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About University

About Ad-din Women’s Medical College (AWMC), Dhaka

Ad-din Women's Medical College (AWMC) is a private medical college in Bangladesh. The institution is exclusively established for providing medical education to female students. Ad-din Women's Medical College was inaugurated in 2008, and the institution is a part of the Ad-din Foundation. Ad-din is a private, not-for-profit organization functioning in Bangladesh since 1980. Ad-din Foundation was established to support the underprivileged majority of Bangladesh. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has approved Ad-din Women’s Medical College (AWMC), Dhaka. Also, it is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). The Medical College is affiliated with the University of Dhaka as a constituent college. It aspires to achieve national and international recognition for providing quality education and the capability of preparing medical graduates with the required knowledge, skills, and professionalism.


Spotlight at Ad-din Women’s Medical College (AWMC), Dhaka

The Ad-din Women’s Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka is one of the most renowned non-government medical colleges in Bangladesh. The main aim of the institution is to provide high-quality healthcare, educational, and social services to society. It ensures that community-based health care and educational services are provided at very economical costs, considering the capability of the needy people. Ad-din is striving to procure excellent teaching facilities and a committed team of faculty members some of whom are experts in their disciplines. Given the resources at its disposal, Ad-din is operating to develop outstanding female medical graduates who are exceptional in their medical practice and they are equally conscious about their social obligations also. The Ad-din Women’s Medical College is regarded as the best MBBS college for girls in the entire sub-continent. Many students enrolled in the College are from India.


Courses offered at Ad-din Women’s Medical College (AWMC), Dhaka

The Ad-din Women's Medical College (AWMC) offers a five-year course of study leading to a degree of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). A clinical internship of a duration of one year after the completion of graduation is compulsory for all students. The MBBS degree of this Medical College is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). At Ad-din Women's Medical College, all the medical subjects are taught in the English medium only.


University and Accommodation Ad-din Women’s Medical College (AWMC), Dhaka

The Ad-din Women's Medical College (AWMC) has a large, clean, and green campus with all kinds of modern facilities situated in Dhaka. The Ad-din campus is situated within the premises of Ad-din Medical College Hospital at 2 Bara Maghbazar, Dhaka. The academic building is adequately equipped with lecture rooms, dissection halls, laboratories, museums, and all other infrastructure required for rendering medical education to the students. All the departments are provided with computers and Internet facilities, including access to scanners, multimedia, and other audio-visual aids. There is a 500-bed Ad-din Medical College Hospital, with all modern amenities and advanced equipment to provide the best medical treatment to the patients. The students are provided practical training at the hospital. Apart from this, for the student accommodation, there are two hostels, both for girls. Ad-din Women's Medical College hostels have standard rooms and air-conditioned rooms too. (electricity charges will be extra) The hostel buildings are situated near the campus area.


Student Life in Ad-din Women’s Medical College (AWMC), Dhaka

The objective of the Ad-din Women's Medical College is to provide a suitable educational environment to the students. The Medical College is located in a convenient position in Dhaka city. The climate is very much similar to the Indian climate. For all the enrolled students, it is compulsory to stay in the Ad-din Women’s Medical College Hostel. The students are not allowed to live outside the college campus under any circumstances. A mess is available inside the hostel for providing food to students at a fixed monthly cost. The students cannot cook food inside their hostel room. However, if required, the students can occasionally cook in the mess kitchen. The Indian students can get Indian food in the college canteen and the hostel mess. Also, the cost of living in Bangladesh is less as compared to that in India.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Duration: 5 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
Total Course Fees: $ 36000(₹ 2628000)

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