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About University

About Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Key Features of Kiel University of Applied Sciences:

Academic Structure:

  • Diverse Faculties: The university houses several faculties, focusing on a wide range of disciplines. Key areas include Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Business Management, Social Work and Health, Media, and Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Programs often cross traditional boundaries between disciplines, encouraging a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to education, which prepares students for complex real-world challenges.

Programs Offered:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees: Kiel UAS offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that cater to various interests and career paths. These programs are designed to equip students with both foundational knowledge and specialized skills.

  • Continuing Education and Certificate Programs: The university also provides lifelong learning opportunities through its continuing education courses, which help professionals update their skills or learn new ones aligned with industry developments.

Practical Orientation:

  • Cooperative Education: Many courses integrate cooperative education, where students split their time between the university and working in industry. This model allows students to gain significant work experience and apply their academic knowledge in professional settings.

  • Research and Development: There is a strong focus on applied research, with the university undertaking various projects in collaboration with industry and other academic institutions, fostering innovation and technology transfer.

International Focus:

  • Global Partnerships: Kiel UAS maintains robust international partnerships with institutions around the world, facilitating student and staff exchanges, and joint research projects.

  • Programs in English: To attract international students and cater to global career opportunities, Kiel UAS offers several programs in English, particularly at the master's level.

Campus Life and Facilities:

  • Modern Facilities: The campus is equipped with modern laboratories, workshops, and learning centers that support an active learning environment.

  • Student Services: Comprehensive services including career counseling, international office, student housing assistance, and more, support students throughout their academic journey.

  • Cultural and Recreational Activities: The university organizes various cultural events, sports, and recreational activities, fostering a vibrant student community.


  • Kiel: As a city with a rich maritime heritage, Kiel offers unique opportunities in maritime industries and related fields. It is also known for its high quality of life, with access to both urban amenities and natural beauty, including the Baltic Sea coast.

Masters in Automobile Engineering in Germany

Course Programs at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Engineering Faculty

  • Mechanical Engineering: Focuses on design, production, and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

  • Electrical Engineering: Covers the study of electronics, electrical systems, and energy technology.

  • Computer Science: Emphasizes software development, data management, and information systems.

  • Media Technology: Combines technical and creative aspects of media production, digital design, and multimedia applications.

Faculty of Business Management

  • Business Administration: Provides comprehensive knowledge in management, marketing, accounting, and finance.

  • International Business: Offers a global perspective on business management and prepares students for international markets.

Faculty of Social Work and Health

  • Social Work: Focuses on social advocacy, community development, and social services management.

  • Health Information Management: Combines aspects of healthcare with information technology to manage healthcare data effectively.

Faculty of Agriculture and Nutritional Science

  • Agricultural Engineering: Deals with the technological aspects of farming and agricultural production.

  • Nutritional Sciences: Focuses on food science, dietetics, and nutrition management.

Master’s Programs

  • Mechatronics and Information Technology: Advanced study in the integration of mechanical, electronic, and information technology systems.

  • Digital Communications: Focuses on digital media, communications technologies, and network systems.

  • Renewable Energy Systems: Specializes in technologies and management strategies for utilizing renewable energy.

  • Business Management: Advanced studies in strategic management, financial analysis, and organizational behavior.

Universities in Germany

Bachelor Course Programs at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Course Program Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees Per Year in USD

Mechanical Engineering

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Electrical Engineering

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Computer Science

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Media Technology

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Business Administration

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

International Business

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Social Work

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Health Information Management

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Agricultural Engineering

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Nutritional Sciences

7 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees


Study in Germany

Masters Course Programs at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Course Program Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees Per Year in USD

Mechatronics and Information Technology

3 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Digital Communications

3 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Renewable Energy Systems

3 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Business Management

3 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Maritime Technologies

3 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees

Environmental Management

3 semesters

Minimal or no tuition fees


B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) in Germany

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Course Type

Typical Duration

Tuition Fees Per Year in USD


3-5 years

Minimal or no tuition fees

Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany for International Students

Academic Programs

  • Diverse Offerings: Kiel UAS provides a wide range of programs in engineering, business, computer science, social work, and health, among others. This variety allows students from different backgrounds to find courses that suit their interests and career goals.

  • Language of Instruction: While many undergraduate programs are taught in German, Kiel UAS also offers several Master’s programs in English to cater to international students. These programs are particularly popular among those who are not yet proficient in German.

  • Practical Orientation: The curriculum at Kiel UAS emphasizes practical skills alongside theoretical learning. Many programs include internships, lab sessions, and projects in collaboration with local and international companies.

Support Services for International Students

  • International Office: The International Office at Kiel UAS is dedicated to supporting international students throughout their studies. Services include assistance with accommodation, visa processes, orientation sessions, and integration activities.

  • Language Support: To help international students succeed in their programs and integrate into German society, Kiel UAS offers German language courses from beginner to advanced levels.

  • Academic Advising: Academic advisors are available to help students manage their course load, navigate their curriculum, and plan their academic careers.

Campus Life

  • Student Organizations: Numerous student organizations cater to a wide range of interests, including cultural groups, sports teams, and academic clubs. These organizations provide opportunities for students to meet peers, develop new skills, and engage with the community.

  • Cultural Integration: Kiel UAS hosts various cultural and social events throughout the year, helping international students experience German culture and traditions. These events also serve as networking opportunities.

  • Facilities: The campus is equipped with modern facilities, including libraries, labs, study spaces, and recreational areas, all designed to enhance student life and learning experiences.


  • Housing Options: Kiel UAS assists international students in finding suitable housing. Options typically include student dormitories, shared apartments, or private rentals. The International Office provides resources and guidance to help students secure accommodation that fits their needs and budget.

Living in Kiel

  • City of Kiel: Located on the Baltic Sea, Kiel is known for its maritime heritage and vibrant cultural scene. It is a relatively affordable city compared to other German cities like Munich or Hamburg, making it an attractive location for students.

  • Transport: Kiel has an efficient public transportation system, making it easy to navigate the city and explore nearby regions. Students typically receive a semester ticket that covers local transport.

Admission Process of Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Step 1: Choose Your Program

  • Research Available Programs: Start by identifying the program you wish to enroll in. Kiel UAS offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs primarily focused on applied sciences and technology, business, media, and health. The university emphasizes practical skills and real-world application, integrating internships and project work into its curriculum.

Faculties and Programs

  • Faculty of Engineering: Includes degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.

  • Faculty of Business Management: Offers courses in Business Administration and International Business.

  • Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering: Features programs in Information Technology and Digital Media.

  • Faculty of Social Work and Health: Provides training in Health Information Management, Nursing, and Social Work.

Step 2: Check Eligibility

  • Academic Requirements: For bachelor’s programs, you typically need a school-leaving certificate equivalent to the German Abitur (such as A-levels, IB, etc.). For master’s programs, a relevant bachelor's degree is required.

  • Language Requirements: Programs taught in German require proof of language proficiency (e.g., TestDaF, DSH). For English-taught programs, tests like TOEFL or IELTS are typically accepted.

Step 3: Prepare Application Documents

  • Transcripts and Certificates: Official transcripts and certificates from your previous education.

  • Language Proficiency Certificates: Depending on the language of instruction of your program.

  • CV/Resume: Especially for master’s programs.

  • Motivation Letter: Explaining why you want to join the program.

  • Passport Copy: For international students.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Mainly for master’s programs.

Step 4: Application Submission

  • Where to Apply: Depending on your nationality and previous education, you may need to apply through uni-assist or directly to the university.

  • Application Portal: Kiel UAS typically uses an online application portal for submitting applications.

Step 5: Application Deadlines

  • Winter Semester: Usually starts in October, with application deadlines around July 15 for international students and September for EU students.

  • Summer Semester: Starts in March, with deadlines around January 15 for international students and February for EU students.

Step 6: Await Admission Decision

  • After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by the university. This process can take several weeks, during which the university may contact you for additional information or documents.

Step 7: Acceptance and Enrollment

  • Admission Offer: If accepted, you’ll receive an offer via email or through the application portal.

  • Enrollment: To confirm your place, you may need to submit additional documents, pay a semester fee, and enroll in person or online.

Step 8: Visa and Preparation for Arrival (International Students)

  • Visa Application: Non-EU/EEA students need to apply for a student visa. Start this process as soon as possible because it can take several months.

  • Accommodation: Look for housing early. The International Office can provide assistance with finding accommodation.

Step 9: Orientation and Integration

  • Orientation Programs: Participate in orientation programs offered by the university to get acquainted with the campus, meet fellow students, and understand university procedures and German culture.

Intake And Eligibility of Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Intake Periods

Kiel UAS typically offers two main intake periods:

  1. Winter Semester:

    • Starts: October

    • Application Deadline:

      • For international students: Generally around July 15

      • For EU students: Typically by September

  2. Summer Semester:

    • Starts: March

    • Application Deadline:

      • For international students: Around January 15

      • For EU students: Typically by February

It's important to verify specific dates and program availability for each intake period directly from Kiel UAS's website, as not all programs may offer a summer semester start.

Eligibility Criteria

For Bachelor’s Programs

  • Academic Requirements: Applicants generally need a secondary school leaving certificate equivalent to the German Abitur (such as A-levels, IB diploma, or equivalent qualifications). For vocational qualifications, additional assessments or preparatory courses might be required.

  • Language Proficiency:

    • German-taught programs: Typically require proof of German proficiency, such as TestDaF, DSH, Goethe-Zertifikat, or Telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule.

    • English-taught programs: Require proof of English proficiency through standardized tests like TOEFL or IELTS.

For Master’s Programs

  • Academic Requirements: A relevant Bachelor’s degree with a good academic record.

  • Language Proficiency:

    • German-taught programs: Sufficient proficiency in German is necessary.

    • English-taught programs: Adequate proficiency in English, usually proven by TOEFL or IELTS scores.

  • Additional Criteria: Some master’s programs may have specific prerequisites, such as professional experience or specific undergraduate courses.

Scholarship Available at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Scholarship Name



Application Period


Outstanding academic performance, social commitment, personal achievements

Typically €300 per month for one year

Usually in the autumn semester each year

Erasmus+ Scholarship

Students participating in the Erasmus+ exchange program

Funding to support living costs during study or internship abroad

Prior to the mobility period

DAAD Scholarships

International students for various degree programs and research projects

widely, includes monthly stipends, travel allowances, insurance

Depends on the specific program and deadline

Promos Scholarships

Short-term scholarships for semester abroad, internships, language courses

Financial support for travel and living expenses

check with the International Office

Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Facility or Service


Cost (Approximate)

Campus Locations

Multiple faculties spread across different parts of the city, equipped with modern academic and research facilities.


Academic Facilities

State-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, and lecture halls tailored to the needs of various study programs.


Student Housing

No on-campus housing; students can choose from various off-campus options such as private rentals, shared apartments, or student dormitories managed by the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein.

€250 to €450 per month

Private Housing

Apartments and shared flats available throughout the city, offering more independence than dormitory living.

€300 to €600 per month

Dining Services

Cafeterias and canteens on campus offering affordable meal options for students.

Meals around €3 to €7

Sports Facilities

Facilities including a sports hall, gym, and various outdoor sports fields, often with student discounts for access.

Gym memberships around €15 to €30 per month

Student Services

Comprehensive support services including career counseling, international student support, and academic advising.



Kiel has an efficient public transport network. Students typically get a semester ticket included in their semester fee, covering local buses and trains.

Semester ticket around €120 to €150 per semester

Students Life at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Academic Environment

  • Practical Learning: Kiel UAS emphasizes a hands-on approach to education, integrating practical projects and internships into its curriculum. This approach prepares students effectively for the demands of the professional world.

  • Interdisciplinary Opportunities: The university encourages interdisciplinary collaboration across various faculties, enabling students to gain a broader perspective and enhance their skills in multiple areas.

Support Services

  • International Office: Offers comprehensive support for international students, including assistance with visas, housing, orientation, and integration into the university community.

  • Career Services: Provides career counseling, workshops, and networking events to help students prepare for their future careers. The services are designed to bridge the gap between academic studies and professional employment.

Campus Life

  • Modern Facilities: The university is equipped with modern facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories, computer centers, and study rooms, all designed to support students' educational needs.

  • Student Clubs and Organizations: Kiel UAS hosts a variety of student organizations and clubs, ranging from sports and cultural societies to academic and professional groups. These clubs are great avenues for students to meet peers with similar interests and engage in extracurricular activities.

Cultural and Social Activities

  • Events and Festivals: The university and the city of Kiel host numerous events and festivals throughout the year, such as the famous Kiel Week (Kieler Woche), one of the biggest sailing events in the world and a massive volunteer festival.

  • Cultural Integration: With a large number of international students, the university organizes various cultural exchange programs and events that promote global awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

Sports and Recreation

  • Sports Programs: Kiel UAS offers a variety of sports programs and facilities, encouraging students to stay active and healthy. Popular activities include sailing, rowing, and team sports like football and basketball.

  • Outdoor Activities: Kiel’s geographical location by the Baltic Sea offers unique opportunities for water-based sports and outdoor activities, contributing to a lively recreational life for students.

Living in Kiel

  • Affordable Living: Compared to other major German cities, Kiel is relatively affordable in terms of living costs, which is beneficial for students.

  • Transportation: The city has an efficient public transportation network, and students typically receive a semester ticket that allows unlimited travel within the region.

Placements in Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Career Services

  • Career Center: Kiel UAS has a dedicated Career Center that offers various services to prepare students for the job market. These services include CV workshops, interview preparation, career counseling, and job search assistance.

  • Industry Connections: The university maintains strong relationships with industries locally and nationally, facilitating internships, practical training, and job opportunities for students. These partnerships are particularly strong in the fields of engineering, IT, and business, reflecting the region's industrial focus.

Internships and Practical Experience

  • Mandatory Internships: Many programs at Kiel UAS incorporate mandatory internships, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in their field of study. These internships are often a crucial component of the curriculum and provide a practical understanding of theoretical concepts.

  • Project Work: Courses frequently involve project work that addresses real-world challenges presented by industry partners. This not only enhances learning but also boosts students' resumes and professional networks.

Job Fairs and Networking Events

  • Career Fairs: Regularly scheduled career fairs bring together students and potential employers. These fairs are an excellent opportunity for students to network, learn about job openings, and secure employment.

  • Networking Opportunities: Through events, seminars, and alumni gatherings, students can connect with industry professionals, gaining insights into career paths and establishing valuable contacts.

Alumni Network

  • Mentorship Programs: The alumni network at Kiel UAS offers mentorship programs where graduates share their experiences and provide guidance to current students.

  • Alumni Events: These events foster networking among alumni and current students, often leading to job referrals and career advice.

Online Job Portal

  • Job Listings: Kiel UAS provides access to an online job portal where students can find job listings and internship opportunities specifically geared toward their fields of study.

Preparation for International Careers

  • Global Opportunities: For students interested in careers abroad, the university offers programs and resources designed to prepare them for international markets, including language courses and cultural competence training.

Acceptance Rate of Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Factors Influencing Admission:

1. Eligibility Criteria: Admission to Kiel University of Applied Sciences primarily depends on whether applicants meet the specific academic and language proficiency requirements for their chosen program.

2. Program Capacity: The likelihood of acceptance can also depend on the capacity of the particular program. Some programs, especially those in high demand, might be more competitive and have limited spots available.

Campus Location of Kiel University of Applied Sciences , Germany

Campus Details:

  • Main Campus: The primary campus of Kiel University of Applied Sciences is centrally situated in the city, making it accessible and well-connected. The campus boasts modern facilities tailored to support a wide range of academic programs, particularly those focusing on engineering, computer sciences, business, and media.

Address and Facilities:

  • Address: Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Grenzstraße 3, 24149 Kiel, Germany.

  • Facilities: The university offers a range of modern amenities including state-of-the-art laboratories, lecture halls, a library with extensive resources, and student support services. The campus is designed to facilitate an engaging and collaborative learning environment.


  • Public Transport: Kiel has a robust public transportation network consisting of buses and ferries, which makes commuting around the city and to the university campus convenient for students and staff. The university is easily accessible by public transportation from any part of the city.

  • Accessibility: The campus is also bike-friendly, reflecting the city's commitment to sustainable transportation options.

Nearby Amenities:

  • Dining and Shopping: The campus is close to various dining options, cafes, and shopping centers, providing convenience for students.

  • Recreational Activities: Due to its proximity to the Baltic Sea, Kiel offers numerous water-related and other outdoor recreational activities, which are popular among students.

Student Life:

  • Vibrant Atmosphere: The university's location in a lively city like Kiel allows for a vibrant student life, enriched by cultural and social activities. There are numerous cultural events, theaters, and museums in Kiel, as well as the famous Kiel Week (Kieler Woche), an annual sailing event that attracts visitors from around the world.

  • Student Accommodation: While the university itself does not offer housing, there are several student residences and private accommodation options available throughout the city, often facilitated by the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein.

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Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree 3 Year Bachelor’s Degree

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Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 1.5 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree 3 Year Bachelor’s Degree

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