Part-time Job Options in France for Indian Students

Going to France for Higher education? Check out the Part-time Job Options in France for Indian Students....

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Salary in Part-time Job in France

Minimum Wage (SMIC)

  • As of my last update in April 2023, the minimum wage in France (SMIC - Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance) is set at €11.07 per hour.

  • Employers are legally obligated to pay at least this rate, although they may pay more based on the job role and the employee's experience and qualifications.

Average Part-Time Job Salaries

  • Typical part-time jobs for students, such as working in retail, restaurants, or administrative roles, usually pay around the minimum wage or slightly above.

  • Some specialized part-time jobs, like tutoring or IT support, might offer higher rates, especially if they require specific skills or knowledge.

Working Hours

  • Part-time work in France is usually considered to be any job where the employee works fewer than 35 hours per week, which is the standard for full-time employment in the country.

  • Students on a student visa are permitted to work up to 964 hours per year, which averages out to about 20 hours per week.

Taxes and Social Contributions

  • Your earnings from part-time work are subject to income tax, although there is a tax-free allowance, and many part-time workers may fall below the taxable income threshold.

  • Social security contributions will also be deducted from your salary. These contributions provide you with access to healthcare and other social benefits.

Location Variance

  • Salaries in major cities like Paris tend to be higher than in smaller towns and rural areas, but this is usually offset by the higher cost of living in big cities.

Net vs Gross Salary

  • It’s important to distinguish between gross salary (before deductions) and net salary (what you actually take home after taxes and social contributions are deducted).

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Part-time Job Options in France for Students

Common Part-Time Jobs for Students

1. Retail: Jobs in shops, supermarkets, or malls, such as cashiers, stock assistants, or sales representatives.

2. Hospitality: Working in cafes, restaurants, bars, or hotels in roles like waitstaff, baristas, kitchen help, or receptionists.

3. Tourism: Seasonal jobs in tourist attractions or as tour guides, especially in cities like Paris, which have a high volume of tourists.

4. Administrative and Reception Roles: In various businesses or institutions, including universities.

5. Teaching and Tutoring: Teaching English or other subjects to school children or adults. This could be through private tutoring, language centers, or online platforms.

6. Babysitting and Childcare: Often in high demand, and language skills may be less of a barrier.

7. Campus Jobs: Universities often offer various jobs suited for students, such as library assistants, administrative support, or research assistants.

Finding a Part-Time Job

1. University Job Boards and Career Services: Many universities have job boards with listings specifically for students.

2. Online Platforms: Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, or specialized sites for student jobs can be useful.

3. Local Businesses: Sometimes the best way is to approach local cafes, restaurants, or shops directly.

4. Networking: Use your personal and university networks for job leads.

Legal Considerations

1. Work Hours: As a student, you are legally allowed to work up to 964 hours per academic year (September 1st to August 31st), which averages out to about 20 hours per week.

2. Visa Regulations: Ensure you comply with the work regulations associated with your student visa.

3. Contracts: Understand your employment contract, including pay, work hours, and other rights and obligations.

Language Requirements

1. French Language Skills: For many jobs, especially customer-facing roles, a good command of French is essential.

2. English-Speaking Jobs: In some sectors like teaching English or in certain international companies and tourist areas, you can find jobs where English is the primary language.

Salary Expectations

  • Typically, part-time jobs pay around the minimum wage, which is set by the government and updated regularly.

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Part-time Job Rules in France for International Students

Work Hours

1. Maximum Hours: International students on a student visa are permitted to work up to 964 hours in a year, which averages about 20 hours per week. This limit is applicable during the academic year and allows for full-time employment during vacation periods.

Types of Visa

1. Student Visa: Generally, a student visa (long-stay visa serving as a residence permit or VLS-TS) allows you to work part-time in France.

2. No Separate Work Permit Needed: With a student visa, you are not required to obtain a separate work permit for part-time jobs.

Salary and Wages

1. Minimum Wage: Students are entitled to the French national minimum wage (SMIC), which is updated regularly. Ensure that your part-time job complies with this regulation.

Social Security and Taxes

1. Social Security: As a student employee, you are entitled to French social security benefits.

2. Taxes: Earnings from part-time jobs are subject to income tax. However, many students earn below the tax threshold.


1. Type of Work: There are no specific restrictions on the types of jobs you can do; however, the job should not interfere with your studies.

2. Internships: Any internships that are part of your curriculum are not counted within the 964-hour limit. Internships must comply with specific educational criteria and usually require an agreement (convention de stage).

Finding a Job

1. Job Search: University job services, online job portals, and local businesses are good places to start your job search.

2. Language Skills: Knowing French can significantly improve your job prospects, especially in customer-facing roles.

After Graduation

1. Stay Back Options: Post-graduation, you can apply for a temporary residence permit (APS - Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour) allowing you to stay in France for a period to look for work related to your field of study.

Legal Compliance

1. Adherence to Visa Regulations: Always ensure that your part-time job does not violate the terms of your student visa.

2. Work Contract: Understand your rights and obligations under French labor law.

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