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About University

About Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France


Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, established in 1973, is one of the three public universities of Lyon, France. It is named after Jean Moulin, a hero of the French Resistance during World War II. The university is known for its strong emphasis on humanities, law, social sciences, and business studies.


  • Founding: The university was created following the division of the University of Lyon, which was split into three separate universities to better manage the increasing number of students and to specialize in different academic fields.

  • Development: Over the decades, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 has grown in size and reputation, establishing itself as a significant center for higher education and research in France. The university has expanded its campuses and modernized its facilities to accommodate the evolving needs of students and faculty.

  • Modern Era: Today, it boasts several campuses, including the historic Manufacture des Tabacs, which is a landmark in Lyon and serves as the primary campus for the Faculty of Law and Political Science.

Research & Innovation

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 is committed to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation through extensive research activities. The university hosts numerous research centers and institutes that contribute to various academic disciplines. Key aspects of its research and innovation initiatives include:

  • Research Centers: The university houses several specialized research centers focused on diverse fields such as law, management, humanities, and social sciences. These centers facilitate interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

  • Doctoral Schools: The university's doctoral schools provide structured programs for PhD students, supporting their research endeavors and promoting academic excellence.

  • Collaborative Projects: Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 is involved in numerous national and international research projects. It collaborates with other universities, research institutions, and industry partners to drive innovation and address global challenges.

  • Publications and Conferences: The university's faculty and researchers regularly publish their findings in esteemed academic journals and present their work at conferences worldwide, contributing to the global academic community.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The university encourages innovation and entrepreneurship among its students and faculty. It offers various programs and initiatives to support the development of new ideas and the commercialization of research outcomes.

Universities in France

Course Programs at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

Faculties and Schools

  1. Faculty of Law

  2. Faculty of Literature and Civilizations

  3. Faculty of Languages

  4. Faculty of Philosophy

  5. Faculty of Management (IAE Lyon School of Management)

Bachelor’s Programs

  • Law: Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

  • Literature and Civilizations: Bachelor in French Literature, History, Art History, Geography

  • Languages: Bachelor in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and other languages

  • Philosophy: Bachelor in Philosophy

  • Management: Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

Master’s Programs

  • Law: Master in Public Law, Private Law, International Law, European Law, Business Law

  • Literature and Civilizations: Master in Comparative Literature, History, Cultural Studies, Geography

  • Languages: Master in Translation Studies, Linguistics, Applied Foreign Languages

  • Philosophy: Master in Contemporary Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Ethics

  • Management: Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, International Business

Doctoral Programs

  • Law: Doctorate in Law

  • Literature and Civilizations: Doctorate in Literature, History, Geography

  • Languages: Doctorate in Linguistics, Translation Studies

  • Philosophy: Doctorate in Philosophy

  • Management: Doctorate in Business Administration, Management Science

Study in France

Bachelor Course Programs at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

3 years


Bachelor in French Literature

3 years


Bachelor in History

3 years


Bachelor in Art History

3 years


Bachelor in Geography

3 years


Bachelor in English

3 years


Bachelor in German

3 years


Bachelor in Spanish

3 years


Bachelor in Italian

3 years


Bachelor in Philosophy

3 years


Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

3 years



MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in France

Masters Course Programs at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Master in Public Law

2 years


Master in Private Law

2 years


Master in International Law

2 years


Master in European Law

2 years


Master in Business Law

2 years


Master in Comparative Literature

2 years


Master in History

2 years


Master in Cultural Studies

2 years


Master in Geography

2 years


Master in Translation Studies

2 years


Master in Linguistics

2 years


Master in Applied Foreign Languages

2 years


Master in Contemporary Philosophy

2 years


Master in History of Philosophy

2 years


Master in Ethics

2 years


Master in Business Administration (MBA)

2 years


Master in Finance

2 years


Master in Marketing

2 years


Master in Human Resources

2 years


Master in International Business

2 years



Masters in Physiotherapy in France

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Doctorate in Law

3-4 years


Doctorate in Literature

3-4 years


Doctorate in History

3-4 years


Doctorate in Geography

3-4 years


Doctorate in Linguistics

3-4 years


Doctorate in Translation Studies

3-4 years


Doctorate in Philosophy

3-4 years


Doctorate in Management Science

3-4 years


Doctorate in Business Administration

3-4 years


Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France for International Students

Academic Excellence

  • Reputation: Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 is renowned for its strong programs in law, humanities, social sciences, and business management. It has a history of academic excellence and a commitment to high-quality education.

  • Faculty: The university boasts experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields, actively engaged in research, and often involved in international collaborations.

  • Research: With numerous research centers and institutes, the university promotes cutting-edge research and innovation, encouraging students to participate in research projects and contribute to academic advancements.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Many programs offer an interdisciplinary curriculum, allowing students to gain a broad perspective and a comprehensive understanding of their fields.

International Environment

  • Diverse Community: The university attracts students from around the world, creating a vibrant and multicultural environment. This diversity enriches the learning experience and fosters global perspectives.

  • Exchange Programs: Through partnerships with universities worldwide, students have opportunities to participate in exchange programs, enhancing their international exposure and academic experience.

  • English-Taught Programs: While most programs are in French, there are several English-taught programs, particularly at the graduate level, to accommodate international students.

Student Life and Extracurricular Activities

  • Student Associations: The university has numerous student associations and clubs catering to a wide range of interests, including academic, cultural, sports, and social activities.

  • Events and Workshops: Regular events, workshops, and seminars are organized to complement academic learning and provide students with opportunities for personal and professional development.

  • Support Services: Comprehensive support services are available, including academic advising, career counseling, health services, and psychological support to ensure students' well-being.

Cultural Experience

  • Lyon: As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Lyon offers a rich cultural experience with its historical landmarks, museums, theaters, and vibrant arts scene. Students can immerse themselves in the city’s cultural life.

  • Cultural Activities: The university organizes cultural events, trips, and activities to help international students explore French culture and heritage.

  • Language Exchange: Programs and opportunities for language exchange allow students to improve their French language skills while sharing their own cultures with others.

Admission Process of Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

General Admission Steps

  1. Choose a Program: Determine the specific program you wish to apply for, whether it is an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program.

  2. Check Requirements: Review the admission requirements for your chosen program on the university's official website. Requirements may vary by program and level of study.

  3. Prepare Documents: Gather all necessary documents, which typically include:

    • Academic transcripts

    • Proof of language proficiency (French or English, depending on the program)

    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    • Statement of Purpose or Motivation Letter

    • Letters of Recommendation

    • Copy of passport or ID

    • Any additional documents specified by the program

  4. Application Portal: Apply through the university’s online application portal or the French national platform for higher education applications, depending on your level of study and country of origin.

Specific Admission Processes

For Undergraduate Programs

  • French Baccalaureate Holders: Apply through Parcoursup, the French national platform for higher education applications.

  • International Students: Non-EU students typically apply through the Campus France platform or directly to the university, depending on their country of origin.

For Graduate Programs (Master’s Degrees)

  • Application Submission: Submit your application through the university’s online application portal.

  • Selection Criteria: Applications are evaluated based on academic performance, language proficiency, and the quality of the motivation letter and recommendations.

For Doctoral Programs (PhD)

  • Research Proposal: Prepare a detailed research proposal that aligns with the research interests of a potential supervisor at the university.

  • Find a Supervisor: Contact potential supervisors to discuss your research proposal and seek their support.

  • Application Submission: Submit your application through the university’s doctoral school.

Intake And Eligibility of Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

Intake Periods

  • Undergraduate Programs: Typically, the primary intake is in the Fall semester (September). Some programs may offer a secondary intake in the Spring semester (January).

  • Graduate Programs (Master’s Degrees): Most programs have their main intake in the Fall semester (September). Some programs might have additional intakes, but this varies.

  • Doctoral Programs (PhD): Admissions are generally flexible and can occur throughout the year, depending on the availability of supervisors and funding.

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Programs

  • Academic Qualifications: Completion of secondary education equivalent to the French Baccalaureate. For international students, this typically means holding a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.

  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in French, demonstrated through tests such as DELF or DALF. Some programs may require a minimum score on these tests.

  • Specific Requirements: Some programs might have additional requirements, such as specific subjects studied in high school or entrance exams.

Graduate Programs (Master’s Degrees)

  • Academic Qualifications: A relevant bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

  • Language Proficiency: For French-taught programs, proficiency in French (DELF/DALF). For English-taught programs, proficiency in English (TOEFL/IELTS).

  • Professional Experience: Some programs, particularly those in management and business, might require relevant professional experience.

  • Specific Requirements: Programs may have additional requirements such as a minimum GPA, specific undergraduate coursework, or entrance exams.

Doctoral Programs (PhD)

  • Academic Qualifications: A relevant master’s degree or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

  • Research Proposal: A detailed research proposal that aligns with the interests of a potential supervisor at the university.

  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the language of instruction (French or English), depending on the program.

  • Supervisor Approval: Acceptance by a faculty member who will act as the PhD supervisor.

Scholarship Available at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

International students, high academic achievement

Monthly allowance, travel expenses, health insurance, tuition waiver

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 Merit Scholarship

Outstanding academic performance, enrolled in a degree program

Partial tuition fee waiver

French Government Scholarships

International students

(tuition fees, monthly stipend, etc.)

ERASMUS+ Scholarships

EU and partner country students, exchange programs

Monthly stipend, travel allowance

Regional Council Scholarships

Residents of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, financial need

Financial assistance

CROUS Social Criteria Scholarships

Financial need, French and EU students

Monthly stipend, accommodation support

Partnership Scholarships

Students from partner universities, exchange programs

Tuition waiver, accommodation support

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France Campus & Accommodation Facilities



Cost of Accommodation (USD/month)

Manufacture des Tabacs

Main campus, historical building, houses Faculty of Law and Political Science


Campus Carnot

Located in the city center, hosts administrative offices and some lecture halls


Campus Quais

Situated along the Rhône River, home to the Faculty of Literature and Civilizations


University Residences (CROUS)

Student dormitories managed by CROUS, basic furnished rooms, shared facilities

$250 - $450

Private Student Residences

Private accommodation options, modern amenities, often located near university campuses

$500 - $800

Shared Apartments

Renting a room in a shared apartment, popular among students

$400 - $600

Studio Apartments

Independent living spaces, more privacy and amenities

$600 - $900


Living with a French family, includes meals

$500 - $700

Students Life at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

Student Associations and Clubs

  • Academic Associations: Groups focused on specific academic disciplines, providing networking opportunities, guest lectures, and academic support.

  • Cultural Clubs: Clubs celebrating various cultures, languages, and traditions, allowing students to engage in cultural exchange and activities.

  • Sports Clubs: A variety of sports clubs and teams, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and more, promoting physical fitness and teamwork.

  • Arts and Music: Opportunities to participate in drama, music, dance, and other artistic endeavors, with performances and exhibitions held throughout the year.

Events and Activities

  • Orientation Week: A week of activities and events to help new students acclimate to university life, meet fellow students, and learn about available resources.

  • Cultural Festivals: Regularly organized cultural festivals and events showcasing the diverse backgrounds of the student body.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Academic and professional development workshops, including resume writing, interview preparation, and career planning.

  • Social Events: Parties, movie nights, and social gatherings organized by student associations to foster community and friendships.

Support Services

  • Academic Advising: Advisors available to help students with course selection, academic planning, and navigating university policies.

  • Counseling Services: Mental health support and counseling services to help students manage stress, anxiety, and other personal challenges.

  • Health Services: On-campus health services providing medical care and health education to students.

  • Career Services: Assistance with internships, job searches, and career counseling, including connections to alumni and industry partners.


  • Libraries: Well-equipped libraries with extensive collections, study spaces, and research support.

  • Study Rooms: Quiet spaces for individual or group study, available across different campuses.

  • Cafeterias and Dining: On-campus dining options offering a variety of meals and snacks, catering to different dietary needs.

  • Recreational Facilities: Sports facilities, gyms, and recreational areas available for student use.

Community Engagement

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Various volunteering and community service opportunities, allowing students to contribute to the local community and develop leadership skills.

  • Student Government: The student government body represents student interests, organizes events, and advocates for student needs and concerns.


  • On-Campus Housing: University residences managed by CROUS, providing affordable housing options with basic amenities.

  • Off-Campus Housing: Assistance in finding private accommodation, including shared apartments and homestays.

International Student Support

  • International Office: Dedicated support for international students, including help with visas, residence permits, and cultural adaptation.

  • Language Support: French language courses and language exchange programs to help international students improve their language skills.

Placements in Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

Career Services and Support

  • Career Center (Service Commun Universitaire d’Information et d’Orientation - SCUIO): The Career Center offers comprehensive support for career planning, job search strategies, and professional development. Services include:

    • Career Counseling: Personalized advice and guidance on career paths and opportunities.

    • Workshops and Seminars: Regularly held workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, networking, and other job search skills.

    • Job Fairs and Recruitment Events: Annual job fairs and recruitment events where students can meet potential employers and learn about job opportunities.

    • Internship and Job Listings: Access to a database of internships, part-time, and full-time job listings.

Internship Opportunities

  • Mandatory Internships: Many programs include mandatory internships as part of the curriculum, providing students with practical experience in their field of study.

  • Internship Support: The university assists students in finding internships, both locally and internationally, through partnerships with various companies and organizations.

Industry Partnerships

  • Collaborations with Companies: The university collaborates with numerous companies and organizations to create opportunities for student internships, projects, and placements.

  • Guest Lectures and Industry Panels: Professionals from various industries are invited to speak on campus, providing students with insights into different career paths and industries.

Placement Rates

  • High Employability: Graduates from Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 generally have high employability rates due to the university’s strong academic reputation and industry connections.

  • Employment Sectors: Graduates find employment across various sectors, including law, business, management, public administration, humanities, and social sciences.

Support for International Students

  • Tailored Services: Specific services tailored to international students, including assistance with work visas and understanding the French job market.

  • Language Support: Language courses and workshops to help international students improve their French language skills, which are often crucial for securing employment in France.

Campus Location of Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France

Main Campuses

  1. Manufacture des Tabacs Campus

    • Address: 6 Rue Rollet, 69008 Lyon, France

    • Description: This historic campus is the main site for the Faculty of Law and Political Science. It also houses administrative offices and other key university facilities.

  2. Campus Carnot

    • Address: 18 Rue Chevreul, 69007 Lyon, France

    • Description: Located in the city center, this campus hosts administrative offices, lecture halls, and some academic departments.

  3. Campus Quais

    • Address: 15 Quai Claude Bernard, 69007 Lyon, France

    • Description: Situated along the Rhône River, this campus is home to the Faculty of Literature and Civilizations and offers a scenic study environment.

Additional Locations

  1. Campus Milhaud

    • Address: 1 Rue de l'Université, 69007 Lyon, France

    • Description: Hosts various academic departments and provides additional lecture halls and study spaces.

  2. IAE Lyon School of Management

    • Address: 6 Cours Albert Thomas, 69008 Lyon, France

    • Description: Located near the Manufacture des Tabacs Campus, this is the business school of Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, offering a variety of management programs.

Browse by Courses

BBA in Management & Global Business

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

MBA in International Management

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 1 Year
Course Language: English
Required Degree -
First Year Total Fees: ₹ 1050000

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