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About University

About Andijan State Medical Institute:

Andijan State Medical Institute is one of the best institutes of Medical education in Uzbekistan. This institute was found in 1955. Andijan State Medical Institute is located in Andijan City in Uzbekistan. As this institute is very old. Hence, it is growing towards the top of the position in the list of best medical institutes in Uzbekistan. This Institute having all the equipment and laboratory which are required for research and development in the medical field. Andijan State Medical Institute must be included in a list of the top Medical institutes presently in Uzbekistan. Students can be able to get an education concerning his or her interest. Because the institute provides 56 multiple departments in the medical field. If you want to complete medical education in Uzbekistan then, trust me the Andijan State Medical Institute must be at your top of the list.


USP/spotlight at Andijan State Medical Institute:

  1. The best part of the Andijan State Medical Institute is, the institute uses English as a communication language. So, the foreign students also can get easily understand the concept of academics.

  2. This institute having a tie-up with different Universities. In Andijan State Medical Institute, there are lots of specialization programs available for the students. So, the student can choose any program with his or her interest.

  3. This particular institute allows students for practical-oriented knowledge. Due to this, lots of uncleared concepts get clear.

  4. Andijan State Medical Institute having its hospital facility. So, the student can be able to practice in hospital apart from the academic and he or she can be able to get familiar with any kind of situation which they are going to place in the future.


Course program offered by the Andijan State Medical Institute:

The major course provided by the institute is MBBS that is graduation in the medical field. Apart from the MBBS, if the student wants to do something different then, there are lots of specialization courses are available.


While studying your respective course, can be able to join the teaching and learning process. Pedagogy is one of the best options for the student who wants to complete graduation.

Post-graduation program:

After completing the MBBS from Uzbekistan. Students can be able to complete his or her post-graduation at the Andijan State Medical Institute. For PG Andijan State Medical Institute is one of the best options.


In this specialization course, the student can be able to get a piece of knowledge about the pregnancy, issues that occurred during the pregnancy, the delivery of the baby, and treatment of the pregnant women. These all things included in the syllabus of gynecology.


In neuroscience, the treatment of all the issues related to your brain is included. The best specialization course in Andijan State Medical Institute.


The treatment of the internal organs of the human body can be done under section surgery. This specialization course is taught by well-experienced faculty members.


University and accommodation of Andijan State Medical Institute:

  1. The hostel management of the institute has come under the administration section.

  2. This institute is going to provide a hostel facility and a very proper manner.

  3. The water supply, electricity, refrigerator system, and all the things are done in a very good manner. The food quality of the hostel management is outstanding. Students don't have to step outside of the hostel for any purpose.

  4. They can be able to order anything. Girls hostel and boys hostel are separated.

  5. Safety of the hostels always becomes the priority for the administration of the college and the hostel management.

Students live at Andijan State Medical Institute:

  1. If the student can be able to get admission to this institute then, he or she deserves the best future.

  2. The surrounding environment of the college is suitable for the study.

  3. Also if you're going to talking about the library facility then it is much better than any other institute in Uzbekistan.

  4. Nearly, 300000 books are present in the library. For students, there are 5 reading halls for study purposes and they are open 24/7.

  5. The campus area of the college is very good. This institute is the best for research and development purposes.


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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 3800(₹ 277400)
Total Course Fees: $ 22800(₹ 1664400)

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