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International exposure is an important factor during placements and hiring. Students who have studied abroad have a greater chance of getting a job as compared to students from local universities. Although every college and degree has its value, in this competitive world and rapid globalization, visiting other countries will give you a chance to get familiar with the latest technologies, a variety of cultures and you’ll be able to make valuable contacts as well. Therefore, many students now prefer to pursuing a degree from China, Georgia, and other countries. Getting used to foreign languages and ascents is merit for your career and help you to build connections throughout your career.

MBBS in China is in demand, owing to its education, infrastructure, and reasonable fees. In India, getting a rank in top colleges is very difficult, and getting a degree from a private college requires a large amount of money. China, on the other hand, has the latest equipment and labs suitable for medical training. A variety of courses, large options to choose from, and demonstrative sessions make China outstanding in the field of technical education. Knowledge has no boundaries. From ancient times, people have traveled miles to get what they want to learn. Hence it is not a new idea, and someone should not think twice before choosing to go abroad.

Why MBBS in China?

Many times, when students don’t get admission in MBBS in India, they look for options abroad. China, being the neighboring country, is usually the first choice for them. Only a few of them know the exact advantages of studying there. In India, getting admission in private college is equally tough as getting a rank in competitive exams. High population, low scholarship schemes, high donations, and some amount of political interference have direct effects on the Indian education system. Many students give up on their dream of becoming a doctor, and many waste their precious years in giving competitions, again and again, every year.

No donation and no entrance test are the two points that are enough to support your decision to get an MBBS degree from China.

MBBS in China Fees

Quality of life in China

If you are worried about the quality of life in China, it is no different; they are as human as we are and follow a decent culture. Outsiders easily adapt to the culture of China. You will find many Indians in China. There are several Indian restaurants as well to cure your homesickness.

Your tuition fee may vary from Rupees 2 lakh to 3.1 lakh. The total cost of living is approximately rupees 2,00,000 per year, and if you wish to stay in a hostel, it will be lesser. If you are ready to spend between rupees 20,000 to 30,000, you will have a comfortable stay in China.

You can also apply for full or partial scholarships for international students. Explore China once you get there. After all, student life is all about learning. The overall living expenditure will not exceed the cost compared to Indian standards

The validity of MBBS in China

This is the frequently asked question. Many people doubt the validity of the MBBS degree from China. The medical universities are owned and governed by the government of China. WHO allocates certain grades to Universities such as A, A+, B, B+, C, C+. The medical council of India (MCI) recognizes an MBBS degree from some Universities of China. Every year the list of approved universities is updated based on recommendations made by the Indian embassy in China. Therefore make sure you enroll in the approved university; otherwise, you’ll not be able to appear in the MCI screening test. Although getting an MBBS degree from China is cheaper than private colleges in India, do proper research before taking admission.

MCI Approved Medical Universities in China

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in China

There is no entrance exam like in India to get admission to Chinese University. Most of the time they require 60% or above marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for admission in China. No provision of donation is there. Nobody will ask you for any captivation fee. Beware of any mediator who asks for any such amount. The only thing you have to keep in mind is timely admission. If you miss the last date of submitting the form, you may get into trouble.

Top Medical Universities of China

Sr. No.

Name of College/University





 China Medical University

85% in  PCB 12th class. NEET qualified


WHO and MCI approved


Capital Medical University

70% in PCB 12th class.


WHO and MCI approved


Huazhong University

80% in PCB 12th. NEET score 250 or more


Accredited by who. MCI approved


Jiangsu University

80% in PCB 12th class


WHO and MCI approved


Jilin Medical university

75% in PCB 12th class


WHO and MCI approved


Nanjing Medical university

85% in PCB 12th class


WHO and MCI approved


Proficiency in language

Mandarin is the language mostly used for communication in China. During the first year of the graduation course, all international students have to study the Chinese language. Learning their language fulfills many purposes, like you’ll be able to interact with patients easily. Communicating with people out there becomes easier, and the student could roam anywhere, no matter how new that place is.

Most of the universities use English as a medium for teaching. It is comfortable for all international students as well as the local ones. Therefore, when you come out with a medical degree from China, you will also carry some extra talents and skills.

Note here that international students have to go through a Chinese proficiency test or HSK test before graduation.

Documentation requirement for admission in MBBS in China

Once you have selected a university in which you want admission, look for the documents required for the program. It will be wise to get ready with the basic things. You will require the following documents :

  • Copy of class 10th mark sheet, original class 12th mark sheet.

  • Copy of transfer certificate from the school.

  • Get a copy of the Front and back pages of your passport.

  • Copy of NEET mark sheet. It will ensure that the candidate knows basic things about medical studies.

  • Sometimes they may also ask for a copy of the class 11th mark sheet.

  • A complete medical check-up form from the local hospital and

  • A police verification certificate for no criminal record.

  • Keep one or two copies of your latest passport size photo-ready.

  • You may require to submit an undertaking from your parents if you are below 18.

Application procedure for entrance in Chinese universities


Keep the above documents ready before applying for admission to China. Now follow the below procedure:

  • From the portal, download documents for the registration process of the university in which you wish to take admission. Go to the download page and download the Medical University form.

  • Also, download the guarantee letter that will be signed by your parents if you are below 18 years in age. The student will also have to sign a campus living contract.

  • Complete all the forms discussed above and mail it to the mentioned address.

  • After the verification of your documents is complete, you will get guidelines about how you have to pay the fees for initial registration. Pay it, and you will get an admission letter from the medical university in China.

  • The admission letter will confirm your seat at the medical university of China. Now you can prepare for further things.

  • Apply for visa and submit required documents to both the embassy. After paying the remaining registration fee, you will get your visa.

Now, you can book a flight and start your new journey. An MBBS degree from reputed Chinese University will be a gateway to other opportunities around the world. All the best! Work hard to get your dream designation- a “Dr.” before your name.

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