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About University

About The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

Academic Structure

The university is renowned for its programs in the humanities and social sciences, law, and management. It is organized into several faculties and institutes:

  • Faculty of Law: Offers a wide range of programs in law, political science, and international relations.

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Includes disciplines such as philosophy, literature, and history.

  • Faculty of Languages: Known for its extensive language and cultural studies programs.

  • IAE Lyon School of Management: Provides comprehensive programs in business and management, and is highly respected both nationally and internationally.

  • Institutes: Such as the Institute of French for Foreigners (IDEE) and various research institutes focused on economics, business ethics, and more.

Research and Collaboration

Jean Moulin University is actively involved in research across a broad spectrum of disciplines, with numerous research centers and teams contributing to both national and international projects. The university collaborates with various academic institutions worldwide and is part of several university networks and consortia, enhancing its global outreach.

Universities in France

Course Programs at The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

Faculty of Law

  • Bachelor’s Degrees: Law, Political Science

  • Master’s Degrees: Public Law, Private Law, Criminal Sciences, International Law, European Law, Business Law, Tax Law

  • Doctorate Programs: Law and Political Science

  • Professional Courses: Preparation for various national exams and competitions in the legal and administrative sectors

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • Bachelor’s Degrees: History, Geography, Philosophy, Modern Literature, Performing Arts

  • Master’s Degrees: History, Philosophy, Archaeology, Art History, Musicology, Publishing, Media and Communication

  • Doctorate Programs: Doctoral studies in various disciplines within arts and humanities

Faculty of Languages

  • Bachelor’s Degrees: Applied Foreign Languages (LEA), English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and more

  • Master’s Degrees: Translation and Interpretation, International Communication, Foreign Languages Applied to Business and Commerce

  • Professional Courses: Language courses tailored to professional needs, cultural mediation

IAE Lyon School of Management

  • Bachelor’s Degrees: Management Science, International Business

  • Master’s Degrees: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, International Management, Health Management, Information Systems Management

  • Professional MBA and Executive Education: Specialized MBAs and professional development programs tailored to working professionals

Institute of French for Foreigners (IDEE)

  • Language Preparation: French language courses designed for non-French speakers preparing to enroll in French universities or wishing to improve their language skills for professional reasons

Research Institutes and Doctoral Schools

  • Various institutes focus on research in economics, ethics, law, and social sciences, offering Ph.D. opportunities in collaborative environments with strong industry and academic connections.

Study in France

Bachelor Course Programs at The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Bachelor of Law (Licence en Droit)

3 years

$1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor in Political Science

3 years

$1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor in Applied Foreign Languages (LEA)

3 years

$1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor in Philosophy

3 years

$1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor in History

3 years

$1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor in Geography

3 years

$1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor in Modern Literature

3 years

$1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor in Performing Arts

3 years

$1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor in English

3 years

$1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor in International Business (IAE)

3 years

$1,200 - $2,000


M.Des (Master of Design) in France

Masters Course Programs at The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Master in Business Law

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500

Master in International Law

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500

Master in Human Rights Law

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500

Master in Political Science

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500

Master in Management (IAE)

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500

Master in Corporate Finance

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500

Master in Marketing and Brand Management

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500

Master in Translation and Interpretation

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500

Master in Applied Foreign Languages

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500

Master in Cultural Mediation

2 years

$1,200 - $2,500


BSc Nursing Course in France

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

Course Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Law (PhD)

3-4 years


Management Sciences (PhD)

3-4 years


Political Science (PhD)

3-4 years


Information and Communication

3-4 years


Philosophy (PhD)

3-4 years


Language and Literature (PhD)

3-4 years


Geography (PhD)

3-4 years



The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France for International Students

  1. Programs Offered:
    The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in disciplines like:

    • Law

    • Business Administration

    • Political Science

    • Humanities and Arts

    • Social Sciences

    • Languages and Literature

  2. Language Requirements:
    Most courses are conducted in French, so proficiency in French is usually required. Some programs are also offered in English, especially at the graduate level. Make sure to check specific language requirements for each program.

  3. Tuition Fees:
    Tuition fees for international students can vary based on nationality and the specific program. Typically:

    • Undergraduate: Around $3,000 - $4,000 USD per year.

    • Master's: Around $4,000 - $5,000 USD per year.

    • Doctorate: Roughly $500 - $1,000 USD per year.

  4. Application Process:

    • For Undergraduate Students:
      Apply through the Campus France platform or directly to the university, depending on your country of origin.

    • For Graduate/Doctoral Students:
      Apply directly to the university, often through the specific department.


Admission Process of The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

1. Choose Your Program:

  • Research the university's offerings and identify the program that best suits your academic goals.

  • Understand the specific requirements for your chosen program, which may differ depending on the field and level of study (Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate).

2. Check Eligibility:

  • Ensure you meet the basic academic requirements for the program. These may include specific high school grades, undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, language proficiency, or other criteria.

  • Language proficiency requirements include:

    • French: B2 level or higher for programs taught in French (most of them are).

    • English: Some programs require a certain level of English proficiency.

3. Prepare Application Documents:

  • Application Form: Complete the official university application form.

  • Transcripts and Diplomas: Provide official copies of your academic records.

  • Language Proficiency Test Scores: Submit the results of required language proficiency exams (like DELF/DALF, IELTS, or TOEFL).

  • Statement of Purpose/Motivation Letter: Clearly express why you want to join the program and what your academic goals are.

  • Recommendation Letters: If required, get letters from teachers, professors, or employers.

  • Portfolio/Research Proposal: Certain courses may require additional documents like a portfolio (art/design) or a research proposal (PhD).

4. Submit Application:

  • Applications for undergraduate and some graduate programs are usually submitted through the central national platform, Parcoursup, or Campus France for international students.

  • Some postgraduate and PhD applications are submitted directly to the university's specific department.


Intake And Eligibility of The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France


  • Primary Intake: Most programs have a single intake per year, typically starting in September.

  • Secondary Intake (Limited): Some specific Master's and Ph.D. programs may offer an additional intake in February.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Undergraduate (Licence/Bachelor's):

    • Academic Requirements:

      • High school diploma or equivalent for international students.

      • Specific requirements may vary based on the program (e.g., specialized backgrounds for Law or Business).

    • Language Requirements:

      • French: Most undergraduate courses are taught in French, requiring at least a B2 level in French proficiency (DELF/DALF or TCF scores).

      • English: For courses partially or fully taught in English, students may need to provide TOEFL/IELTS scores.

  2. Postgraduate (Master's):

    • Academic Requirements:

      • An undergraduate degree (Licence/Bachelor's or equivalent) in a relevant discipline.

      • Specific program prerequisites, such as work experience or a particular academic background, may apply.

    • Language Requirements:

      • French: B2 level proficiency required for French-taught programs.

      • English: For English-taught programs, a sufficient TOEFL/IELTS score is necessary.

  3. Doctorate (Ph.D.):

    • Academic Requirements:

      • A Master's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline.

      • A research proposal aligned with the department's focus areas.

    • Language Requirements:

      • French/English: Depending on the program, students need proficiency in French or English.

  4. Exchange Students:

    • Students from partner universities must meet their home institution's criteria and any language requirements specified by Jean Moulin University Lyon 3.

Scholarship Available at The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

Scholarship Name




Eiffel Scholarship Program

Master’s and PhD students; based on excellence; non-French nationality

Covers monthly allowance, travel, health insurance, and cultural activities

Master’s: 12-36 months; PhD: 12 months


EU/EEA students for exchange within the EU

Mobility grant to help cover travel and living expenses

Up to 12 months per study cycle

Lyon 3 International Mobility Scholarship

International students participating in mobility programs

Financial aid to support living expenses during study period


CEF Scholarships

Students from CEF (Centre for French Studies) countries applying through Campus France

Partial or full tuition coverage, possibly includes living expenses

Varies depending on the program

IdexLyon Scholarships

Master’s and PhD students, based on academic merit and research projects

Financial support for research and living expenses

Varies, usually for the duration of the program

Regional Scholarships

Students from specific regions or backgrounds, details often change annually

Typically covers part of the tuition or living expenses



The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Campus Location

Facilities Available

Accommodation Type

Cost of Accommodation (Approx. per month)

Manufacture des Tabacs

Lecture halls, library, administrative offices, dining services, student life facilities

University residences, private rentals

University residences: $300 - $500
Private rentals: $500 - $1,000

Les Quais

Central administrative services, classrooms, library, sports facilities

University residences, private rentals

University residences: $300 - $500
Private rentals: $500 - $1,000


Specialized courses in management and law, sports facilities, student support services

University residences, private rentals

University residences: $250 - $450
Private rentals: $450 - $800


Students Life at The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

Academic Environment:

  • Diverse Programs: Students can choose from a wide array of disciplines including Law, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business.

  • Research Opportunities: There are numerous research institutes associated with the university, providing opportunities for students to engage in advanced studies and collaborations.

Cultural and Social Activities:

  • Student Clubs and Organizations: Students can join or form clubs ranging from cultural and artistic groups to sports teams and academic societies.

  • Cultural Events: The university hosts various cultural events throughout the year, including concerts, lectures, art exhibitions, and theater performances.

  • International Nights: These events are especially popular, helping international students share their culture and traditions with their peers.

Sports and Recreation:

  • Sports Facilities: The university has sports facilities that host activities like football, basketball, volleyball, and more.

  • Fitness Classes: Students can participate in various fitness classes and wellness programs.

  • Outdoor Activities: Lyon's location provides unique opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing in the nearby Alps, and boating on the Rhône river.

Placements in The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

Career Services

  • Career Counseling: The university offers career counseling services to help students identify their career goals and develop plans to achieve them.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Regular workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, job search strategies, and networking skills are conducted to prepare students for the job market.

  • Job Fairs and Networking Events: Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 organizes job fairs and networking events where students can meet potential employers and learn about job opportunities. These events often include alumni who provide insights into various industries and offer networking opportunities.

  • Internship Opportunities: The university has strong connections with local and international businesses and organizations, facilitating internship opportunities that often lead to full-time job offers.

Employment Outcomes

  • Graduate Employment Rate: Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 generally reports a good employment rate for its graduates, with many finding employment or pursuing further studies within six months of graduation.

  • Sector-Specific Opportunities: Students from faculties such as Law, Business, and Political Science often find placements easily due to the university's strong reputation and industry connections in these fields.

Employment Sectors

  • Law Graduates: Often secure positions in legal firms, corporate legal departments, or government.

  • Business Graduates: Typically find roles in management, finance, marketing, or human resources across a variety of industries.

  • Arts and Humanities Graduates: Work in education, media, cultural institutions, or NGOs, depending on their focus areas.

Acceptance Rate of The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

  • Undergraduate Programs: For students applying to bachelor's programs, the primary requirement is the French Baccalauréat or an equivalent diploma. Non-French applicants need to validate their foreign qualifications through a process managed by Campus France and might need to prove their proficiency in French unless they are applying for a program taught in English.

  • Master's Programs: Admission is usually based on the student’s academic record, relevance of their undergraduate degree to the Master's program, and sometimes work experience or specific preparatory training. Some programs might require entrance exams or interviews.

  • PhD Programs: Candidates must typically have a relevant Master's degree and a research proposal that aligns with the expertise available at the university. Admission also often depends on the availability of a supervisor and funding.

Campus Location of The Jean Moulin University Lyon, France

1. Manufacture des Tabacs Campus

  • Address: 6 rue Rollet, 69008 Lyon, France

  • Facilities: This campus houses modern facilities, including a library, lecture halls, seminar rooms, a cafeteria, and a sports complex. It primarily hosts the Faculty of Law and Philosophy.

  • Accessibility: Centrally located and easily accessible by public transportation.

2. Les Quais Campus

  • Address: 15 quai Claude Bernard, 69007 Lyon, France

  • Facilities: Situated near the Rhône river, Les Quais Campus is known for its beautiful setting and historic buildings. It mainly accommodates the Faculty of Arts, Languages, and Humanities. It also has administrative offices, lecture halls, and a central library.

  • Accessibility: This campus is also centrally located and benefits from excellent public transport links, including tram and bus routes.

3. Bourg-en-Bresse Campus

  • Address: 2 rue du 23ème RI, 01000 Bourg-en-Bresse, France

  • Facilities: Located in the town of Bourg-en-Bresse, about an hour's drive northeast of Lyon, this campus offers courses primarily in law and management. It features a smaller set of facilities tailored to its student population, including classrooms, a library, and administrative services.

  • Accessibility: While further from Lyon, this campus is accessible by regional train services and buses.

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MBA in International Business Realities

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree 3 Year Bachelor’s Degree

BBA in Management & Global Business

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

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