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About University

About Tashkent Medical Academy-

Tashkent Medical Academy is one of the best medical universities in Uzbekistan. This university is the leading and most famous research and teaching university in Asia. if a student wants to complete his medical from Uzbekistan, Tashkent Medical Academy will be the best option for him. Tashkent Medical Academy having a well-experienced faculty, which going to be held to the students for better understanding and clarification in content. For the foreign students, this medical academy will become the best option because they are going to prefer the English language. Tashkent Medical Academy is a public University.


Spotlight at Tashkent Medical Academy-

  1. Tashkent Medical Academy what established in 2005. This is not an old University but the way they are growing up, I assure you that they on the way to becoming the topmost college.

  2. Tashkent Medical Academy started a joint training center with different countries like America, Korea. In these centers, students are going to be trained with the help of modern technology.

  3. Tashkent Medical Academy having a good relationship with the topmost Universities present in Asia and Europe.

  4. Tashkent Medical Academy is labeled as the 'higher education facility by the government of Uzbekistan.

  5. Tashkent Medical Academy is recognized by the different medical councils of different countries.


Course Programs offered by the Tashkent Medical Academy-

 There is only one course available in Tashkent Medical Academy that is nothing but MBBS. The duration of the MBBS program is 6 years. Within 6 years you will be able to become a successful doctor. In this course, the student can be specialized in general medicine.



  1. In the first year, you must have to spend approximately 700000 rupees. In this amount, the tuition fee and the college fee are added.

  2. Apart from the academic, the student has to spend approximately 220000 rupees on the Visa and traveling.



  1. Students must have to pass the exam of the 12th board exam. If the student can be able to get 50% marks in the subject physics chemistry and biology then only he will be eligible to take admission to the Tashkent Medical Academy.

  2. Students have to appear for the IELTS exam. It will help to get a seat in the Tashkent Medical Academy.

  3. The student who came from India has to carry his NEET exam mark sheet. It's mandatory for Indian students.

  4. A passport or a birth certificate are required for getting admission.

  5. Minimum 3 copies of passport size photographs are required.

  6. After all of these things, students have to appear for an interview. And if the student can be able to crack the interview then and then only he will get a chance to study MBBS at Tashkent Medical Academy.

University and Accommodation of Tashkent Medical Academy:

  1. Tashkent Medical Academy provides a hostel facility for the student. The capacity of the hostel is approximate 2000 students.

  2. The entire hostel facility Management by the TMA administration.

  3. There are lots of strict rules and regulations for the students. These rules and regulations will help the student concentrating on the study.

  4. The food quality of the canteen and the mess is at an average level. The food of different cultures of the different countries provided by the hostel.

  5. The nature of the local people towards the foreign students is very friendly. So, the student cannot be uncomfortable in the surrounding environment of the medical academy.


Student life at Tashkent Medical Academy:

  1. The well-structured classroom is provided by the Tashkent Medical Academy administration.

  2. The library will help today's students 24/7. In the library, different kind of the publication, academic book, the reference books and books related to the medical and technology are included.

  3. The college campus of the Tashkent Medical Academy is at the very best level. Such an environment of a college campus will become good for the students.

  4. Students don't have to come outside of the college campus for any purpose. So, the Tashkent Medical Academy students.

  5. Most of the time the teachers are going to teach every concept practically and the research-oriented.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
Total Course Fees: ₹ 2205000

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