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Medical Residency in UAE

The United Arab Emirates continues to be among the countries with the most diverse economies and the highest levels of prosperity, particularly in the Middle East. As a direct consequence of this, it has been in a position to make major contributions towards the establishment of its health and medical care facilities. Because of its well-developed and innovative medical care infrastructure, it is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the world's top destinations for medical tourists. The governments at both the federal and emirate levels are dedicated to advancing the state of the health care business and make substantial contributions on an annual basis to that end. As a result of this, obtaining a Medical residency in the UAE is an incredible opportunity.

The United Arab Emirates has countless medical facilities that are conveniently located around the country. The country is home to a significant number of professionals who changed the course of their professions to work in other countries. In recent years, due to the pandemic and the rising standard of living has led to the field of medicine suffering a serious labour shortage. It is currently simpler to obtain a medical residency in the United Arab Emirates due to the ease of rules and regulations and exemption provided to certain candidates. The UAE is an excellent location for the establishment of new practices or the expansion of existing ones by medical professionals such as physicians, surgeons, and other experts. 

Medical Residency in UAE requirements as per different Emirates:

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven distinct emirates. Each emirate in the UAE has its own laws and customs. The requirements needed to obtain a medical residency in the UAE have been outlined in detail by each of the Emirates. If you do not have the appropriate authorization, it is against the law to practice medicine in any of the Emirates. To perform a medical residency in United Arab Emirates (UAE), one must first obtain a licence from the seven individual Emirates. Here are the requirements to get a Medical Residency in UAE for all the Emirates:

> The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the organisation from which doctors must get a licence in order to practise medical residency in the Dubai Emirate. 

> One will have to get a licence from the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) in order to practise medicine in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

> A separate authorization from the UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) is needed for practising medical residency in any of the other remaining Emirates.

> Additionally, a unique permit or licence is required from Harvard International for practising medical residency in the Dubai Health Care City (DHCC).

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

One of the regions with the healthiest economies and a primary focus on expansion is Dubai. It possesses the most advanced and successful medical and health care infrastructure in the world. Despite the Covid - 19 pandemic, the health care business in the Emirate is seeing rapid expansion. A medical residency in Dubai will immensely help those looking to have a career in the medical field. In addition, there are a lot of training programmes after the medical PG in Dubai.

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Licenses required by the Dubai Health Authority are as follows:

The DHA offers two kinds of licences for obtaining medical residency in Dubai. One is a full license. Specialists who do not yet meet the criteria for full licensure may apply for a provisional licence and practise under close supervision. Their work must be overseen by a Specialist or Consultant in the same field.

Requirements for different Residents for obtaining a medical residency in Dubai:

Internship Requirements: Graduate of a WHO or IMED or FAIMER-accredited medical school; any prior medical experience is not necessary.

Resident Requirements: Doctoral degree from a WHO- or IMED- or FAIMER-accredited medical school; with internship experience of over one year.

General Practitioner requirements: General Practitioners must have completed medical training at an institution included in WHO, IMED, or FAIMER. They require clinical experience after internship for a minimum of 2 years

Requirements for a Specialist: a degree from a medical school in the World Health Organization's (WHO) or the International Medical Education and Research, along with an experience in a clinical setting of at least 2 or 3 years is preferred.

Consultant requirements: WHO/ IMED/ FAIMER-accredited medical school graduate with a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience is expected of consultants to get a medical residency.

Medical Residency in Canada

Prerequisites in General for the obtainment of a medical residency in Dubai:

> Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR) for DHA- approved educational programmes can be found at  

> Official educational transcripts are required for credential verification. 

> Most recent work experience that qualifies under DHA PQR standards

> A two-year logbook for surgical specialties, signed and dated by the hospital's medical director or another authorised health care facility signatory.

> Possession of a current, valid professional licence or registration from the jurisdiction of your most recent place of employment

> A current and valid Good Standing Certificate (issued within the last 6 months).

> If the applicant is 65 or older, a medical fitness examination is required; this examination must be performed by a medical fitness centre affiliated with DHA.

> Most recent Passport-sized photographs along with a copy of valid passports


Application Procedure for Dubai Health Authority licence issuance for medical residency in Dubai:

1. Sign up for a Sheryan account, add supporting paperwork, and pay the initial deposit fees.

2. Your application will be checked by the HRD's Licensing and Accreditation Section (the wait duration is normally of six weeks).

3. Primary Source Verification "PSV" will be then requested for these certifications and the candidate will have to make the second payment.

4. The evaluation and the third instalment payment time and date are both up to the applicant.

5. Participate and succeed in the assessment

6. Pay the fourth instalment and submit proof of insurance as well as labour certification.

7. After two days of payment, the candidate must pick up the DHA licence at the HRD.


Dubai Emirate also has some very felicitous and top-notch medical pg courses. These medical PG in Dubai options offer specialised courses and help candidates to enhance their professional skills and expertise in their preferred medical fields. Here are some of the most preferred options for Medical PG in Dubai:

> The Gulf Medical University offers numerous medical PG in Dubai options. The courses are very comprehensive and provide a holistic educational opportunity for students. It offers courses across a broad spectrum of domains, such as a PG in Dental surgery, Pharmacy, Precision medicine, etc.

> Medical education is offered at Dubai Medical College for Girls (DMCG), which enables students to get an authorised degree of postgraduate study in Medicine and Surgery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The institution fosters high levels of student accomplishment and offers an integrated educational environment, both within and outside of the classrooms. These goals are aligned with the institution's rigorous quality standards for academic achievement.

There are quite a few other options for getting a medical PG in Dubai. One can choose to pursue an MBBS or MD or medical post-graduation in a broad range of fields. All institutes ensure to provide the highest standard of education for medical PG in Dubai. The Dubai Emirate has various amazing training and educational programs for young professionals to get medical training after Medical PG in Dubai. An example is the Dubai Residency Training Program (DRTP), which is a wonderful choice for medical PG in Dubai training program. This medical PG in Dubai is a specialized educational programme designed to provide a bridge between medical students and professional healthcare professionals. It serves as a learning framework for individuals to receive instruction and assessment to strengthen their knowledge and competence in a specific subject.

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Medical Residency Specializations in UAE





Family Medicine (UAE Nationals Only)

4 years


5 years

Neurosurgery (UAE Nationals Only)

6 years

Obstetrics & Gynecology

5 years

Ortho & Trauma Surgery (UAE Nationals Only)

6 years


4 years


5 years

Diagnostic Radiology

4 years

General Surgery

5 years


4 years

Emergency Medicine

4 years


4 years


5 years


5 Years

The necessary documentation required for a medical PG in Dubai training program:

> Must have a valid English language examination score: 

For TOEFL, it should be 550 and above

Or, for IELTS Academic, the score should be 6 and above

Or for an OET, the score needs to be 300 and above

> Must have the final results of the pre Entry Examination (EMREE) in hand.

> Must submit an updated and most recent copy of the curriculum vitae with all the necessary details

> An attested copy of the MBBS/MD Certification is a prerequisite

> Must present a copy of all the transcripts attested by the competent authority.

> An attested copy of a one-year internship experience certificate 

> Please provide a Positive Primary Source Verification (PSV) report for each certification

> Must have a copy of the passport as well as the Emirates Identity card

> A copy of the completed payment transaction receipt 

The Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD)

In order to legally work in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, a prior licence is necessary.

When deciding whether or not to grant a license to a health professional, two things are taken into consideration:

> Education Levels

> Career Background

Requirements for different Residents for getting Medical Residency in UAE:

Requirements for Interns: Interns must have completed medical training at an institution included in WHO, IMED, or FAIMER. There is no need to have any prior experience.

Requirements for Residents: For a resident doctor, must be graduated from any medical school listed in the World Health Organization or the International Medical Education Directory or the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). There is an internship experience requirement for over one year.

Requirement for General Practitioners: Practitioners of general medicine must have completed medical training at an institution in the World Health Organization or the International Medical Education and Research Network (IMED or FAIMER).

Requirement of having a clinical experience after internship for a minimum of 2 years.

Requirements for Specialists: Must be a WHO, IMED, or FAIMER-accredited medical school graduate. There should be at least two years, preferably three, of clinical experience.

Requirements for Consultants: To qualify as a consultant, you must have a minimum of five years of clinical experience after graduating from a medical school that is either on the WHO or IMED/FAIMER lists.

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Application Requirements and Procedure for getting Medical Residency in UAE- HAAD:

1. Access the HAAD Dataflow portal and upload all necessary papers and application forms (all are mentioned below).

2. Secondly, you will receive an email with "payment method instructions" and your "application number" after submitting your online application through Dataflow's portal for HAAD.

3. Third, once that verification is complete, you will get a new USERNAME and a PASSWORD sent to your registered email. To apply to HAAD, you must use these credentials to access their online application system.

4. You can apply for a HAAD licence once your application has been granted.

5. If your application for a licence is accepted, the next step is to pay the specified amount listed there.

6. Six, you will receive your licence under the specified wait time.

Necessary documentation required for the Medical Residency in UAE- HAAD:

> A recent passport-sized photo with a white background.

> You should meet the necessary professional qualification requirements and attach the educational qualifications as well.

> Have the required experience certification with a listed designation and the duration.

> Have a certificate of good standing from regulatory authorities to meet the requirements of the Professional Qualification Requirements. 

> Transcript documents or residency program qualifications.

> A staff data clearance form, mandatory for license issues. 

> A nomination letter from any sponsoring agency or facility, located in Abu Dhabi.

> A required malpractice insurance for all healthcare professionals.

> A UAE identification card, if it is available.

For getting Medical Residency in UAE in the remaining Emirates

The Ministry of Health (MOH) uses the following criteria to determine whether or not to provide a health professional with a licence in order to get a Medical Residency in UAE:

> Degrees of study level of educational qualification

> Validity of experience and continuity of practise as attested to by licensing bodies.

> One needs to pass the MOH Exams.

General Conditional Requirements for Getting a Licence from MOH:

1. One, primary care physician certification must only come from schools included on the World Health Organization's approved list.

2. Data Flow will conduct a pre-exam assessment of all certifications of qualifications and work experience for an additional cost.

3. Three, all relevant qualifications, as well as experience credentials, should be officially translated (from languages other than English or Arabic), attested, and accredited with seals approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the state of issuance, the UAE embassy/council in the issuing country, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates.

4. To receive an Evaluation Certificate or other evaluation approval paper from the Evaluation Section, you must produce the original certificates so that they can be verified.

5 An educational basic medical degree in medicine from an accredited institution is the bare minimum to sit for the exam. In addition, the combined length of the internship and post-internship work experience must be at least three years, that is one year of internship experience along with two years of experience after the internship.

6. Six, general practitioners who have a Master's degree or who don't have at least three years of experience will be classified as Specialist "B" ONLY. No degrees are acceptable (Part I, Part II, etc.).

7. An up-to-date Certificate of Good Standing must be issued by the Health Authority in the Country of Origin that issued the License, and it must bear the seals and apostille signatures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in that country, the UAE Embassy or Consulate, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates.

8. To avoid taking the MOH tests, the applicant must present their HAAD/DHA License and Good Standing Certificates. If an applicant has three unsuccessful efforts at the MOH, they may submit a HAAD/DHA License or Good Standing Certificate for consideration.

9. A passport copy is REQUIRED for use in the Assessment System. All fields in the system (foreign licence, etc.) require an Emirates ID or family book to be uploaded by UAE citizens.

10. General Practitioners who don't meet the aforementioned criteria won't be allowed to take the General Practitioner Prometric examination.

11- Applicants are ineligible to apply to the Ministry of Health test if they have had a two-year break from working in their field.

12. The hopefuls will have three opportunities to show up for the test. Additionally, the fourth opportunity to enter the exam will be one year after the last examination date, but a certificate of clinical experience will be required.

13. If an applicant fails admission four times, their application will no longer be considered and their admission file will be deleted.

14. Candidates who lack the requisite experience will initially be evaluated with a lower degree than the legally approved degree, and then will be reevaluated after they have gained the necessary expertise.

15. There should be absolutely NO deviations from the aforementioned conditions.

16. Only once the registration has been checked and accepted can the supporting documents be posted. Once the application has been submitted, no changes or edits can be made to it. In addition, you may NOT email any member of the Evaluation team with any kind of documents or resumes unless specifically requested to do so by the committee or the Directorate.

17. Holders of a Diploma in any field must take the General Practitioners Prometric examination first, with interviews to follow 6 months later or on the online published examination dates.

18. As long as you are employed in the United Arab Emirates, the Evaluation Certificate is valid for three years from the date of issue. The validity period ends after one year of inactivity in the UAE, at which point new tests must be taken.


Please note that ALL Ministry Of Health examinations are given in English. 

Data Flow's document auditing and verification service have an additional fee that can be paid online with a MasterCard, Visa, e-Dirham, or American Express card.

Extra fees for Prometric examinations are payable with MasterCard, Visa, e-Dirham, or American Express exclusively online.

Under NO circumstances will a refund be given for any paid fees.

All exam results are valid for one year only.

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All Credentials, Including Academic, Experience, and Good Standing Certificates, Must Be Attested by:

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the country of origin, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs in that country, and by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the country in question.

List of Healthcare Professions Exempt from UAE License Examinations Based on Approved Country-Specific Regulatory Authorities.

USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and the UK.

Exemption to certain candidates from the following Nations TO GET A Medical Residency in UAE, UNDER THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH:

Applicants who demonstrate a valid examination pass record of the following internationally recognised examinations (listed below) shall be excluded from ALL COMPONENTS of the licensing exam as stated by Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR):

Medical Residency in Philippines 

Exemption for Medical Practitioner to get the Medical Residency in UAE should have the following requirements:

> Any candidate from the United States of America must have a United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step III passed.

> For candidates from Canada, the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) part II is mandatory.

> A Pre-Registration Examination System (PRES) certification is necessary for candidates from Ireland.

> An Australian Medical Council (AMC) is necessary for candidates from Australia.

> A New Zealand Registration Examination (NZREX ) for a candidate from New Zealand 

> For candidates from the United Kingdom The Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board II MRCP (Member of Royal College of Physicians) (Complete) is mandatory.

Exemptions for Medical Consultants to get a Medical Residency in UAE must have the following requirements: 

> The American Board of Medical Specialty Certification for candidates based in the United States of America.

> The following are required for candidates from the United Kingdom:

Certificate of Specialist Training Completion (C.C.S.T.) or

Certificate of Training Completion (C.C.T.) or

Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) or evidence of Specialist Register inclusion in a specialty that is one of the UK C.C.T. specialisations

Certificate of Completion of General Practice Training

> For candidates from Australia, to get an exemption they must have a Fellowship of the Royal College of Australia/Colleges Certification.

> For candidates from Canada- Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Specialization Certificate or College of Family Physicians Canada Certification (CFPC)

> For candidates from Ireland, a Medical Council of Ireland Certificate of Full Registration.

> For candidates from New Zealand, they must have a Fellowship of the Royal College of New Zealand/Colleges Certification

Medical Residency in UK

Exemption for Consultant Specialist to get a Medical Residency in UAE:

> The American Board of Medical Specialty Certification for candidates from the United States of America.

> For candidates from the United Kingdom, they must have any of the following:

Certificate of Specialist Training Completion (C.C.S.T.) or

Certificate of Training Completion (C.C.T.) or

Certificate of Completion of General Practice Training (GPST)

Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) or evidence of Specialist Register inclusion in a specialty that is one of the UK C.C.T. specialisations

> For candidates from Australia, they must have a Fellowship of the Royal College of Australia/ Colleges Certification.

> For candidates from Canada, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Specialization Certificate or College of Family Physicians Canada Certification (CFPC) is required.

> For candidates from Ireland, a Specialist Doctor Certificate from the Medical Council of Ireland is required.

> For candidates from New Zealand, the Fellowship of the Royal College of New Zealand/ Colleges Certification is required.

Medical Residency in Malaysia


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has allowed for tremendous advancements in the field of healthcare and medicine. Hence, medical residency in UAE can help individuals succeed in their professional careers and raise their standard of living as well, due to the high - paid salaries offered. There are now many different construction and remodelling projects being carried out in hospitals. The rapidly expanding sector is driving up demand for contemporary institutions that are outfitted with the most trailblazing medical technology, and there is intense competition among the seven Emirates to attract medical tourists. Any individual looking for a Medical residency in UAE will have immense scope and growth options.

The Ministry of Health is continuing its efforts to modernise hospitals across the country to both prevent and treat the rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases, in particular cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. The Dubai Health Authority is committed to continuing the alignment of medical technology with the planning and implementation activities of smart cities. A medical residency in Dubai and medical residency in UAE  would be ideal to start a professional health care career.

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