Life of Indian Students in Germany

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How is the Life of Indian Students in Germany

Academic Environment

  • Quality Education: German universities are renowned for their rigorous academic standards, state-of-the-art facilities, and strong emphasis on research, particularly in fields like engineering, natural sciences, and business.

  • International Perspective: With a large international student community, universities offer a multicultural environment where students from diverse backgrounds share ideas and perspectives.

  • Language: While many postgraduate programs are offered in English, learning German is beneficial for undergraduate studies, daily life, and part-time job opportunities. Universities often provide language courses to support international students.

Cultural Adaptation

  • Cultural Diversity: Germany is culturally diverse and historically rich, offering students a chance to explore its heritage, festivals, and traditions. Cities like Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg are particularly known for their multicultural vibe.

  • Food: Indian students might miss home-cooked Indian meals, but many cities have Indian restaurants and grocery stores offering Indian ingredients. Additionally, the experience of trying German cuisine can be enjoyable.

  • Social Life: Universities encourage participation in various clubs, sports, and activities, providing a platform to make friends and integrate into the student community.

Cost of Living

  • Affordable Education: Most public universities in Germany charge minimal to no tuition fees, making it an attractive destination for higher education. However, students need to budget for living expenses, health insurance, and semester contributions.

  • Living Expenses: The cost of living can vary depending on the city, with larger cities being more expensive. On average, students can expect to spend between €850 to €1,200 per month.

Work and Career Opportunities

  • Part-time Jobs: Students are allowed to work part-time for up to 120 full days or 240 half days per year, which can help offset living expenses and gain work experience.

  • Career Prospects: Germany's strong economy and the presence of numerous multinational companies offer good career prospects for graduates, especially in engineering, IT, and business sectors. The ability to speak German can significantly enhance job opportunities.


  • Bureaucracy: Navigating the German bureaucracy for visas, residence permits, and registration can be challenging but is manageable with proper guidance from university international offices.

  • Weather: The weather in Germany can be a change for Indian students, with cold winters and shorter daylight hours in some regions.

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General Safety

  • Low Violent Crime Rate: Germany has a relatively low rate of violent crime. Incidents of petty crime, such as pickpocketing or bicycle theft, can occur in crowded areas or major cities, so it's wise to be vigilant.

  • Public Spaces: Public spaces and transport systems are generally safe at all hours. However, it’s advisable to be cautious late at night, especially in less populated areas or when using public transportation.

Racial Sensitivity and Discrimination

  • While Germany is a multicultural and generally tolerant society, instances of racial insensitivity or discrimination can occur, as in any country. International students might face challenges ranging from language barriers to cultural misunderstandings.

  • Most universities have international offices and student services that provide support and advice to students facing any form of discrimination.

Health Services

  • Germany boasts a high standard of healthcare. International students are required to have health insurance, ensuring access to medical services without significant costs.

  • Emergency services are reliable, with a universal emergency number (112) that can be dialed free of charge from any phone.

Legal Protections

  • The legal system in Germany offers protection against violence, theft, and discrimination. It's important for international students to familiarize themselves with their rights and the available legal resources.

  • Universities often offer legal advice services for students, covering issues from housing rights to personal safety.

Precautions and Safety Tips

  • Stay Informed: Keep up with local news and any travel advisories from your home country's embassy or consulate.

  • Personal Belongings: Take precautions to secure your personal belongings, especially in crowded places.

  • Emergency Contacts: Have a list of emergency contacts, including the local police, your country's embassy or consulate, and a trusted friend or family member.

  • Insurance: Ensure you have comprehensive health and personal property insurance.

Emergency Numbers

  • 112: General emergency number for police, fire brigade, and rescue services.

  • 110: Direct number for the police.

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The latest figures indicated that there were over 25,000 Indian students enrolled in German universities by the end of 2019 and early 2020. This number represents a significant increase from previous years, continuing a trend that has seen the Indian student population in Germany grow steadily. Indian students are primarily enrolled in engineering, natural sciences, management, and social sciences programs.

It's worth noting that these figures could have been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted international travel and study plans worldwide. For the most current statistics on Indian students in Germany or any changes in trends due to the pandemic or other factors, it's advisable to consult the latest reports from DAAD or the Federal Statistical Office of Germany.

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