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About University

About university of muenster, Germany

1. History: The University of Münster was founded in 1780 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Germany. It is named after its founder, Prince-Bishop Maximilian Friedrich von Königsegg-Rothenfels, and was initially established as a school for legal studies.

2. Rankings: The university consistently ranks among the top universities in Germany and Europe. It is known for its strong research programs and high-quality education.

3. Faculties and Programs: The University of Münster offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various fields of study, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, life sciences, medicine, law, economics, and more.

4. Research: The university is renowned for its research activities and has several research centers and institutes. Research at WWU covers diverse areas, and the university collaborates with national and international partners.

5. Campus: The university's main campus is situated in the heart of Münster, providing a vibrant and lively atmosphere for students. The city itself is known for its historical charm, beautiful architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.

6. Language of Instruction: Most undergraduate programs at the University of Münster are taught in German. However, the university offers an increasing number of English-taught master's programs to attract international students.

7. Internationalization: The university has a strong focus on internationalization and actively promotes student and staff exchanges with partner universities worldwide.

8. Student Life: Münster is a student-friendly city with a lively social scene, offering various cultural events, sports activities, and recreational opportunities.

Bachelors Course Programs at university of muenster, Germany

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

B.Sc. in Computer Science

3 years


B.A. in Economics

3 years


B.Ed. in Education

4 years


B.Sc. in Biology

3 years


B.A. in History

3 years


Masters Course Programs at university of muenster, Germany

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

M.Sc. in Computer Science

2 years


M.A. in Economics

2 years


M.Ed. in Education

2 years


M.Sc. in Biology

2 years


M.A. in History

2 years


Intake And Eligibility of university of muenster, Germany

  • Intake Periods:

    • For most programs, there are two main intake periods in Germany: winter semester (beginning in October) and summer semester (beginning in April).
  • Eligibility Criteria:

    • Bachelor's Programs: Eligibility requirements for bachelor's programs usually include a recognized secondary school leaving certificate (e.g., Abitur in Germany or equivalent), and specific subject-related requirements might apply to certain programs. For international students, proof of language proficiency (usually German or English) may be necessary, depending on the language of instruction.

    • Master's Programs: Eligibility criteria for master's programs typically include a recognized bachelor's degree or equivalent from a relevant field of study. Some programs may have additional requirements, such as a minimum grade point average or specific courses taken during the bachelor's degree. Language proficiency may also be required depending on the language of instruction.

    • Language Proficiency: As mentioned earlier, language proficiency in German or English is often required, depending on the language of instruction for the program. Applicants may need to provide language test scores such as TestDaF, DSH, TOEFL, or IELTS.

Scholarship Available at university of muenster, Germany 

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria

Amount (per year)

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Outstanding academic performance

Up to €5,000

Need-Based Scholarship

Demonstrated financial need


International Student Scholarship

International students

Up to €4,000

Research Fellowship

Graduate students pursuing research


STEM Scholarship

Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics


University of muenster, Germany Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Campus Facilities



Modern and well-equipped libraries with extensive book collections.


State-of-the-art research laboratories for various disciplines.

Sports Facilities

Indoor and outdoor sports facilities, gymnasiums, and sports clubs.

Cafeterias & Dining

On-campus cafeterias and dining halls offering a variety of meals.

Student Union

An active student union organizing events and supporting students.


Accommodation Options


Cost Per Month (Approx.)

On-Campus Dormitories

Furnished rooms with shared facilities.

€300 - €500

Shared Apartments

Apartments shared with other students.

€400 - €600

Private Apartments

Individual apartments within the city.

€500 - €800


Living with a local host family.

€400 - €600

Student Residences

Privately managed student residences.

€400 - €700

Students Life at university of muenster, Germany

1. Academic Excellence: The university is known for its strong academic programs and research opportunities. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, libraries, and laboratories, which contribute to their learning and research endeavors.

2. Student Organizations: There are numerous student organizations, clubs, and societies catering to various interests, including sports, arts, music, culture, politics, and more. Getting involved in these groups is a great way to meet like-minded peers and engage in extracurricular activities.

3. Sports and Fitness: The university offers a wide range of sports activities and facilities. Students can participate in sports clubs, intramural sports, and fitness classes. The university encourages an active lifestyle and supports the well-being of students.

4. Cultural and Social Events: Münster is a lively city with a rich cultural scene. Students can enjoy various concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions, and cultural festivals throughout the year.

5. International Community: The University of Münster attracts a diverse international student community. There are initiatives and programs that promote intercultural exchange and provide support for international students.

6. Career Services: The university's career services help students with career planning, job opportunities, internships, and connecting with potential employers. Workshops and networking events are regularly organized to enhance students' employability.

7. Student Housing: The university offers various accommodation options, including on-campus dormitories and assistance in finding private housing. Living on or near campus provides students with easy access to university facilities and a sense of community.

8. Studying in Münster: Münster is a charming and bike-friendly city with a rich history. The city's laid-back atmosphere, numerous cafes, restaurants, and green spaces make it an attractive place for students to live and study.

9. International Exchange: The University of Münster encourages student mobility through exchange programs with partner universities worldwide. This allows students to broaden their horizons and experience different cultures.

10. Support Services: The university provides various support services, including counseling, health services, and academic advising, to ensure students' well-being and academic success.

Placements in university of muenster, Germany

1. Career Services: The university's career services provide assistance and guidance to students in various aspects of career planning and job search. This includes help with creating resumes, interview preparation, and networking opportunities.

2. Internships and Work Experience: Many degree programs at the University of Münster include practical internships or work experience components. These experiences allow students to gain valuable hands-on experience in their field of study, enhancing their employability.

3. Job Fairs and Networking Events: The university organizes job fairs and networking events where students can meet potential employers and explore job opportunities. These events facilitate direct interaction between students and industry professionals.

4. Alumni Network: The university's alumni network can be a valuable resource for current students to connect with former graduates who have entered the workforce. Alumni can provide insights, advice, and potential job leads.

5. Partnerships with Employers: The University of Münster collaborates with various companies, organizations, and institutions. These partnerships may result in job opportunities, research collaborations, and industry connections for students.

6. Graduate Schools and Research Institutes: Some graduates from the University of Münster continue their education by pursuing master's or doctoral programs or research positions within the university's research institutes.

7. Entrepreneurship Support: The university may offer resources and support for students interested in entrepreneurship, such as startup incubators, workshops, and funding opportunities.

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M.Sc in Sports, Exercise and Human Performance

Course Level: Master's
Course Program: Engineering, Science & Technology
Course Duration: 2 Years
Intake/Admission: October - 2022, October - 2022
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MA in Social Anthropology

Course Level: Master's
Course Program: Art & Humanities
Course Duration: 2 Years
Intake/Admission: October - 2022, October - 2022
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MA in Visual Anthropology, Media and Documentary Practices

Course Level: Master's
Course Program: Art & Humanities
Course Duration: 3 Years
Intake/Admission: October - 2022, October - 2022, October - 2022
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