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About University

About Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Gachon University is a private research university located in South Korea. It has multiple campuses, and one of them is the Global Campus, which is situated in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province. The university was founded in 1988 by Dr. Gil-Chang Kim, and it has since grown to become a comprehensive institution offering a wide range of programs in   fields.


The Global Campus is located in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, not far from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. This location offers students the advantage of being in a relatively quiet and focused academic environment while still having easy access to the vibrant cultural and social life of Seoul.

Academic Offerings

Gachon University's Global Campus hosts a variety of academic programs, particularly those geared towards international students and global affairs. Programs might include international business, global languages and cultures, information technology, and bio-health sciences. The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to support these programs, including research laboratories, computer labs, and multimedia lecture rooms.

International Focus

A significant feature of the Global Campus is its emphasis on international education and exchanges. The university has partnerships with institutions around the world, facilitating student and faculty exchanges, joint research projects, and international conferences. Programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a globalized world, including language proficiency, cultural understanding, and international networking.

Student Life and Services

Student life at the Global Campus is vibrant, with numerous clubs, organizations, and activities that cater to a wide range of interests. Services for international students, including language support, visa assistance, and orientation programs, are well-established, ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment.

Facilities and Resources

The campus boasts comprehensive facilities, including:

  • Modern academic buildings and lecture halls

  • Libraries with extensive collections and study spaces

  • Residence halls providing comfortable living accommodations

  • Athletic and recreational facilities, including gyms, fields, and courts

  • Dining services offering a variety of local and international cuisine

Study in South Korea

Course Programs at Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Faculty of Global Industry

  • Global Business Administration: Focused on international business practices, finance, marketing, and management.

  • Global Logistics: Covers supply chain management, logistics, and operations management on a global scale.

Faculty of BioNano Technology

  • BioNano Technology: A cutting-edge program that combines biology, chemistry, and nanotechnology for innovations in healthcare and industry.

Faculty of Computing

  • Software: Emphasizes software development, programming languages, and systems engineering.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Focuses on machine learning, AI development, and data science applications.

  • Information Security: Offers insights into cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and digital forensics.

Faculty of Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering: Covers the design, analysis, and manufacturing of mechanical systems.

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Focuses on electrical circuits, systems, and electronic devices.

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Deals with the design and construction of infrastructure while considering environmental impacts.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Life Sciences: Offers studies in biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology.

  • Environmental Science and Engineering: Focuses on environmental protection, sustainability, and green technology.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Global Languages and Cultures: Offers in-depth studies in foreign languages and their corresponding cultural contexts.

  • International Studies: Focuses on global politics, international relations, and global economic systems.

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nursing: Prepares students for careers in healthcare, focusing on patient care, medical ethics, and nursing science.

  • Biomedical Science: Covers the study of diseases, medical diagnostics, and therapeutic sciences.

Unique Features of Programs at the Global Campus

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Many programs are designed to overlap with other fields, encouraging a holistic and integrated understanding of subjects.

  • Focus on Innovation: Courses are tailored to foster creativity, critical thinking, and innovation, preparing students for future challenges.

  • International Perspective: Programs incorporate a global viewpoint, preparing students for careers in international environments.

Scholarships in South Korea

Bachelors Course Programs at Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea 

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

B.S. in Software Engineering

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

B.A. in Global Business Administration

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

B.S. in Artificial Intelligence

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

B.S. in BioNano Technology

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

B.A. in Global Languages and Cultures

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

B.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

B.N. in Nursing

4 years

$8,000 - $12,000

Universities in South Korea

Masters Course Programs at Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

M.S. in Software Engineering

2 years

$10,000 - $15,000

M.A. in Global Business Administration

2 years

$10,000 - $15,000

M.S. in Artificial Intelligence

2 years

$10,000 - $15,000

M.S. in BioNano Technology

2 years

$10,000 - $15,000

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

2 years

$10,000 - $15,000

M.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2 years

$10,000 - $15,000

M.A. in Global Languages and Cultures

2 years

$10,000 - $15,000

M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering

2 years

$10,000 - $15,000

M.N. in Nursing

2 years

$10,000 - $15,000

Commerce Universities in South Korea

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

PhD in Software Engineering

3-5 years

$12,000 - $18,000

PhD in Global Business Administration

3-5 years

$12,000 - $18,000

PhD in Artificial Intelligence

3-5 years

$12,000 - $18,000

PhD in BioNano Technology

3-5 years

$12,000 - $18,000

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

3-5 years

$12,000 - $18,000

PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

3-5 years

$12,000 - $18,000

PhD in Global Languages and Cultures

3-5 years

$12,000 - $18,000

PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering

3-5 years

$12,000 - $18,000

PhD in Nursing

3-5 years

$12,000 - $18,000

Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea for International Students

Academic Programs

  • Diverse Offerings: The Global Campus provides a range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs across disciplines such as engineering, business, health sciences, and information technology, many of which are taught in English to accommodate international students.

  • Language Support: For programs conducted in Korean, language support courses are available to help international students achieve the proficiency required for their studies and daily life in South Korea.

Admission Process for International Students

  • Application: International students typically apply through a separate admission process designed to accommodate different educational backgrounds and language needs.

  • Requirements: These may include academic transcripts, proof of language proficiency (TOPIK for Korean or TOEFL/IELTS for English programs), letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. Specific requirements can vary by program.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Gachon University offers scholarships specifically for international students, which can cover partial or full tuition fees and sometimes living expenses. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, language proficiency, and other criteria.

Student Support Services

  • Orientation Programs: Designed to help international students acclimate to life in South Korea and at Gachon University, covering everything from academic policies to cultural norms.

  • International Office: Offers ongoing support with visa issues, accommodation, health insurance, and any challenges international students might face.

  • Language Exchange and Buddy Programs: These programs pair international students with Korean students to facilitate language learning and cultural exchange, helping to foster friendships and improve language skills.


  • The Global Campus provides on-campus housing options for international students, offering a convenient and safe living environment. Dormitories are equipped with essential amenities, and some may cater specifically to the needs of international residents.

Campus Life and Cultural Integration

  • Clubs and Activities: A wide range of student clubs and organizations cater to diverse interests, including cultural, sports, academic, and recreational activities, encouraging international students to engage with the campus community.

  • Cultural Excursions: The university organizes trips and activities to introduce international students to the rich cultural heritage of South Korea, from historical sites to contemporary Korean life.


  • Located in Seongnam, near Seoul, the Global Campus benefits from its proximity to the capital while offering a focused academic environment. This location provides easy access to the cultural, social, and professional opportunities in one of Asia’s most dynamic cities.

Admission Process of Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Step 1: Research and Select Program

  • Identify Programs of Interest: Start by reviewing the available programs at the Global Campus that align with your academic interests and career goals. Pay special attention to the language of instruction, as Gachon University offers programs in both Korean and English.

  • Check Requirements: Each program may have specific admission requirements, including language proficiency levels (TOPIK for Korean-taught programs, TOEFL/IELTS for English-taught programs), academic prerequisites, and other criteria.

Step 2: Prepare Application Documents

Commonly required documents for international students include:

  • Application Form: Completed either online or in a hard copy, depending on the university's procedure.

  • Academic Records: Official transcripts and diplomas from previous institutions (high school for undergraduate applicants, bachelor's degree for master's applicants, etc.). Documents not in English or Korean may need to be officially translated.

  • Proof of Language Proficiency: TOPIK scores for programs taught in Korean or TOEFL/IELTS scores for programs taught in English.

  • Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement: Outlining your academic interests, professional goals, and reasons for choosing Gachon University.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Typically from academic advisors or professors familiar with your academic performance and potential.

  • Passport Copy: For verifying your identity and nationality.

  • Financial Proof: Demonstrating your ability to cover tuition and living expenses, required for the visa application process.

  • Additional Requirements: Depending on the program, you might need to submit a portfolio, research proposal, or other specific documents.

Step 3: Submit Application

  • Application Deadline: Make sure to submit your application and all required documents by the specified deadline. Gachon University typically has separate application periods for the spring and fall semesters.

  • Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee may be required.

Step 4: Interview (If Applicable)

Some programs may require an interview as part of the admission process. Interviews can be conducted in person, by phone, or via video conferencing, especially for international applicants.

Step 5: Admission Decision

After reviewing applications, the university will make admission decisions and notify applicants. If accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter and further instructions on preparing for your arrival in South Korea, including information on visa applications, housing, and orientation sessions.

Step 6: Visa Application

With your acceptance letter, you can apply for a student visa (D-2 visa) at the nearest South Korean embassy or consulate in your country.

Step 7: Prepare for Arrival

Before departing for South Korea, make arrangements for accommodation (if not already provided by the university), health insurance, and other logistical details. Gachon University may offer pre-arrival guides and orientation programs to help with your transition.

Intake And Eligibility of Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Intake Periods

Gachon University typically has two main intake periods for new students, aligning with the standard academic calendar in South Korea:

  • Spring Semester: Begins in March. Applications are usually accepted in the preceding September or October.

  • Fall Semester: Starts in September. Application period often opens around May or June.

These periods can vary by program and level of study (undergraduate, graduate), so checking the specific dates on Gachon University's official website or contacting the admissions office directly is essential.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for admission to Gachon University's Global Campus vary depending on the level of study and the specific program. Below are the general requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs:

For Undergraduate Programs

  • Educational Background: Applicants must have completed, or be expected to complete, a high school education or equivalent before the start of the intended semester.

  • Language Proficiency: For programs taught in English, proof of English proficiency through tests like TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent may be required. For Korean-taught programs, proficiency in Korean is usually necessary, evidenced by TOPIK scores.

  • Additional Requirements: Some programs may have specific prerequisites or require additional documents, such as portfolios for arts programs.

For Graduate Programs

  • Educational Background: Applicants to master's programs should have a bachelor's degree, and doctoral program applicants should have a master's degree or equivalent in a relevant field.

  • Academic Records: Transcripts and diplomas from previous university studies.

  • Language Proficiency: Similar to undergraduate programs, depending on the language of instruction, proof of proficiency in English (TOEFL, IELTS) or Korean (TOPIK) is required.

  • Recommendation Letters: Usually, two letters of recommendation are needed.

  • Statement of Purpose or Research Proposal: Depending on the program, a detailed statement of purpose, study plan, or research proposal outlining academic interests and goals may be required.

  • Additional Requirements: Some programs might require specific qualifications, such as work experience, a portfolio, or GRE/GMAT scores.

Scholarship Available at Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Scholarship Name

Eligible Students



Gachon University Merit Scholarship

Undergraduate, Graduate

Full or Partial Tuition

High academic achievement

International Student Scholarship

Undergraduate, Graduate (International)

Partial to Full Tuition

Academic performance, language proficiency, financial need

Gachon Future Leader Scholarship

Undergraduate, Graduate

Full Tuition, Living Stipend

Leadership qualities, community service, extracurricular achievements

Research Assistantship


Tuition Waiver, Stipend

Participation in faculty research projects

Cultural Ambassador Scholarship

Undergraduate, Graduate (International)

Partial Tuition

Participation in cultural exchange, promotion of university

Need-Based Scholarship

Undergraduate, Graduate


Demonstrated financial need

Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation Type


Cost Range Per Semester (USD)

On-Campus Dormitory (Single Room)

A private room for one student, typically with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.

$1,200 - $2,000

On-Campus Dormitory (Double Room)

A shared room for two students, with communal living areas and facilities.

$800 - $1,500

Off-Campus Housing

Apartments or shared houses located near the campus, varying greatly in size, quality, and price.

$2,000 - $4,000

Students Life at Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Academic Environment

  • Diverse Programs: With a wide range of academic programs, students can pursue their interests in fields like engineering, business, health sciences, and more, benefiting from an interdisciplinary approach and international perspective.

  • Cutting-edge Facilities: The campus is equipped with modern laboratories, libraries, and classrooms, providing an ideal environment for learning and research.

Campus Facilities

  • Accommodation: On-campus housing offers comfortable living conditions, fostering a sense of community among students. Options typically include single and shared rooms, with amenities to support students' needs.

  • Dining Services: Campus dining halls and cafeterias serve a variety of Korean and international cuisines, catering to diverse dietary preferences and needs.

  • Health and Wellness: The campus provides healthcare services and counseling support to ensure the well-being of students. Recreational facilities, including gyms and sports fields, promote a healthy lifestyle.

Student Activities and Organizations

  • Clubs and Societies: A vibrant array of student clubs and organizations are available, ranging from academic and professional societies to cultural and recreational clubs, allowing students to explore new interests and hobbies.

  • Cultural Events: The university organizes cultural festivals, international nights, and other events that celebrate diversity and foster mutual understanding among students from various backgrounds.

Support Services for International Students

  • Orientation Programs: Comprehensive orientation sessions help international students acclimate to life in South Korea and familiarize themselves with university policies and resources.

  • Language Support: Language exchange programs and Korean language courses are offered to help international students improve their language skills, essential for both academic success and daily life in South Korea.

  • Visa and Administrative Support: Dedicated support services assist international students with visa applications, accommodation, and other administrative processes.

Community Engagement

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Students can engage with the local community through volunteer activities and service projects, enhancing their understanding of Korean culture and contributing positively to society.

  • Industry Partnerships: The university's collaborations with industries provide students with opportunities for internships, co-op programs, and job placements, enhancing their professional development and employability.

Access to Seoul and Beyond

  • Given its location near Seoul, students at the Global Campus can easily explore the capital's rich cultural heritage, entertainment options, and professional opportunities, making for a well-rounded educational experience.

Placements in Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Career Development Services

  • Career Counseling: The university offers career counseling services to help students identify their career goals and plan their academic and extracurricular activities accordingly.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Regular workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, job search strategies, and networking skills are conducted to prepare students for the job market.

  • Career Fairs: Gachon University organizes career fairs and company information sessions, providing students with opportunities to meet potential employers, learn about job openings, and understand industry trends.

Internship Programs

  • Industry Partnerships: The university has partnerships with  companies and organizations across industries, facilitating internship opportunities for students. These internships provide practical experience, industry exposure, and valuable networking opportunities.

  • Credit-bearing Internships: Some academic programs offer internships as part of the curriculum, allowing students to gain hands-on experience while earning academic credits.

Job Placement Support

  • Alumni Network: An active alumni network provides mentoring and networking opportunities. Alumni can offer guidance, share job openings, and help with introductions to potential employers.

  • Job Placement Services: The university's career center assists students in finding job placements by offering access to job listings, organizing recruitment events, and facilitating connections with alumni and potential employers.

International Opportunities

  • Global Career Services: For students interested in pursuing careers abroad, the university offers resources and guidance on international job markets, including information on work visas, global job search strategies, and international career opportunities.

  • Partnerships with International Universities and Organizations: These partnerships can provide avenues for students to explore internships, research positions, and employment opportunities worldwide.

Acceptance Rate of Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Factors Influencing Acceptance:

  • Program Popularity: More sought-after programs may have lower acceptance rates due to higher competition.

  • Applicant Qualifications: The strength of the applicant pool, including academic achievements, language proficiency, and extracurricular activities, can influence acceptance rates.

  • International vs. Domestic Applicants: Some programs may have separate quotas or considerations for international students, which could affect acceptance rates for this group differently than for domestic students.

For Prospective Students:

To maximize your chances of acceptance:

  • Meet or Exceed Requirements: Ensure that you meet all minimum requirements and strive to exceed them where possible, especially in areas like academic performance and language proficiency.

  • Highlight Unique Qualifications: In your application, highlight any unique qualifications, experiences, or achievements that could set you apart from other applicants.

  • Research Specific Programs: Look into the specific requirements and competitiveness of the program you're interested in. Departments or faculties may provide more specific information upon request.

  • Contact Admissions: For the most accurate information regarding acceptance rates, application procedures, and program-specific advice, contact Gachon University's admissions office directly.

Campus Location of Gachon University (Global Campus), South Korea

Key Features of the Location:

  • Proximity to Seoul: Seongnam is just a short distance from Seoul, easily accessible via public transportation. This allows students to explore Seoul's rich historical sites, cultural events, entertainment options, and networking opportunities.

  • Technology Hub: Seongnam is known for its technology and business districts, including the Pangyo Techno Valley, which is often referred to as Korea's Silicon Valley. This provides students, especially those in technology and business programs, with opportunities for internships, collaborations, and exposure to leading companies and startups.

  • Natural Beauty and Recreation: The area around the Global Campus offers green spaces and recreational areas, providing a pleasant environment for outdoor activities and relaxation.

  • Amenities and Conveniences: Seongnam offers all the conveniences of urban living, including shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment facilities, ensuring students have access to everything they need.

Address and Access:

While specific directions can vary depending on your starting point, here are some general tips for reaching Gachon University's Global Campus:

  • Public Transportation: The campus is accessible via subway, bus, and other public transportation options from  points within Seongnam and Seoul. The public transport network in the area is efficient and convenient.

  • International Access: For international students or visitors, the Incheon International Airport is the main entry point to South Korea, from where you can take a bus, train, or taxi to Seongnam.

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B.Sc in Premedical Oriental Medicine

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 4 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

B.Sc in Chemistry

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 4 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

B.Sc in Applied Statistics

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 4 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

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