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Nov 27, 2022 07:25:34

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Steps of doing Medical Residency in Canada

         As all of we know what is the value of doctor. In ancient history of India, the doctors are known as "Vaidya", the person who gives the prescription of ayurvedic medicine at that time. Our India has a very beautiful history of medicines in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is nothing but a stream which deals with the natural medicines which are present in nature like plants, fruits, shakes and roots. India is blessed with the lots of golden movements in history Ayurveda is one of them. On the basis of that lots of a student’s lots of young generation want to complete their medical education and passionate about to treating the people who are suffering from the diseases.

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Becoming a doctor is a dream for lots of students. Students who came from 11th and 12th within the science field are able to apply medical graduation in any field from India. After completing of your 12th from biology stream, you have to apply for NEET entrance examination which is conducted by the central government of India to get admission in the medical university for medical college which are present in all over the India. The exam is of 720 marks and there are ranking for the different students on the basis of their obtained marks. The students who got above 600 marks will definitely get the admission in government colleges like AIIMS. When student is willing to complete his medical graduation from India then there are lots of opportunity and career points are present for the student.

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Students life at Canada:

  1. Canada is one of the best and growing country in all over the world when you are willing to get education then it may be medical engineering technical or in any field from the Canada, it will be a great opportunity to study. The use of very cutting-edge technology makes huge difference that Canada is one of the best countries in educational field.

  2. To avoid lots of the pressure on students mind the different institutes and Universities which are present in a Canada are also organised different kind of events then maybe it's a national or international level events. At the students are willing to participate in a such a kind of events then it will be his or her beneficial it may release some pressure from the students mind and he can perform in a fearless week while treating to the people.

  3. The cultural events the sports events are organised by the college campuses to entertain the students. As completing your medical residency is a very changed part for lots of a student. Many of the students are get stressed by studying very hard. Avoid such kind of situation medical colleges and Universities are organise such a kind of events for each year. This is the most important move taken by the college premises because completing MBBS or medical residency from anywhere is not everyone's capacity you have to struggle a lot.

  4. Almost each and every University provide you and hostel facilities and accommodations. The strict rules and regulations of the hostels make the hostels more particular. Students learn to behave properly. Almost in each hostel the food quality is good. When you are an Indian student and want to pursue you are medical residency from the Canada then you can be ab le to be in culture in the food. In each room you have to share your room with two partners with the separate cupboard bed and table. In some hostels there will be a general fridge where you can put your bottles.

  5. Each and every best university and institutes in a medical field from the Canada or having their own huge campus. And Central library is included in the campus. Proximately each kind of reference book text books are present which are related to the medical field and the library stops is also available for you for 24/7. A very supportive well experienced the teaching staff is always present for you in any situation from each Canadian medical University.

                  This is how the student’s life at Canadian universities who are pursuing here medical graduation or residency from Canada.

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Steps to do medical residency from Canada:

1. Gather information about Universities:

         When you think about to complete your medical residency, you are putting a light on your dream. There is main Moto to complete your medical residency in your career. On behalf of that moto you are going to decide your future. When you complete your medical graduation that is MBBS from any universities in India. The next step is you will apply for medical residency or you can start your practice. Many of the student wants the specialisation in their career. So, they apply for PG and aims to complete it.

         After completion of your medical graduation, you have to start gather all the information which is related to your education in Canada. Start researching on which universities you want to complete your medical graduation from Canada. How is the life cycle over there, how much it will cost to complete your medical PG from Canada, how is this surrounding environment over there and most important thing is there and well experienced teaching staff who will justify your career.

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2. Make yourself persistent:

         Whatever the decisions taken by your side are good for you. Just think twice from your place that whether that specialisation course is suitable for you or not, whether you can handle the situations in this specialisation. And so, on questions. When you got all the answers from your bottom of the heart then and then only apply for the particular specialisation in medical field.

3. Decide your specialisation:

There are different fields in a medical science like gynaecologist, paediatrician, neurosurgeon, general surgery, Ortho and so on. While deciding your stream, think twice and then go for it. It's not about what your friend thinks and go for it, it's all about what you really want.

4. Apply to the universities:

         When you make the decision to complete a particular specialisation than, apply to those Universities and attained for the interviews. There is different admission process for different universities. You have to appear for exams in some universities and you have to appear for direct interviews in some universities. Give your 100% efforts to whatever you are doing. There may be some interviews happens online so you can able to appear for the interviews from your home town. And also, some exams are online so can able to crack those exams from your home.

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5. Wait for the result:

What is the process of admission you had appear is one side. Just wait for your result with patience. It's not about whether you can get or not it's all about how you have tried so don't worry about your result.


When the confirmation comes from Universities that you got the seat then heard of process will be start,

  1. Contact with your University and gather all the information to confirm your seat.

  2. Get your passport and if not then apply for it within one or two months it will be there in your hand.

  3. Get the confirmation letter from University and apply for the student visa from your country. It will take some time because it's an early in the process.

  4. Simultaneously the documents verification is also required for your University. Send all the documents that is all marksheets and all. When you got the green audit from document verification from your University then it will be a green signal to you that you can come to Canada.

  5. When the green audit come from the university then ask them whether there any scholarship to which am I eligible. And apply for it. Because there are lots of organisation who are there to motivate the students want to pursue their medical residency from Canada.

  6. After getting student visa and and passport get ready to fly the Canada. This is your new chapter of your life. Enjoy it!!


  This is all about the steps to apply for medical residency from Canada. When you got the chance to complete your medical residency from Canada then it will definitely shape your career in a proper manner and helps to shine your images as a doctor.

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Standyou Team

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