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Amit Sisodia
Amit Sisodia

May 28, 2019 12:48:58

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Exam Tips 

  • Time table – It is the most important thing to prepare as it helps to manage your time to cover various topics that would need to prepare.
  • Objective – Select your objective every day and then aim towards it, it will help you maintain your schedule.
  • Take regular breaks – Taking breaks relaxes our brain so in time of need it gives better results rather than studying all day without breaks.
  • Explain your topic to others – By doing this not only you are helping others it is also a form of revising and gives a clear knowledge of what you know and what you do not.
  • Last minute – Do not leave anything for last minute as it this time is only meant to relax your mind so that so can perform better while giving exams.
  • Mobile, laptops, etc. – Put your gadgets away as constant updates will distract you and break your concentration.
  • Syllabus – First read the topics which are coming in the exam, don’t just read the whole book because it may contain topics which aren’t coming and that will use up your time which can be used to study the ones which are actually coming.
  • Format – Check the format of the paper whether it is MCQ or any other kind and then plan accordingly.

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  •  Updates – Be on a constant update regarding the schedule, date and time of the exams.
  • Importance – Give higher importance to the topics with higher marks, so that you can cover the maximum marks in minimum time. By doing this it also saves time which can be used to answer other questions.
  • Practice Papers – Solve practice papers of the exam, as it gives the idea of the exam question paper, the format of the questions and what you can do to solve it efficiently.
  •  Realistic – Most of the exam topics examples can be seen in our lives, if you can visualize the topics and see how they are working around you in everyday day life then you can see its importance and can understand more clearly.
  • Notes – Make notes of the topics that you have studied so that you don’t have to read again whole pages to understand what is written.
  • Making own notes - Also, make your own notes rather reading of someone else because their notes are according to their understanding and the same thing applies with you, your notes will be much clearer to you than to someone else.
  • Health – Take care of your health while studying so that you don’t fall ill during your preparations. Your diet should include fruits and green vegetables.
  • Dim lights – Do not study under dim as it damages your eyes and makes our brain tired fast, always study in a room with sufficient light.
  • Sleep – Do not cut your sleeping time. Sleep at least 4-6 hours a night so that you can wake up with a fresh mood. Also, the brain does not function well when it is sleep deprived.
  • Study Group – Create a group of people with common goals as they can provide with a variety of answers and you can choose the best method out of them.

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  • Study Sessions – Ask questions from our study group friends this way you can engage in a conversation and this is one of the best ways to revise.
  • Test - Take test regularly of the topics that you have covered; this can help you know in which parts you are still lagging.
  • Advice – Always ask for advice from your teachers and friends if you are not able to understand something.
  • Try again – Always try reading or solving again if you are not able to it the first time and if still are still stuck there is always no harm or embarrassment in asking others as you are learning for your own benefits.
  • Goals – Make your own achievable goals so that you can work towards it.
  • Motivation – It is one of the most important factors while preparing as it gives you the strength to keep going. One way to keep the motivation up is to always think what you will gain if you do it and then achieve it and another way is by thinking why are you doing it and who are you doing it for.
  • Guidance - You can always ask your seniors and teachers for guidance on how to start preparing and then improvise with the method which suits you the best.
  • Nervous – Do not be nervous before your exam, reach before time, do not be flustered. Be calm, comfortable and trust yourself.
  • Preparing things – Always prepare things that you are going to need one day before the exam so that you have all the necessary things for the exam day.
  • List – Make a proper list of all the things that you would need during the exam.
  • Confident – Be confident on the day of the exam as you have prepared the best you could in the given time.

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  • Smart Decision – During the exam, if you stuck at some question and not able to solve, then leave it, you can use that time to solve other questions which you can. It is called decision making. You can get back to that question after finishing other questions

  • Rechecking – After you have finished your paper if you still have some time left, recheck your answers to confirm them and to see if you have made any silly mistakes.
  • Read the question carefully – Always read your questions carefully to see exactly what the question is answering. 
  • Improvising – It is one important that can not only be useful in exam preparation but also in life. It is simple, first do something with all the steps and when you are comfortable just remove the unnecessary steps.
  • Short and simple – Make our solutions short and simple as it saves time and increase accuracy.

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Standyou Team

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