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If you are an Asian student looking for the best yet economical country to study medicine, MBBS in China is the best option for you. It is a developed and prominent country like the United States or the United Kingdom. By being on number second economically, china has great colleges for MBBS. Also, pursuing the MBBS from china has world recognition so you can start practicing anywhere on the globe right after graduation. The MBBS duration in China is 6 years which includes one year of internship. The duration of MBBS in China allows students to study for 5 years in one of the best universities in China for MBBS and come back to India for their internship.

Fees structure

The MBBS program is exceptionally prudent the same number of the top medicinal schools give grants. Indeed, even without the grants, MBBS cost is exceptionally low in China. By and large, the MBBS China charges start from Rs. 2,00,000/ - every year and for the 5-years program, MBBS Course Fees in China would cost around 10 Lakhs Rupees. On the off chance that you incorporate in charges and other nourishment costs, it would circumvent Rs. 13,50,000/ - for the entire 5 years course.

MBBS Degree in China is incredibly moderate in contrast with study in European nations, the United States, UK, Japan, Korea. Overall business openings are bounty.

The Chinese Universities are world-class and have an elevated requirement of instruction. This makes it a perfect spot for therapeutic examinations in China and the MBBS degree offered is perceived by all the created nations.

MBBS in China for Indians should not involve concern since Chinese cooking is one of the most famous nourishments around the globe. Notwithstanding nourishment, the atmospheric conditions are agreeable as well. On the off chance that the students total the temporary position in China, at that point they don't need to do it again in India.

Charges of China Medical Universities change according to the area and University. Some major huge urban communities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Sichuan charges to contemplate medication is costly contrasted with other littler urban communities. At the same time, the living expense and principles likewise shift while concentrating in China.

The other purpose behind the distinction in MBBS course charges in China is English medium instruction. A portion of the Universities is approved to instruct MBBS in English medium by the Chinese Ministry of Education. A few Universities which are not educating MBBS in English totally can stand to have a low expense structure.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Qualification to join a prescription degree in China is basic and direct. MBBS in China for Indian students' qualifications additionally continues as before. Be that as it may, the base total denotes that fits the bill for application changes with not many colleges. Qualification criteria for MBBS candidates are going in the higher school training in the 10+2 example. The base score is 50 % in total in the significant subjects as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • The candidate ought to be a non-china nationality and keep the laws (in the universal portion)
  • Age will be least 17 years and most extreme will be 26 years
  • The student must be NEET-UG Qualified.
  • Students must give every one of the testaments to verify their capability when they send an application for affirmation. It incorporates mark sheets, school leaving certificate, and so on.
  • There are a couple of profoundly rumored MBBS colleges in China that requires about 75% imprints scored in the higher optional assessment. Students are shortlisted dependent on the certificates and early receipt of use.

Certificates required for MBBS in China is normal. There is no compelling reason to score a high rate in the school assessment to get confirmation. The eligibility criteria of pursuing MBBS from China require a candidate with a minimum of 60% marks in the PCB 12th grade stream. The criteria of the marks percentage may differ from one college to the other. You do not have to appear through any entrance test but it is very important to show your documents if you are an international student so that you can get admission in the medical colleges in China.

Scholarships for MBBS in China

Medical colleges in China offer scholarships to both Chinese students and international students by the central government and the Chinese local government. The scholarships are given to the weaker section of students who wish to study MBBS. You can find out more about the scholarship criteria by going to the official website of the concerned college.

MBBS in China for Indian Students 

Overview of MBBS in China      

Every year the Medical Council of India gives the rundown of endorsed colleges and schools to read MBBS in China for Indian students. China has just become the most loved examination abroad goal for Indian students. Let us see an outline

Every college in China distributes a particular number of seats for worldwide students. A few colleges offer 100 to 300 students every year. MBBS in China for Indian students has around 100 seats in every college affirmed by MCI. All confirmations are made uniquely on a first come first serve basis. Confirmation is absolutely founded on merit, early application, and qualification. Along these lines, MBBS in China for Indian students in the previous year got simple confirmation with the least qualifying certificates, application, and meeting the fundamental necessities. A few students neglected to look for confirmation for MBBS in China in the previous years. The significant explanation will be the absence of arranging or postponement in getting ready for the records. Before you apply to contemplate China, prepare sure to get every one of the reports. MBBS in China for Indian students in the following years has a positive stream from application to affirmation. However, the timing turned into a significant component where a couple of students attempted to get confirmation. Various colleges have a distinctive course of events and the cut-off time for application confirmation.

MBBS in China is a six years course, isolated into two sections, study hall instruction and temporary position preparing for one year. Indian students who study MBBS in China have more focal points than other worldwide students. Indian students do a temporary position for one year after the culmination of the medical degree. After finishing the 5 years course and a one-year internship, there is no requirement for Indian students to do a temporary job in India. Internship in China is legitimate in India, while temporary job in different nations doesn't have legitimacy in India. A couple of endorsed colleges needn't bother with the students to experience one-year temporary job preparing. Students likewise have the choice to skip entry-level positions in China and do likewise in India. MCI screening test is essential.

Top Medical colleges in China approved by MCI

  • FUDAN UNIVERSITY-Fudan University is a significant open research college in Shanghai, China. It is broadly considered as one of the most esteemed and particular colleges in China. Fudan is a university college with five schools – Zhide, Tengfei, Keqing, Renzhong and Xide. It is presently made out of four grounds in Shanghai – Handan, Fenglin, Zhangjiang, and Jiangwan – which share a similar focal organization. Fudan has 17 clinics partnered. In the 2018 QS Asian University Ranking, Fudan positions second in China and No. 7 in Asia.
  • CAPITAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY-Capital Medical University (CMU) was established in 1960, with the first name of Beijing Second Medical College. It positions among the top scholarly medical foundations in China and is considered as one of the key civil colleges in Beijing. CMU comprises of 10 Schools, 14 partnered emergency clinics and 1 instructing organization. The college and the associated medical clinics have a staff of around 20,000. Among the staff, there are 6 individuals from the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 1,000 teachers, and more than 2,000 partner educators. The college has more than 9,000 enlisted students.
  • JIANGSU UNIVERSITY-Jiangsu University (JSU) was established in 1902 as a piece of Sanjiang Normal University. It was retitled as Jiangsu University by coordinating Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers' College with the endorsement of the Ministry of Education of China in August, 2001. As per the Evaluations of China's Universities in 2017, 2016 and 2015 by China Academy of Management Science, JSU is positioned 41, 48 and 55, individually. JSU offers 88 undergrad programs, 170 ace projects, and 42 PhD programs in 10 scholarly fields: Engineering, Science, Management, Economics, Medicine, Law, Education, Literature and History. The college has 13 post-doctoral research stations.
  • LIN UNIVERSITY- The college has 5 state key labs, 1 national building lab, 6 national-nearby joint labs, 1 national designing and innovation investigate focus, 6 humanities and sociology key research bases of the Ministry of Education, 10 key labs of the Ministry of Education ,5 designing examination focuses of the Ministry of Education and 18 key labs of different services. JLU offers an assortment of degree programs. It has 129 undergrad programs, 304 Master's qualification programs, 244 doctoral certificate programs, and 42 communities for post-doctoral investigations, 47 top of the line college and order development ventures. There are 73,702 full-time students, with 27,397 postgraduate students, 43,260 undergrad and understudies, more than 2,000 abroad students. There are 6,657 employees altogether, among which there are 2,110 teachers and 1,618 doctoral consultants.
  • JINAN UNIVERSITY-Jinan University is an open research college situated in Tianhe District, Guangzhou city, Guangdong area, China. It is probably the most established college set up on China following back to the Qing line (1644–1911). Jinan University was established in 1906 in Nanjing, who is strategic to spread Chinese taking in and culture from North to South, and from China abroad. It is the main college in China to enlist remote students, and is at present a Chinese college with the biggest number of worldwide students. Jinan University is right now managed by both the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the Chinese Ministry of Education.
  • WUHAN UNIVERSITY-It is one of the most lofty and particular colleges in China, which has been chosen as a Chinese Ministry of Education Class A Double First Class University. It was one of the four tip top colleges in the republican time frame and furthermore perhaps the most established college in China. Wuhan college is situated at Luojia Hill, with palatial structures mixing Chinese and Western styles. Wuhan University has been lastingly positioned among the top-level colleges in China. Broadly, it was positioned fourth in 2016 and third in 2017 because of its scholarly greatness.
  • SICHUAN UNIVERSITY-Sichuan University has a presence all out staff of 11,357, among which 1,323 are educators, 2,345 partner teachers, 13 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 434 mentors of doctoral students, and 17 individuals from the Academic Degrees Committee and the Discipline Appraisal Group under the State Council. SCU has 23 residencies from the Yangtze River Scholar Award Plan (9 teachers).
  • FUJIAN MEDICAL UNIVERSITY-There are more than 5304 staff individuals on the post, among which there are more than 736 instructors on grounds. Among the expert teachers,56% have the postgraduate qualification and 55.2% are on the senior expert posts. There are 60PhD guides, 469 mentors for ace students, four national extraordinary specialists, 100 sharing the exceptional endowment of the state gathering, three remarkable pros of Health Ministry and 16 commonplace extraordinary authorities. The University has 8 associated medical clinics, 24 showing emergency clinics (counting 2 clinical schools) and in excess of 20 expert instructing bases. A faultless net of clinical instructing and handy training base has been framed.

Lifestyle and language

As an Indian student, you will not find much difficulty in china as china is rich in culture and preserves its values. You will find a multicultural environment as there will be many foreign students. It becomes easy to live in a foreign land if there’s a multicultural environment.

The language will not be a barrier, as most of the courses will be taught in English, but learning mandarin will be beneficial for you and should be learned in the first year. It serves multipurpose, you will be able to talk to the patients and it will help you communicate outside college and hostel.

Food and cost of living


The food and cost of living in china is very pocket-friendly, the college and university campus offers Chinese and international cuisines at 4 to 8 USD. Food, cost of living and traveling are good for a decent life in China. The cost of living in china is very affordable. When compared to other countries offering MBBS, MBBS in China is very decent and qualitative.

The cost of living in china can vary from place to place. It depends upon where you stay geographically or what kind of life you choose. Shanghai, for instance, is among the best 10 urban communities with regards to living expenses on the planet. A normal compensation for a salaried specialist in Shanghai is 1000 US Dollars. In the event that you have a spending limit of 1000 USD every month, it will be sufficient. It is in every case great to search for some additional work. For instance, there is in every case a lot of chances for English instructors. This can present to you some additional pocket cash.

For the most part, you need 3000/5000 RMB (4000/600 USD) to bear the cost of a loft in Shanghai. You can get food at 4-5 USD at city intersections. The food joints such as McDonalds or KFC are pocket-friendly too.

Littler urban areas can anyway be a lot less expensive as far as living expenses. Aloft (1 room) will cost you close to 150 USD every month in those littler urban communities.

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