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About University

About Humanitas University, Italy

Humanitas University, also known as Hunimed, is a private university located in Pieve Emanuele, Milan, Italy. It specializes in medical sciences and is closely integrated with the Humanitas Research Hospital, which is recognized for its excellence in healthcare and research. The university was established to provide high-quality education and training for future healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and researchers.

Key Features:

  • Medical Education: Humanitas University offers undergraduate and graduate programs primarily in the field of medicine, including a Medicine and Surgery degree course taught in English, which attracts students from Italy and around the world.

  • Research and Clinical Practice: The integration with Humanitas Research Hospital ensures that students receive practical, hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge research. The hospital is renowned for its advanced treatments and research in areas such as oncology, immunology, and cardiovascular diseases.

  • International Focus: Hunimed has a strong international orientation, offering programs in English and fostering a diverse academic community. It has partnerships and collaborations with universities and research institutions worldwide, providing opportunities for student exchanges and joint research projects.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The campus is equipped with modern facilities and laboratories, designed to support the educational needs of students and the research work of professionals. This includes simulation centers for clinical skills training, research labs, and a comprehensive library.

  • Admission: Admission to the Medicine and Surgery course and other programs is competitive, with candidates required to pass an entrance examination that assesses their knowledge and aptitudes relevant to the medical field.

Universities in Italy

 Course Programs at Humanitas University, Italy 

1. Medicine and Surgery (MD)

  • Duration: 6 years

  • Language: English

  • Overview: This program is aimed at training students to become doctors practicing in a global context. It integrates basic sciences and clinical experience from the first year through problem-based learning, clinical rotations, and advanced medical simulation.

2. Nursing

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Language: Italian

  • Overview: The nursing program is designed to prepare students for the nursing profession, focusing on patient care in medical settings. It combines theoretical study with practical training in clinical settings from the first year.

3. Physiotherapy

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Language: Italian

  • Overview: This program focuses on training physiotherapists to treat physical impairments and promote mobility. Students learn through a blend of theoretical lessons, practical exercises, and clinical placements.

4. Biotechnology in Medical Sciences

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Language: English

  • Overview: Aimed at training professionals in the field of medical research, this program covers genetic, molecular, and cellular aspects of biotechnology. It is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in medical research, diagnostics, and biotech industries.

Study in Italy

Bachelor Course Programs at Humanitas University, Italy

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

Medicine and Surgery (MD)

6 years

~$20,000 - $25,000


3 years

~$10,000 - $15,000


3 years

~$10,000 - $15,000

Biotechnology in Medical Sciences

3 years

~$10,000 - $15,000


B.Des (Bachelor of Design) In Italy


Masters Course Programs at Humanitas University, Italy

Course Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

International Master in Medical Biotech

2 years

~$15,000 - $20,000

Advanced Medical Imaging

2 years

~$15,000 - $20,000


Engineering Courses and Universities in Italy

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Humanitas University, Italy

Course Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (USD)

PhD in Molecular Medicine

3-4 years



Humanitas University, Italy for International Students

Academic Programs

  • Medicine and Surgery (MD): A 6-year program taught in English, designed to train students to become doctors. It's recognized for its innovative teaching methods, including problem-based learning and early clinical experience.

  • Nursing and Physiotherapy: Although primarily taught in Italian, these programs offer practical, hands-on training in healthcare.

  • Biotechnology in Medical Sciences: A Bachelor's program focused on the research and development side of medicine, taught in English.

  • Master's and PhD Programs: Advanced programs in fields like Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine, often involving research and clinical practice, are available for postgraduate students.

Admission for International Students

  • Language Requirements: For English-taught programs, non-native English speakers will need to prove their proficiency through tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Programs taught in Italian may require a certificate of Italian proficiency.

  • Entrance Exams: Admission to the Medicine and Surgery program, for example, requires passing the IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test).

  • Application Process: Applicants must typically submit academic records, a CV, proof of language proficiency, and sometimes a personal statement or motivation letter. Specific requirements can vary by program.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

  • Tuition fees for international students can range widely depending on the program. For instance, the Medicine and Surgery program may cost around $20,000 to $25,000 per year. There are scholarships and financial aid options available, which can significantly reduce the financial burden on international students.

Living in Milan

  • Cost of Living: Milan is one of Italy's most vibrant cities but also among the most expensive. International students should budget for housing, food, transportation, and other living expenses.

  • Cultural Experience: Living and studying in Milan offers students the chance to experience Italian culture, history, and lifestyle. The city is a hub for fashion, art, and cuisine, providing a rich extracurricular life.

Admission Process of Humanitas University, Italy 

For Undergraduate Programs (e.g., Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Physiotherapy)

  1. Check Eligibility and Requirements:

    • Ensure you meet the academic requirements, language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL for English programs; certification for Italian proficiency for programs taught in Italian), and any specific criteria set by the university.

  2. Prepare for and Take the Entrance Exam:

    • For the Medicine and Surgery program, international students typically need to take the IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test). Other programs may have their own entrance exams or selection criteria.

    • Register for the exam through the official channels and prepare thoroughly, as competition is strong.

  3. Submit Your Application:

    • Applications are usually submitted online through the university’s application portal. You'll need to provide personal information, educational background, language proficiency scores, and other relevant documents.

    • Pay attention to deadlines, which can vary by program and student nationality.

  4. Submit Required Documentation:

    • This may include transcripts, diplomas, CV, motivation letter, letters of recommendation, and a copy of your passport, among others.

  5. Interview (if applicable):

    • Some programs may require an interview as part of the selection process, either in person or online.

  6. Receive Admission Decision:

    • If successful, you’ll receive an offer of admission. You may need to confirm your acceptance and pay a deposit to secure your spot.

For Graduate Programs (Master’s, PhD)

  1. Review Program-Specific Requirements:

    • Graduate programs will have specific admission criteria, including academic background, research experience, and language proficiency.

  2. Prepare Your Application:

    • This will likely include a detailed academic CV, a personal statement or motivation letter, transcripts, degree certificates, and possibly a research proposal.

  3. Letters of Recommendation:

    • You will usually need to submit letters of recommendation from academics or professionals familiar with your work.

  4. Submit Your Application by the Deadline:

    • Applications for graduate programs are typically submitted online, along with digital copies of all required documents.

  5. Interview and/or Additional Assessments:

    • Many graduate programs will invite shortlisted candidates for an interview, and some may require additional assessments or a presentation of your research proposal.

  6. Admission Decision:

    • Successful applicants will be notified and provided with further instructions on accepting the offer and enrolling.

Intake And Eligibility of Humanitas University, Italy 

Intake Periods

Undergraduate Programs

  • Medicine and Surgery (MD): There is typically one intake per year, in the fall. The application process usually opens in the spring of the same year, with exact dates varying annually.

  • Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Other Bachelor Programs: Similar to the Medicine program, these programs usually have a fall intake with the application process beginning in the spring.

Graduate Programs

  • Master’s and PhD Programs: The intake periods can vary depending on the specific program. Some may offer fall intake only, while others could have additional intakes in the spring. It's essential to check the specific program's webpage for the most accurate information.

Eligibility Criteria

For Undergraduate Programs

  • Academic Requirements: A high school diploma equivalent to the Italian "Diploma di Maturità" or other recognized secondary education qualifications.

  • Entrance Exam: For the Medicine and Surgery program, international students are usually required to take the IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test). Other programs may have different or no entrance exam requirements.

  • Language Proficiency: For English-taught programs, non-native English speakers must provide proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS scores). For Italian-taught programs, proof of Italian language proficiency is required.

For Graduate Programs

  • Academic Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree (for Master’s programs) or a Master’s degree (for PhD programs) in a relevant field, with a transcript and diploma.

  • Research Proposal: Especially for PhD candidates, a research proposal that aligns with the university's research priorities may be required.

  • Language Proficiency: Proof of proficiency in the language of instruction (English or Italian), typically through standardized language tests.

  • Additional Requirements: Some programs may require specific work experience, publications, or a portfolio, depending on the field of study.

Scholarship Available at Humanitas University, Italy

Scholarship Name



Merit-Based Scholarships

Outstanding academic achievement

Partial to full tuition fee waiver

Need-Based Scholarships

Demonstrated financial need

Partial to full tuition fee waiver, sometimes including living expenses

International Students Scholarships

Non-Italian citizenship, based on merit or need

Partial to full tuition fee waiver

Research Scholarships

Enrolled in PhD or research-focused programs

Tuition waiver and living expenses

Special Grants

Specific criteria, such as country of origin, women in science, etc.



Humanitas University, Italy Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation Type


Cost Range (per month)

On-Campus Housing

Furnished rooms, utilities included, shared living spaces

$600 - $1,200

Off-Campus Apartments

Varied options, more independence, may or may not include utilities

$500 - $1,000

Shared Apartments

Shared facilities, furnished, utilities included

$400 - $800


Living with a local family, includes meals and utilities

$700 - $1,000


Students Life at Humanitas University, Italy

Academic Environment

  • Innovative Learning: The curriculum emphasizes interactive and practical learning, including problem-based learning sessions, hands-on laboratory work, and clinical experiences from the early years.

  • International Perspective: With students and faculty from around the globe, the university fosters a multicultural environment that enriches education and promotes global understanding.

Campus Facilities

  • Modern Infrastructure: The campus offers state-of-the-art facilities, including advanced laboratories, a medical simulation center, and comfortable study areas.

  • Library and Resources: Students have access to extensive medical libraries, online databases, and learning resources to support their studies and research.

Accommodation and Living

  • Housing: The university provides assistance with finding accommodation, offering options for on-campus and off-campus living that cater to a range of preferences and budgets.

  • Milan and Beyond: Living in or near Milan, students can enjoy one of Italy’s most dynamic cities, renowned for its culture, fashion, and cuisine. The city’s location also makes it easy to explore Italy and other European destinations.

Social and Extracurricular Activities

  • Clubs and Societies: A range of student clubs and societies are available, covering interests from sports and arts to volunteer work and professional development.

  • Events and Workshops: The university regularly organizes events, workshops, and guest lectures, providing students with opportunities for learning, networking, and entertainment.

  • Sports and Fitness: Facilities and programs for sports and fitness are available, encouraging a healthy lifestyle among the student community.

Support Services

  • Student Support: Comprehensive support services are available, including academic advising, psychological counseling, and career services, ensuring students have the necessary resources to succeed both during and after their studies.

  • Language Assistance: For non-Italian speakers, the university offers Italian language courses, facilitating smoother integration into the local community and culture.

Placements in Humanitas University, Italy 

Clinical Placements

  • Hands-On Experience: Students in programs like Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, and Physiotherapy gain practical experience through clinical placements within the Humanitas Research Hospital and other healthcare settings. This exposure is crucial for developing clinical skills and understanding patient care in real-world contexts.

  • Integrated Learning: The curriculum is designed to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring students are well-equipped for the demands of the healthcare profession.

Career Services

  • Career Counseling: Humanitas University offers career counseling services to help students identify their career goals and navigate their job search. This may include CV writing workshops, interview preparation, and advice on job search strategies.

  • Networking Opportunities: Through seminars, workshops, and guest lectures, students have the opportunity to meet healthcare professionals and researchers, expanding their professional network.

Alumni Success

  • Graduate Outcomes: Graduates of Humanitas University are highly regarded in the healthcare sector, both in Italy and internationally. Many find positions in hospitals, clinics, research institutions, and the wider healthcare industry.

  • Further Studies: Some graduates choose to pursue further specialization through residency programs, specialized training, or research opportunities, often securing placements in prestigious institutions.

International Opportunities

  • Global Recognition: Degrees from Humanitas University, especially in medicine and surgery, are recognized in many countries, facilitating opportunities for international careers and further education.

  • Exchange Programs: The university’s partnerships with institutions around the world also offer opportunities for students to gain international experience during their studies, which can enhance their employability.

Research and Innovation

  • Research Skills: Students are encouraged to engage in research projects, often in collaboration with the Humanitas Research Hospital. This experience not only enriches their education but also opens up opportunities in research, academia, and innovation in healthcare.

Support for Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation in Healthcare: For those interested in healthcare innovation, entrepreneurship, and management, Humanitas University provides support and resources to help turn ideas into viable projects or startups.

Campus Location of Humanitas University, Italy


  • Humanitas University

  • Via Rita Levi Montalcini 4

  • 20090 Pieve Emanuele (MI)

  • Italy

Key Features of the Location

  • Proximity to Milan: The university is just a short distance from the center of Milan, Italy's financial and fashion capital, known for its vibrant culture, history, and lifestyle. This proximity offers students the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of city life while studying.

  • Integrated Campus: Being part of the Humanitas Research Hospital complex, the campus offers students unparalleled access to clinical rotations, research opportunities, and firsthand observation of medical practices.

  • Modern Facilities: The campus boasts modern, state-of-the-art facilities, including lecture halls, laboratories, a medical simulation center, and a library, all designed to support the educational and research needs of its students.

  • Green Spaces: Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, the campus area provides a tranquil environment conducive to study, with green spaces and areas for relaxation and recreation.

  • Accessibility: The campus is accessible by public transportation from Milan, with buses and other transport options linking it to the city center and other parts of the region. This connectivity ensures students can easily explore Milan and its surroundings.

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B.Sc in Nursing

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 4 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

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