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About University

About Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Unique Features

  • Small Class Sizes: BSL emphasizes personalized education with small class sizes, facilitating close interaction between students and faculty.

  • Practical Approach: The curriculum is designed to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, preparing students for real-world business challenges.

  • Sustainability Focus: BSL integrates sustainability and ethical business practices into its programs, encouraging students to consider the broader impact of their business decisions.

  • International Environment: With a diverse student body and faculty, BSL offers a multicultural learning environment.

Campus and Facilities

  • Location: The campus is situated in Lausanne, a city known for its vibrant cultural scene and scenic beauty, near Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.

  • Facilities: The school offers modern facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, study spaces, and access to a range of online resources.

Universities in Switzerland

Course Programs at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    • Duration: 3 years

    • Focus: Comprehensive business education covering key areas such as marketing, finance, management, and entrepreneurship.

    • Special Features: Practical approach with real-world projects, internships, and personal development workshops.

Graduate Programs

  1. Master of International Business (MIB)

    • Duration: 1.5 years

    • Focus: Global business strategies, international market dynamics, and cross-cultural management.

    • Special Features: International study trips, real business challenges, and a diverse cohort.

  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    • Duration: 1 year (Full-time) or 2 years (Part-time)

    • Focus: Leadership, strategic management, and advanced business concepts.

    • Special Features: Executive coaching, leadership development, and a focus on sustainable business practices.

  3. Executive MBA (EMBA)

    • Duration: 1.5 to 2 years (Part-time)

    • Focus: Senior management skills, strategic leadership, and innovative thinking.

    • Special Features: Flexible schedule for working professionals, personalized learning, and a strong alumni network.

  4. Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

    • Duration: 3 to 4 years (Part-time)

    • Focus: Advanced research in business practices, contribution to academic knowledge, and practical business solutions.

    • Special Features: Research seminars, one-on-one supervision, and practical impact studies.

Study in Switzerland

Bachelor Course Programs at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

3 years



B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Switzerland

Masters Course Programs at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Master of International Business (MIB)

1.5 years


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

1 year (Full-time) / 2 years (Part-time)

$44,000 (Full-time) / $22,000 (Part-time)

Executive MBA (EMBA)

1.5 to 2 years (Part-time)


Master of Science in International Finance (MSc)

1.5 years


PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

3 to 4 years (Part-time)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration

3 to 4 years (Part-time)


Business School Lausanne, Switzerland for International Students

Tuition and Scholarships

  • Tuition fees vary depending on the program and level of study.

  • BSL offers scholarships and financial aid options for international students based on merit and need.

  • It’s advisable to check the specific program’s page for detailed fee structure and available scholarships.

Campus and Facilities

  • Modern campus with state-of-the-art facilities

  • Access to a wide range of business resources, including online databases and libraries

  • Collaborative and diverse environment with students from all over the world

Student Life and Support

  • International student services to assist with visa, accommodation, and integration

  • Active student clubs and organizations

  • Career services and networking opportunities

  • Regular events, workshops, and guest lectures from industry professionals

Career Opportunities

  • Strong emphasis on practical experience and employability

  • Internship opportunities and support in securing placements

  • Extensive alumni network and industry connections

  • Career services offering guidance on job search, resume writing, and interview preparation

Admission Process of Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

1. Research Programs

Before applying, thoroughly research the program you are interested in. Ensure it aligns with your academic and career goals.

2. Check Requirements

Review the specific admission requirements for your chosen program on the BSL website. Requirements can include academic qualifications, language proficiency, work experience, and other criteria.

3. Prepare Documents

Gather the necessary documents required for your application. Commonly required documents include:

  • Academic Transcripts: Official records from your previous educational institutions.

  • Degree Certificates: Proof of completed degrees.

  • Language Proficiency: TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent test scores.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Detailing your academic and professional background.

  • Personal Statement/Essay: Explaining your motivation and goals for the program.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Usually from academic or professional references.

  • GMAT/GRE Scores: May be required for some programs, particularly MBA and certain Master's programs.

  • Research Proposal: Required for Doctoral programs.

4. Online Application

Submit your application through the BSL online application portal. Make sure to fill out all sections accurately and upload the required documents.

5. Application Fee

Pay the non-refundable application fee. The fee amount and payment instructions can be found on the BSL website.

6. Interview

Qualified applicants may be invited for an interview. This can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video call. The interview assesses your suitability for the program and your alignment with BSL's values.

7. Decision

After the review of your application and interview, you will receive an admission decision. This can take a few weeks. Accepted students will receive an official offer letter.

8. Acceptance and Enrollment

If you receive an offer, follow the instructions to confirm your acceptance. This typically involves signing an acceptance letter and paying a deposit to secure your place in the program.

9. Visa and Accommodation

International students should start the visa application process as soon as they receive their offer. BSL provides assistance with visa applications and finding suitable accommodation in Lausanne.

10. Orientation and Start of Classes

Attend orientation sessions to familiarize yourself with the campus, meet faculty and fellow students, and get ready for your classes.

Intake And Eligibility of Business School Lausanne, Switzerland


Bachelor’s Programs

  • Intakes: September and February

Master’s Programs

  • Intakes: September and February

MBA Programs

  • Intakes: September and February

Doctoral Programs

  • Intakes: Flexible, based on the candidate’s preparation and readiness, usually September and February

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business (BBA)

  • Academic Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent

  • Language Proficiency: Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent)

  • Additional Requirements:

    • Personal statement or essay explaining motivation

    • Letters of recommendation (typically two)

Master’s Programs

Master of International Business (MIB), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA, and Master in Sustainable Business

  • Academic Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution

  • Language Proficiency: Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent)

  • Work Experience: (For MBA programs) At least 2-3 years of professional work experience

  • Additional Requirements:

    • Personal statement or essay

    • Letters of recommendation (usually two)

    • GMAT/GRE scores (required for some programs, particularly the MBA)

Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Sustainable Innovation

  • Academic Qualifications: Master’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution

  • Professional Experience: Significant professional experience is required

  • Research Proposal: A detailed research proposal outlining the intended area of research

  • Language Proficiency: Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent)

  • Additional Requirements:

    • Personal statement or essay

    • Letters of recommendation (usually two)

Scholarship Available at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland 

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


Application Process

Merit-based Scholarship

Academic excellence

Up to 50% tuition fee reduction

Submit academic records and essay

Need-based Scholarship

Demonstrated financial need

Up to 50% tuition fee reduction

Submit financial documents and essay

Diversity Scholarship

Underrepresented nationalities or cultural backgrounds


Submit essay on diversity

Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Proven entrepreneurial skills or business idea

Up to 50% tuition fee reduction

Submit business plan and interview

Alumni Scholarship

BSL alumni applying for a new program

10-20% tuition fee reduction

Automatic consideration upon application

Corporate Scholarship

Sponsored by a partner company


Through the sponsoring company

Business School Lausanne, Switzerland Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation Type


Cost per Month (CHF)

Partnered Residences

Furnished rooms, shared kitchen, and bathroom facilities.

800 - 1,200 CHF

Private Apartments

One-bedroom or studio apartments in Lausanne, varying in amenities and proximity to campus.

1,200 - 2,000 CHF

Shared Apartments

Shared living spaces with other students, typically in central locations.

600 - 1,000 CHF


Living with a local family, includes meals and utilities.

1,000 - 1,500 CHF

Students Life at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Academic Environment

BSL is known for its small class sizes, fostering close interaction between students and professors. This personalized learning approach allows for in-depth discussions, mentorship opportunities, and a collaborative learning atmosphere. The curriculum emphasizes practical, real-world applications of business theories, often involving case studies, projects with local businesses, and internships.

Cultural Diversity

The student body at BSL is highly international, with students coming from various parts of the world. This multicultural environment promotes cross-cultural understanding and global networking opportunities. Students learn from each other's diverse perspectives, enriching their educational experience.

Extracurricular Activities

BSL offers a range of extracurricular activities that cater to diverse interests. Students can participate in various clubs and societies, such as entrepreneurship clubs, finance clubs, and marketing societies. These groups often organize workshops, guest lectures, and networking events with industry professionals.

Sports and Recreation

While BSL itself may not have extensive sports facilities, students can access nearby sports complexes and facilities in Lausanne. The city offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and water sports, given its proximity to the Alps and Lake Geneva.

Events and Networking

BSL regularly hosts events such as business forums, networking events, and guest lectures from industry leaders. These events provide students with the chance to connect with professionals, alumni, and peers, enhancing their career prospects and professional networks.

Community and Support

The school fosters a strong sense of community among students, faculty, and staff. Support services are available to assist students with academic advising, career planning, and personal counseling. Additionally, BSL's alumni network is active and supportive, offering guidance and opportunities for current students.

Living in Lausanne

Lausanne is a vibrant, student-friendly city known for its quality of life, safety, and cultural richness. Students can explore numerous museums, theaters, cafes, and restaurants. The city’s efficient public transportation system makes it easy to commute and explore the surrounding areas.


BSL partners with local residences to provide housing options for students. These include furnished rooms in student residences, shared apartments, and homestays with local families. Living arrangements are designed to be comfortable and conducive to studying and socializing.

Personal Development

BSL emphasizes personal development alongside academic growth. Students are encouraged to develop soft skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork through various activities and workshops. The school also supports initiatives that promote sustainability and social responsibility.

Placements in Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Career Services

BSL has a robust Career Services department that assists students in preparing for the job market. This department offers various resources and support to help students transition from academic life to professional careers.

Career Coaching

Individual career coaching sessions are available to help students identify their strengths, interests, and career goals. Coaches provide guidance on creating effective resumes, writing compelling cover letters, and developing strong interview skills.

Workshops and Seminars

BSL organizes numerous workshops and seminars focused on career development. Topics often include job search strategies, personal branding, networking techniques, and industry-specific insights.

Networking Opportunities

The school frequently hosts networking events, career fairs, and guest lectures by industry professionals. These events provide students with opportunities to connect with potential employers, alumni, and business leaders.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are a crucial part of the BSL curriculum, providing practical experience and industry exposure. The Career Services team helps students find suitable internship placements that align with their career aspirations.

Company Collaborations

BSL collaborates with a variety of companies and organizations to facilitate internships and job placements. These partnerships often lead to direct recruitment opportunities for BSL students.

Alumni Network

BSL’s alumni network is an invaluable resource for current students. Alumni often participate in mentoring programs, offer internships, and provide job opportunities within their organizations. The network also facilitates professional connections and knowledge sharing.

Job Placement Statistics

While specific job placement statistics can vary from year to year, BSL graduates generally find employment in diverse industries such as finance, marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship. The school’s focus on practical skills and real-world applications makes its graduates attractive to employers.

International Opportunities

Given the international nature of BSL’s programs, many students find opportunities globally. The school’s reputation and network extend beyond Switzerland, providing students with a wide range of career options worldwide.

Entrepreneurship Support

For students interested in starting their own businesses, BSL offers support through its entrepreneurship programs. These include access to mentors, business plan development assistance, and potential funding opportunities.

Placement Success

BSL's commitment to personalized education and career support has resulted in a high rate of successful placements. Graduates are known to secure roles in reputable companies and often advance quickly in their careers due to the strong foundation and practical skills acquired at BSL.

Campus Location of Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Business School Lausanne (BSL) is located in the scenic town of Chavannes-près-Renens, which is in the western part of Lausanne, Switzerland. Here are some key details about the campus location:


Business School Lausanne (BSL)
Rte de la Maladière 21
1022 Chavannes-près-Renens

Key Features of the Location

  1. Proximity to Lausanne:

    • The campus is situated near Lausanne, a vibrant city known for its educational institutions, cultural diversity, and beautiful surroundings. Lausanne is located on the shores of Lake Geneva and is close to the Swiss Alps, providing a picturesque setting for students.

  2. Transportation:

    • The location is well-connected by public transport. Students can easily access the campus by train, bus, and metro, making commuting convenient. Lausanne's public transportation network is efficient, offering easy connectivity within the city and to nearby areas.

  3. Educational Hub:

    • Lausanne is home to several prestigious educational institutions, fostering a rich academic environment. Being in such a hub allows BSL students to benefit from collaborations, networking opportunities, and a thriving student community.

  4. Facilities:

    • The BSL campus offers modern facilities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, study areas, a library, and a student lounge. The infrastructure is designed to support a conducive learning environment.

  5. Nearby Amenities:

    • The area around the campus has various amenities such as cafes, restaurants, shops, and recreational facilities. Students have access to everything they need within a short distance from the campus.

  6. Natural Beauty:

    • The location provides stunning views of Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains, offering a serene and inspiring environment for students. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy numerous activities like hiking, skiing, and water sports.

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BBA in Business Administration

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 2 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

MBA in General Management

Course Level: Master's
Course Language: English
Required Degree -
Total Course Fees: ₹ 3488000

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