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About University

About Kazakh National Medical University 

Kazakh National Medical University is a non-profit open university in Kazakhstan. It is located in Almaty city. This institute is the no.1 medical institute in entire Kazakhstan, founded in 1931. Most of the leading physicians of Kazakhstan are affiliated with the university. The Kazakh National Medical University is dedicated to S.D. Asfendiyarov, who was the first rector when the university was inaugurated. Due to its best academic results, the government classified this university as a national university in 2011. The  University is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Notably, the university was incepted with the mission to define a perfect model of competitive institution. It is focused on innovation to deliver high standards of medical education to students over the globe.

Spotlight at Kazakh National Medical University

The Kazakh National University is engaged in rendering high-grade medical education, updating scientific investigations on problems of Public health, and implementing practical health care at the medical services market. The university duly provides high-quality medical services that are deeply integrated into the global community. KazNMU is a turning point in the history of education, medicine, and the country altogether. The University provides a high level of practical training of students to a significant extent via their own clinics. It functions to offer innovations in the field of science, education, and practical health care. Today, the university continued to be the leader in medical education in Kazakhstan. As per the results of the International ratings of the European chamber of science and industry (ARES-2017), KazNMU got first place in medical universities and third place among the universities with A+ categories in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Course Programs offered by the Kazakh National Medical University

For the students, numerous course programs are offered by the University, those leading to bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees.

The Kazakh National Medical University offers educational course programs for students, those leading to bachelor degrees, residency, magistracy, and doctoral degrees. All these courses can be classified under the following faculties:

  1. General medicine school

  2. Pharmaceutical school

  3. Public health school

  4. School of Pediatrics

  5. Medico-prophylactic faculty

  6. Stomatological school

  7. Postgraduate school

  8. International faculty

University and Accommodation of Kazakh National Medical University

The Kazakh National Medical University has well-furnished modern infrastructure and superior medical instruments. KazNMU has a powerful scientific-educational campus, comprising seven educational buildings, the center of practical skills, Testing center with eight computer studies (with 140 computers operating during a session). Besides, there's a library with 6 reading halls, book fund accounts, e-library, & internet cafe, the Republican scientific medical library, and 2 anatomical museums in the university. Also, the students get comfortable accommodation facilities at Kazakh National Medical University. There are seven hostels provided to the students at the university campus. The University’s hostels can accommodate over 2,000 students on a sharing basis.

Student life at Kazakh National Medical University

Every year, many students from various countries get enrolled in Kazakh National Medical University. The students studying at this university gain exposure to a multicultural environment. The university has relations with many other international organizations. So, while studying at this university, students can participate in various student exchange programs, attend seminars and international conferences, etc. For their accommodation, students get standard rooms that are equipped with all their essential needs. There are many facilities like Canteen, Kitchens, Laundry room, Library, gym, reading rooms, recreational halls, big conference hall, TV & DVD room, and study rooms on each floor. Further, the hostel campus has Wi-Fi internet access and a Sports complex that has several sports like basketball, volleyball, judo, taekwondo, u-shu, sambo, wrestling, & more.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
Total Course Fees: $ 27124(₹ 1980000)

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