are supposed to get 40% to be eligible to apply for MBBS in the Philippines. If the student does not qualify for this test he or she cannot apply for MBBS in Philippines.

9. Higher cost of living

As some universities in the Philippines do not have hostel facilities, the students have to take a separate room or live as a paying guest. The cost of living is more than that of the hostels. Students have to pay for their food, rooms, colleges, and other expenditures. This makes it difficult for them to arrange for all these finances.

10. Visa process and cost

The students who are planning to study in the Philippines will first have to give the visa interview. On the basis of the visa interview, the students get their visa and after reaching in the Philippines this visa turns into a student visa. That's not it the visa has to be renewed every year and for the renewal, the students have to pay.

11. Language

English speaking and accents are not as good which can create difficulties for the students to understand. The students even have to learn the local language as an additional subject.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines:

  • Many seats are available

Many seats are available for MBBS in the Philippines as compared to those in India where MBBS has too much competition.

  • Medical Council of India (MCI) recognized colleges available

The Medical Council of India has a test that is supposed to be passed and the colleges in this list are supposed to be applied for. The Philippines has many such colleges which are included in the list of the medical council of India.

  • Exposure to various cultures

The colleges in the Philippines have students from all over the world which make the environment very culturally diverse.

  • The required percentage is 40%

The required percentage for the entrance exams are required exams is 40% which makes it easier for the students.

  • Affordable

The cost of living in the Philippines is comparatively affordable to that of the other countries. Hence many students prefer the  philippines.

  • Many more...

Some universities to study MBBS in Philippines:

  • University of Perpetual Help Rizal

  • Emilio Aguinaldo College - School of Medicine

  • UV Gullas College of Medicine

  • Davao Medical School Foundation

  • Lyceum Northwestern University

  • Southwestern University

  • Our lady of Fatima university

  • Nicol christian college of medicine


  • Students must have 50% marks in PCB in +2

  • Passed NEET Exam

  • BS+MD(Doctor of Medicine) 5.5 years (Includes Internship) (Rs.2.5 Lakhs/Year-Rs.6 Lakhs/Year)

  • Cost of Living in the Philippines (Rs 12000/Month to 15000/Month)

  • The medium of Teaching is English

  • Universities Recognition (MCI, WHO, WFME)


Although there are some disadvantages to Studying MBBS in the Philippines is considered by many students. The Philippines is considered the Number 1 destination and choice of many students willing to study MBBS abroad. The disadvantages are there but the advantages are so much that the Disadvantages are neglected.

One thing which can help to overcome these disadvantages is that the students should consider a consultant. With the help of a consultant, many things will get easier. The consultant helps in getting all the paperwork like MCI certificate, Visa processing, getting admit cards, flight tickets. Then all you will have to focus on is the entrances required to be cleared to become eligible for applying for MBBS in the Philippines.

If you still have any doubt about MBBS in the Philippines and the disadvantages one has to overcome or experience while studying MBBS in The Philippines you can talk to a counselor or do more research. Just remember to see the aspects before taking the decision.

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