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Rakshita Jain
Rakshita Jain

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MBBS is a dream of millions of Indian as well as foreign students after completing 12th but due to excessive competition in the field, only a few students can fulfill their dream of pursuing an MBBS degree. This is due to many reasons like high population, less number of Medical colleges, expensive fee structure, heavy competition, etc.

Apply for MBBS in China

Due to these reasons, many Indian students prefer studying abroad and the most preferred choice of Indian students to study MBBS is China. This is due to the developed status of the country and well-facilitated Universities there that are world-widely known for providing high-quality education and effective training programs. Most of the students going abroad to study MBBS choose China for its low-cost medical education and world quality standards on education.

No donations, low cost of living and no entrance examination are some other exciting features of MBBS admission in China. The developed infrastructure and innovative technical advancement of this Country are also equally attractive for foreign students to come there to study Medicine.

Eligibility to Study MBBS in China

There are some eligibility criteria for pursuing MBBS in China. These are:

  • The age of the aspirants must lie between 17 to 26 yrs at the time of admission.

  • Candidate must have passed class 12th with PCB score of a minimum of 50% for general category and 40% for reserved ones.

  • Candidate must be NEET-UG cleared.

  • He/she should have a proof of his/her nationality.

  • Document requirements for admission in MBBS from China.

  • Notorified copy of Birth Certificate in the English language.

  • Passport with a validity of at least eighteen months.

  • Scanned copy of 10th and 12th Certificate and Mark sheet.

  • Scanned copy of NEET-UG result.

  • Medical check-up proof from any local hospital.

  • Police verified proof of No-criminal records from the local police station.

  • Passport size photos (at least 10).

  • School leaving Certificate and School transfer certificate.

  • Invitation letter of the applied University or College.

Admission Process for Studying MBBS in China

STEP 1: The first step is arranging all the above-mentioned documents so that you don't have to rush at the moment.

STEP 2: After collecting all the documents, make a list of Universities you want to apply. This must be done after proper research and analysis of all aspects like MCI status, fee structure, weather, transportation facility and lodging conditions.

STEP 3: Now, you have to fill the online application form of the Universities one by one from their respective websites and verify the documents. Also, submit the application fee if required.

STEP 4: If you have filled the application form successfully, uploaded your all verified documents and fulfils every eligibility requirement, you’ll receive the confirmation letter of the University.

STEP 5: After receiving the confirmation letter, you have to submit the fee within the mentioned deadline in the confirmation letter.

STEP 6: When your admission is confirmed, you have to apply for a student VISA at the Embassy.

STEP 7: It generally takes about a month to prepare a VISA. But once your VISA is done, you are all set to fly to China.

NOTE: You can take the help of local agencies to complete all the above steps and confirm your seat in your chosen Chinese Medical University.

Important Dates for Admission

Start date of Application - March 2020

Last date of Application - June 2020

The dates are just for giving an idea of the time applications are available. The exact dates vary with the Universities.

Top Universities to Apply

About 45 Chinese Universities are MCI approved in this year 2020 which is a good number to go for China as your option to study MBBS. Almost all of these 45 Universities have included English as a medium of study that makes it hustle free to comprehend the syllabus.

Some of the highly recommended Universities to apply are:

MBBS in China Eligibility

(i) Fudan University

Location- Shanghai

National rank- 5

Number of International students- 100

(ii) Nanjing Medical University

Location- Jiangsu

National rank-7

Number of International students- 100

(iii) Sun-Yat-Sen University

Location- Guangdong Province

National rank-8

Number of International students- 60

Medical Colleges in China

(iv) Xi'an Jiaotong University

Location- Shaanxi

National rank- 10

Number of International students- 100

(v) Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Location- Guanshan, Hongshan District, Wuhan

National rank- 12

Number of International students- 100

(vi) Sichuan University

Location- Chengdu, Sichuan

National rank- 13

Number of International students- 100

(vii) Jilin University

Location- Changchun, Jilin

National rank- 19

Number of International students- 62

(viii) Wuhan University

Location- Wuhan, China

National rank- 20

Number of International students- 100

(ix) Southeast University

Location- Jiangsu

National rank- 25

Number of International students- 100

(x) China Medical University

Location- Shenbei, Shenyang

National rank- 75

Number of International students- 100


Why MBBS in China?

  • China has less competition for MBBS as compared to India. A student with an average NEET-UG score can also take admission to a good Chinese University very easily.

  • MBBS degree from China is accepted globally and has good recognition in any country including India.

  • MBBS from Chinese universities is very affordable and worthy as compared to other European, American and Russian universities. In some cases, it is even cheaper than private Medical universities in India.

  • No entrance exams unlike many other European and American countries are a very beneficial feature for students. They just have to submit the required documents and satisfy all the eligibility.

  • China is a developed country with very advanced techniques and skills in the field of medicine and science. Therefore, students can learn every skill and technique useful in the profession while pursuing an MBBS degree.

  • Chinese University offers no discrimination to International students and also avails every possible facility for them to minimize home-sickness.

  • Being the most populated country, China gives ample opportunities to learn and practice their skills and surveys for students.

Fee Approximation

The tuition fee for MBBS in China normally begins from Rs. 3,00,000 and may go to Rs. 8,50,000 per year depending on the Universities that include their Infrastructural facilities and programs, co-curricular activities and other, facilities etc.

Public Universities - The fee structure of public universities is more affordable than private Universities. For example, public universities like Fudan University, Sun-yat-sen University, and Xiamen University have their fee structure around 7 lakh to 10 lakh per annum.

Private Universities - Private Universities like Nanjing University, Shenyang Medical College, etc. have higher tuition fees as compared to public universities. The tuition fee in private Chinese Universities for MBBS cost around Rs.10, 00,000 to Rs.18, 00,000 per annum.

MBBS in China Fees

Living Cost and Other Expenses in China

This costs about Rs. 2, 50,000 to Rs.4, 00,000 per year that includes Lodging, food, and other expenses like transportation, visa charges, etc.

About China and its Weather

China due to its location in the Northern hemisphere has harsh winters. The temperature may go shockingly down to -20 degrees or less in winters. Being Indian, students must be prepared to face extreme weather changes during their living in China for MBBS. Although heaters are provided but still Heavyweight clothing, boots and gloves are highly recommended to survive in China during winters.

Most of the Chinese Universities avail Indian food for its Indian students to make them feel homely and convenient. Also, even when your medium of study in English, translators are available with students at the beginning of their joining to let them understand things around them.

Some Disadvantages

  • Low FMGE passing percentage of MBBS graduates from China is one of the biggest disadvantages of studying MBBS from China. According to previous year records, only about 6% of students returned from China after completing MBBS have cleared FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) that is very low as compared to the average FMGE passing percentage.
  • The language barrier is another factor that makes it difficult for Indian as well as other international students to interact with patients during training and surveys while studying in China for MBBS. Even after the availability of English as a medium of study, one has to learn Chinese up to HSK-4 level to be able to interact with locals.
  • A large number of MCI approved "C-grade" colleges in China make its overall feedback weaker as compared to other countries like Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, etc. which are more in budget and high in FMGE percentage.

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