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About University


About Asian medical institute:

         Asian medical institute is also not an old University in Kyrgyzstan. But I sure to you, within one or two decades, this university will be the best and on the top of the position in the list of the best medical institutes in Kyrgyzstan. Asian medical institute what established in 2003. Lots of foreign students pursuing their graduation in an Asian medical institute. Indian students, you will be glad to read this, there are approximately 2500 to 3000 Indian students who are pursuing their graduation in the Asian medical institute. For the Indian student, you must have to crack the neet examination which is held by the Indian Medical council. Asian medical institute provides 6 years of a course of graduation in the medical field. In this, there are five years of graduation and one year is of the internship.


Spotlight at Asian medical institute:

  1. If you are a foreign student then, you will be glad to read this, Asian medical institutes prefer the English language for communication and for teaching purposes also.

  2. If you're going to talking about the ranking then, the Asian medical institute stands on the 30th rank all over the country and 11832nd all over the world.

  3. Asian medical institutes having eight hospitals for the teaching purpose of the students.

  4. Asian medical institute is well recognized by the WHO (world health organization) and also it is approved by the NMC.

  5. Asian medical institute is considered as a top rank Academy In Kyrgyzstan.

  6. After completing an MBBS degree from the Asian medical institute, you can practice in India. There will not be a restriction by the Medical Council of India to crack the MCI screening test.


Courses provided by Asian medical institute:

General medicine:

         General medicine is provided by the Asian medical institute. In this, the student will be able to face the common problems and give the treatment to the patient who is suffering from the small fever or anything else like this.


         After completion of treatment by the doctor, the patient needs to be e keep under observation by the nurse. Asian medical institute provides nursing courses for interested students.


         Medicine is the field that is related distribute a different kind of medicine to the patient. In an Asian medical institute, there is a specialization course in medicine.


         In this, students have to get educated for facing problems which is related to the teeth and their treatment. The dentistry course is also provided by the Asian medical institute.


University and accommodation provided by Asian medical institute:

  1. The structure of a building, campus, laboratory, and teaching hall creates a positive vibe. And it will help the student for study.

  2. In Asian medical institutes, The laboratories having the latest types of equipment.

  3. Students must have to follow all the rules designed by the hostel management.

  4. As the college campus is well structured and the surrounding environment is helpful for the study.

  5. In this library, there are lots of books related to academics. And the library service is very good as compare to other colleges.

  6. The different kinds of festivals also celebrate at the Asian medical institute. So the student can feel alone during the festival time.

  7. For Indian students, there is Indian food present for Indian students and the quality of Indian food is also good.

  8. The management of the hostel facility is good as compare to other colleges.


Students life at Asian medical institute:

  1. The college prefers the English language for teaching purposes. So, there will not be a language barrier anymore.

  2. If the student is interested in bodybuilding then, there is a gymnasium also present for the students.

  3. Also, the Asian medical institute helps students to take the participants in different international events.

  4. Different kinds of books, reference books, novels, and other magazines also present in the central library of the Asian medical institute

  5. The college campus has come under the urban-rural area. So, the surrounding environment of the area will helpful for the students.

  6. The campus area and the area which is present outside the college campus both will not disturb you during your academic.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 2877(₹ 210000)
Total Course Fees: $ 17260(₹ 1260000)

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