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About University

About Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Key Features of HDBW:


  • Munich: The main campus is located in Munich, one of Germany's most dynamic and economically strong cities. This location provides students with numerous opportunities for internships and employment in leading companies across industries.

Academic Programs:

HDBW offers specialized programs across three primary faculties:

  • Business Administration: Includes specializations in International Management, Marketing, and Digital Business Models.

  • Engineering: Focuses on Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Automation Engineering.

  • Digitalization: Offers programs in Applied Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Information Systems Management.

Teaching Philosophy:

  • Practice-Oriented Education: HDBW emphasizes practical learning through projects, case studies, and collaboration with industry partners.

  • Small Class Sizes: The university maintains small class sizes to ensure personalized attention and support for each student.

  • Industry Connections: Strong ties with Bavarian businesses and industries facilitate practical training opportunities and enhance job prospects post-graduation.

International Orientation:

  • English-Taught Programs: Several programs are offered entirely in English, attracting a diverse international student body.

  • Global Network: The university has partnerships with various institutions worldwide, enabling student exchanges and international internships.

Career Focus:

  • Career Services: HDBW provides comprehensive career support services, including career counseling, workshops, and company presentations.

  • Internships and Practical Training: Students are encouraged to undertake internships, and many programs incorporate mandatory internships as part of the curriculum.

Campus Facilities:

  • Modern Facilities: The Munich campus features modern classrooms, computer labs, and a library equipped with a wide range of resources.

  • Student Life: HDBW offers clubs and organizations, enabling students to engage in extracurricular activities and develop leadership skills.

Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Programs: Applicants need a high school diploma equivalent to the German Abitur, along with language proficiency in English or German, depending on the program.

  • Master’s Programs: Requires a bachelor's degree in a relevant field and sufficient language skills. Admission may also involve an interview process to assess suitability for the program.

Masters in Business Analytics in Germany

Course Programs at Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Bachelor's Programs

  1. Business Administration

    • Specializations include International Management, Marketing, and Digital Business Models.

    • Duration: 7 semesters (including a mandatory internship semester).

    • Provides comprehensive training in business fundamentals, strategic management, and digital transformation.

  2. Mechanical Engineering

    • Focuses on design, development, and production engineering.

    • Duration: 7 semesters (including a practical project semester).

    • Equips students with skills in mechanical design, automation, and manufacturing technologies.

  3. Industrial Engineering

    • Combines engineering expertise with business administration.

    • Duration: 7 semesters (including a practical semester in industry).

    • Prepares students for roles that bridge the gap between technical and management functions within companies.

  4. Business Informatics

    • Merges information technology with business management.

    • Duration: 7 semesters (including a practical project semester).

    • Tailored for students aiming to manage IT projects or develop business software solutions.

Master's Programs

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    • General management curriculum with a focus on executive leadership and strategic management.

    • Duration: 4 semesters (part-time program designed for working professionals).

    • Includes modules on global business strategies, financial management, and innovation management.

  2. Digitalization

    • Specializations in Applied Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Information Systems Management.

    • Duration: 3 semesters.

    • Focuses on equipping students with cutting-edge skills in managing digital transformation and leveraging data analytics.

  3. Supply Chain Management

    • Concentrates on logistics, procurement, and supply chain optimization.

    • Duration: 3 semesters.

    • Designed for students interested in managing complex supply chains in a global context.

Study in Germany

Bachelors Course Programs at Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Course Program Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees Per Year in USD

Business Administration

7 semesters

Approx. $7,300 - $8,700

Mechanical Engineering

7 semesters

Approx. $7,300 - $8,700

Industrial Engineering

7 semesters

Approx. $7,300 - $8,700

Business Informatics

7 semesters

Approx. $7,300 - $8,700


Universities in Germany

Masters Course Programs at Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Course Program Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees Per Year in USD

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

4 semesters (part-time)

Approx. $10,900

Digitalization (Applied AI, Data Science, Information Systems Management)

3 semesters

Approx. $8,700

Supply Chain Management

3 semesters

Approx. $8,700


B.Eng (Bachelor of Engineering) in Germany

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Course Type

Typical Duration

Tuition Fees Per Year in USD


3-5 years

Minimal or no tuition fees

Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany for International Students

Academic Programs

  • Programs Offered: HDBW has a strong focus on providing career-oriented education in the fields of Business Administration, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Business Informatics, and more recently, programs in Digitalization such as Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

  • Language of Instruction: Although many programs are taught in German, HDBW offers several master’s programs in English, catering to international students who may not be fluent in German.

  • Program Structure: Programs are designed with a practical orientation, incorporating real-world projects and internships, which are particularly beneficial for international students looking to gain experience in the German job market.

Support Services for International Students

  • Orientation Program: HDBW runs orientation sessions aimed at helping international students acclimate to life in Germany and understand the academic systems and culture at the university.

  • German Language Courses: For students enrolled in English-taught programs but wishing to improve their German language skills, HDBW offers language courses which are useful for daily interactions and enhancing future job prospects in Germany.

  • Career Services: The Career Center provides counseling, workshops on resume writing and interview preparation, and job placement services which are crucial for international students planning to work in Germany after graduation.

Campus Life

  • Cultural Integration: The university organizes various cultural events and excursions that help international students learn about and immerse themselves in German culture.

  • Student Clubs and Societies: These play a significant role in helping international students build networks and integrate socially with their peers.


  • Housing: HDBW assists international students in finding suitable housing, either in student dormitories or private accommodations. Munich has a competitive housing market, so the university’s assistance can be very beneficial.


  • Munich: Being based in Munich, students have the advantage of living in one of Germany’s most vibrant and economically strong cities, renowned for its high quality of life, cultural heritage, and the presence of numerous multinational corporations.

Admission Process of Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Step 1: Choose Your Program

  • Identify Your Program: Begin by identifying the program that aligns with your academic interests and career goals. HDBW offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in areas like Business Administration, Engineering, and Digitalization.

  • Check Language Requirements: Determine whether your chosen program is taught in German or English and what the corresponding language proficiency requirements are.

Step 2: Check Eligibility

  • Academic Requirements: For bachelor’s programs, you typically need a secondary school leaving certificate equivalent to the German Abitur. For master’s programs, a relevant bachelor's degree is required.

  • Language Proficiency: For English-taught programs, proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS) is required. For German-taught programs, you will need proof of German proficiency (TestDaF, DSH, or similar).

Step 3: Prepare Application Documents

  • Transcripts and Certificates: Compile official transcripts, certificates, and diplomas from your previous education.

  • CV/Resume: Particularly for master’s programs, a detailed CV is required.

  • Motivation Letter: A letter outlining your motivation for choosing the program and how it fits into your career plans.

  • Proof of Language Proficiency: As per the requirements of your chosen program.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Some master’s programs might require recommendation letters.

Step 4: Submit Application

  • Application Portal: Submit your application through the HDBW’s online application portal. Make sure all documents are complete and submitted before the deadline.

  • Application Fee: Check if there is an application fee required and ensure it is paid as part of your application process.

Step 5: Application Review and Interview

  • Review Process: Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the admissions committee. Some programs may require an additional interview (either in person or online) as part of the selection process.

Step 6: Admission Decision

  • Decision: You will receive a notification regarding your admission status via email. If accepted, you will be provided with further instructions on how to enroll.

Step 7: Enrollment and Visa Application

  • Enrollment: Complete the enrollment process by submitting any final documentation and paying the semester fee.

  • Visa Application: Non-EU students will need to apply for a student visa. Begin this process as soon as you receive your admission letter to ensure you have your visa in time for the start of your studies.

Step 8: Arrival and Orientation

  • Plan Your Arrival: Arrange for accommodation and plan your arrival in Munich.

  • Orientation Program: Participate in the orientation program organized by HDBW, which is crucial for getting to know the campus, your program, and other students.

Intake And Eligibility of Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Intake Periods

HDBW typically offers one major intake for the academic year:

  • Winter Semester: Starts in October.

    • Application Deadline: Usually, the application deadline for international students is earlier to allow time for visa processing and accommodation arrangements. Typically, this deadline is around May to July.

Eligibility Criteria

For Bachelor’s Programs

  • Academic Requirements: Applicants need a secondary school diploma equivalent to the German Abitur, such as A-levels, IB, high school diploma, etc. Applicants from non-EU countries often need to go through the recognition process to validate that their educational qualifications meet German standards.

  • Language Proficiency:

    • German-taught programs: Proficiency in German is required, typically demonstrated by passing a recognized test such as TestDaF, DSH, or Goethe-Institut certificates.

    • English-taught programs: Proficiency in English, demonstrated by TOEFL or IELTS scores, depending on the program's language requirements.

For Master’s Programs

  • Academic Requirements: A relevant Bachelor's degree with a good academic record. The specific degree requirements may vary depending on the master's program.

  • Language Proficiency:

    • German-taught programs: Sufficient proficiency in German.

    • English-taught programs: Adequate proficiency in English, usually proven by standardized tests like TOEFL or IELTS.

  • Work Experience: Some programs might require professional experience or specific qualifications related to the field of study.

Scholarship Available at Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Scholarship Name



Application Period


Outstanding academic performance, social commitment, personal achievements

Financial support of approximately €300 per month for one year

Typically around the start of the academic year

HDBW Merit Scholarship

High academic achievement, engagement in university activities

Reduction in tuition fees or direct financial support

Annually before the winter semester

Bavarian Government Scholarship

International students from all countries, based on academic merit and need

One-time financial grant

Annually, depending on availability

DAAD Scholarships

International students, various criteria based on specific DAAD programs

widely, can include monthly stipends, travel allowances, insurance

Depends on the specific DAAD program

Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Facility or Service


Cost (Approximate)

Campus Location

Situated in Munich, one of Germany's largest and most dynamic cities, known for its strong economy and cultural heritage.


Academic Facilities

Modern classrooms, computer labs, and a library equipped with a wide range of resources.


Student Housing

No on-campus housing available; students typically live in private accommodation or student apartments.

€600 to €1,000 per month

Private Housing

Apartments, shared flats, and student residences are common options available throughout Munich.

€800 to €1,200 per month


Munich has an excellent public transport system, including U-Bahn (subway), S-Bahn (suburban train), trams, and buses.

Semester ticket approx. €200

Dining Services

While there are no dining halls on campus, Munich offers a wide variety of dining options suitable for students.

Meals around €5 to €15

Sports Facilities

No specific sports facilities on campus, but Munich offers numerous public sports clubs and facilities.

club memberships from €20 to €70 per month

Student Services

Offers career services, counseling, and support for international students, including help with accommodation and visas.


Students Life at Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Academic Environment

  • Interactive Learning: HDBW emphasizes a practical and interactive learning approach, with small class sizes ensuring personalized attention and better interaction with faculty.

  • Industry Integration: The university has strong ties with local and international businesses, providing students with opportunities for internships, practical projects, and networking which are integral to their educational experience.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Clubs and Societies: Students at HDBW can engage in various clubs and societies based on their interests. These range from sports and cultural clubs to tech and business groups, offering a platform to develop new skills and hobbies.

  • Events and Workshops: The university organizes regular workshops, guest lectures, and seminars that focus on current industry trends and academic topics, enhancing the students’ learning curve and keeping them updated with the latest knowledge.

Support Services

  • Career Services: HDBW’s Career Services office provides counseling, resume workshops, job placement services, and hosts career fairs that connect students with potential employers.

  • International Student Support: The International Office offers comprehensive support to international students, including assistance with accommodation, visa processes, and orientation to help them adjust to life in Germany.

Cultural and Social Life

  • Cultural Integration: Munich’s rich cultural heritage offers students numerous museums, theaters, historical sites, and annual events like Oktoberfest. The city’s international community also allows for diverse cultural exchanges.

  • Social Activities: The university and the city host various social events and gatherings which provide students with opportunities to meet and interact with their peers and locals, helping them build a vibrant social network.

Sports and Recreation

  • Sports Facilities: While HDBW itself may not have extensive sports facilities, Munich offers wide-ranging public sports facilities and clubs that students can join, from football and swimming to skiing in the nearby Alps.

  • Outdoor Activities: Munich’s location offers unique opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, including hiking, biking, and skiing, thanks to its proximity to parks and mountains.

Student Accommodation

  • Housing: HDBW helps in securing student accommodation through partnerships with local housing providers. Options typically include shared apartments, private apartments, or student dormitories.

  • Living in Munich: While Munich is known for being one of the more expensive German cities, careful planning can help manage living costs effectively. The city's efficient public transport system also makes it easy to explore diverse neighborhoods and cultural offerings.

Placements in Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Career Services

  • Career Center: HDBW’s Career Center plays a pivotal role in preparing students for the job market. It provides resources and support in career planning, resume writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Regularly scheduled workshops and seminars are aimed at developing professional skills, such as networking, effective communication, and digital competencies.

Industry Integration

  • Internships: Integral to all programs at HDBW, internships provide students with practical experience and insights into industry operations. These are often facilitated by the university’s partnerships with businesses in and around Munich, one of Germany's top economic hubs.

  • Project Work: Students engage in project work that involves real-world business and engineering challenges presented by corporate partners. This not only enhances learning but also showcases the students' skills to potential employers.

Job Fairs and Networking Events

  • Career Fairs: HDBW hosts annual career fairs where students can meet potential employers, learn about job opportunities, and even secure job offers. These fairs attract a wide range of companies, from startups to multinational corporations.

  • Networking Opportunities: Through various events and guest lectures, students have the chance to connect with industry professionals, HDBW alumni, and faculty members who have extensive industry contacts.

Alumni Network

  • Mentorship Programs: The alumni network at HDBW provides mentorship opportunities where former students share their experiences and offer guidance on career development.

  • Alumni Events: Regular events help current students connect with alumni working in relevant fields, facilitating job referrals and professional networking.

Online Job Portal

  • Job Listings: HDBW maintains an online job portal that lists current job openings and internships, available exclusively to its students and alumni.

Acceptance Rate of Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Key Factors Affecting Admission:

  1. Program Capacity: Admissions are primarily determined by the capacity of individual programs. Some popular programs might have limited spots and could be more competitive.

  2. Qualifications and Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s Programs: Applicants generally need a secondary school leaving certificate equivalent to the German Abitur. This includes international equivalents like A-levels, IB diplomas, or similar qualifications.

    • Master’s Programs: A relevant bachelor's degree is required, along with specific qualifications depending on the master’s program.

  3. Language Proficiency:

    • For German-taught programs: Proficiency in German is usually necessary, demonstrated by tests like TestDaF or DSH.

    • For English-taught programs: Proficiency in English, shown through standardized tests like TOEFL or IELTS, is required.

Campus Location of Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Germany

Campus Location Details:

  • Address: Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW), Konrad-Zuse-Platz 8, 81829 Munich, Germany.

  • Setting: The campus is situated in the eastern part of Munich, in an area known for its mix of residential and business districts. It's relatively close to Munich's new fairgrounds, making it part of a rapidly developing business area.

Facilities and Environment:

  • Modern Campus: HDBW boasts modern facilities designed to support its focus on business, technology, and digital innovation. This includes state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs, and collaboration spaces that foster a learning environment conducive to innovation and practical learning.

  • Accessibility: The campus is well-connected by Munich's efficient public transport network. It's easily accessible via subway (U-Bahn), bus, and tram, ensuring that students can conveniently commute from various parts of the city.

  • Nearby Amenities: Being in Munich, the campus is close to numerous cafes, restaurants, and recreational areas. This provides students with ample opportunities to relax and engage with the city beyond academic activities.

Living in Munich:

  • Cultural Hub: Munich is not only the capital of Bavaria but also a cultural hub with museums, theaters, historical sites, and an active nightlife. It hosts famous events like Oktoberfest and offers rich Bavarian traditions combined with a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle.

  • Economic Center: Known as a major European economic center, Munich is home to several Fortune 500 companies and numerous startups, particularly in the tech and automotive industries. This provides students with ample internship and job opportunities post-graduation.

  • Outdoor Activities: The city is close to Bavaria’s lakes and the Alps, offering outdoor sports and recreational activities year-round.

Student Life:

  • Vibrant Student Community: The university’s location in Munich allows students to be part of a vibrant student community. Munich has several universities and hence a large student population, offering a diverse and engaging social life.

  • Support Services: HDBW provides various support services including counseling, career services, and international student services, helping students to navigate their studies and life in Munich effectively.

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