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About University

About Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Istanbul Arel University, located in Istanbul, Turkey, is a private university established in 2007. It was founded by the Kemal Gözükara Education and Culture Foundation. The university aims to provide high-quality education and to contribute to both national and international levels of academia, technology, science, and art. Istanbul Arel University is known for its commitment to innovation and its comprehensive curriculum that includes undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.


The university has multiple campuses, with the main ones being the Tepekent and Sefaköy campuses. These campuses are equipped with modern facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, classrooms, and sports facilities, designed to support both educational and extracurricular activities.

Academic Programs

Istanbul Arel University offers a wide range of programs across fields such as engineering, business, communication, arts and design, and health sciences. The programs are structured to equip students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields.

International Collaboration

The university is active in international partnerships, facilitating global student exchanges, research collaborations, and academic conferences. These initiatives help students and faculty gain broader perspectives and engage with international standards of education and research.

Student Life and Activities

Student life at Istanbul Arel University is vibrant, with numerous clubs, societies, and events. These activities encourage students to engage in cultural, social, and entrepreneurial activities, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.

Research and Development

Research is a key focus at Istanbul Arel University, with emphasis on innovation and development in domains. The university supports research projects and collaborations that contribute to scientific advancement and societal benefits.

Universities in Turkey

Course Programs at Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Undergraduate Programs

  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

    • Computer Engineering

    • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    • Civil Engineering

    • Architecture

  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

    • Business Administration

    • Economics

    • International Relations

  • Faculty of Communication

    • Visual Communication Design

    • Public Relations and Advertising

    • Radio, Television and Cinema

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences

    • Psychology

    • Mathematics

    • Molecular Biology and Genetics

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

    • Nursing

    • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

    • Nutrition and Dietetics

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • MSc in Computer Engineering

  • MA in Clinical Psychology

  • Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design

Doctoral Programs

  • Ph.D. in Computer Engineering

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration

  • Ph.D. in Architecture

Study in Turkey

Bachelor Course Programs at Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Computer Engineering

4 years


Electrical and Electronics Engineering

4 years


Civil Engineering

4 years



4 years


Business Administration

4 years



4 years


International Relations

4 years


Visual Communication Design

4 years


Public Relations and Advertising

4 years


Radio, Television and Cinema

4 years



4 years



4 years


Molecular Biology and Genetics

4 years



4 years


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

4 years


Nutrition and Dietetics

4 years



M.Eng (Master of Engineering) In Turkey


Masters Course Programs at Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2 years


MSc in Computer Engineering

2 years


MA in Clinical Psychology

2 years


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design

2 years


MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2 years


MA in Public Relations and Advertising

2 years


MSc in Civil Engineering

2 years


MA in Economics

2 years


MSc in Architecture

2 years


MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics

2 years


MSc in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

2 years



PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

PhD in Computer Engineering

4 years


PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

4 years


PhD in Business Administration

4 years


PhD in Architecture

4 years


PhD in Civil Engineering

4 years


PhD in Psychology

4 years


PhD in Economics

4 years


PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics

4 years


PhD in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

4 years


PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics

4 years


PhD in Mathematics

4 years



Istanbul Arel University, Turkey for International Students

Academic Programs

Istanbul Arel University provides a broad spectrum of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, catering to a diverse range of interests and disciplines. The programs are structured to meet international standards, with many courses offered in English to accommodate non-Turkish speaking students.

Language Support

For programs where the primary language of instruction is Turkish, the university offers intensive Turkish language courses to help international students adapt and excel in their chosen fields of study. Additionally, there are enough programs taught in English, especially at the graduate level, to serve students who prefer or require English.

International Office

The International Office at Istanbul Arel University is dedicated to helping international students adjust to life in Turkey and succeed academically. The office provides assistance with admissions, visa processing, accommodation, orientation, and integration into the university community.


The university offers accommodation options for international students. These facilities are designed to be comfortable and conducive to student life, providing a safe and engaging environment where students can socialize and study.

Cultural Integration

Istanbul is a city that bridges East and West, both geographically and culturally, making it an intriguing place for international students. Istanbul Arel University encourages students to explore the city and immerse themselves in the rich Turkish culture through cultural activities, excursions, and clubs.

Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition fees at Istanbul Arel University are relatively affordable compared to other international universities, and the costs of living in Istanbul are reasonable. The university also offers scholarships and financial aid options which international students can apply for to help manage their financial responsibilities.


Located in Istanbul, the university gives students access to a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant culture, history, and economic opportunities. Istanbul's unique position as a global city provides students with numerous professional and personal growth opportunities during and after their studies.

Admission Process of Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Step 1: Choose Your Program

First, prospective students should explore the different academic programs offered by the university to determine which one aligns with their career goals and academic interests. Istanbul Arel University offers a wide range of bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs.

Step 2: Check the Requirements

  • For Bachelor's Programs: A high school diploma, transcript, and possibly scores from national or international entrance exams (like the SAT, ACT, or country-specific exams).

  • For Master’s Programs: A bachelor's degree in a relevant field, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and sometimes a graduate entrance exam score (like the GRE or GMAT for certain programs).

  • For Doctoral Programs: A master’s degree with a relevant thesis, academic transcripts, research proposal, and references. Some programs may require specific entrance exams or interviews.

Step 3: Application Submission

  • Academic transcripts and diplomas

  • Proof of language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS if the program is in English and the applicant is not a native speaker)

  • Passport size photos

  • Copy of passport or ID

  • Motivation letter or statement of purpose

  • Curriculum Vitae (mainly for graduate programs)

Step 4: Language Proficiency

Non-native speakers who apply for English-taught programs must prove their proficiency in English through tests like TOEFL or IELTS. Similarly, those who apply for Turkish-taught programs might need to demonstrate their Turkish language skills through exams like TÖMER.

Step 5: Payment of Application Fee

Most universities require the payment of a non-refundable application fee at the time of submitting the application.

Step 6: Evaluation and Interview

The university reviews all applications, and some candidates may be called for an interview, especially for graduate and doctoral programs. This step is crucial for assessing the applicant's compatibility with the program and their potential for success at the university.

Step 7: Admission Decision

Once the evaluation process is complete, the university will issue an admission decision. Successful candidates will receive an offer letter, which they must accept to proceed with enrollment.

Step 8: Visa and Accommodation

International students will need to apply for a student visa with the Turkish embassy or consulate in their country. The university provides assistance with the visa application process and offers options for student accommodation.

Step 9: Registration and Orientation

Admitted students must complete their registration by submitting any final documents, paying tuition fees, and enrolling in their courses. Most universities also offer an orientation program to help new students acclimate to campus life and commence their studies.

Intake And Eligibility of Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Intake Periods

  • Fall Intake (Starts in September): This is the primary intake and offers the widest range of programs. Most students prefer this intake for the beginning of the academic year.

  • Spring Intake (Starts in February): Not all programs are available for the spring intake, so it's essential to check specific program availability if considering this intake.

Eligibility Requirements

For Undergraduate Programs

  • High School Diploma: Applicants must have completed their secondary education and possess a high school diploma equivalent to Turkish high schools.

  • Entrance Examination: Depending on the student's nationality, they may need to submit scores from international standardized tests (like SAT, ACT) or results from national entrance exams.

  • Language Proficiency: For English-taught programs, proof of English proficiency through exams like TOEFL or IELTS is required unless the student’s prior education was in English. For Turkish-taught programs, proficiency in Turkish is necessary, usually demonstrated through a TÖMER test.

  • Age and Other Requirements: Some programs may have specific age or health requirements, particularly those related to physical education or performance arts.

For Graduate Programs

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a related field for master's programs, and a master's degree for doctoral programs.

  • Transcripts: Academic transcripts demonstrating a satisfactory grade point average.

  • Test Scores: Graduate programs may require GRE, GMAT, or other relevant test scores.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Typically, two or more recommendation letters are required.

  • Statement of Purpose or Research Proposal: Applicants must submit a personal statement or research proposal outlining their academic interests and goals.

  • Language Proficiency: Similar to undergraduate admissions, proof of proficiency in the language of instruction (English or Turkish) is required.

  • Interview: Some graduate programs may also require an interview as part of the selection process.

Scholarship Available at Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Scholarship Name



Merit Scholarship

High academic performance in high school or previous university studies

Up to 100% tuition waiver

Sports Scholarship

Excellence in sports, recognized at national or international levels

Partial to full tuition waiver

Cultural and Artistic Scholarship

Demonstrated talent in arts or cultural activities

Partial to full tuition waiver

International Student Scholarship

Non-Turkish citizens applying for undergraduate or graduate programs

Partial to full tuition waiver

Research Scholarship

Graduate students engaging in specific research projects

Tuition waiver + stipend

Needs-Based Scholarship

Demonstrated financial need

Varies, partial tuition waiver


Istanbul Arel University, Turkey Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Campus Location

Accommodation Type

Facilities Included

Cost (Per Month in USD)

Tepekent Campus

On-Campus Dormitories

Single and shared rooms, communal kitchens, study areas, Wi-Fi, security, laundry facilities

$250 - $400

Sefaköy Campus

Off-Campus Housing Partners

 Options including apartments and shared housing; usually includes utilities, Wi-Fi, and furnishings

$300 - $500


Students Life at Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Campus Facilities

  • Libraries: Well-stocked with books, journals, and electronic resources to support research and learning.

  • Laboratories: State-of-the-art labs for practical and research work, particularly in the fields of engineering, science, and technology.

  • Sports Facilities: Gyms, sports courts, and fields for soccer, basketball, and other sports encourage a healthy lifestyle among students.

  • Cafeterias and Dining Halls: These provide a variety of meal options catering to different dietary preferences and cultural tastes.

  • Health Services: On-campus clinics and psychological counseling services are available to ensure the physical and mental well-being of students.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Cultural Societies: These might include music, dance, theater, and literature clubs, offering students opportunities to explore their talents and interests.

  • Academic and Professional Organizations: These clubs focus on specific academic disciplines or career paths, providing networking opportunities, workshops, and guest lectures from industry professionals.

  • Sports Teams and Fitness Classes: Students can join university sports teams or participate in fitness classes, which are great for maintaining health and building teamwork skills.

  • Social Responsibility Projects: Volunteering and community service initiatives allow students to give back to the community and develop a sense of global citizenship.

Social and Cultural Integration

  • City Tours and Cultural Excursions: Organized trips to historical sites, museums, and cultural landmarks in and around Istanbul.

  • Language Exchange Programs: These programs help international students learn Turkish and understand local customs, while Turkish students might learn other languages and about different cultures.

  • International Nights and Cultural Festivals: Events that celebrate the diverse backgrounds of the student body and promote cultural exchange.

Support Services

  • International Office: Assists international students with everything from visas to accommodation and integration into Turkish society.

  • Career Services: Offers career counseling, resume workshops, internship opportunities, and job placement services to help students prepare for their professional lives.

  • Academic Advising: Available to help students plan their educational paths and make the most of their university experience.

Placements in Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Career Counseling

The Career Services Office provides individual counseling to help students understand their career options, set realistic goals, and plan their career paths. Counselors assist with everything from choosing a major and deciding on a career direction to preparing for job interviews.

Workshops and Seminars

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing: Guidance on how to craft effective resumes and cover letters that stand out to potential employers.

  • Interview Preparation: Tips and practice sessions for both behavioral and technical interviews, including mock interviews.

  • Networking Skills: Training on how to build and maintain professional relationships.

  • Personal Branding: Advice on how to use social media and other platforms to build a professional online presence.

Job Fairs and Recruitment Events

Istanbul Arel University hosts annual job fairs and on-campus recruitment events where students can meet employers from industries. These events provide an opportunity for students to learn about job openings, submit resumes, and sometimes participate in on-the-spot interviews.

Internship Programs

Internships are highly encouraged and supported as they are a vital way for students to gain practical experience and make industry contacts. The university assists in finding suitable internships that align with students’ academic and career goals. Many degree programs may also include internships as a compulsory component.

Alumni Networking

The university leverages its alumni network to benefit current students. Alumni are often invited to share their experiences and offer mentorship. Networking with alumni can open doors to job opportunities and internships.

Industry Partnerships

Istanbul Arel University has established partnerships with companies and organizations across multiple sectors. These partnerships can lead to research opportunities, guest lectures from industry leaders, and direct recruitment pipelines for graduating students.

Job Placement Support

After graduation, the Career Services Office continues to support alumni by offering job placement services and notifying them of relevant job opportunities. They maintain an active database of job vacancies and connect graduates with potential employers.

Tracking Graduate Success

The university tracks the career progress of its graduates, which helps in assessing the effectiveness of its educational programs and placement efforts. This data is used to continuously improve career support services and academic offerings to better meet the needs of both students and employers.

Campus Location of Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

Istanbul Arel University has two main campuses, both located in Istanbul, Turkey. Each campus serves different academic needs and facilities. Here's a brief overview of each campus:

1. Tepekent Campus

  • Location: Tepekent-Büyükçekmece, Istanbul

  • Facilities: This is the main campus of Istanbul Arel University and is quite extensive, offering a range of educational and recreational facilities. It houses faculties such as Engineering and Architecture, Arts and Sciences, and Health Sciences. This campus also features sports facilities, student residences, laboratories, and a library.

  • Environment: The Tepekent Campus is located on the outskirts of Istanbul, providing a more relaxed and spacious environment, which is conducive to both study and leisure activities.

2. Sefaköy Campus

  • Location: Sefaköy-Küçükçekmece, Istanbul

  • Facilities: The Sefaköy Campus is primarily focused on faculties like Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, and Fine Arts. It also offers modern facilities including lecture halls, workshops, a library, and multimedia studios.

  • Environment: Situated closer to the city center, the Sefaköy Campus offers easier access to Istanbul’s urban amenities, making it a more vibrant and bustling location compared to the Tepekent Campus.

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MS in Civil Engineering

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 4 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

MBA in Business Management

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 4 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

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