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About Osh State University:

Osh State University is one of the best and old universities in Kyrgyzstan. Osh State University was established in 1951. With the urban-type campus area, this university is located in the city of Osh. In 1992, this institute is announced as a University. Osh State University what is considered as one of the best university in the country Kyrgyzstan. Osh State University is a public university in Kyrgyzstan. if the student wants to complete his or her medical education in Kyrgyzstan, then completing it at Osh medical university is the best option for such students. the student can be able to participate in different cultural events different sports events during the academic.


Spotlight at Osh State University:

If the student wants to get admission to Osh the medical university then, you must have clear the examination NEET. Osh State University used the English language for teaching purposes. As compare to other medical universities, Osh State University having a very less amount tuition fee. Lots of foreign students get admission to Osh State University. Osh State University used to follow the European style of education. Completing your medical education at Osh State University will be very low in cost as compare to others. As university comes under the urban area, so it automatically creates a studious environment for the medical students. Well-experienced faculty members help the student to be a successful doctor in the future. The standard of education at the Osh State University is very high. So, according to my, if the student got a chance to study in this university, then he/she deserve a bright future ahead.


Course Programs offered by the Osh State University:


         If the student wants to complete or wants to be a specialist in dentistry then, Osh State University provides a dentistry field for such students. Well-experienced faculty members and the teaching staff are very supportive towards the students in any condition.

General medicine:

         There are lots of different specializations fields at Osh State University. But the famous course at Osh State University in general medicine. In this, lots of students came from different foreign countries to complete their graduation.


         The most difficult field in medical science is to be a pediatrician. You have to deal with small babies who can't be able to express their feelings. You have to get the knowledge about it. Osh State University is also providing the field pediatrician.


         If the student is interested in doing the pharmacy then, he or she can be able to do it. Because Osh State University provides a pharmacy department for the students also.


University and Accommodation of Osh State University:

  1. A hostel facility is provided by the college campus. and the management has come under the college administrative department.

  2. The separate hostels are provided for the girls and the boys with high security.

  3. The strict rules and regulations apply to every single hostel student. Students have to get permission to leave the hostel while the holidays are going on.

  4. the food of the hostel is of average quality. And the student is not allowed to get food in the room.

  5. For Indian students, there is Indian food present for Indian students and the quality of Indian food is also good.

  6. The hostel is not far from the college campus. So the student cant waste time while pursuing graduation at Osh State University.

  7. The management of the hostel facility is good as compare to other colleges.


Student life at Osh State University:

  1. Students have the opportunities to get participate in different cultural events and sports events.

  2. The college prefers the English language for teaching purposes. So, there will not be a language barrier anymore.

  3. The library facility is available for the maximum hours of the day. So there will not be problems while studying.

  4. The tournaments like cricket, football are organized by the college campus. So that every student can get participated with their interest.

  5. The different kinds of festivals also celebrate at the Osh State University. So the student can feel alone during the festival time.

  6. If the student is interested in bodybuilding then, there is a gymnasium also present for the students.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 3562(₹ 260000)
Total Course Fees: $ 19315(₹ 1410000)

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