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When talking about international MBBS colleges, Russia is a country that needs special mention. Russia is a country with a lot of medical colleges present in it, and almost all of them are approved by international medical councils like WHO, MCI, etc. The universities in Russia are monitored closely by their government in order to remove any kind of discrepancies and offer quality education for students.

This is the reason why all the universities follow a specific set of guidelines for the admission of students and no university will apply any kind of new rules. In this article, you are going to see the top 10 medical universities in Russia and their eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia.

Eligibility Criteria for all Medical Colleges in Russia

  • Students should complete their higher secondary education in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry stream with a percentile of 50 percent or above.
  • The age of students should be between 17-25 years not more or less by December 31st of their admission year.
  • Indian students should qualify for the NEET examination. The qualifying percentile for reserved candidates is 40%, and unreserved candidates are 50%.

MBBS in Russia Fee Structure 

Top 10 Medical Universities in Russia

Altai State Medical University

  • This college was established in the year 1954, and there are more than 4000 students who are pursuing their MBBS in this college. This college is known for its quality education and the practical experiences that they offer for students.
  • MBBS, General Medicine, Stomatology, Pharmaceutics, Diseases prevention, Nursing, MD in Stomatology and Pharmaceutics are the courses offered by Altai state medical university.
  • This university offers MBBS course in both English and Russian Mediums. The English medium costs 3500 USD, which is Rs. 207655 or 113614 in Russian Rubles. The Russian Medium costs 2500 USD, which is Rs. 148325 or 81153 in Russian Rubles.
  • The hostel fee would be different and international students will be paying some extra fees other than this.

Orenburg State Medical University

  • This university was established in 1944, and it is one of the topmost ranked medical universities in Russia.
  • It deals with General medicine, paediatrics, dentistry, preventive care, pharmacy, clinical psychology, nursing care and the department of specialists and postgraduate training.
  • The fee in Orenburg State Medical university is 4000 USD which is approximately Rs. 2,80,000.
  • This fee does not include the hostel fee of students.

Amur State Medical University

  • Amur state medical university was established in 1952, and the college accommodates for more than 5000 students. This college bags the 9103rd place in the world, according to 4icu.
  • The college offers MBBS, MD for general medicine and Nursing.
  • The course fee for the English medium is 3500 USD for each academic year. And for Russian Medium, it is 2500 USD.
  • Accommodation and other charges will be levied on students.

Astrakhan State Medical Academy

  • Astrakhan state medical academy is one of the finest universities in Russia with state of the art infrastructure. The academy has trained more than 23000 physicians since its establishment. The best thing about this university is that it provides great opportunities for scientists to research on some of the specific issues. This will help in the improvement in the medical industry.
  • MBBS, MD in General Medicine, paediatrics and pharmaceutics are the courses offered by Astrakhan academy.
  • The course fee for one academic year in English and Russian medium is 2300 USD (1,36,459 INR) and 2000 USD (1,18,660 INR) respectively.
  • The university charges 150 USD for hostel per year along with 100 USD as a security deposit.

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students Fees

I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical University

  • I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical University is one of the most prestigious universities present in Russia. This college is named after the prominent Russian psychiatrist and physiologist Ivan Mikhailovitch Sechenov.
  • This university offers dentistry, general medicine and pharmacy courses.
  • The fee structure at I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical University is 3000 USD for English Medium and 2200 USD for Russian Medium
  • There will be a hostel and some other fee that has to be paid by international students. 

The Volgograd State Medical University

  • The Volgograd State Medical University is the leading medical college in Russia. It is established after great Russian scientific professor Vladimir I. Petrov. It was established in 1935 and is one of the oldest universities in Russia too. The university has more than 763 highly educated professors who manage the entire teaching sector.
  • Pharmacy, dentistry, pediatrics, clinical psychology and biochemistry are the courses offered by the Volgograd State Medical University.
  • The course fee of this university is 3200 USD (1,898,56 INR) for English Medium and 2000 USD (1,18,660 INR) for Russian Medium.
  • These charges are excluding hostel fee, and international students will be paying some extra fee for security deposit and other purposes.

MBBS in Russia Admission 

Russian State Medical University

  • This is one of the oldest medical universities in Russia and across the globe too. It was established in 1906 and is one of the most prominent universities in the whole world.
  • This university is linked up with more than 70 hospitals and clinics to provide students with hands-on experience in dealing with patients.
  • It offers pediatrics, biochemistry, bio-physics and general medicine courses.
  • The fee structure in Russian state medical university is 3300 USD (1,97,589 INR) for English Medium and 2200 USD (1,30,526 INR) for Russian Medium.
  • There will be accommodation and some other fee for international students.

Kazan State Medical University

  • This is the oldest medical university in the history of Russia. It was opened in 1814 and is an open university. It has more than 5500 students in more than 64 departments.
  • Being the oldest and most reputed universities in Russia. Kazan Medical University attracts students from various parts of the world. The infrastructure and highly qualified faculty help students in excelling in the medicinal field. The institute deployed best in class technologies to make sure that students adapt to them.
  • This university offers more than 64 different courses, and the pricing depends on each course. The average fee in Kazan State Medical University will be 3500 USD to 4500 USD.
  • There will be an extra fee like accommodation and security deposit.

Tver State Medical University

  • Tver Medical university was established in 1936 and is one of the leading universities in the world.
  • The university was awarded a national award for its contribution to international education, development and collaboration. It is affiliated with some of the best hospitals and clinics in Russia to provide hands-on practical experience for its students.
  • Tver University works in the areas of genetics, cardiology, paediatrics, radiology, ophthalmology, etc.
  • The fee in Tver Medical University for English medium is 6,400 USD (4,48,000 INR).

Bashkir State Medical University

  • This university was started as Bashkir state medical institutes in 1932 but then changed its name to Bashkir State Medical University in 1995.
  • Since its establishment, Bashkir State Medical University has been one of the best institutes present out there and is one of the top ten institutes in Russia.
  • The university has more than 615 faculties who are highly experienced.
  • This university offers nursing, paediatrics, pharmaceutical, stomatological, microbiological, general medicine and preventive medicine.
  • The course fee that Bashkir State Medical University charges are 2800 USD (1,99,577).

These are the topmost universities in Russia and the course they offer. All of these universities are monitored by the Government of Russia, so there is no need for the students to worry about any kind of discrepancies. There is a systematic procedure, and all the universities follow it without fail.

List of MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Russia 

If you are an international student who wants to pursue MBBS in Russia, then these are the universities that you have to look out for first. Here are some of the benefits of studying MBBS in Russia-

  • The tuition fee is pretty reasonable. The Government of Russia offers a huge subsidy on the tuition fee, which makes it pretty reasonable. If eligible, students get scholarships too, which covers their academic fees. The scholarships are provided based on the merit of students.
  • The cost of living in Russia is pretty low, even though it is one of the European countries. The students can stay in university dormitories or rent out an apartment. It depends upon the student's choice, but it is highly advisable for the foreign students to stay in dormitories as they can save a good amount and have security too.
  • The universities offer MBBS in both Russian and English languages, making it easy for international students to pursue it.
  • Most of the universities are affiliated with well-known hospitals to provide hands-on experience for the students.
  • There is no need for any kind of donation. This donation has always been one of the biggest hassles for students' parents, and now they won't have to pay it in Russia.
  • There is no entrance test to get into Russian universities. If the students fit into eligibility criteria, they are provided with the medical college seat. However, the Indian government has made it mandatory for the students to qualify NEET in order to get into Russian universities.
  • The academic curriculum is perfectly structured to meet modern-day requirements.

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 

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