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About University

About RWTH Business School, Germany

Key Features of RWTH Business School:

Location: Aachen, Germany. Situated in the western part of the country, close to Belgium and the Netherlands, Aachen is a historic city known for its technology-focused academic and research institutions.

Integration with RWTH Aachen University: RWTH Business School leverages the engineering and technical expertise of RWTH Aachen University, integrating advanced technology and management education. This synergy provides a unique educational environment where students gain cutting-edge skills relevant to the digital economy.

Academic Programs:

RWTH Business School offers a range of master's programs, focusing on various aspects of business management, technology, and innovation. Notable programs include:

  • M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship (MME TIME): Designed for professionals with a STEM background, this program combines management education with in-depth technical training.

  • M.Sc. in Data Analytics and Decision Science (DDS): This program is tailored for those looking to delve deep into data science, analytics, and decision-making within technological and business contexts.

  • Executive MBA for Engineers and Technologists: This program is tailored for experienced professionals and leaders in engineering sectors, focusing on management skills relevant to technology-driven industries.

Teaching and Learning:

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Courses are designed in collaboration with industry leaders to ensure relevance to current and future technology trends.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: The curriculum bridges the gap between management and engineering, emphasizing interdisciplinary skills.

  • International Environment: With a diverse cohort of students from various countries, the school provides a global learning atmosphere.

Career Development:

  • Career Services: RWTH Business School offers robust career services, including coaching, workshops, and personalized career advice. The school maintains strong ties with industry, facilitating internships, job placements, and networking opportunities with leading companies in Germany and abroad.

  • Alumni Network: Graduates become part of a vibrant alumni network that spans across the globe, providing lifelong professional connections and opportunities.


  • Modern Campus: The school boasts modern facilities with state-of-the-art classrooms, group workspaces, and technology labs, reflecting its focus on innovation and technology.

Student Life:

  • Active Student Life: Students at RWTH Business School can participate in various clubs, sports, and cultural activities organized by RWTH Aachen University.

  • Location Benefits: Aachen's rich historical heritage, coupled with its modern technological prowess, offers students a unique living and learning environment.

Masters in Hotel Management in Germany

Course Programs at RWTH Business School, Germany

Master’s Programs

  1. M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship (MME-TIME)

    • Duration: Full-time (3 semesters), part-time (4 semesters)

    • Focus: This program combines management skills with in-depth knowledge in engineering, tailored for professionals aiming to bridge the gap between management and technology with specializations in areas like technology, innovation, and marketing.

    • Format: Blended learning format combining online courses with intensive in-person sessions in Aachen.

  2. M.Sc. in Data Analytics and Decision Science (DDS)

    • Duration: 3 semesters (full-time)

    • Focus: Designed to train students in the practical application of data analytics and decision science, preparing them for data-driven decision-making roles in industries.

    • Format: The program includes modules on big data technologies, statistical methods, machine learning, and operations research.

  3. Executive MBA for Technology Managers

    • Duration: 4 semesters (part-time)

    • Focus: Aimed at professionals with significant work experience, this program focuses on providing executive management education with a strong emphasis on technology and innovation management.

    • Format: Modular structure allowing professionals to continue working while studying, with sessions typically held during extended weekends.

Study in Germany

Bachelors Course Programs at RWTH Business School, Germany

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

3 years

Approx. $300 to $400 (semester fee)

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

3 years

Approx. $300 to $400 (semester fee)

B.Sc. in Computer Science

3 years

Approx. $300 to $400 (semester fee)

B.Sc. in Business Administration

3 years

Approx. $300 to $400 (semester fee)

B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics

3 years

Approx. $300 to $400 (semester fee)


Universities in Germany

Masters Course Programs at RWTH Business School, Germany

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship (MME-TIME)

2 years

Approx. $6,800 (€6,000) per semester, totaling around $27,200 for the full program

M.Sc. in Data Analytics and Decision Science (DDS)

2 years

Approx. $6,800 (€6,000) per semester, totaling around $27,200 for the full program

Executive MBA for Technology Managers

2 years

Approx. $34,000 (€30,000) for the entire program


BHTM (Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management) in Germany

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at RWTH Business School, Germany

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

PhD in Management and Engineering

3-5 years

Minimal to none (administration fee may apply, approximately $300 to $400 per semester)

PhD in Data Science and Analytics

3-5 years

Minimal to none (administration fee may apply, approximately $300 to $400 per semester)

Doctorate in Business Administration

3-5 years

Minimal to none (administration fee may apply, approximately $300 to $400 per semester)

RWTH Business School, Germany for International Students

Academic Programs

RWTH Business School offers specialized master’s and executive education programs designed to meet the demands of global industries. These programs focus on areas such as data analytics, digital transformation, and technology management, all taught in English to accommodate international students.

Popular programs include:

  • M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship (MME-TIME)

  • M.Sc. in Data Analytics and Decision Science (DDS)

  • Executive MBA for Technology Managers

These programs are structured to provide students with the skills needed to excel in leadership positions in technology-driven fields.

Support Services for International Students

RWTH Business School provides comprehensive support services to ensure international students can navigate their academic and daily life smoothly:

  • Orientation Week: Designed to introduce students to the university, the city, and each other, helping them settle into their new environment effectively.

  • Language Courses: While the programs are in English, RWTH Aachen offers German language courses to help international students integrate better into the local community and enhance their experience in Germany.

  • Career Services: Tailored career counseling, networking events, and workshops are available to help students prepare for global career opportunities.

  • International Office: Offers advice on practical matters such as visas, accommodation, health insurance, and more.

Cultural Integration

Aachen is a historic city with a vibrant student life and a welcoming atmosphere for international students. RWTH Business School encourages students to engage in various extracurricular activities, including:

  • Sports and Recreation: Access to a wide range of sports facilities and clubs.

  • Cultural Groups: Opportunities to join different cultural and social organizations, which facilitate better integration and networking.

  • Student Initiatives: Participation in numerous student-run initiatives that span academic, cultural, and social interests.


Accommodation for students is generally available in the form of student dormitories, private apartments, or shared flats. The university offers support in finding suitable housing options through partnerships with local housing providers.

Financial Considerations

While tuition fees for RWTH Business School’s programs are higher compared to standard rates at German universities, they are competitive internationally, particularly given the specialized nature of the courses offered. Living costs in Aachen are reasonable compared to other major European cities, making it financially manageable for international students.

Admission Process of RWTH Business School, Germany

General Admission Requirements

  1. Academic Qualifications:

    • Master’s Programs: Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field (e.g., engineering, business administration, economics, or related areas) with a good to excellent grade point average.

    • Executive MBA: Requires a Bachelor's degree plus several years of professional experience, typically in a technical field or management role.

  2. Language Proficiency: All programs at RWTH Business School are taught in English. Non-native English speakers need to provide proof of proficiency through recognized tests such as TOEFL (minimum 90 iBT), IELTS (minimum 5.5), or equivalent certifications.

  3. GMAT/GRE Scores: Some programs may require GMAT or GRE scores. The specific requirements can vary, so it’s important to check the program details for exact criteria.

  4. Professional Experience: Especially for the Executive MBA, relevant work experience is crucial. For other master's programs, work experience can enhance an application but is not always mandatory.

Application Steps

  1. Online Application: Candidates must submit their applications through the RWTH Business School’s online application portal. Ensure all required documents are prepared and uploaded as per the portal’s specifications.

  2. Submit Required Documents:

    • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Detailed and up-to-date.

    • Academic Transcripts and Certificates: From all previously attended universities.

    • Motivation Letter: Outlining the reasons for choosing the specific program, your career goals, and how the program fits into your professional aspirations.

    • Letters of Recommendation: Usually two, from academic or professional referees.

    • Proof of Language Proficiency: TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent.

    • GMAT/GRE Scores: If required by the program.

  3. Interviews: Some programs might invite candidates for an interview, either in person or via teleconferencing. This is an opportunity to discuss your experience, motivation, and fit for the program.

  4. Admission Decision: After reviewing all applications, RWTH Business School will notify candidates of their admission status. Successful applicants will receive an offer and instructions for the next steps.


  • Application Deadlines: These vary by program and typically fall around early to mid-summer for the winter semester start. Always check the specific program’s website for the most current deadline information.

Intake And Eligibility of RWTH Business School, Germany

Intake Periods

RWTH Business School generally has a single intake for its programs:

  • Fall Intake: Programs typically start in the autumn, around September or October each year. The application period usually begins several months prior and can vary by program. Prospective students are advised to check the specific deadlines for each program on the RWTH Business School website.

Eligibility Criteria for Master’s Programs

  1. Academic Qualifications: Master’s Degree Programs: Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field such as engineering, sciences, business administration, economics, or a closely related area. The degree must come from an accredited institution, and the applicant should have achieved a good to excellent grade point average.

  2. Language Proficiency:

    • Since all programs at RWTH Business School are conducted in English, proficiency in English is a must. This is typically proven by:

      • TOEFL iBT with a minimum score of 90

      • IELTS with a minimum score of 5.5

      • Equivalent English language certificates are also accepted. Specific requirements can vary by program, so checking the program details is crucial.

  3. Work Experience:

    • For the Executive MBA program, significant professional experience (usually a minimum of 5 years) in a relevant field is required, demonstrating managerial or leadership responsibilities.

    • For other master's programs, relevant work experience is highly advantageous and sometimes required, depending on the focus of the program.

  4. GMAT/GRE Scores: Some programs may require GMAT or GRE scores. Applicants should check the specific requirements for each program, as this can vary. A strong score can significantly enhance an application, especially for competitive programs.

Scholarship Available at RWTH Business School, Germany

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria

Scholarship Benefits

Application Details

RWTH Business School Scholarships

Outstanding academic record, leadership potential, and personal achievements

Partial tuition fee reduction

Automatically considered upon application to the program

Women in Business Scholarship

Female applicants demonstrating leadership in business/technology fields

Partial tuition fee reduction

Must submit an additional essay on leadership experience

Early Bird Discount

Applicants who submit their complete application by a specific early deadline

Reduction in tuition fees

Apply early as specified by the program deadlines

Dean's List Scholarship

Top performing students from each cohort

Tuition fee waiver for the next semester

No application required; awarded based on performance

DAAD Scholarships

International students from developing countries

Covers living expenses, insurance, and travel; sometimes includes a full or partial tuition waiver

Apply through the DAAD portal; requires separate application

RWTH Business School, Germany Campus & Accommodation Facilities



Cost (Approx.)

Campus Location

Aachen, a city near the borders with Belgium and the Netherlands, offering a strategic position in Europe. The campus integrates with the urban environment, providing easy access to city amenities.


Student Residences

RWTH Aachen University cooperates with the local student services organization (Studentenwerk) to offer housing in student dormitories. These are located throughout the city.

€250 - €400 per month

Private Housing

Many students choose private apartments or shared flats, which are commonly found in Aachen.

€350 - €600 per month

Temporary Housing

Short-term accommodation options like hostels or temporary rentals are available for students who are still searching for more permanent housing.

€30 - €70 per night

On-Campus Facilities

RWTH Aachen University offers extensive facilities, including libraries, cafeterias, sports facilities, and study rooms, all accessible to Business School students.


Students Life at RWTH Business School, Germany

Academic Environment

  • Interdisciplinary Learning: Students at RWTH Business School experience a unique curriculum that blends management education with technical expertise, reflecting the school’s strong link with RWTH Aachen University’s engineering and technical departments.

  • Innovative Teaching Methods: The school utilizes case studies, group projects, and industry collaboration to provide practical learning experiences that prepare students for real-world challenges.

Networking and Professional Development

  • Industry Connections: Due to the school’s close relationships with leading companies in technology and engineering sectors, students frequently have opportunities to engage with industry professionals through guest lectures, internships, and live project work.

  • Career Services: RWTH Business School offers comprehensive career services, including workshops, personalized coaching, and career fairs, which are designed to help students prepare for their post-graduation careers.

International Community

  • Diverse Student Body: RWTH Business School attracts students from around the globe, creating a multicultural learning environment. This diversity enriches classroom discussions and broadens students’ perspectives on international business and technology issues.

  • Language and Cultural Exchange: While the primary language of instruction is English, the school and the broader university community offer opportunities to learn German and other languages, enhancing students’ ability to communicate and work effectively across cultures.

Campus Life

  • Modern Facilities: RWTH Business School boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including high-tech classrooms, libraries, and collaborative workspaces that foster a productive learning environment.

  • Student Organizations: Students can join a variety of clubs and organizations at RWTH Aachen University, ranging from sports clubs to cultural groups and technical societies, providing a balanced and enriching university experience.

Living in Aachen

  • Cultural Activities: Aachen, with its rich history and vibrant local culture, offers numerous cultural activities, from historic sites and museums to theaters and concerts.

  • Outdoor Activities: The city’s location on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands offers unique opportunities for travel and exploration. Additionally, the Eifel National Park nearby provides outdoor recreational activities like hiking, biking, and nature tours.

  • Student Events: The university and various student organizations regularly host events, parties, and gatherings, which are great opportunities for socializing and relaxation.


  • Housing Options: Students at RWTH Business School typically live in student dormitories managed by the Studentenwerk or in private accommodations throughout Aachen. The university assists with housing placements, helping ensure that students find suitable living arrangements.


  • Weather: Students might find the weather in Aachen a bit challenging, as it can be quite cold and rainy, especially during the winter months.

  • Adjustment: International students may need some time to adjust to the German academic system and lifestyle, but the supportive environment at RWTH helps ease this transition.

Placements in RWTH Business School, Germany

Career Services

1. Career Counseling and Workshops: RWTH Business School offers dedicated career services including resume building, interview preparation, and job search strategies. Workshops and seminars are regularly conducted to enhance students’ employability skills.

2. Networking Events and Company Presentations: The school frequently organizes networking events, inviting alumni and representatives from leading companies in technology, finance, consulting, and more. These events allow students to connect with potential employers and learn about various career opportunities.

3. Industry Collaboration: Strong ties with industry leaders enable the school to offer internships and project-based work integrated into the curriculum. These practical experiences are crucial for students, offering insights into company operations and helping them apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.

Internship Opportunities

  • Mandatory Internships: Many programs at RWTH Business School include internships as a compulsory part of the curriculum. These internships are significant for gaining practical experience and often lead to pre-placement offers.

  • Summer Internships: Students are encouraged to undertake summer internships, which can significantly enhance their resumes and provide valuable industry exposure.

Job Placement Support

  • On-Campus Recruitment: RWTH Business School hosts annual career fairs and on-campus recruitment drives where companies come to scout for fresh talent. These events are pivotal for final year students looking for job placements.

  • Online Job Portal: The school maintains an online job portal that lists job openings, internships, and other career opportunities specifically targeted at RWTH students and alumni.

Alumni Network

  • Leveraging Alumni Relations: The school’s active and extensive alumni network provides a platform for current students to connect with alumni who are well-placed in various industries. Alumni often play a key role in referring and recommending promising candidates within their organizations.

Industry-Specific Placements

  • Focus Areas: Given the school’s focus on integrating technology with business, students often find placements in tech-driven roles across diverse sectors such as automotive, IT, consulting, and energy.

  • Global Opportunities: With a strong emphasis on international business education, RWTH Business School prepares students for careers not just in Germany but globally. Many graduates find roles in multinational corporations or pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

Acceptance Rate of RWTH Business School, Germany

Factors Influencing Admissions Selectivity:

1. Program Demand and Reputation: RWTH Business School offers highly specialized programs at the intersection of business and technology. Given its focus on niche areas like Data Analytics, Technology Management, and the integration of these disciplines with business principles, programs tend to attract a specific type of candidate with relevant backgrounds and strong motivation. Programs such as these can be quite selective due to their specialized nature and the high demand among students with STEM backgrounds.

2. Academic Requirements: The school sets high academic standards. For instance, applicants to the M.Sc. programs are expected to have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field with a good to excellent GPA. The requirement for proficiency in English (e.g., TOEFL or IELTS scores) and, for some programs, relevant work experience or even GMAT/GRE scores, can also limit the applicant pool to highly qualified candidates.

3. Limited Enrollment: RWTH Business School aims to maintain high educational standards and a favorable student-to-faculty ratio. This commitment to quality over quantity can lead to a more selective admissions process, particularly for programs like the Executive MBA, which also require significant professional experience and leadership potential.

Campus Location of RWTH Business School, Germany

Campus Overview

  • Urban Campus: Unlike universities with large, consolidated campuses, RWTH Aachen University's facilities are integrated into the cityscape of Aachen. This integration provides students with a unique blend of urban life and academic pursuits.

  • Main Buildings: The main buildings of RWTH Aachen, including those used by the Business School, are primarily located in the downtown area, making them easily accessible from various parts of the city.

  • Engineering Focus: Being part of one of Germany's leading technical universities, the Business School benefits from close proximity to cutting-edge engineering facilities and research institutes, which complement its focus on integrating technology and management.


  • Transportation: Aachen is well-connected by public transportation, with buses and trains that facilitate easy access to the university. The city’s layout also makes it highly conducive to biking, which is a popular mode of transport among students.

  • Proximity to Train Station: The Aachen central train station (Aachen Hauptbahnhof) is conveniently located just a short bus ride or walk from the university, providing excellent connectivity to other German cities and neighboring countries.

  • International Access: The close proximity to Belgium and the Netherlands offers unique international exposure and easy travel opportunities across Europe. Major airports nearby include Düsseldorf International Airport and Cologne/Bonn Airport, each about an hour's drive from Aachen, providing extensive international flight connections.


  • Modern Amenities: RWTH Business School boasts modern facilities with state-of-the-art classrooms, lecture halls, and group study rooms equipped with the latest technology to support a conducive learning environment.

  • Library and Research Facilities: Students have access to extensive libraries and research facilities, including those specialized in technology and business studies.

  • Leisure and Sports Facilities: The university offers a range of sports facilities and extracurricular opportunities, enhancing the student experience beyond academic pursuits.

Student Life

  • City Life: Aachen’s vibrant cultural scene, historical sites, and numerous cafes and restaurants offer students a rich and engaging lifestyle outside of their academic responsibilities.

  • International Community: The university's significant international student population fosters a multicultural environment, with numerous clubs, societies, and events aimed at promoting international understanding and friendship.

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