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About University

About South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy (SKMA) is among the top public universities in Kazakhstan, founded in 1979. It is situated in Shymkent city. The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is approved by the Ministry of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is one of the best higher education institutions in the Shymkent region. The university's infrastructure is built to serve the modern-day needs of medical students. The mission of this university is to provide a friendly environment to students. The university follows the efficacious system of medical and pharmaceutical education that is based on the outlook of proficiency and the requirements of practical public health and pharmaceutical industries. It focuses on the training of specialists, that link up international quality and standards of safety.

Spotlight at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is an excellent medical school functioning to offer top-notch medical and pharmaceutical education to the students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This university comes under the top medical universities in terms of providing quality education, practical expertise, affordability, and diversity. The university always looks ahead towards developing a modern foundation to vitalize the material and technical resources for scientific research labs. Moreover, clinical activities are organized for teaching staff as well. So, that the teaching staff always stays informed and upgraded to render the best know-how and skills to the students. Also, the university hosts educational programs for the students. These programs provide them an environment for promoting their professional growth and provide them knowledge about the contemporary market.

Course Programs offered by the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy offers Bachelor courses, Master courses, Ph.D. courses, and Diplomas in the domain of medicine & health via its following faculties:

  1. Faculty of General Medicine

  2. Faculty of Dental studies

  3. Faculty of Pharmaceutical studies

  4. Faculty of Continuous professional development

  5. Faculty of Preparation of Specialized Technical Professional Education

  6. Faculty of Public Health

University and Accommodation of South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy has a friendly and multi-culture environment. The university has been ranked as one of the leading medical Academies in Kazakhstan, for many years. The revolutionary and futuristic infrastructure of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy aids its students to gain the utmost practical exposure. The university provides optimum assistance to the students to transform them into first-class medical professionals. At the campus, there is a well-equipped library for the students. Other facilities include Auditorium, Computer labs, Science labs, Cafeteria, hostels for accommodation, sports ground, and the university hospital. The hostels are equipped with all modern facilities, well furnished with all the essential requirements of students. The foreign students use to live comfortably in the hostels. Separate kitchens, separate bathrooms, and toilets are there in the hostel rooms. Also, there's a gym in the hostel which aids the students to stay physically fit.

Student life at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

At the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, all the basic and essential requirements of the students are duly fulfilled to make them study in a friendly environment. All the students are offered to participate in various events & activities like seminars, conferences, projects, etc., to build up their exposure towards the latest developments in the domain of medicine. The hostel area is under constant camera surveillance and is guarded round the clock to ensure the safety of students.  Also, several extracurricular activities are arranged by the university for the students, for their personality development. The sports activities organized in the hostel campus include volleyball, cricket, football, badminton, etc. Many student clubs organize various cultural events too.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
Total Course Fees: $ 22192(₹ 1620000)

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