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Russia has become a hub for Indian students to pursue medical qualification. It is consistently growing to be one of the most preferred countries in terms of education by students all around the globe. It is possible due to the state of the art facilities in Russian Institutions and modern methodologies. More importantly, education is much more feasible in Russia than in India itself, as far as the medical field is concerned.

Why MBBS from Russia?

Russia offers affordable and low-cost for education while maintaining international standards. Around 30 institutes of Russia falls amongst the top world ranking in medical studies. There are many WHO and MCI recognized institutes available. Your degree will be very well recognized and valid across the globe. It offers an overall low cost of living, almost identical to Indian living standards and expenses. In some cases, it might even be cheaper. You don’t have to learn the Russian language either; they use English as a medium to teach.

As Russia is a country of physical intensity, you will also find several opportunities regarding academics and sports. Their medical facilities are one of the tops in the world and offer impeccable care units. Unlike India, where you have to make donations to be considered, you will find it easier to take admission to the Russian institute. Once you are selected to pursue MBBS in Russia, you can easily get a confirmed visa. More importantly, the meticulous curricular ensures that the performance of each student is monitored individually for mastery in subjects.

Cost of living in Russia

If we don’t consider the yearly fees of the University and only focus on the living expenses, it costs around 7,000 INR per month to live in Russia comfortably. As most of the parents can easily afford it, Russia automatically becomes much more feasible. The hostel facilities available to students are also remarkably high-grade. If you consider high-end universities and their costs, like St. Petersburg, it can cost around 300-400 USD per month considering the living rent and transportation costs including in the expenses. Overall, it is a much more feasible option, and most of the Indian parents are able to afford it compared to Indian education or other countries as an option.

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

Food in Russia:

Most of the Russian Institutes offer Indian food in their canteens for the ease of students. The quality of food is well-maintained. Any type of Russian Institue offers a well-balanced diet with health as the primary objective.  They offer food items like protein-rich meats, fish, eggs, potatoes and butter. Other cuisines and Russian dishes are also available.

Fees structure of the top universities

Given below is the list of universities for MBBS in Russia, that falls amongst the top ten in the field of medical education in Russia. Their table is divided into fees per year and hostel charges. These five will be enough to offer an average. Please note that the values given are average and approx; they are subjected to change according to the university’s demands.



1st Year Fees

2nd and 3rd Year fees

4th to 6th-year fees

Hostel Fees

Total Fees per year

Total fees for six years

Orel State University

3.3 lakhs INR

2.5 lakhs INR

2.1 lakhs INR

20,000 INR

3.5  lakhs INR

15 lakhs INR


Altai State Medical University

5.5 lakhs INR


3.5 lakhs INR


3.5 lakhs INR


20,000 INR

4  lakhs INR


20  lakhs INR


Bashkir State Medical University

3.5 lakhs INR

2.5 lakhs

2.5 lakhs

14,000 - 20,000 INR

4 lakhs INR

17  lakhs INR


Mari State University

3.5 Lakhs INR

2.6 lakhs

2.6 lakhs

21,000 INR

3.7  lakhs INR


17.7  lakhs INR


St. Petersburg State Medical University

3.15  lakhs INR


3.15  lakhs INR


3.15 lakhs INR


42,000 INR

3.6 lakhs INR

20 lakhs INR


Apart from these expenses, it costs around 1,70,000 (1.7 lakhs) INR per year to renew the Medical insurance and Visa each other. It does not account for any additional expenses that a student might make during their stay. However, due to the leisures of modern technologies, the fees can be paid in any currency and will be changed into Ruble. ( As of the end of 2019, 1 INR is around 0.9 Ruble.)

Academic Sessions and Course Duration in Russia for MBBS

The MBBS course is a six years long extensive professional program in Russia for the English medium. If you choose the Russian language, it will add one additional year, making it seven years of course. It is further divided into two semesters per year. The first semester begins from September to January with the examination and the second one from February to June.

There are summer and winter vacations allotted to students. Winter vacations usually start from the end of January and last to the first half (or first week) of February whereas summer vacations start after the 15th of July and end with August.  Examinations take place at the end of each semester. There is also an additional analysis of each student’s proficiency to ensure that they excel in the subjects they are weak at, and achieve mastery in the overall subjects of MBBS.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia

Russian education system follows the standard requirement as any other medical institute around the globe.

  • A student should have attained the 10 + 2 qualification with a minimum of 50% marks with the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology as compulsory.
  • The English language is mandatory for eligibility in English-medium institute and may require additional scores or qualification.
  • The minimum age requirement and eligibility is 17 years while the maximum age that can be accepted is 25 years for the MBBS course.
  • NEET exam qualification, much like Indian medical institutes, is required to be considered for the admission.
  • Some Russian institutes follow the standard ‘category’ quotients and marks limitation that will enable the student to enrol with a minimum of 40% marks.
  • There is no requirement for an entrance examination.

Document requirement for MBBS in Russia:

  • Admission form should be scanned, copied and filled.
  • You will be required to present the copy of 12th class passing certificate with a statement of marks. Same for the 10th class.
  • At least 6 passport-sized photographs that follow the standard passport regulations like the white background.
  • Scanned copy of passport. If you don’t have a passport, then Tatkal Passport documentation should be provided.
  • While not mandatory, usually you may have to offer additional financial statements like passbook and bank statement to assure that you can afford the education at least for the first year.

After applying for the admission, you will get an invitation and admission letter with accompanying for Visa.

Recognition of Russian MBBS

Russian Institutes have a WHO, and MCI (Medical Council of India) recognition and a student is eligible to give the MCI screening test to qualify as a medical professional. You can easily work in any other country you deem fit after getting the degree. It is an M.D degree. The additional language course can prove to be beneficial and offer you a chance to communicate with Russian patients and practice in Russia.

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