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About University

About EU Business School - Munich, Germany

EU Business School is a private business school with campuses in various European cities, including Munich, Germany.

1. Location: EU Business School's Munich campus is located in the heart of the city, providing students with access to the vibrant business environment and cultural experiences that Munich has to offer.

2. Programs: EU Business School offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in various fields related to business and management. These programs cover areas such as business administration, marketing, international business, finance, and entrepreneurship.

3. Accreditation: The school is accredited by various accrediting bodies, such as the ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs), IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education), and EduQua, which is Switzerland's national quality assurance body for continuing education institutions.

4. Multinational Environment: EU Business School prides itself on having a diverse and multinational student body. This diversity can create a rich learning environment and opportunities for networking with students from different cultural backgrounds.

5. Language of Instruction: One of the distinctive features of EU Business School is its emphasis on offering programs in English. This can be attractive to international students who want to pursue their education in an English-speaking environment.

Bachelors Course Programs at EU Business School - Munich, Germany

Program Name


Bachelor in Business Administration

3 years

Bachelor in Communication & Public Relations

3 years

Bachelor in Sports Management

3 years

Bachelor in International Relations

3 years

Bachelor in Digital Media

3 years

Bachelor in Leisure & Tourism Management

3 years

Bachelor in Entrepreneurship

3 years

Masters Course Programs at EU Business School - Munich, Germany

Program Name


Master in Business Administration (MBA)

1 year

Master in International Marketing

1 year

Master in Digital Business

1 year

Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

1 year

Master in Fashion & Luxury Business

1 year

Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management

1 year

Master in Finance

1 year

Master in Sports Management

1 year

Master in Family Business

1 year

Master in Blockchain Management

1 year

Master in Entrepreneurship

1 year

Master in Leadership

1 year

Master in Design Management

1 year

Master in E-Business

1 year

Master in Human Resources Management

1 year

Master in Reputation Management

1 year

Intake And Eligibility of EU Business School - Munich, Germany

  • Intake Periods: In Germany, there are typically two major intake periods for higher education programs: the winter semester (beginning in October) and the summer semester (beginning in April). Most master's programs start in the winter semester, while some bachelor's programs might have summer semester intake options.

  • Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility requirements for programs at EU Business School in Munich will depend on the specific program, but some common criteria may include:

    • For Bachelor's Programs: Typically, you would need a high school diploma or its equivalent. Specific academic and language proficiency requirements may vary by program.

    • For Master's Programs: A bachelor's degree in a related field is usually required. Some programs may also require relevant work experience. Language proficiency, often in English, may also be a requirement.

  • Language Proficiency: Many programs at EU Business School are conducted in English. Therefore, if your native language is not English, you may be required to provide proof of English proficiency through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

Scholarship Available at EU Business School - Munich, Germany

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


Application Period

Academic Excellence Scholarship

High academic achievement

Partial tuition waiver

Annually, before Fall semester

Leadership Scholarship

Demonstrated leadership abilities

(tuition reduction, etc.)


International Student Scholarship

Non-EU students, based on merit and need

Partial tuition reduction

Annually or per semester

Women in Business Scholarship

Female students pursuing a business degree



Need-Based Scholarship

Demonstrated financial need



Diversity Scholarship

Students from underrepresented backgrounds



EU Business School - Munich, Germany Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Facility Type


Monthly Cost Estimate (USD)

On-Campus Housing

Dormitory rooms or apartments within or near the campus 

$500 - $800

Off-Campus Shared Apartment (WG)

Shared living spaces with private bedrooms and communal areas

$400 - $700

Off-Campus Studio Apartment

Private, self-contained apartments

$700 - $1,200

Private Rentals

Apartments or flats in the city, found through local housing market

$800 - $1,500

Temporary Housing

Short-term options like hostels or guest houses

$30 - $100 per night


Living with a local family, sometimes meals included

$450 - $800

Students Life at EU Business School - Munich, Germany

1. Academic Life: Students at EU Business School can expect a rigorous academic experience. Classes, assignments, and exams are an integral part of student life. You'll have access to experienced faculty who often combine academic knowledge with practical industry experience. Many programs focus on real-world applications of business and management concepts.

2. Multinational Environment: EU Business School typically has a diverse and multinational student body. This diversity can lead to a rich cultural exchange and provide opportunities for networking with people from various backgrounds.

3. Student Organizations: Many universities, including EU Business School, have student organizations and clubs. These clubs can cover a wide range of interests, from business and entrepreneurship clubs to cultural and sports clubs. Joining these organizations can help you connect with peers who share your interests.

4. Networking Opportunities: EU Business School often organizes events, seminars, and workshops that bring students together with industry professionals. These networking opportunities can be valuable for your future career.

5. Social Events: Munich is a city with a vibrant social scene. You can expect a variety of social events, both organized by the school and those happening in the city. These events can range from parties and cultural outings to international food festivals.

6. Sports and Recreation: Munich offers a range of sports and recreational activities. Many universities have sports facilities or partnerships with local gyms, and you can participate in sports and fitness activities to stay active and healthy.

7. Cultural Activities: Munich is rich in culture, with numerous museums, theaters, and historical sites. As a student, you may have access to discounts or special offers for cultural events and attractions in the city.

8. Internship Opportunities: Some programs at EU Business School may offer internship opportunities, which can be a valuable part of your student life, allowing you to gain practical experience and build your resume.

9. Accommodation: Depending on your housing arrangements, you may have opportunities to socialize with fellow students in your residence hall or off-campus apartment.

10. Community Involvement: Some students engage in volunteer work or community service as part of their student life, contributing to the local community and gaining valuable experiences.

Placements in EU Business School - Munich, Germany

1. Career Services: EU Business School often provides career services to assist students with their job search. These services may include resume and interview preparation, job search workshops, and career counseling.

2. Internships: Some programs at EU Business School may incorporate internships as part of the curriculum. Internships can be an excellent way to gain practical experience and make connections in the industry.

3. Networking Opportunities: The school may organize networking events, job fairs, and guest lectures that allow students to interact with potential employers and industry professionals.

4. Alumni Network: Many universities, including EU Business School, have active alumni networks. Connecting with alumni can provide valuable insights, mentorship, and job leads.

5. Industry Partnerships: EU Business School often collaborates with industry partners and companies. These partnerships can lead to internship opportunities and job placements for students.

6. Job Placement Rate: You can inquire about the school's job placement rate, which indicates the percentage of graduates who secure employment in their field shortly after completing their studies.

7. International Opportunities: Depending on the program, EU Business School students may have opportunities to explore international job markets, which can be particularly valuable for those interested in global careers.

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