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About University

About Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) in Turkey is a relatively new institution, having been established in 2015. Located in Istanbul, the university aims to stand out with a strong focus on humanities and social sciences, integrating a broad, interdisciplinary approach with a strong emphasis on research.

Key Features of Ibn Haldun University:

  1. Interdisciplinary Focus: IHU promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching, blending traditional subjects with modern approaches and methodologies.

  2. International Outlook: The university has a significant international orientation, offering programs in both Turkish and English to attract a diverse student body from across the globe.

  3. Research-Centric: IHU is dedicated to becoming a research hub, particularly in the fields of history, politics, society, and psychology, amongst others.

  4. Graduate Education: While it offers undergraduate programs, the university places a strong emphasis on graduate education, including master's and doctoral degrees.

  5. Cultural Integration: Located in Istanbul, the university leverages its position in a city that bridges Europe and Asia, historically and culturally, to enrich its educational environment.

  6. Strategic Partnerships: IHU has established partnerships with various international universities, enhancing its research capabilities and providing students with global networking opportunities.

  7. Campus: The university boasts a modern campus equipped with the latest facilities to support both academic and extracurricular activities.

Universities in Turkey

Course Programs at Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Psychology: Emphasizes both theoretical and practical aspects of psychology, with options for clinical practice.

  2. Sociology: Offers insights into social processes, cultural dynamics, and structural changes in society.

  3. Political Science and International Relations: Focuses on political theories, governance, policy analysis, and international affairs.

  4. History: Covers a broad range of historical periods with a strong emphasis on historiography and research methods.

  5. Islamic Studies: Deals with Islamic thought, history, and culture with a scholarly and critical approach.

  6. Philosophy: Engages students with classical philosophical questions and contemporary issues.

  7. Economics: Combines economic theory with applied economics, preparing students for both academic and professional careers.

Graduate Programs

  1. Master’s and PhD in History: Offers specialized knowledge in various historical fields with a strong emphasis on primary research.

  2. Master’s and PhD in Sociology: Focuses on advanced sociological theories and research methodologies.

  3. Master’s and PhD in Political Science and International Relations: Prepares students for deep analytical work in politics and international contexts.

  4. Master’s and PhD in Psychology: Provides advanced training in psychological theories and practice, often leading to clinical qualifications.

  5. Islamic Studies: Offers deeper scholarly study in areas such as Islamic law, theology, and philosophy.

  6. Economics and Finance: Targets those intending to delve deeper into economic theories, financial systems, and market dynamics.

Study in Turkey

Bachelor Course Programs at Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Course Program Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees Per Year (Approx. in USD)


4 years

$8,000 - $12,000


4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

Political Science and International Relations

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000


4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

Islamic Studies

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000


4 years

$8,000 - $12,000


4 years

$8,000 - $12,000


M.Arch (Master of Architecture) In Turkey


Masters Course Programs at Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

M.A. in Psychology

2 years


M.A. in Sociology

2 years


M.A. in Political Science and International Relations

2 years


M.A. in History

2 years


M.A. in Islamic Studies

2 years


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

1.5 years


M.A. in Media and Cultural Studies

2 years


MSc in Computer Engineering

2 years


MSc in Data Science

2 years


M.A. in Economics

2 years



PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

PhD in Psychology

4 years


PhD in Sociology

4 years


PhD in Political Science and International Relations

4 years


PhD in History

4 years


PhD in Islamic Studies

4 years


PhD in Business Administration

4 years


PhD in Media and Cultural Studies

4 years


PhD in Computer Engineering

4 years


PhD in Data Science

4 years


PhD in Economics

4 years



Ibn Haldun University, Turkey for International Students

Academic Programs

Ibn Haldun University offers a variety of undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs primarily focused on the social sciences and humanities, but also in fields like computer engineering and data science. The university uses English as the primary medium of instruction for many of its programs, which is conducive for international students.

Global Perspective

The university emphasizes a global perspective in its curriculum and research initiatives, which encourages a diverse cultural and academic environment. It hosts students and faculty from various countries, creating a richly diverse community.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Ibn Haldun University offers several scholarships and financial aid options to attract talented international students. These scholarships may cover a partial or full tuition fee, and in some cases, they might also include housing, health insurance, and a monthly stipend.

Campus Facilities

The university has modern facilities, including well-equipped libraries, state-of-the-art research centers, and student accommodation options. It’s designed to support both academic and extracurricular activities that cater to a wide range of student interests.


Located in Istanbul, the university benefits from the city's unique position at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Istanbul is a city steeped in history with a vibrant cultural scene, offering students an enriching experience both in and outside of academia.

Student Support Services

Ibn Haldun University provides comprehensive support services for international students, which include assistance with visa applications, an orientation program, Turkish language courses, and guidance for living and studying in Turkey.

Admission Process of Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Step 1: Choose Your Program

First, you need to select the program you are interested in. Ibn Haldun University offers a range of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs across various fields of study. Each program might have specific requirements and prerequisites, so it’s important to thoroughly review the program details on the university's website.

Step 2: Check Admission Requirements

  • Academic Records: Transcripts or marksheets from previous educational institutions.

  • Language Proficiency: Since the medium of instruction is primarily English, non-native speakers are usually required to submit scores from English language proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS. Some programs might also accept others like PTE or C1 Advanced scores.

  • Entrance Exams: Depending on the program, you may need to submit scores from standardized tests like the GRE or GMAT.

  • Letters of Recommendation: These are often required for graduate programs.

  • Statement of Purpose or Motivation Letter: A written statement detailing your academic interests, career goals, and reasons for choosing the specific program.

  • Interview: Some programs may require an interview, either in person or online.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Applications are usually submitted online through the university's application portal. You'll need to create an account, fill out the application form, and upload the necessary documents. There might be an application fee, so check the current details on the university's admissions page.

Step 4: Track Your Application

Once your application is submitted, you can track its status through the same online portal. The university may contact you if additional information or documents are needed.

Step 5: Admission Decision

The university will notify you of their admission decision through the application portal. If accepted, you will receive an offer letter. You need to formally accept the offer by the specified deadline to secure your place.

Step 6: Visa and Accommodation

If you’re an international student, you’ll need to apply for a student visa. The offer letter from the university is typically required as part of the visa application. It’s also advisable to arrange for accommodation; Ibn Haldun University may offer options for on-campus housing or assist with finding accommodation nearby.

Step 7: Enrollment and Orientation

Upon arrival in Turkey, you'll need to complete your enrollment and attend an orientation program designed to help you get acquainted with the campus, meet other students, and adjust to life in Istanbul.

Step 8: Registration

Finally, register for your courses as per the guidelines provided during the orientation or by your department.

Intake And Eligibility of Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Intake Periods

  1. Fall Semester: The majority of programs accept new students for the fall semester, which starts in September. The application period for this semester usually opens early in the year and can run until mid-summer, depending on the program.

  2. Spring Semester: Some programs may also have a spring intake, which starts in February. Applications for the spring semester generally open in the fall of the previous year.

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Programs

  • High School Diploma: Applicants must have completed high school and possess a valid high school diploma.

  • Entrance Exam Scores: Depending on the student’s country of origin, scores from national or international standardized tests (like SAT, ACT, or national university entrance examinations) may be required.

  • Language Proficiency: Proof of English proficiency is necessary if English is not the applicant's first language. Accepted tests usually include TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent.

Master's Programs

  • Bachelor's Degree: Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution.

  • Transcripts: Complete transcripts from undergraduate studies are required.

  • Test Scores: Some programs may require GRE or GMAT scores.

  • Language Proficiency: Non-native English speakers need to demonstrate English proficiency through TOEFL, IELTS, or similar tests.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Typically, two or three letters are required.

  • Statement of Purpose or Research Proposal: Depending on the program.

Doctoral Programs

  • Master's Degree: Applicants must have a master’s degree or its equivalent.

  • Transcripts: Transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate studies.

  • Research Proposal: A detailed research proposal is usually necessary.

  • Test Scores: GRE scores might be required for some programs.

  • Language Proficiency: Proof of English proficiency is mandatory.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Generally, three letters are required.

Scholarship Available at Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Scholarship Name




IHU Merit Scholarship

High academic achievement

Up to 100% tuition waiver

Available for undergraduate and graduate students

IHU Support Scholarship

Financial need, academic merit

Partial tuition waiver

Amount varies; open to all students

International Student Scholarship

Non-Turkish residents, academic excellence

Full or partial tuition, possibly including accommodation and stipend

Specifically for international students

Research Scholarship

Master’s and PhD students, research promise

Tuition waiver, monthly stipend

Requires active participation in research projects

Graduate Fellowship

Incoming graduate students, high merit

Tuition waiver, monthly stipend, housing

Highly competitive, limited availability

Alumni Scholarship

Alumni of IHU undergraduate programs

Tuition reduction for graduate studies

Aimed to support continuing education within IHU


Ibn Haldun University, Turkey Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Campus Facilities

Facility Type


Academic Buildings

Equipped with modern classrooms, lecture halls, and seminar rooms.


Offers a wide range of digital and print resources, study areas.

Research Centers

Specialized centers for research in various disciplines.

Cafeterias and Dining

Multiple dining options serving a variety of cuisines.

Recreation Areas

Includes sports facilities, gym, and green spaces for relaxation.

Health Center

Provides medical services and psychological counseling.

Conference Halls

State-of-the-art facilities for conferences and events.

Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation Type


Cost per Month (USD)

Single Room

One-bed room, typically with private bath

Approx. $250-$300

Double Room

Shared room for two students

Approx. $150-$200

Triple Room

Shared room for three students

Approx. $100-$150

Quadruple Room

Shared room for four students

Approx. $80-$120


Students Life at Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Academic Environment

Ibn Haldun University fosters a rigorous academic environment with a strong focus on social sciences and humanities. The university encourages interdisciplinary studies and research, promoting a deeper understanding of various fields through a global perspective.

Campus Facilities

The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including modern classrooms, a comprehensive library, cutting-edge research centers, and conference halls. This infrastructure supports a productive academic and research environment.

Cultural Activities

The university is situated in Istanbul, a city known for its rich history and cultural diversity. Students can explore various cultural activities, including museum visits, historical tours, and local festivals. The university often organizes events and workshops that celebrate both Turkish and international cultures, enhancing the multicultural experience.

Clubs and Societies

A range of student clubs and societies are active on campus, covering interests from academic and professional to recreational and cultural. These clubs provide a platform for students to pursue their interests, develop new skills, and meet like-minded peers. Examples include debate clubs, cultural societies, sports teams, and volunteer organizations.

Sports and Recreation

The university promotes a healthy lifestyle with its sports facilities that include a gym, basketball and volleyball courts, and areas for other fitness activities. There are opportunities for students to participate in intramural leagues, fitness classes, and outdoor activities.

Community Engagement

Community service is a key component of student life at Ibn Haldun University. Students are encouraged to engage with the community through various outreach and volunteer programs. This not only helps in making a positive impact on society but also aids students in gaining practical experience and developing a sense of social responsibility.

Student Support Services

Ibn Haldun University provides robust student support services including academic advising, career counseling, psychological counseling, and assistance for international students. These services are designed to help students navigate their academic journeys and personal challenges effectively.


On-campus housing offers a convenient and comfortable living option for students, with various room configurations available to suit different preferences and budgets. The accommodation is well-equipped with necessary amenities, and it fosters a community environment where students from diverse backgrounds can interact and learn from each other.

Language and Integration

Given its international outlook, the university offers Turkish language courses to international students, facilitating their integration into the local culture and community. This also enhances their daily life experiences in Turkey.

Placements in Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Career Support Services

  • Career Counseling: Offers individual counseling sessions to help students identify their career goals and plan their professional paths accordingly.

  • Resume and Cover Letter Assistance: Provides resources and guidance for creating effective resumes and cover letters.

  • Interview Preparation: Conducts workshops and mock interviews to prepare students for job interviews.

  • Career Workshops and Seminars: Regular workshops and seminars are held to enhance students' job-seeking skills and knowledge about various industries.

  • Networking Events: Organizes networking events and job fairs that connect students with industry professionals and potential employers.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are highly encouraged and in some programs, required, as they are considered a critical part of the educational experience at Ibn Haldun University. The career services office assists students in finding internship opportunities that align with their academic and career interests, both locally and internationally.

Alumni Network

The university fosters a strong alumni network that can provide mentorship and networking opportunities to current students. This network acts as a platform for alumni and students to share job opportunities and industry insights.

Industry Partnerships

Ibn Haldun University has established partnerships with various organizations and industries, which facilitate professional opportunities for students. These partnerships often lead to guest lectures from industry leaders, company visits, and direct recruitment activities.

Graduate Success

The university tracks the success of its graduates, many of whom find positions in academia, private sector, public administration, NGOs, and international organizations. The rigorous education and the critical thinking skills imparted by the university prepare students well for diverse job roles.

Global Opportunities

Given its location in Istanbul and its global outlook, Ibn Haldun University also prepares students for opportunities in international markets. The multicultural and multilingual environment of the university enhances students' abilities to succeed in a globalized world.

Campus Location of Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Campus Address

The specific address of the university is: Ibn Haldun University, Başakşehir Mahallesi, İkitelli Osb, Başakşehir/Istanbul, Turkey.

Features of the Location

  • Accessibility: The campus is well-connected to the rest of Istanbul via public transportation, including metro, bus, and road networks. This connectivity facilitates easy commutes for students, faculty, and visitors.

  • Modern Facilities: The campus boasts modern architecture and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that support academic activities, research, sports, and student life.

  • Green Spaces: Despite its urban setting, the campus includes landscaped gardens and green spaces that provide a serene environment conducive to study and relaxation.

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