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About University

About University Of New South Wales, Australia

Academic Excellence:

1. UNSW consistently ranks as one of Australia's top universities and is recognized globally for its academic quality.

2. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs across various fields, including business, engineering, science, arts, medicine, and more.

Research and Innovation:

1. UNSW is renowned for its cutting-edge research and innovative contributions across multiple disciplines.

2. It's home to numerous research centers and institutes, and its research has led to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.

Diverse and Inclusive:

1. UNSW values diversity and is known for its inclusive and multicultural campus community.

2. It attracts a diverse student body from around the world, fostering a rich and dynamic learning environment.

Global Recognition:

1. UNSW is highly regarded globally and often ranks among the top universities in international university rankings.

2. It has partnerships with institutions worldwide, facilitating international collaboration and student exchanges.

Campus Facilities:

1. UNSW's main campus, Kensington, offers state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, research labs, libraries, sports complexes, and more.

2. There are additional campuses, including the UNSW Art & Design campus and the UNSW Canberra campus.

Student Life:

1. UNSW offers a vibrant student life with numerous clubs, societies, and cultural activities.

2. Students can participate in extracurricular activities, sports, and student organizations to enrich their university experience.


1. UNSW graduates are highly sought after by employers globally due to the university's strong reputation and emphasis on career readiness.

2. The university has strong industry connections and offers internships and work-integrated learning opportunities.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

1. UNSW provides various scholarships and financial aid options to support students in their academic journey.

Community Engagement:

1. UNSW is committed to community engagement and social responsibility, contributing to the well-being of local and global communities.

Notable Alumni:

1. UNSW has a proud alumni network that includes successful individuals in various fields, such as business, politics, academia, and the arts.

Bachelors Course Programs at University Of New South Wales, Australia

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Bachelor of Arts

3 years

$30,000 - $35,000

Bachelor of Science

3 years

$30,000 - $35,000

Bachelor of Engineering

4 years

$35,000 - $40,000

Bachelor of Commerce

3 years

$30,000 - $35,000

Bachelor of Computer Science

3 years

$35,000 - $40,000

Bachelor of Medicine

6 years

$75,000 - $80,000

Bachelor of Arts in Design

3 years

$30,000 - $35,000

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

4 years

$40,000 - $45,000

Bachelor of Psychology

3 years

$30,000 - $35,000

Bachelor of Business

3 years

$30,000 - $35,000

Masters Course Programs at University Of New South Wales, Australia

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2 years (full-time)

$45,000 - $50,000

Master of Computer Science

2 years (full-time)

$35,000 - $40,000

Master of Engineering

2 years (full-time)

$35,000 - $40,000

Master of Finance

1.5 years (full-time)

$40,000 - $45,000

Master of Public Health

2 years (full-time)

$30,000 - $35,000

Master of International Relations

1.5 years (full-time)

$30,000 - $35,000

Master of Arts in Psychology

2 years (full-time)

$30,000 - $35,000

Master of Data Science

2 years (full-time)

$35,000 - $40,000

Master of Laws (LLM)

1 year (full-time)

$40,000 - $45,000

Master of Public Administration

2 years (full-time)

$30,000 - $35,000

Intake And Eligibility of University Of New South Wales, Australia


1. Semester 1 (Autumn): This is the primary intake for most undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It usually starts in February.

2. Semester 2 (Spring): Some programs offer a mid-year intake in July. However, not all programs have this intake, so it's essential to check the specific program's availability.

3. Research Programs (Ph.D. and Master's by Research): Research programs often have flexible intake dates and may admit students throughout the year. It's advisable to contact the relevant faculty or research school for specific intake information for research degrees.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Academic Qualifications: Applicants must meet the academic requirements for the chosen program. This typically includes a completed secondary school qualification (e.g., high school diploma or equivalent) for undergraduate programs and a relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent for postgraduate programs.

2. English Language Proficiency: International applicants may need to demonstrate English language proficiency through tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE Academic. The specific score requirements vary by program and are subject to change, so it's essential to check the latest requirements on the UNSW website.

3. Additional Requirements: Some programs, especially those in fields like medicine, engineering, and creative arts, may have additional prerequisites or portfolio submission requirements.

4. Visa Requirements: International students should also ensure they meet the Australian student visa requirements, including financial capacity and health insurance.

5. Specific Program Requirements: Certain programs, such as medicine, law, and architecture, may have unique entry requirements, including interviews, aptitude tests, or portfolio submissions.

6. Research Programs: For research programs, applicants should have a strong research proposal and, in some cases, prior research experience.

7. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): UNSW may consider recognition of prior learning or credit transfer for previous study or work experience, which can affect eligibility and program duration.

Ranking & Rating of University Of New South Wales, Australia

Ranking Organization


QS World University Rankings

Top 100 globally

QS World University Rankings by Subject

Highly ranked in various subjects

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Top 100 globally

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)

Top 100 globally

U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities

Highly ranked globally

QS Graduate Employability Rankings

Highly ranked for graduate employability

ARWU Subject Rankings

Highly ranked in specific academic disciplines

THE World University Rankings by Subject

Highly ranked in subjects

Australian Government's Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)

High ratings for student satisfaction

Scholarship Available at University Of New South Wales, Australia

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria

Award Amount

UNSW International Scholarships

International students

$10,000 - $40,000

UNSW Academic Excellence Scholarships

High-achieving students

$5,000 - $15,000

UNSW Indigenous Scholarships

Indigenous Australian students

full tuition + stipend

UNSW Equity Scholarships

Financially disadvantaged students


UNSW Women in Engineering Scholarships

Female engineering students

$5,000 - $15,000

UNSW Sports Scholarships

Outstanding athletes


UNSW Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Research students

full tuition + stipend

UNSW Business School Scholarships

Business school students

$5,000 - $20,000

University Of New South Wales, Australia Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Campus Name


Campus Facilities

Accommodation Options

Approximate Cost of Accommodation per Year (AUD)

Kensington Campus

Sydney (main campus)

Libraries, sports facilities, labs, cafes, student hub

On-campus residences, e.g., Barker St Village

$16,000 - $25,000

Paddington Campus


Art studios, galleries, theaters, design workshops

Limited on-campus options, off-campus rentals


Randwick Campus


Medical facilities, research centers, teaching hospitals

Limited on-campus options, off-campus rentals


UNSW Canberra


Engineering, military, and defense-related programs

Limited on-campus options, off-campus rentals


Students Life at University Of New South Wales, Australia

1. Academic Excellence:

  • UNSW is renowned for its academic rigor and commitment to excellence. Students have access to world-class faculty, cutting-edge research, and a wide range of academic programs.

2. Diverse Student Body:

  • UNSW attracts a diverse international student population, creating a multicultural and global campus environment.

  • Numerous cultural clubs and societies allow students to celebrate their heritage and explore new cultures.

3. Clubs and Societies:

  • UNSW offers over 300 student clubs and societies covering a wide range of interests, including sports, arts, academics, and cultural activities.

  • Joining clubs provides opportunities to make friends, build leadership skills, and pursue hobbies.

4. Events and Activities:

  • The university hosts various events throughout the year, including cultural festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, and academic seminars.

  • Orientation Week (O-Week) welcomes new students with a week of fun activities and information sessions.

5. Sports and Fitness:

  • UNSW has excellent sports facilities, including gyms, sports fields, and swimming pools.

  • Students can participate in sports clubs and fitness classes or simply stay active.

6. Support Services:

  • UNSW provides extensive support services, including academic advising, career counseling, health services, and mental health support.

  • There are dedicated services for international students to help with visa issues, cultural adjustment, and more.

7. Accommodation:

  • UNSW offers on-campus accommodation options, creating a vibrant residential community.

  • Living on campus allows students to immerse themselves in campus life and build lasting friendships.

8. Volunteering and Community Engagement:

  • UNSW encourages students to engage in community service and volunteer work through various programs and initiatives.

  • Volunteering opportunities can be an enriching way to give back to the community.

9. Career Development:

  • UNSW's strong industry connections provide students with access to internships, work placements, and networking opportunities.

  • Career services help students prepare for the job market and connect with potential employers.

10. Cultural Diversity: - UNSW embraces cultural diversity and celebrates multiculturalism through events, food festivals, and cultural showcases.

11. Accessibility: - UNSW is committed to providing accessible facilities and support for students with disabilities.

Placements in University Of New South Wales, Australia

1. Career Services:

  • UNSW's Careers and Employment team provides comprehensive career guidance, job search support, and resources to students.

  • They offer workshops, seminars, and one-on-one career counseling to help students identify their career goals and develop job-search strategies.

2. Industry Connections:

  • UNSW has strong connections with various industries and employers, both in Australia and internationally.

  • These connections often result in opportunities for students to engage with industry professionals, attend networking events, and access job vacancies.

3. Internships and Work Experience:

  • Many degree programs at UNSW incorporate internships, work placements, or practical experience as part of the curriculum.

  • These opportunities allow students to gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields and build valuable industry contacts.

4. Career Fairs and Events:

  • UNSW hosts career fairs, employer information sessions, and networking events throughout the year.

  • These events provide students with the chance to meet potential employers and explore career options.

5. Research Opportunities:

  • For postgraduate research students, UNSW offers research assistant positions and opportunities to collaborate on industry-related research projects.

6. Alumni Network:

  • UNSW has a vast alumni network of successful professionals who can serve as mentors and provide career advice to current students.

7. Employability Programs:

  • UNSW offers employability programs that focus on developing essential skills for the workforce, including resume writing, interview preparation, and communication skills.

8. Start-up and Entrepreneurship Support:

  • UNSW supports entrepreneurial students through initiatives like UNSW Founders, which offers resources, mentoring, and funding opportunities for start-up ventures.

9. Co-curricular Activities:

  • Involvement in co-curricular activities, such as student clubs and societies, can enhance students' leadership and teamwork skills, making them more attractive to employers.

10. Alumni Success Stories: - UNSW's successful alumni, who have excelled in various fields, serve as inspiring examples of the university's commitment to producing graduates who are well-prepared for their careers.

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MS in Environmental Management

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree 3 Year Bachelor’s Degree

LLB in Criminology & Criminal Justice

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Law & Legal Studies
Course Duration: 3 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

B.Arch in Landscape Architecture

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

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