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Astana Medical University

Astana , kazakhstan


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 24658(₹ 24658)
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 25343(₹ 25343)
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 22192(₹ 22192)
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 26987(₹ 26987)
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 27124(₹ 27124)
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 23973(₹ 23973)
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 28425(₹ 28425)
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 16987(₹ 16987)
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 10959(₹ 10959)
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Any student who wishes to pursue their MBBS abroad can look forward to Kazakhstan as their priority option. Foreign education aspirants prefer this country for its adaptive and proper fee structure. The Kazakhstan medical universities provide great practical exposure to students for getting trained in clinical practices before they lead out there career as a professional. The universities have well-appointed and highly qualified faculty and staff to train the future of medical progression. Also, Kazakhstan has a good number of affiliated medical centers and hospitals. Here is some basic information about the admissions

Kazakhstan MBBS course is an opportunity for the students aiming to become an excellent medical Professional but in a minimum budget as per their affordability. This can be slightly difficult in India, as it commands high costing donations and tuition fees in private medical institutions. In these situations, electing the medical institutions of Kazakhstan is a wiser option. Students can opt for these colleges and their facilities and that too in their affordability. These universities provide excellent infrastructure and world-class facilities on campus. Few universities also provide on-campus residences, like hostels, to support students coming from around the world and make things easy for them.


MBBS in Abroad


Courses, Syllabus, and Course Duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan

Getting an MBBS degree from universities of Kazakhstan can take up to 6 years. These intuitions also promote further programs through which students can have extensive practical knowledge like internships. This is a great opportunity for students to participate and gain knowledge, as they get an amazing exposure and experience in their career stream. This also allows them to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds and learn.

Syllabus for MBBS study in Kazakhstan:

The study syllabus for MBBS in Kazakhstan is somewhat similar to that of the Indian MBBS syllabus. The Kazakh colleges offer world-class facilities for the students to gain the utmost information and knowledge about medicine and complex human body problems.

After the completion of their 2nd year, the students are sent to obtain practical experience by working at the institution-affiliated government and private hospitals. The internship feature is provided to the students in their 6th year of graduation.
Following is the list of the subject being coved by the MBBS course in Kazakhstan universities:

Education Pattern and Language Issue for MBBS in Kazakhstan

After studying MBBS in Kazakhstan for 6 years, the students acquire intensive theoretical comprehension. The first five years are reserved for conceptual and practical knowledge, wherein the 6th year is entirely dedicated to the internship. The overall curriculum is well designed to help the students become the best of doctors shortly.

The ratios amongst students and faculty are well maintained in Kazakhstan medical universities. All the professors in Kazakhstan universities are all very fluent in speaking English and have a great command over the language. Also, it is amongst the most common languages used in Kazakhstan which benefits foreign applicants, especially Indian students. Apart from this language Russian and Kazak are the primary languages used by people in Kazakhstan.

Documents required for MBBS in Kazakhstan

Following is the list for the required documents to be used while applying for MBBS In Kazakhstan:

Admission Procedure for MBBS in KAZAKHSTAN

The admission procedure for MBBS in Kazakhstan for foreign students includes the following steps:

Accommodation during MBBS in KAZAKHSTAN

The people of Kazakhstan give special importance to hospitality and the warm reception of the foreign students and tourists. They provide commendable accommodation facilities to the students. There are on-campus hostels, off-campus hotels, room rentals, etc. options for local and international students.

Intake for Indian Students for MBBS in KAZAKHSTAN

The medical universities and colleges in Kazakhstan are recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India). Aspirants who wish to get their MBBS degrees from a university in Kazakhstan can find a perfect match on the official website of MCI and other online sources.

A Kazakhstan student permit is obtained with difficulties and the process is also complicated. It is a long term permit and it is essential to make sure that all the information filled in the application form is correct and matches the information on passport and other documents provided. If any information is found incorrect, there are high chances of rejection of the application. Your future can be affected by a visa rejection for getting a student visa in any other country.


A visa is essential for a student who is going to Kazakhstan for education. The needed documents for a student for application of visa are:

The student visa application process for Kazakhstan is generally offline but it is crucial to ensure the eligibility of the student applying for a visa. Visa eligibility can be checked by going through the eligibility criteria put by the Kazakhstan embassy. The process of visa application for students is as follows:

  1. The visa application form can be downloaded from the website of the Kazakhstan embassy.

  2. The application form must be printed and filled in block letters by hand.

  3. Attest and attach all the documents that are mandatory for the application and Visa

  4. Make payment for the required processing fee for the visa application

  5. When fee dues have been cleared, submit the student visa application and necessary documents

The validity of MBBS degree in India

The MBBS degree from Kazakhstan is valid in India. Many Kazakhstan medical universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). When Indian candidates complete their MBBS from the reputed medical universities of Kazakhstan, they will have several opportunities in front of them. They can go back to their homeland, appear for MCI screening/ Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Test (FMGE) and if they qualify it with good scores, they can practice medicine in India.

Recognized medical universities of Kazakhstan are known to provide notable facilities to its students. The number of affiliated hospitals is also large in Kazakhstan. Most of these universities have been recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) that will enable you to appear for MCI screening and medical practice in India. Many universities have also been recognized by WHO, PLAB, USMLE, etc. 

Education Loan and Financial Advice for Parents

MBBS aspirants who want to earn a degree from reputed institutes and universities need to have adequate funds to meet admission and tuition fees. It may not be possible to afford the fees immediately and parents might prefer making payments in installments instead of full payment during the admission because the cost of education might be high for the self-employed ones.

Finance management leads for the parents, who will be sending their kids for MBBS in Kazakhstan:

Some medical colleges and universities in Kazakhstan offer scholarships to foreign students. The scholarships are provided based on fellowships, merit or university norms. Partial funding for foreign students, depending on the type of university, is also provided by the government. Students can search for more information on Scholarships in Kazakhstan on the university website.

To make a better decision have an estimate of costs that will be required for sending your kids abroad for medical education. The costs will not only include the tuition fee only. There are several other expenses included when you will send your child to study Kazakhstan. The expenditures include accommodation, health coverage, food, travel, and communication expenses; these will also have to be provided by the guardians/ parents themselves.

Disadvantages of doing MBBS in KAZAKHSTAN

There are many benefits of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan, but there are a few demerits as well. Some of the major disadvantages are:

There may be a few disadvantages and unfavorable conditions for candidates studying in Kazakhstan, but the study approach compensates for it. All the disadvantages and negatives of medical education in Kazakhstan can be nullified if the students choose to have an assertive and confidant outlook.

National Exit Test (NEXT) Coaching in KAZAKHSTAN

The screening test by MCI (Medical Council of India) is substituted with the National Exit Test (NEXT).  This exam is mandatory for those students who wish to pursue their higher education in India. Before NEXT, the students had to appear for a screening test to get admission in PG courses or MD/ MS in India. However, this test was improvised and made authorized for pursuing a medical career in India after getting MBBS from foreign nations like Kazakhstan.

How Right consultant can help in shaping your Career

Getting trained and mentored accurately at this point helps them to prepare themselves for the coming events. Getting admission into universities from Kazakhstan for MBBS is very difficult and if you plan to return and pursue further education here, then you are making way for trouble and difficulties. The MBBS degree without a specialization degree will be meritless. Consultants can help with your accurate preparation for the NEET exam, basics of the language and MCI tutorials assisting you with your post-graduation in either country.

Why you are required to reserve your seat by April for MBBS in Kazakhstan

Several students make this mistake of waiting for the NEET results to come, while most of the admission applications of MCI approved MBBS universities/colleges end by that time. This might result in waiting for another year. The consultants save you from missing on a chance for admission by advising you to reserve your seats.

If also you get through your admission procedure and do not get your choice of universities, you still have this admission reserved for you as your backup.

You must keep in notice these points:

Things to know about KAZAKHSTAN

A central Asian country, Kazakhstan is situated by the Caspian Sea in the west and the Altai mountains in the eastern outskirts, sharing boundaries with China and Russia. The biggest city of Kazakhstan, Almaty has been an exchange center for years, with its major attractions as Ascension Cathedral, the Tsarist-period Russian Orthodox Church, and the Central State Museum showcasing the Kazakh antiquities.

Kazakhstan has progressively become the emerging destination for medical aspirants. Officially referred to as the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Nur Sultan is the capital of Kazakhstan. The country is mainly famous for its ethnic & cultural diversity. This country has some leading higher education institutions that provide high-grade medical education. The literacy rate in Kazakhstan is 99.78%, which is highly appreciable.

Is the largest country in Central Asia and the ninth-largest in the world. It was previously a constituent republic of the Soviet Union, declared independent in December 1991. While Kazakhstan was not considered by authorities in the former Soviet Union to be a part of Central Asia, it does have physical and cultural geographic characteristics similar to those of the other Central Asian countries.

Geographical Location

As per the CIA World Factbook estimations, the total land area of Kazakhstan is 2,699,700 km2 (1,042,400 sq mi). The country lies in the north of the central Asian republics. It is bounded in the north by Russia, in the east by China,  in the south by Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, and in the west by a part of Turkmenistan and the Caspian Sea. The country is landlocked but has around 1,894 km of coastline on the Caspian Sea.

Climatic Conditions

There is a continental climate in Kazakhstan, a little arid. In summers, the average temperature remains  30 °C and in winter, the average temperature is −20 °C. The seasonal temperature may vary, depending on the different regions of this country.

Religions and Language

The official languages in Kazakhstan are Kazakh and Russian. Both Kazakh and Russian are used on an equal basis. The major ethnic groups n Kazakhstan are: Kazakhs - 65% , Russians - 21.8%, Uzbeks - 3.0%, Ukrainians - 1.8%, Uyghurs - 1.4%, and Tatars - 1.2%, German 1.1%, and rest others. The most commonly practiced religion in Kazakhstan is Islam, with about 70.2% of the population. Ethnic Kazakhs are predominantly Sunni Muslims. Christianity (Orthodox) is practiced by 26% population, 3% are unaffiliated, and 0.8 % practice other religions.


Kazakhstan's economy is the largest in Central Asia. The sector-wise GDP is classified as agriculture: 4.7%, industry: 34.1%,  services: 61.2% (as per 2017 est). The country possesses oil reserves,  minerals as well as metals. Also, there's great agricultural potential with its vast steppe land. The currency of Kazakhstan is Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT, ₸). There was a GDP growth rate of 4.5% (2019 est.).

About the Climate, Language and the Geography of Kazakhstan

About the Population, Currency and the Capital of Kazakhstan

Scholarship for Indian students to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

The overall cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan, including tuition fees and accommodation costs, is very affordable. The average expenses associated with MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students are around $3500 per annum. This figure varies from one medical school to another hereby you are advised to check the explicit charges for MBBS in Kazakhstan in your chosen University. Also, you do not have to pay any donation for getting admission to Kazakhstan's Universities.  If you are having any financial constraint even after this, for pursuing your MBBS in Universities in Kazakhstan, then there a way out! The leading medical universities in Kazakhstan offer scholarships and grants to international students.

Governments and educational institutes throughout the world appreciate talented students and offer them various scholarships to pursue their studies in their countries. Though there's no such major announcement from the Government of Kazakhstan, yet most of the universities in Kazakhstan and the Government of Kazakhstan offer scholarship facilities to their students.

So, the students from developing countries, including Indian students with a scarcity of funds will get several opportunities to take international scholarships. Other than this, the brilliant candidates are offered scholarship opportunities for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. There are some medical universities in Kazakhstan that offer scholarships & fellowships on a merit basis or as per the respective university norms. Also, for the international students partly funding is provided by the Government, depending on the type of the universities.

Moreover, along with the scholarship for students with distinction, the students who pass the entrance exams (NEET-UG in case of Indian students) with good marks are also given scholarships. For this, you have to check with your chosen University. Other than scholarships by Kazakhstan Universities, you can also apply for various international scholarships available for Indian students to study anywhere outside India for your MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Job options after doing MBBS from Kazakhstan

A study program undertaken in an institution outside your country can often prove to be more lucrative in securing your future and building a profitable career. Such a country is Kazakhstan, which has a lot to offer to the students looking forwards to pursue a career in medicine. The MBBS degree from the leading universities in Kazakhstan is acknowledged around the globe, hence on completing the MBBS program, the students can appear for the screening test organized for getting the licensure to practice in India. Also, you can easily apply for a job anywhere across the world and even apply for jobs in the European Union, the USA, or the UK. However, you must make sure that you check with the particular university you have chosen, regarding whether the degree they offered embraces recognition everywhere.

Acquiring a job in Kazakhstan itself is also a good option for medical graduates. After completing your MBBS in Kazakhstan, you can practice there or choose to do post-graduation. The student can apply for clinical practice in Government hospitals in Kazakhstan. Many students choose this option. Besides, you can look for job opportunities in different countries.

Mostly, Indian students come back to India after getting the MBBS degree from Kazakhstan University to either practice in India or apply for a job in any other foreign country. But you can begin practicing here only after passing the NEXT exam mandatorily. Make sure to pursue your MBBS from a University that is approved by the MCI (now NMC) in India. Then, prepare and qualify for NEXT and get the medical practice registration number from NMC for medical practice in India.

Other than this, on clearing USMLE or PLAB, you can start practicing in the US or UK as per your choice.

Medical Post Graduate options after doing MBBS from Kazakhstan

On completing your MBBS, you can gain a job and start practicing as a physician. Nevertheless, just an MBBS degree didn't have much value in today's market. Considering the demand for specialists, the demand for general physicians is relatively less. So, you should be having some specialization to have a lucrative future. Hence, you should pursue a medical PG to specialize in a specific field. It is not compulsory, but it opens the door to a superior medical career. Also, currently, Hospital management is a fast-developing sector, offering rewarding career options for students with having medical background. So, you can go for a Master's in Hospital Management, if that interests you.

After completing MBBS in Kazakhstan, you may have a puzzlement regarding your further studies. But you need not worry as manifold options are waiting ahead for you, and you can choose one among those to pursue your dream job in the future. If you want to do your further studies in Kazakhstan itself, then after completing your MBBS degree from Kazakhstan and get a license for medical practice, go for PG courses, and settle in that country. You can go for Ph.D. programs from the universities of Kazakhstan.

However, if you want to pursue your medical PG from other leading countries like the USA, UK, Australia, etc., we can guide you for the same. Notably, for pursuing a medical PG in a country other than Kazakhstan, you will be required to clear their respective entrance exams (depending on the country) such as USMLE, PLAB, AMC, etc. So, here, we will be discussing medical PG in some leading countries after MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Post-Graduation in the US

After successful completion of your MBBS in Kazakhstan, you can pursue your PG in the US. There is a definite procedure for this. While studying MBBS in Kazakhstan, you can apply for USMLE 1 exam if you desire to settle down or exercise clinical practice in the US. After qualifying for the USMLE 1,  you can appear for USMLE 2 (CK) in India.  USMLE has three steps, and students who qualify for all the three steps of USMLE become qualified for the Residency program in the US. Then you have to apply for a work visa in the US and start your career. With a working visa, you can steadily complete your medical post-graduation in the US.

PG in the UK

After your MBBS from Kazakhstan, you can do your PG from the UK. Pursuing post-graduation from the UK lets you experience studying along with high-class educational standards like the US. By completing your medical PG, i.e., MD or MS abroad from the UK, you gain eligibility to practice in both the UK and India. Also, you can do MD or MS courses from the UK without giving PLAB. India accepts MD & MS in the UK without giving PLAB and GMC. For medical PG, the National Health Service (NHS) hospitals and UK universities offer superior opportunities for Indian students.

PG in India

To pursue medical PG courses in India after completing MBBS in Kazakhstan you have to prepare for the NEXT exam. Then you will become eligible for the PG courses in India. Besides, some Government universities conduct their special entrance exams for PG courses. So, as per the university you choose for admissions into a PG course, you can search for the entrance exam requirements and pursue your post-graduation.

PG in Australia

There are certain requirements for pursuing a medical PG program in Australia. First of all, you should have an MBBS degree or its equivalent degree from any acknowledged university. Then, you should obtain a decent score in the English Language Proficiency Tests. Next, you have to pass the GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) or MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) exam. On pursuing your Masters' degree from Australia and obtaining the license to practice there, you can work in Australia as well as in India.

PG in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the leading countries for pursuing a PG in medicine. For medical PG in New Zealand, you are required to appear for the NZREX Clinical exam. You must be having an MBBS degree from any acknowledged university. Further, to practice in New Zealand, you first have to confirm eligibility for registration as a doctor. The Medical Council of New Zealand administers the matters corresponding to registration and examination.

PG in Canada

Students aspiring to do medical PG in Canada first need to register themselves with the Canadian Medical Council. They can either take the MCCEE or USMLE for medical PG in Canada. Both are recognized for licensing. To practice in Canada, the primary requirement is to obtain a valid medical license for the Province where you desire to practice. So you have to pass the certification exams in the concerned Province through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

You must ensure that you have researched well before making a decision. Wishing the best of luck to all the aspirants for their rewarding future!!

FAQ for MBBS in Kazakhstan

Which are the Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan that offer courses in the English Language?

What should I consider while selecting the medical university in Kazakhstan?

  1. Language of the Course

  2. Recognition of the University by NMC

  3. Hospital Attached with the University

  4. Ranking of the University

  5. Accommodation facility and availability for desired food

Which exam do I need to crack for doing MBBS from Kazakhstan?

As per The Health Ministry of India circular Qualifying marks in the NEET is mandatory for Indian students if they wish to practice medicine in India.

What is the Average Tuition Fee for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Average Tuition Fee for MBBS in Kazakhstan Rs. 15,00,000 ($20,547) for 5 years.

What is the living cost in Kazakhstan including food?

The average Living cost in Kazakhstan is Rs. 43,800 ($607) per year

What are the eligibility criteria for doing MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students?

  1. Students NEED to get qualifying marks in the NEET, 2. Age should be between 17 to 25 years 3. should be at the age of 17 on or before 31st December during the year of admission 4. Students must have more than 50% marks in their 12th standard from the science stream with subjects like physics, biology, and chemistry. 

What is the Duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Duration for MBBS in Kazakhstan is 6 years including a 1-year internship.

What is the validity/Recognition of the MBBS degree from Kazakhstan?

MBBS Degree from the Medical Universities of Kazakhstan is valid worldwide. Indian students much check the NMC approval status of the university before taking admission.


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