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About University

About Samarkand State Medical Institute:

Samarkand State Medical Institute is one of the best medical institutes in Uzbekistan. At the place amir Temur street in Samarkand city in Uzbekistan. Samarkand State Medical Institute is a higher educational institution in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The best part of this institute is, it is the first institute in Central Asia which is found in 1930 in Samarkand. Due to all these reasons according to my opinion, the Samarkand State Medical Institute will be the best option for foreign students to complete their MBBS in Uzbekistan. In Samarkand State Medical Institute, there are lots of opportunities for research development and in medical science. Due to this, udan can-shaped his or her career in a very perfect manner. Samarkand State Medical Institute always be able to provide top-quality education in MBBS to the students.


USP/ spotlight at Samarkand State Medical Institute:

  1. Samarkand State Medical Institute having the best equipment in the laboratory. The way of teaching to the student is unique and the lecture halls are well structured.

  2. The communication language between students and teachers is English. And this will helps the foreign students for better understanding about what exactly going on in front of them.

  3. Samarkand State Medical Institute is recognized by the different Medical councils and medical bodies. Samarkand State Medical Institute provide the well-experienced faculty members for teaching purpose to the student.

  4. The beautiful campus of the institute will help students for or get interacted with the college campus and they can be able to progress in their studies.

  5. Samarkand State Medical Institute having a connection with the different kinds of international organizations.


Course programs offered by the Samarkand State Medical Institute:

The first and major course offered by the Samarkand State Medical Institute is MBBS. The way of teaching and interact with the students while teaching MBBS to students is outstanding. Apart from the MBBS, the institute can be able to provide different courses regarding medical science to the students. Here are some courses provided by Samarkand State Medical Institute.



            Samarkand State Medical Institute is famous for dentistry also. During this course, teachers are going to teach the students about various problems regarding teeth. Students can be able to get practical oriented knowledge about the teeth.



            Pediatrics is related to the health issues ok baby. The job as a pediatrician is really hard. Because the Doctor had to get interact with a baby who cannot be able say anything about their health.



            Taking care of the patient is it top job for a nurse. Samarkand State Medical Institute is going to teach you every single aspect of nursing. So that you can be able to handle any situation in the future.


University and accommodation of Samarkand State Medical Institute:

  1. Samarkand State Medical Institute provides a hostel facility to the student. The management of a hostel is under the administration department.

  2. All the basic facilities are provided by the hostel management to the student. Lots of students having the desire for building a body. For this, there is a gym for students.

  3. The best part based on a student point of view of this hostel is, they provide internet connection through the Wi-Fi 24/7.

  4. There is a library present on the college campus which can be able to help the students or a getting different kind of knowledge, newly added technology and different kind of research and development.

  5. The library is also open for maximum hours for the student.


Student life at Samarkand State Medical Institute:

  1. Apart from the hostel, the important things about the living kind of aspects, the college provide high-quality education to the students.

  2. The college campus environment helps the student to study.

  3. The central library contains different kinds of publications, books, magazines, and different kinds of reference books. so, if the student can be able to adapt to all these things, then no one can stop him from building a beautiful career.

This is all about the Samarkand State Medical Institute. Samarkand State Medical Institute will be the best option for those who want to complete a medical degree from Uzbekistan.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 3800(₹ 277400)
Total Course Fees: $ 22800(₹ 1664400)

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