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About University

About Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

  1. History:

    • Founded in 1970, it's named after the French poet and philosopher Paul Valéry, who was born in the region.

    • It descends from the University of Montpellier, established in the 13th century.

    • With such a deep-rooted legacy, it's among the oldest and most respected universities in France.

  2. Academic Programs:

    • The university focuses primarily on the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

    • Popular departments include literature, languages, history, philosophy, archaeology, sociology, and communication.

    • The university emphasizes interdisciplinary studies, offering bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs.

  3. Campus Life:

    • The campus is located in Montpellier, a vibrant city with a Mediterranean climate and rich cultural scene.

    • Students have access to cultural events, academic resources, and student organizations.

    • The campus houses libraries, research facilities, and modern classrooms.

    • International students often enjoy a welcoming environment, with support services to help them integrate.

Universities in France

Course Programs at Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

  1. Undergraduate (Licence/Bachelor's Level):

    • Languages and Literature: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and more.

    • Humanities: History, Art History, Philosophy, Classics, Archaeology.

    • Social Sciences: Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Political Science, Geography.

  2. Graduate (Master's Level):

    • Humanities: Advanced studies in Literature, Philosophy, History, Art History.

    • Linguistics and Languages: Specializations in translation, interpreting, language teaching.

    • Social Sciences: Cultural Studies, Development Studies, Urban Planning, Psychology.

    • Communication and Media Studies: Journalism, Media Management, Digital Communication.

  3. Doctoral Programs:

    • Paul Valéry University is home to several research institutes and offers Ph.D. programs across its disciplines. Doctoral students often contribute to innovative research projects, particularly in the humanities.

Study in France

Bachelor Course Programs at Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Bachelor in French Literature

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)

Bachelor in English

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)

Bachelor in Spanish

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)

Bachelor in History

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)

Bachelor in Philosophy

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)

Bachelor in Psychology

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)

Bachelor in Sociology

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)

Bachelor in Geography

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)

Bachelor in Art History

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)

Bachelor in Communication Studies

3 years

$200 (EU) / $3,000 (non-EU)


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in France

Masters Course Programs at Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Master in French Literature

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)

Master in English Studies

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)

Master in Linguistics

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)

Master in Translation and Interpreting

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)

Master in History

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)

Master in Philosophy

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)

Master in Psychology

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)

Master in Sociology

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)

Master in Geography

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)

Master in Communication Studies

2 years

$300 (EU) / $4,500 (non-EU)


Masters in Mechanical Engineering in France

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Ph.D. in French Literature

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)

Ph.D. in English Studies

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)

Ph.D. in Linguistics

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)

Ph.D. in History

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)

Ph.D. in Philosophy

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)

Ph.D. in Archaeology

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)

Ph.D. in Psychology

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)

Ph.D. in Sociology

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)

Ph.D. in Geography

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)

Ph.D. in Communication Studies

3-4 years

$400 (EU) / $5,000 (non-EU)


Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France for International Students

  1. Programs for International Students:

    • The university participates in exchange programs like Erasmus+, allowing students to study for a semester or a year.

    • Full-degree programs in disciplines are also available for international students at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels.

    • Specialized French language courses are provided through the university’s French Language Center to help non-native speakers integrate and succeed.

  2. Support Services:

    • The International Relations Office assists with enrollment, visas, and orientation.

    • The office also organizes cultural integration activities and provides guidance on accommodation, healthcare, and legal matters.

  3. Campus Life:

    • International students are encouraged to participate in cultural activities, sports, and student organizations to fully engage in the campus community.

    • Montpellier is known for its vibrant student life, with numerous festivals, theaters, and museums.


Admission Process of Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

For Bachelor's Programs (Licence):

  1. EU Citizens:

    • Apply through the French national admission platform called Parcoursup.

    • Submit academic transcripts, language proficiency proof (often French), and other required documents.

    • Some programs may require a motivation letter or interview.

  2. Non-EU Citizens:

    • Use Campus France, the agency that handles applications for international students outside the EU.

    • Submit academic records, language proficiency proof (usually B2 level in French), and other requested documents.

For Master's Programs:

  1. EU Citizens:

    • Apply directly to the university through the online application system.

    • Provide academic transcripts, language proficiency (B2 level in French or English, depending on the program), motivation letter, and other supporting documents.

    • An interview may be required.

  2. Non-EU Citizens:

    • Apply via Campus France or directly to the university.

    • Provide similar documents to EU citizens, including proof of language proficiency.

For Doctoral Programs (Ph.D.):

  1. Direct Contact:

    • Applicants should reach out to potential supervisors in their field to discuss research interests and supervision.

    • Once accepted by a supervisor, the formal application should be submitted with academic credentials, research proposal, and references.

  2. Formal Application:

    • Apply through the university’s online system.

    • Provide required documents such as academic transcripts, language proficiency, and a research proposal.


Intake And Eligibility of Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France


Paul Valéry University Montpellier 3 typically offers two main intakes:

  1. Fall Intake (Primary Intake):

    • The academic year usually starts in September or October.

    • Applications for the fall intake generally open in January and close by mid-spring.

  2. Spring Intake (Limited Programs):

    • The spring semester usually starts in January.

    • Application deadlines vary, but the intake is more limited compared to the fall.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility criteria differ depending on the level of study:

  1. Bachelor's Programs (Licence):

    • EU Citizens:

      • Secondary education diploma equivalent to the French "Baccalauréat."

      • Sufficient proficiency in French (B2 level recommended) or English for specific programs.

      • Successful application through the French national platform Parcoursup.

    • Non-EU Citizens:

      • Secondary education diploma recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

      • Language proficiency in French (B2 level) or English for specific programs.

      • Application through Campus France or directly to the university if your country doesn't have Campus France.

  2. Master's Programs:

    • A bachelor's degree or equivalent recognized by French authorities.

    • Proficiency in French (B2 level) or English, depending on the language of instruction.

    • Relevant academic background in the field of interest.

    • Application through the university's system or Campus France.

  3. Doctoral Programs (Ph.D.):

    • A Master's degree or equivalent recognized in the French education system.

    • Proficiency in French or English, depending on the program.

    • Agreement with a research supervisor.

    • Proposal and strong academic background.


Ranking & Rating of Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

Ranking Organization

Global Rank

National Rank

U.S. News & World Report

1400+ Globally

80-90 (France)


Scholarship Available at Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


Eiffel Scholarship Program

Master's and PhD level; prioritizes non-French citizens

Covers tuition, monthly allowance, travel costs, health insurance

Erasmus+ Program

EU and non-EU students participating in exchange

Financial support for living expenses during the exchange

CROUS Scholarships

Based on social criteria, primarily for EU students

Financial aid based on family income

Region Occitanie Scholarships

Specific eligibility depending on the program

Support for specific projects or hardship situations


Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Facility Type


Cost per Month (USD)

Campus Libraries

Multiple libraries with study spaces, research resources, and digital access


Student Cafeterias

Affordable dining options on campus

$4 - $6 per meal

Sports Facilities

Gym, fitness centers, sports fields, and courts

Free or minimal fees

Student Organizations

Cultural, academic, and leisure clubs

Membership fees vary

On-Campus Dormitories

Managed by CROUS, providing single or shared rooms

$250 - $400

Off-Campus Private Residences

Furnished studios or apartments through private landlords

$400 - $700

Shared Apartments

Shared apartments among students, usually near campus

$350 - $550


Students Life at Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

  1. Academic Environment:

    • The university fosters interdisciplinary learning, particularly in the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

    • Students have access to multiple libraries, study centers, and research facilities.

    • Frequent seminars, guest lectures, and workshops enhance the academic experience.

  2. Clubs and Associations:

    • Numerous student associations cover academic, cultural, social, and sports interests.

    • Associations like theatre clubs, language exchange groups, and debate societies help students pursue their passions and meet like-minded people.

    • Student government allows participation in campus decision-making.

  3. Cultural Activities:

    • Located in Montpellier, a vibrant Mediterranean city, the campus is surrounded by theaters, museums, and music venues.

    • The university itself hosts art exhibitions, concerts, and film screenings.

    • Annual events like cultural festivals and student fairs create a lively campus atmosphere.

  4. Sports and Fitness:

    • The campus provides sports facilities for fitness training and team sports.

    • A range of activities like yoga, soccer, and swimming are available to all students.

  5. International Student Community:

    • The International Relations Office provides guidance and organizes orientation sessions for international students.

    • Events like cultural nights and language exchanges help foreign students integrate and feel welcome.


Placements in Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

  1. Career Services Office:

    • Organizes career fairs and networking events with potential employers.

    • Offers personalized career guidance and workshops on resume writing, interviewing, and job search strategies.

  2. Internship Opportunities:

    • Many programs include internships as part of the curriculum, giving students practical experience in their field.

    • Partnerships with local companies, NGOs, and cultural institutions help place students in relevant internships.

  3. Research Careers:

    • Research-oriented programs encourage students to pursue academic careers, including teaching and postdoctoral research.

    • Students interested in academia can receive support for conference participation and publication opportunities.

  4. Field-Specific Placements:

    • Graduates from social sciences, languages, and communication often find roles in education, publishing, translation, international relations, and digital communication.

    • Art history and archaeology graduates may find roles in museums, cultural organizations, and heritage preservation.

    • Psychology and sociology students often work in social services, market research, and public policy.


Acceptance Rate of Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

  1. Bachelor’s Programs:

    • As with many French public universities, admission to bachelor's programs is relatively open for EU students who meet the academic criteria and language proficiency requirements.

    • Non-EU students generally apply through Campus France, and acceptance rates may vary based on the applicant's educational background and the competitiveness of the program.

  2. Master’s Programs:

    • Master's programs tend to be more selective due to smaller class sizes and specific academic requirements.

    • Applicants generally need a relevant bachelor's degree and demonstrated proficiency in the language of instruction.

  3. Ph.D. Programs:

    • Doctoral programs require finding a supervisor and preparing a strong research proposal, making them more selective.

    • Candidates often need a solid academic record and a clear research agenda.


Campus Location of Paul Valery University Montpellier 3, France

  • Address: The university is situated at Route de Mende, 34199 Montpellier, France. This location places it on the northeastern side of the city.

  • Campus Features: Known as the "Saint Charles Campus," it boasts a picturesque setting with modern and historic architecture, green spaces, and views of the surrounding landscape.

  • Accessibility: The campus is well-connected to the city center and other parts of Montpellier by public transportation. Tram lines and buses facilitate easy access to and from the campus.

  • Nearby Amenities: The university is close to amenities, including shops, cafes, and recreational areas, making it a convenient and attractive location for students.

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Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree

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Course Level: Doctorate
Course Duration: 3 Years
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Required Degree Master’s Degree

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