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The USA is one of the most popular destinations for international medical graduates. However, the process of getting into a medical residency is a long and complicated one. I will discuss the steps to getting a medical residency in the USA.

So, First, What is a Medical Residency?

A medical residency is when medical school graduates spend one or more years in a hospital or medical facility for training and education. The training is done under the supervision of a licensed physician and involves working with patients and other medical professionals. Although a medical residency is a requirement to practice medicine in the US, there are many benefits to completing a residency. Such as learning more about a specific medical field or working at a prestigious hospital.

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Medical Residency Programs in the USA?

The United States Medical Residency Program is a program that awards residency status to doctors who complete medical school. In the United States, medical school is typically a 4-year program, followed by a residency, which is a 3-year program. However, residency programs can vary greatly depending on the specialty and location.

In the United States, most residency programs are three years long. Medical residency is a period of training that occurs after medical school. But before a doctor can open his practice. Most doctors begin a residency once they have completed their medical education, but some will start a residency while still in medical school. During a residency, doctors will receive practical training in a specialty.

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Application for Medical Residency in the USA for Foreign Graduates?

The process of applying for medical residencies for foreign medical graduates can be very overwhelming. It is to understand all the requirements and steps involved to increase the chances of being accepted into a medical residency program. These requirements include having a medical license (valid), passing scores in the USMLE Exam, and being an accredited medical graduate from a well-known institute.

Some extra documents are required to ensure one is eligible to practice medicine in the United States. The first document that you will need to submit is a copy of your medical school transcript. This transcript will need to be sent directly from your medical school to the residency program to that you are applying.

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Which Documents got Asked for Medical Residency?

The process of applying for documents Required to Apply for Medical Residency in the USA medical residency in the United States can vary depending on the state in which you appear. However, certain documents are always required when applying for medical residency in the United States.

These documents include

  1. A completed medical residency application form

  2. A medical school transcript

  3. A copy of your medical license

  4. A copy of your ECFMG certificate (if applicable)

  5. A personal statement

  6. Three letters of recommendation

  7. A CV or resume The above-listed documents are required when applying for medical residency in the United States.

Medical residency in the United States (US) can be long and arduous but ultimately very rewarding. It all starts with the application, which must get completed online. The first step is to create an account and fill in some basic information. Next, one provides transcripts from your medical school and other relevant academic records.

Steps for doing Medical (PG) Residency  in USA

Medical residency is a designation that refers to postgraduate training, or medical training that is set during postgraduate studies. In the respective aspect, a standard MBBS certification is followed by a postgraduate degree. In the long run, a postgraduate certificate is considered advantageous for one’s career. A medical PG in USA guarantees an improved skill set, more career opportunities, and the opportunity to pursue further specialized knowledge.

Medical Residency entails both education and medical training. The in-house postgraduate is trained during the residency and rotates through various medical departments.

Why should one pursue their medical PG in USA?

Many people pursue their medical residency in USA. It is considered an excellent opportunity for the students. However, there are many other countries that are famous for their quality medical postgraduate programs such as Germany, Italy, and others. All these countries are among the popular choices of students for their postgraduate programs because of the quality of education and scholarship programs.

Despite all these options, pursuing medical PG in USA remains the most popular choice. Some of the advantages are listed below.

  • High-Quality Education- USA medical curriculum provides more refined and quality education. The medical PG in USA offers further education beyond the scope of academics. The postgraduate program emphasizes more on research and training aspects. Hence, medical PG in USA is the best option.

  • Better Career Opportunities- Medical residency in USA is recognized worldwide. To start one’s practice elsewhere than the United States, a postgraduate will have to qualify for the licensing exam of the desired place. Additionally, US-trained professionals are considered experts in their fields. All these factors present better career opportunities for students who have a US postgraduate degree.

  • Exposure- Exposure and experience are said to be the biggest teachers of all. Practising medical residency in USA ensures a lot of exposure for international students. Firstly, there is the ‘Clinical Rotation’ phase that allows for exposure that comes with practising in different clinics. Secondly, the program of medical residency in USA has a lot of diverse student enrolments which facilitates exposure to diverse cultures, languages, and people.

  • USMLE Ready Curriculum- The USMLE, or United States Medical Licensing Examination, is the medical examination required to obtain a license to practise medicine in the United States. The USMLE is divided into three steps.

If you study MBBS in the United States, you will follow a curriculum that is geared toward the USMLE. You can qualify for Step 1 and Step 2 while studying medicine in the United States. After completing your MBBS, you can apply to the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) for certification and to sit for Step 3 of the USMLE during your postgraduate medical education.

However, if you complete your medical residency from elsewhere but you go to the US to practise, you will have to completely go through the USMLE-oriented curriculum before appearing for the licensing exam.

Aside from all these great benefits, the major advantage of doing a medical residency in USA is all the learning and experience. The country of the United States is famous for its quality and timely medical facilities.

What are the steps involved in doing a medical residency in the USA?

The process of procuring one’s medical PG in USA is long, overwhelming, and confusing.

A lot of the applicants for the US residency are International Medical Students (or foreign medical graduates). These students are the ones who have procured the undergraduate degree from medical schools located out of the United States and are not recognized by the US crediting body or medical board. The process becomes especially harder when the applicants are international students. Here, we have helped to break down the process into explanatory steps for better understanding.

  • Thorough Research-

A very important pre-requisite of applying for medical residency in USA is thorough research. One should properly research the available and desired medical programs for postgraduate certification. Many portals mention all the important information such as medical school graduation year, types of visas accepted, or the number of allowed attempts on the USMLE.

It will be important to assess important information such as the eligibility requirements. The eligibility requirements differ from one program to other. Along with that, the most important information to be factored in is the license requirements for specific states. The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) publishes state-specific initial medical licensure requirements. Furthermore, some states maintain a list of acknowledged medical schools that are eligible for state licensure.

Going through all this information will be helpful before starting the process of filling out all the applications.

  • Simplified steps of the application process for medical PG in USA are discussed below.
  1. The most important requirement for the start of your application process is to be ECFMG certified. Your education needs to be acknowledged and certified for you to pursue a medical residency in USA. There is an application fee of $2500 to get one’s medical degree registered under the ECFMG.

  2. Complete the USMLE or the United States Medical Licensing Examination. The whole test is divided into three steps. USMLE Step 1 assesses your understanding of and application of basic sciences to the practice of medicine. The first exam can be given after 2 years of medical school. The USMLE Step 2 CK exam assesses your ability to apply your medical foundation and clinical science understanding to the provision of patient care. The USMLE Step 2 CS evaluates your ability to apply medical knowledge and skills in a clinical, patient-centred setting.

One needs to pass the USMLE Step 3 examination, which focuses on providing patient care in an ambulatory setting. This exam can be taken before applying for IMG residency or at the end of your internship year.

  • Another important requirement for pursuing a medical PG in USA is to go through clinical elective in the United States. Many hospitals in the United States allow IMGs to complete their optional away rotation in the United States during their final year. In the United States, it is critical to have hands-on (direct patient care) supervised experience.

However, if for some reason, the applicant can not go through the optional clinical electives; their applications will be enhanced with the opportunity of an official observership.

  1. Another step that needs to be followed is registration with the AAMC. The Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS ®) is managed by the Association of American Medical Colleges® (AAMC®). Through their MyERAS® Portal, you will apply to residency programs using the ERAS® centralized online application system.

  2. The next step would be to prepare all the required documentation that will be required in the application process. With the ERAS portal, personal information, LORs and other credential-based documents would be required.

  3. After having done thorough research, the next step is to select and apply for the right program. It is very important to choose the few right fits for your applications because the ERAS portal charges money for every extra application. Then, one should apply to the selected programs as soon as the date is released.

  4. The next step would be to prepare for one’s interview after getting selected. The important factors that will be assessed during these interviews are an applicant’s interpersonal skills, references, and behaviour with the faculty.

  5. Registration with National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) is important for the match of the right program to the applicant. There is a fee that is applicable for this registration. The matching of the list requires an applicant to fill out a rank list first and foremost.

  6. NRMP publishes a list of matched candidates based on rank order lists. Many matched and selected candidates find positions at their desired programs. However, for many rejected IMGs, this is not the end. The NRMP also publishes a list of open positions, and the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program [SOAP] kicks off. SOAP consists of several fast match rounds spread out over approximately 7 days.

Another important factor to be considered is the requirement for student visas. Foreign graduates who are not citizens or lawful permanent residents must obtain the appropriate visa to participate in graduate medical education programs in the United States. The two most common types of visas are H-1B (Temporary Worker), J-1, or Exchange Visitor. The visa formation requires a hefty amount of money though. Medical residency in USA offers sponsorship for student visas to talented applicants. The students can apply for government grants and scholarship programs to ease the tuition fee of their medical PG in the USA.

The long and overwhelming process of the basics of the application for a medical PG in USA has been simplified here. The steps mentioned above are not necessarily to be completed in the same order. All these applications and registrations have their release dates which may overlap with one another. Remember to keep an eye out on the dates lest you should miss your chance of pursuing a medical residency in USA.

USMLE Preparations?

The first step is to appear and pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). The USMLE is a three-step exam. It is significant for licensure in the United States. The USMLE Step 1 is a multiple-choice exam that tests basic medical knowledge. The USMLE Step 2 CK is a clinical knowledge exam that tests your ability to apply medical knowledge to clinical situations.

Medical Experience in the USA?

After Completing MBBS, Once you have the required documents, you will need to submit them to the medical residency program of your choice. After the application checking, an interview will get held. The interview is a significant part of the medical residency application process. During the interview, the residency program will get to know you and your qualifications better.

Salary of Medical Residency?

According to the data gathered by the Medical Group Management Association, the average salary for a medical resident in the United States was $56,149 in 2014. In addition, research conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges found that medical residents working in the United States earned an average of $57,200 in 2014. However, it should be noted that these figures vary depending on several factors, such as the type of residency program, the state in which the residency program is located, and the specific hospital or medical center where the residency program is located.

Medical Residency Interview?

When you are nearing the end of your medical school journey and you are getting ready to enter residency, you will go through a process called interview season. This is when residency programs invite medical students to come interview with them. This can be a very daunting and competitive process. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your residency interviews.

Visa Requirements of Medical Residency?

The process of obtaining a medical residency in the United States can be complex and intimate, and as a result, several specific requirements must be met for an international medical graduate (IMG) to obtain a residency position. The first and arguably most important requirement is that the IMG must obtain a valid visa that will allow him or her to enter and remain in the United States for the duration of the residency training program. There are several different visa options available to IMGs, but the most common and most appropriate for this purpose is the J-1 visa. To obtain a J-1 visa, the IMG must first obtain what is known as a sponsor.

Medical residency is the process of training doctors in the United States. It’s one of the most prestigious and highly-rated professional paths out there, and it can be a great opportunity for you if you’re looking to become a doctor. But before you decide whether or not to pursue residency, it’s important to know what it entails. In this blog post, we will outline the different stages of medical residency and what you can expect during each one. We will also provide a few tips on how to make the process as smooth as possible for you. 

Types of Medical residencies

There are many types of medical residencies in the United States. The most common type is a residency in a hospital. Other types of residencies include:

  • -A residency in a clinic
  • -A residency in anesthesiology
  • -A residency in paediatrics
  • -A residency in psychiatry
  • -A residency in oncology
  • -A residency in dermatology

Requirements for medical residency

The medical residency program in the United States is one of the most competitive programs in the world. The program requires a minimum of three years of post-graduate medical training after receiving an undergraduate degree from a recognized university.

Requirements for admission to the residency program include:

- A completed undergraduate degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian university

- Registration as a doctor in any state or province

- Mastery of English language skills

- Current valid license to practice medicine in your home country or jurisdiction

- Good academic record

The application process

Obtaining a residency position in the United States is a competitive process. Applicants must submit an application, undergo an interview and testing process, and pass a board exam.

Residency programs in the United States are typically divided into three categories: general surgery, obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics. Each program has specific requirements for admission, such as undergraduate medical school grades and experience.

Applicants should start by researching residency programs in their desired specialty. Most residency programs have website directories that list all of the programs in each category. Applicants can then contact individual program directors to inquire about admission requirements and schedule an interview.

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is required for most residency programs. The MCAT is a standardized test that assesses medical knowledge, skills and reasoning ability. A score of 30 or higher on the MCAT is required for most residency positions in the United States.

Selection of a medical residency program

When choosing a medical residency program, there are a few key things to consider. Some important factors include the type of hospital you want to work in, the number of patients that facility typically treats, and the size and location of the residency program.

Another factor to consider is your career goals. Do you want to practice in a rural or urban setting? Would you prefer a program with more clinical experiences or more research opportunities? Once you have determined these priorities, it is easier to narrow down your search.

Some other important factors to consider include the salary offered by the residency program and how much debt you will be taking on. It is also helpful to find out whether the residency program offers tuition assistance or stipends for living expenses.

Financing medical residency

Financing medical residency in the USA can be difficult, but there are a number of options available. The most common way to finance a residency is through a loan from a healthcare provider. Other ways to finance a residency include scholarships, family resources, and grants. There are also many private health insurance companies that offer reduced or no premiums for residents who agree to work full time for one year after completing their residency.

Residency training

Medical residency in the United States can be an extremely rewarding experience for both the doctor and patient. The residency program is designed to provide the doctor with the necessary training to become a specialist in their field, and the patients are able to receive the best possible care from a highly-qualified physician.

Each medical residency program is different, but all of them share some common features. First, all residencies require a minimum number of hours of clinical participations per week. This means that doctors must spend time working in hospitals and clinics, learning about the latest techniques and treatments for diseases. Second, all residencies require completion of a number of rotations throughout the hospital system. This helps doctors learn how to maximize their skills as specialists while also providing exposure to different parts of medicine. Finally, many residencies also require a research thesis or project, which gives doctors valuable experience working on original research projects.

All things considered, medical residency programs in the United States are extremely tough and demanding but ultimately very rewarding. If you are interested in pursuing a medical residency here in America, make sure to explore all of your options carefully before making any decisions.

After residency

To be considered for a residency program in the United States, you will generally need to complete an undergraduate degree from a highly accredited university. After completing your undergraduate degree, you will then need to complete either an MD or a DO. Many residency programs will require that you pass the Medical Board Exam. Once you have completed all of the requirements, you can apply to a residency program.

The average time to complete a medical residency in the United States is 4 years. residencies are open to both doctors who have completed their medical school training and those who are still in their medical school training.

When applying to a residency program, it is important that you list all of your previous experience and achievements. You should also list any awards or scholarships that you have received. In addition, it is important to provide letters of recommendation from people who know you well.

Once you have been accepted into a residency program, it is important to attend orientation sessions and meet with your fellow residents. Resident education is one of the most important elements of being a doctor in the United States and it is essential that you participate in all of the required courses.


Congratulations on your decision to pursue a medical residency in the United States! Becoming a doctor is an incredibly challenging and rewarding career, and it takes years of hard work and dedication to get there. Here are some tips to help you prepare for residency:

1) Get plenty of quality sleep – getting a good night's sleep is key to ensuring that you are mentally and physically ready for the rigors of residency.

2) Be prepared to work long hours – being a doctor requires dedication, and often times long hours are mandatory in order to receive high-quality care for patients. Make sure you have enough energy reserves so that you can keep up with the demands of residency.

3) Be organized – keeping track of your notes, activities, and medications is essential if you want to make sure that you are providing the best possible care for your patients. 4) Stay healthy both mentally and physically – being healthy both inside and out will help ensure that you can handle all the stress and demands of residency without succumbing to illness or injury.

Someone says that doctors is one of the best profession than any other in current scenario. Treating people, curing their diseases, suggesting their mental health condition advising them about their health feels a very special person for someone who want to be a doctor. Becoming a doctor is not everyone's cup of tea. To be a doctor you have to Spend your lots of time on study, then and then only you will be able to be good doctor. Completing your graduation from any universities for doctor that is MBBS is not sufficient be a good doctor to start your career as a doctor. You must have to do your specialisation degree from any reputed University. While becoming a doctor or while pursuing your specialisation that means you are for swimming you are medical PG. Lots of a candidate have dream to study in a foreign country. They want to complete their medical education from these countries and many of them can be able to full believe dream but not all. There are lots of things matters like economical condition or like living conditions.

 Many of the Indian students wants to complete their education that is especially medical education USA. And it is a better thing because if you complete your medical education from American universities then it is considered as one of the best for your career. There are lots of scholarships are offered by the American government for the students who came from different countries. Lots of scholarships for Indian students who willing to build their career in a medical field. Apart from your graduation in a medical you will also get scholarship while you are pursuing your post-graduation from universities in USA.

Exams for getting admission for Medical PG:

         If you pursuing or completed your medical graduation that is an MBBS degree from any country and wants to study or complete your medical PG that is post-graduation from the USA then you can do it. Getting an only graduation degree in medical field that is MBBS is not sufficient for any student. Students should have to go for further education.  Becoming a post-graduate from the USA is a really good opportunity for your bright future. Because in the USA there are lots of wide openings for the research and development in all fields. So it will gives your hands and help you to build your career in the medical field as a doctor in the USA after completing your MBBS in Ukraine. But for getting admission for a medical PG in the USA you must have to pass the exam which is held by the USA Medical council USMLE.

         For cracking this exam, you must have to do lots of hard work, and then and then only you will be able to get admission in medical PG. USMLE exam is tough for average students but not impossible. you have to do lots of hard work for cracking this exam and if you will be able to crack this exam then definitely you will get admission for medical PG in the USA. There is one advantage for the medical PG from the USA is for the USMLE exam in 3rd year of your medical graduation. The entire process of teaching and learning is only practical based. And the student who completes the medical post-graduation in the USA will be able to handle any situation.

Medical PG is MD (Doctoral in Medicine):

 Medical post-graduation is called as MD that is the short form of doctor in medicine. The one thing about the medical graduate if those students complete their 2 years integrated program that is of the MD then they will be able to prepare for the research and can be able to diagnose and treat adult disorders.

Why you should pursue MD in USA?

The answer is very simple and straightforward because United States of America is one of the growing countries in all over the world. When the point is about the education in United State of America then the government is going to provide you a lot of opportunity to complete your post-graduation in any field. As there are lots of factors matters like growing rapid population, the spread of new diseases and the decrease in immunity system of the people from USA are results into growth in USA medical business.

         As I mention earlier in this article the chances of getting admission for PG in medical field from countries like USA are very rare. If you got a chance then never think about for one second also. Just grab the opportunity and fly to your University. The lots of institutes from USA are well recognised by the reputed Universities. Most of the universities and institutes are well recognised by the WHO that is World Health Organisation. Nearly all the institute and University helps to the students to use and cutting is technology is an medical field and it is a plus factor of completing your post-graduation in a medical field from the USA.

Eligibility of completing your PG in medical or MD in USA:

  1. The student must have to complete his 10th and with the highest percentage or with the better grades. At least 12th percentage or grades are mattering a lot.

  2. The student must have to complete his pre-medical course in any field then it may be in BSc in biology or BSc in chemistry or the field which are connected closely to the medical field.

  3. The results of AMCAT and NEET are also mattering as it should be from 6.5 to 7.0 on IELTS.

                  These are some basic points of eligibility criteria to complete your PG from the USA.

Cost of medical PG or MD in USA:

         As all of you know that medical education is become very costly. Even though education is at its best quality in USA, but you have to spend lots of money on those education. If you want to complete your MD in USA then you must have to paying at least 50000 USD to 75000 USD 4 year. This cost is rangers from 36 lakh to 50 lakh per annum in the rupees. If you are very good at your academy then you may get some scholarship from the different kind of organisation in the USA. Most of the scholarships are aim to pay the tuition be off student maybe partial or maybe full.

Top most colleges are medical institutes in the United State of America to complete your medical PG:

1. Harvard University:

         One of the best and well repeated institute not only in country but also in the world. Approximately 45 lakhs per annum you have to spend in this institute to complete your education as MD. Your GRE should be 292 and TOEFL should we approximately 90. For this institute there is 9.5 rating out of 10 are given by the people.

Address: Cambridge, Massachusetts.

2. Stanford University:

         This is one of the oldest and World reputed institute in medical field present in USA. Approximately 40 lacs per annum we have to spend to complete your education in a medical field. You must have to obtain in between 320 to 330 as in GRE and maintain approximately 68 at PTE. This institute is considered at 4th position as per THE.

Address: Stanford, California.

3. University of California:

         A well established and with the best teaching staff with the great experience University of California is a growing like sky is the only limit for them. The average feet to complete your medical Fiji from this in your city will be approximately 15 lakhs per annum. With the help of cutting-edge technology and proper teaching techniques the students have given 8 rating out of 10 to this university.

Address: Berkeley, California.

4. University of Chicago:

         When you complete your education from University of Chicago in a masters then it will be honoured in all over the world just because he completed your MD from this university. University of Chicago is recognised by World Health Organization. Approximately 50 lakhs to Spain on your education by completing your medical PG that assembly from University of Chicago.

Address: Chicago, Illinois

5. University of Pennsylvania:

         This university is well recognised by the different organisation and well reputed Universities. The cost of completing your medical Fiji is very high than any other institute. The quality of education the hostel accommodation in the student life is that its best level than any others. You have to maintain your GMAT score at 730 and PTE at 68. Approximately 70 lakhs you have to spend for per annum. According to THE this University is ranked at 13th position in the list of top most medical university in USA.

Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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