Bukhara State Medical Institute

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    Bukhara , Uzbekistan

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    Government University

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    Established 1990

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    Rating - 4.3 Points

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    Part Time Work


About University

About Bukhara State Medical Institute:

Bukhara is a city in Uzbekistan. In this city, there is Bukhara State Medical Institute with University ranking in-country at number 36, if you're talking about the world wild then it will be better 9539. Bukhara State Medical Institute is it public higher medical institution established in 1990. The best part of this institute means they are going to provide a minimum fee with a high-quality education. Bukhara State Medical Institute is offering a different kinds of medical courses to the students. Either the students from Uzbekistan or the other countries, are treated in the same manner. This is is one of the best options for pursuing MBBS from Uzbekistan. The faculty member, different kind of facilities and the college campus is at a higher level.


USP/ spotlight on Bukhara State Medical Institute:

  1. According to my studies and research, the fees are very minimum as compared to the other medical institution all over the world.

  2. Apart from the medical academy the Bukhara State Medical Institute also focuses on the sports and physical training of the students. With the highly experienced and best in a business faculty members are provided by the administration.

  3. The best part of this institute is, this institute is approved by the NMC and the world health organization.

  4. For research and development purpose or practical purpose, there are well-structured laboratories with different high-tech types of equipment are present. The degree provided by the Bukhara State Medical Institute is considered as most valuable all over the world.

  5. The communication medium between the teachers and students in English. This factor helps the foreign students.

Course program offered by Bukhara State Medical Institute:

 Bukhara State Medical Institute is famous for completing the MBBS degree. The student who wants to complete their MBBS from Uzbekistan, this institute should be on your top-up list. Apart from the MBBS, the institute provides the following courses regarding the medical field.


Therapy is a type of treatment that can be done without using any kind of medicine. Bukhara State Medical Institute provide therapy course for the interested students. Therapy is one of the best kinds of treatment because there are no issues related to the side and all this stuff.


The issues related to dental can be resolved in dentistry. Bukhara State Medical Institute provides the best facilities for the students who want to complete dentistry. Due to the practical-oriented education, the student can face any issues related to dental in the future.


University and accommodation of Bukhara state Medical Institute:

  1. The hostel room is of sharing type. Two students have to share the room in Bukhara State Medical Institute.

  2. The water supply is for 24 hours in the hostel. The food provided by the hostel management is quality food.

  3. The girl's hostel and the boys' hostel are separated. The security in a hostel is in a very high manner.

  4. The hostel management of the Bukhara State Medical Institute provides a centralized heating system and hot or cold water supply 24/7. The local people get to interact with foreign students. So the student doesn't have to face such problems.

  5. The central library of the institute is open for maximum hours. So the student cannot be uncomfortable with his or her study.


Students live in Bukhara State Medical Institute:

  1. The student's life at Bukhara State Medical Institute is very simple as compared to the other institute of Medicine.

  2. The teachers and other faculty members are very friendly. So, the student can be able to ask any questions or queries regarding the academic for any time to the faculty members.

  3. The college campus and the central library provide the best environment. So, the student can be able to obtain peace while studying MBBS or any medical course.

  4. If you will be able to get admission to this institute, then you will become a great doctor as well as a great human being.

  5. So the Bukhara State Medical Institute is also one of the best medical institutions in Uzbekistan.

This is all about the Bukhara State Medical Institute. Especially, in the foreign students' quota, for the Indian students, Uzbekistan is the best country for completing the MBBS.

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First Year Total Fees $ 3800(₹ 277400)
Total Course Fees $ 19000(₹ 1387000)
Course Level Bachelor’s
Course Program Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Duration 6 Years
Intake/Admission September - 2021


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