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About University

About Semmelweis University, Hungary

Key Points About Semmelweis University:

  1. History and Reputation:

    • Founded in 1769, Semmelweis University has a long tradition of medical education and research.

    • It is named after Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician known as the "savior of mothers" for his work in preventing puerperal fever.

    • The university is highly regarded both nationally and internationally for its contributions to medical science and education.

  2. Faculties and Programs:

    • Faculty of Medicine: Offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in various medical fields.

    • Faculty of Dentistry: Provides comprehensive education and training in dental medicine.

    • Faculty of Pharmacy: Focuses on pharmaceutical sciences and preparing students for careers in pharmacy.

    • Faculty of Health Sciences: Includes programs in nursing, physiotherapy, midwifery, and other health-related fields.

    • Faculty of Public Health: Specializes in public health education and research.

    • Faculty of Andragogy: Concentrates on adult education and training.

  3. Research and Innovation:

    • Semmelweis University is a leading research institution in Hungary, with numerous research centers and institutes.

    • It collaborates with various international universities and research organizations.

    • The university is involved in cutting-edge research in fields such as biomedicine, public health, and medical technologies.

  4. Clinical Training and Hospitals:

    • The university operates several teaching hospitals and clinics, providing students with hands-on clinical training.

    • These facilities are equipped with modern medical technology and offer comprehensive healthcare services.

  5. International Relations and Programs:

    • Semmelweis University has a strong international presence, attracting students from around the world.

    • It offers programs in English and German, in addition to Hungarian.

    • The university is a member of several international academic networks and participates in student exchange programs like Erasmus.

  6. Campus and Facilities:

    • The main campus is located in the heart of Budapest, providing easy access to the city's resources and amenities.

    • The university boasts modern laboratories, lecture halls, libraries, and recreational facilities for students.

  7. Student Life:

    • Semmelweis University offers a vibrant student life with various clubs, organizations, and events.

    • Students have access to sports facilities, cultural activities, and social events throughout the year.

Universities in Hungary

Course Programs at Semmelweis University, Hungary

Faculty of Medicine

  1. Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program:

    • Duration: 6 years

    • Languages: Hungarian, English, German

    • Focus: Comprehensive medical training, including theoretical and practical knowledge, clinical skills, and medical ethics.

Faculty of Dentistry

  1. Doctor of Dentistry (DMD) Program:

    • Duration: 5 years

    • Languages: Hungarian, English, German

    • Focus: Dental sciences, oral health, clinical practice in dentistry.

Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program:

    • Duration: 5 years

    • Languages: Hungarian, English, German

    • Focus: Pharmaceutical sciences, drug development, pharmacy practice.

Faculty of Health Sciences

  1. Bachelor Programs:

    • Nursing

    • Physiotherapy

    • Midwifery

    • Paramedics

    • Public Health Inspector

    • Dietetics

    • Optometry

    • Health Care and Prevention

    • Languages: Hungarian, some programs available in English

  2. Master Programs:

    • Nursing (Specialization)

    • Physiotherapy (Specialization)

    • Health Care Management

    • Languages: Hungarian, some programs available in English

Faculty of Public Health

  1. Bachelor Programs:

    • Public Health

    • Health Visitor

    • Languages: Hungarian

  2. Master Programs:

    • Public Health (MPH)

    • Epidemiology

    • Health Policy, Planning, and Financing

    • Languages: Hungarian, some programs available in English

Faculty of Andragogy

  1. Programs in Adult Education and Human Resource Development:

    • Bachelor and Master programs focused on adult education, human resources, and training.

    • Languages: Hungarian

Postgraduate and Doctoral Programs

  1. PhD Programs:

    • Offered in various fields of medical and health sciences.

    • Languages: Hungarian, English

    • Focus: Advanced research, dissertation, and contribution to scientific knowledge.

  2. Specialization Programs:

    • Various medical specializations for doctors.

    • Duration: Varies by specialization.

    • Languages: Hungarian, some available in English.

Study in Hungary

Bachelor Course Programs at Semmelweis University, Hungary


Program Name


Tuition Fees (per year in USD)

Faculty of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

6 years


Faculty of Dentistry

Doctor of Dentistry (DMD)

5 years


Faculty of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

5 years


Faculty of Health Sciences


4 years




4 years




4 years




4 years



Public Health Inspector

4 years




4 years




4 years



Health Care and Prevention

4 years


Faculty of Public Health

Public Health

3 years



Health Visitor

4 years



B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in Hungary

Masters Course Programs at Semmelweis University, Hungary


Program Name


Tuition Fees (per year in USD)

Faculty of Medicine

Master of Medicine (MD)

6 years


Faculty of Dentistry

Master of Dentistry (DMD)

5 years


Faculty of Pharmacy

Master of Pharmacy (PharmD)

5 years


Faculty of Health Sciences

Nursing (Specialization)

2 years



Physiotherapy (Specialization)

2 years



Health Care Management

2 years


Faculty of Public Health

Master of Public Health (MPH)

2 years




2 years



Health Policy, Planning, and Financing

2 years


PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Semmelweis University, Hungary


Program Name


Tuition Fees (per year in USD)

Faculty of Medicine

PhD in Medical Sciences

3-4 years


Faculty of Dentistry

PhD in Dental Sciences

3-4 years


Faculty of Pharmacy

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

3-4 years


Faculty of Health Sciences

PhD in Health Sciences

3-4 years


Faculty of Public Health

PhD in Public Health

3-4 years


Semmelweis University, Hungary for International Students


  • Location: Budapest, Hungary

  • Established: 1769

  • Language of Instruction: English, Hungarian, and German

  • Faculties: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Health and Public Services, András Pető Faculty

  • Programs for International Students: The university offers several programs specifically designed for international students, particularly in English.

Programs Offered

  1. General Medicine (M.D.): A six-year program that prepares students for medical practice.

  2. Dentistry (D.M.D.): A five-year program focused on dental sciences.

  3. Pharmacy (Pharm.D.): A five-year program for those interested in pharmaceutical sciences.

Admission Requirements

  • Academic Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent with strong emphasis on science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics).

  • Entrance Exam: Many programs require an entrance examination, which typically includes written tests and oral interviews.

  • Language Proficiency: For programs taught in English, proficiency in English is required (TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent).

Tuition and Fees

  • General Medicine: Approximately €18,200 per year.

  • Dentistry: Approximately €18,200 per year.

  • Pharmacy: Approximately €12,000 per year.

  • Other Fees: There may be additional fees for application, registration, and other services.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • While scholarships specifically for international students may be limited, students can explore various scholarships, grants, and financial aid options available through the Hungarian government or international organizations.

Living in Budapest

  • Accommodation: University dormitories and private housing options are available.

  • Cost of Living: Budapest is relatively affordable compared to other European capitals, with estimated monthly expenses (including accommodation, food, and transportation) ranging from €600 to €1,000.

  • Student Life: The city offers a vibrant student life with numerous cultural, recreational, and social activities.

Support Services

  • Orientation Programs: To help international students settle in.

  • Student Counseling: Services available for academic and personal support.

  • Career Services: Assistance with internships, job placements, and career planning.

Admission Process of Semmelweis University, Hungary

1. Choose Your Program

Semmelweis University offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs primarily in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences, and health management. Determine which program you are interested in.

2. Meet the Eligibility Requirements

Ensure you meet the basic eligibility criteria for the program you are applying to. This typically includes:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent for undergraduate programs.

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree for postgraduate programs.

  • Proficiency in English (often demonstrated through tests like TOEFL or IELTS).

  • Specific academic requirements (such as courses in biology, chemistry, physics for medical programs).

3. Prepare Your Application Documents

Gather the necessary documents for your application. These usually include:

  • Completed application form.

  • Certified copies of your academic transcripts and diplomas.

  • Proof of English proficiency.

  • A CV or resume.

  • A motivation letter or personal statement.

  • Letters of recommendation.

  • A passport-sized photograph.

  • A copy of your passport.

4. Submit Your Application

Applications are typically submitted online through the university’s application portal. Ensure you follow the instructions carefully and meet any application deadlines.

5. Entrance Examination

Most programs, particularly in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, require you to pass an entrance examination. The exam usually covers subjects such as biology, chemistry, and English. It may also include an interview.

  • Study for the Exam: Review the topics covered in the entrance exam. Semmelweis University often provides a syllabus or guide to help you prepare.

  • Register for the Exam: Make sure to register for the entrance exam by the specified deadline.

  • Take the Exam: The exam can be taken at designated test centers worldwide or online, depending on the circumstances.

6. Interview

Some programs may require an interview as part of the selection process. This could be conducted in person or online.

7. Acceptance and Enrollment

If you pass the entrance examination and interview (if applicable), you will receive an offer of admission.

  • Confirm Your Acceptance: Follow the instructions in the offer letter to confirm your acceptance.

  • Pay the Tuition Fee: Make the necessary payments as specified by the university.

  • Obtain a Visa: Apply for a student visa for Hungary. You will need your offer letter and proof of financial means, among other documents.

  • Enroll at the University: Complete the enrollment process upon arrival in Hungary. This usually involves submitting original documents, registering for courses, and attending orientation sessions.

8. Begin Your Studies

Attend the orientation program and start your studies at Semmelweis University.

Intake And Eligibility of Semmelweis University, Hungary

Intake Periods:

Semmelweis University typically has two main intake periods for its programs:

  1. Fall Intake (September):

    • This is the primary intake period for most programs, including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Health Sciences.

    • Applications for the fall intake usually open in the previous year and close around early summer.

  2. Spring Intake (February):

    • Some programs may offer a secondary intake in February, but this is less common for major programs like Medicine and Dentistry.

Eligibility Requirements:

Undergraduate Programs (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy):

  1. Educational Qualifications:

    • A high school diploma or equivalent, with a strong background in science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics).

    • Good grades in these subjects are crucial.

  2. Entrance Examination:

    • Applicants must pass an entrance examination. The exam typically includes:

      • Written tests in Biology, Chemistry, and General English.

      • An oral exam/interview to assess motivation, communication skills, and suitability for the program.

  3. Language Proficiency:

    • Proficiency in English is required. This can be demonstrated by:

      • TOEFL (minimum score usually around 80-90).

      • IELTS (minimum score typically 6.0-6.5).

      • Other equivalent English proficiency tests.

  4. Additional Requirements:

    • A motivation letter or personal statement.

    • Letters of recommendation (usually 2).

    • A CV or resume.

Postgraduate Programs:

  1. Educational Qualifications:

    • A relevant Bachelor’s degree for Master’s programs.

    • A relevant Master’s degree for Doctoral programs.

    • Specific prerequisites may vary depending on the program.

  2. Language Proficiency:

    • Similar English proficiency requirements as undergraduate programs (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).

  3. Research Proposal (for PhD programs):

    • A detailed research proposal outlining the intended area of study and research objectives.

  4. Letters of Recommendation:

    • Usually, 2-3 letters from academic or professional references.

  5. Additional Documents:

    • A CV or resume.

    • A motivation letter or statement of purpose.

Ranking & Rating of Semmelweis University, Hungary as per QS World Ranking, US News

Ranking Source

Global Rank

Regional Rank (Europe)

Subject Rank (Medicine)

QS World University Rankings




U.S. News Best Global Universities




Scholarship Available at Semmelweis University, Hungary 

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


Application Process

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

International students from partner countries

Tuition fee, monthly stipend, accommodation, health insurance

Online application through Tempus Public Foundation

Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

Students of Hungarian origin from the diaspora

Tuition fee, monthly stipend, accommodation, health insurance

Online application through Tempus Public Foundation

Erasmus+ Program

EU/EEA students for exchange studies

Mobility grant for travel and living expenses

Apply through home institution's Erasmus office

Semmelweis University Institutional Scholarship

High-achieving students enrolled in the university

Partial tuition fee waiver

Application details provided by the university

State Scholarships (For specific countries)

Students from countries with bilateral agreements


Apply through respective national agencies

Semmelweis University, Hungary Campus & Accommodation Facilities




Main Campus

Located in Budapest, it houses most of the university's faculties, libraries, and administrative buildings.


Dormitories (Hostels)

On-campus accommodation for students, offering various room types (single, double, shared).

€150-€300 per month

Private Apartments

Off-campus private rental options for students seeking independent living arrangements.

€350-€600 per month (depending on location and apartment size)

Student Residences

Modern student residences with amenities like internet, study rooms, and common areas.

€250-€400 per month

Cafeterias and Dining Halls

On-campus dining options providing affordable meals to students.

€100-€200 per month (estimated for meals)


Multiple libraries with extensive collections of academic resources and study spaces.

Included in tuition fee

Sports Facilities

Gyms, sports halls, and outdoor sports fields available for student use.

Membership may be required, cost varies

Health Services

On-campus health services offering medical care to students.

Basic services included in tuition fee; additional services may incur extra cost

Student Support Services

Counseling, career services, and academic support provided to all students.

Included in tuition fee

Students Life at Semmelweis University, Hungary

Academic Life

1. High-Quality Education: Semmelweis University is renowned for its medical and health sciences programs. The university offers a wide range of courses in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences, and more, with a strong emphasis on practical and clinical training.

2. International Environment: The university attracts a diverse group of students from all over the world, creating an international atmosphere. English and German language programs are available alongside Hungarian, making it accessible for non-Hungarian speakers.

3. Research Opportunities: Students have access to numerous research opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities. Engaging in research projects is encouraged and can be an integral part of the academic experience.

Campus Life

1. Facilities: The university boasts modern facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and lecture halls. The Semmelweis University Library is a key resource for students, offering a vast collection of medical literature and study spaces.

2. Student Organizations: There are various student organizations and clubs, including the Semmelweis University Students' Union, which organizes events, provides support, and represents student interests. These organizations offer opportunities for leadership, networking, and personal development.

Social Life

1. Cultural Activities: Being located in Budapest, students have access to a rich cultural scene. There are numerous museums, theaters, galleries, and historical sites to explore. The city is also known for its vibrant nightlife, cafes, and restaurants.

2. Events and Festivals: Budapest hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year, such as the Sziget Festival, Budapest Wine Festival, and Christmas markets. Students can enjoy these events and experience Hungarian culture firsthand.

Support Services

1. Student Services: The university provides various support services, including academic advising, career counseling, and mental health services. There are also services specifically for international students, helping them adjust to life in Hungary.

2. Accommodation: The university offers several accommodation options, including dormitories and assistance in finding private housing. Living in university dormitories can be a great way to meet fellow students and integrate into the community.

Placements in Semmelweis University, Hungary

Career Services and Support

1. Career Counseling: The university offers career counseling services to help students with career planning, resume writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies.

2. Job Fairs and Networking Events: Semmelweis University regularly organizes job fairs, career days, and networking events where students can meet potential employers, learn about job opportunities, and network with professionals in their field.

3. Internship Programs: There are various internship opportunities available for students, both within the university’s affiliated hospitals and clinics, as well as with external partners in the healthcare sector.

4. Alumni Network: The university has a strong alumni network that can be a valuable resource for current students. Alumni often participate in mentoring programs, offer career advice, and help students make professional connections.

Placement Opportunities

1. Clinical Placements: Medical and health sciences students typically have clinical placements as part of their curriculum. These placements are often in the university’s own clinics and hospitals, providing hands-on experience in a real-world healthcare setting.

2. International Placements: Due to the university’s strong international connections, students have opportunities to participate in exchange programs, internships, and clinical rotations abroad. This can enhance their global perspective and improve their employability.

3. Research Positions: Students interested in research can find placement opportunities in the university’s research labs and projects. This is particularly beneficial for those considering a career in academic or clinical research.

4. Graduate Employment: Graduates from Semmelweis University are in high demand in the healthcare sector. Many find employment in hospitals, clinics, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare-related organizations. The university’s reputation and rigorous training programs ensure that graduates are well-prepared for their professional careers.

International Recognition and Mobility

1. European Union: As Hungary is a member of the European Union, degrees from Semmelweis University are recognized across EU countries, facilitating mobility and employment opportunities within Europe.

2. Global Recognition: The university’s programs, especially in medicine and health sciences, are recognized globally. Graduates often pursue careers or further education in countries such as the United States, Canada, the UK, and others.

Success Stories

1. Alumni Achievements: Many alumni of Semmelweis University have gone on to have successful careers in various fields of medicine, research, and healthcare management. Their achievements reflect the high quality of education and training provided by the university.

Campus Location of Semmelweis University, Hungary

Semmelweis University, located in Budapest, Hungary, has several campuses spread across the city. Here are the primary locations:

  1. Nagyvárad tér Campus:

    • Location: Near Nagyvárad tér, in the 9th district (Ferencváros) of Budapest.

    • Significance: Houses the Faculty of Medicine and several key medical facilities.

  2. Basic Medical Science Center (EOK):

    • Location: In close proximity to Nagyvárad tér, also in the 9th district.

    • Significance: A major center for medical education and research.

  3. Tűzoltó utca Campus:

    • Location: Situated on Tűzoltó Street in the 9th district.

    • Significance: Home to various clinical departments and facilities.

Browse by Courses

MDS in Oral surgery

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 5 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree

B.Sc in Nursing

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 4 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

MBBS in Medicine and Surgery

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

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