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About University

About University of Chittagong

University of Chittagong (CU) is a research-based public university with multidisciplinary faculties. The University has the largest campus in the country. The academic activities of the University officially commenced in 1966. Presently, it has over 23,800 students and more than 1000 faculty members. In Bangladesh, the University of Chittagong is the most beautiful. Since its establishment in 1966, the University of Chittagong has grown to become one of the flagship research-led universities, known for the excellent teaching and research services to local, national, and international communities. Also, the University invests a lot in the development of the programs offered. The University has qualified teachers and doctors for providing high-grade medical education.


Spotlight at University of Chittagong

The University of Chittagong is distinct in its campus infrastructure, academic curriculum & extra-curricular activities, and natural surroundings. The University has large scientific laboratories for the benefit of students. Also, it has adequate non-technical staff to provide an ambiance of self-learning to the students. The college is committed to elevating the health care education and output delivery system for the people of the country. Further, the University has an excellent e-learning center, embracing various software and hardware facilities with high-speed Internet connectivity to provide an excellent learning environment to students which can give utmost benefit to them for their research and projects. Notably, the University is accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and has affiliations with the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The students of the University win the top positions at the national level in debate, sports, engineering designs, computer programming, and business ideas competitions. It also houses fine student-athletes, who have won medals at national and international multi-sport events.


Course Programs offered by the University of Chittagong

The main course programs offered at UoC include:

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts

Bachelor of Education

Master of Education

Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Master of Science (Hons)

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Master of Law (LLM)

Bachelor of Social Sciences

Master of Social Sciences

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.)

Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (B.U.M.S)

Bachelor of Optometry

Internal Medicine Training (IMT)

Bachelor of Physical Education

Master of Physical Education


University and Accommodation of University of Chittagong

The University of Chittagong lies on a 2110-acre hilly landmass in the Fatehpur Union of Hathazari Upazila. It is about 22 kilometers north of Chittagong city, Bangladesh. Being one of the biggest and oldest universities in Bangladesh, CU comprises ten faculties, namely the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Law,  Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Marine Sciences & Fisheries. Also, the Chittagong University campus had a vast Library, and it has been housed in its 56,700 sq. ft. building since 1990. It is managed by a Library Committee of 14 members. The library collection consists of about 350,000 books and over 39,800 bound journals.

There are currently 14 residential halls at the University of Chittagong, separate for girls and boys. Out of the 14 halls, 9 are boy's halls, and 5 are for girls. Mess and canteen facilities are offering hygienic food. Other basic amenities are also there. The facilities such as railway station, airport, bus stand, ATM facility, etc., are also nearby to the hostel.


Student life at the University of Chittagong

The students will experience a multicultural environment at the University of Chittagong, as students from many different countries come to study at this University. The University organizes student exchange, research collaborations, and academia-industry collaboration programs with several overseas universities. So, the students get opportunities to participate in international conferences, seminars, student exchange programs, etc. Notably, the pattern of education for a medical degree in Bangladesh is not much contrasting than that in India. Also, the medium of teaching is the English language for all the students in the University of Chittagong.

Besides, the University of Chittagong offers a broad range of cultural activities to hold and grow the Bengali culture and heritage. Also, the students are provided with a variety of central sports and recreational facilities to make their campus life interesting. Every year, the University conducts an annual sports event and a lively colorful festival.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
Total Course Fees: ₹ 2523000

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